Children Education: The Difference of Malaysian Private and International Schools


Since your child’s education will have a significant impact on his development, lifelong learning, and future career, choosing the right school may be one of the hardest parental decisions you will ever have to make. That’s why the process needs a thorough consideration all the way through. Many factors such as the social and learning environment and the school’s reputation play a role in your decision-making. But apart from that, the school’s classification, whether a private school or international school, is another issue to be addressed by parents.

In Malaysia, many private and international schools are available. However, to help you identify which one you prefer for your child, you have to know the difference between the two. It is safe to say that all international schools are private schools, but not all private schools are international.

The Characteristics of Private Schools

Private schools are schools owned by non-government, non-state entities. They are allowed to pool students based on their sets of criteria, such as their proficiency. They acquire funding through tuition fees paid for by the students themselves. However, some private schools offer scholarships based on the talent of the student. Common types of scholarship may include academic scholarship or sports scholarship.

What Are International Schools?

On the other hand, international schools differ from private schools in a way that the former establishes an international education setup for their students by espousing curricula from another country; such as the Cambridge International Examination or International Baccalaureate. Often, parents consider international schools when their children need to know a specific foreign language offered by the school. In Malaysia, the main kinds of curricula approved by the Education Ministry include the British, American, Australian, and Canadian curriculum.

Once you have decided which one you think is the best for your child, you may want to research more information on the many available private or international schools in Malaysia. If you wish to give your child a better practice on independence, making them attend a boarding school in Malaysia will surely help them become confident decision-makers.

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