Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 2

Continued from Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 2

Finding a few contractors to discuss through the project will allow you to get several quotations for the same job, and go through more options for the types of materials used. It is strange, as some contractors will want to get the job done with the cheapest materials possible, but with low quality that will make even a fine piece of design turn into an ugly interpretation, just to ensure that the job can be gotten.

At the same time, find out more about your contractor. How many years of experience does he have? Is he more familiar with a bungalow or a condominium? What type of reputation had he built around him? Does he have his own crew, or is he going to find sub-contractors to work on your project? Chances are, the contractor will also be doing the necessary wiring and plumbing especially for kitchen projects, so you will want to be sure that the contractor you hire really has the necessary skills and qualifications.

When your potential contractors put in their quotation, ask them to also include the duration to get the job done. If all contractors cite an average of 2 weeks to get a job done while one contractor said that it needs a whole month, question him. Disqualify him if the duration is longer and the price is so much higher than the others.

If your project is a major renovation project, you might also want to get a contractor who is willing to get into a contractual agreement with you. Errant contractors will not dare to get into the contract with you for fear of the law. Also, a contractor who dares to get into the contract with you probably has the financial stability, enough to ensure that he will not be running away with your deposit without completing the job.

It will be good to get references from your contractor. Satisfied customers are very likely to allow you to take a brief look at the renovation works on their property which the contractor had done for them. Talk to them, see if there are anything which you might find out about the contractor from these past customers, just to be very sure about the capabilities and reliability of the contractor. Satisfied customers may tell you that the contractor updates them about every step of the renovation, keep the project site clean and deliver on time.

The most important thing is your ability to communicate with the contractor you hire. Even if the contractor is highly skilled, if you are not able to communicate well with him, there will be a lot of frustrations. Make things easier on yourself, get someone you can communicate with.

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