Getting Chapped Lips? Here are 5 Common Causes and How to Effectively Deal with Them

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Your lips determine the quality of your smile. Yet, like many people in Malaysia, you likely are in a constant battle with chapped lips, due to changing weather conditions and sun exposure. Because your lips don’t contain natural oils like your skin does, your lips are prone to drying out and chapping.

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to prevent chapped lips and make your smile more appealing. If chapped lips are a constant problem for you, here are five of the most common causes and what you can do to counteract them and ensure your smile is as beautiful as possible.

  1. Taking Too Much Vitamin. A While supplemental vitamins can be healthful, too much vitamin A can make your lips become chapped and peel. You should not take more than 25,000 IU of vitamin A each day to prevent your lips from becoming dried out and chapped.
  2. Not Enough Water. Most people in modern societies are used to walking around in a state of semi-dehydration, due to intake of caffeinated drinks and other diuretic substances. When your body doesn’t have enough water, neither do your lips, and they become chapped much faster. Ensuring you drink a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated will help.
  3. Eating Acidic Foods. Many types of food contain acids that can damage your lips. Tomato sauce, citrus fruits, and other foods that have high levels of acid can ruin your lips. Moderating your intake of acidic foods can help prevent chapped lips as well. You can also wipe your mouth with a damp cloth to help remove acidic elements after each bite of food.
  4. Breathing. Through Your Mouth Sometimes, you find yourself breathing through your mouth rather than your nose, like when you have a sinus cold and are stuffed up. When you breathe through your mouth, your lips are exposed to the dry air. That will dry them out and cause your lips to become chapped. Eliminating as much breathing via your mouth as possible will help to keep your lips in great condition.
  5. Lacking Sunblock. Your lips are exposed to the sun like the rest of your face. Yet, many people do not use a moisturizing lip balm that contains sunblock, and that is a mistake. You need to keep your lips moist with balm, but you also need one that contains sunblock. You can also apply a small amount of sunblock to your lips if you don’t have a balm available that contains it. But, the best solution is to ensure your favorite moisturizing lip balm contains sunblock, so that the sun won’t have a debilitating effect on your lips.

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Like many others, you likely make several of the most common causes of chapped lips. Worse still, you might not have been aware of the damage you cause to your lips via your daily routine. Fortunately, a few simple modifications to your daily routine and the items you use to protect your lips can turn your dry, chapped lips into vibrant, lovely lips that truly enhance your smile and appearance.

Break The Taboo! Top 5 Medical Reasons To Get Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

In most conservative Asian societies, vaginal rejuvenation is still considered a taboo due to cultural reasons. Often stereotyped as ‘the treatment to deceive your future husband’ in societies where virginity is highly valued, vaginal rejuvenation isn’t well received compared to other treatments for cosmetics purposes. Also known as the vaginal surgery and plastic surgery for female genital, vaginal rejuvenation is quite popular among women between the ages of 20 to 50 years old.

Typical vaginal rejuvenation generally helps to tone, tighten and enhance your vagina. It often involves or combines vulvaplasty or labiaplasty (vulva or labia reshaping procedure) and vaginoplasty (vagina tightening procedure), depending on your situation and needs. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of women who sought the treatment did it for medical reasons, and not just for aesthetic. Find out the five medical reasons you should get vaginal rejuvenation:


  1. Weak muscles

Some women have weak vaginal muscles due to a number of reasons, including menopause and childbirth, which wear out the muscles and enlarges your vagina. Weak vaginal muscles can cause discomfort and pain, and vaginoplasty can help relieve you by tightening and toning the canal. The treatment is your option if other methods like Kegel exercises have no impact on you.


  1. Perineal tears (due to childbirth)

Perineal tears of several degrees can occur after childbirth, ranging from small tear to large ones, which could lead to deeper cuts of anal muscles and vaginal tissue. In most countries, this condition alone qualifies you to undergo medical correction.

Close up of a woman with hands holding her crotch in an emergency room

  1. Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition where the pelvic floor weakens due to menopause, old age, or childbirth. This will lead to the loss of bladder control, particularly when you’re sneezing, coughing, or exercising. If other solutions like Kegel show no improvement in restrengthening the pelvic floor, your doctor might suggest a vaginoplasty as an option.


  1. Rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse, which is also known as rectocele, is the weakening of pelvic muscles that can cause your rectum to slip off. In order for the rectum to be held and pushed back to its place, the vaginal muscles need to be restrengthened through vaginoplasty.


  1. Bladder prolapse

Similar to rectal prolapse, bladder prolapse or cystocele occurs when your bladder sinks into your vagina. In this case, there are several other solutions to consider, like a hormone replacement therapy or pessary, prior to opting for a vaginal rejuvenation.



Besides childbirth, menopause or old age, other causes of damage include genetics, pelvic surgeries (hysterectomies), pelvic cancers, bowel problems (i.e. constipation), chronic respiratory issues (i.e. long-term coughs), and obesity. If any of the reasons mentioned apply to you, start looking for a clinic that does laser vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment might just be the best solution for your issues that are too personal to discuss with everyone else. That said, find out about the  policy statement regarding the treatment you want.

Since considering for a surgery is a big decision, you should always get a second or third opinion, besides researching for other alternative methods beforehand. Make sure you’re well informed on the risks and complications, such as dissatisfaction with results, decrease in sexual pleasure, wound dehiscence, pain, altered sensation, dyspareunia, scarring, infection, and bleeding. Not only can a vaginal rejuvenation amplify your confidence, it could increase your quality of life by making you feel comfortable and pain-free on the inside.

Fabulously Flawless at 40 – 5 Ways to Stay Sexy When You Turn the Big 4-0

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For a lot of women, 40 is the dreaded age. This is when they believe youthfulness starts to fade away and when the signs of aging settle in. Sagging skin becomes a common sight, wrinkles and fine lines start to riddle the whole face, and what used to be perky and firm may now slowly start to slump and sag. Yes, it can be disheartening to watch yourself grow older. But just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it has to be necessary. Find out how you can maintain your youthful glow and become sexier than ever before by following these 5 effective tips.

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  • Start Today – Some people tend to wait for skin problems to develop before they take any action. The secret to fighting the signs of aging is that you should make beauty investments today before they even start to show. Find out more about the different skin problems that develop as a result of growing older and start using products and treatments to prevent them from happening as early as today. You can buy a breast firming cream, eye cream, hand lotion, and anti-aging face masks that you can use to strengthen your skin and combat aging.

Image result for f you’re a chronic smoker or drinker, now would be the best time to kick the habit and quit for good

  • Stop the Habit – If you’re a chronic smoker or drinker, now would be the best time to kick the habit and quit for good. When you turn 40, your body will have a tougher time regulating all the different waste you put into it. So all of those toxins that come from the cigarettes and alcohol you consume will hang around your system much longer, or worse – for good. This in turn will cause serious damage to your skin, making cells weak and prone to damage.

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  • Find an Aesthetic Expert – Luckily for you, aesthetic centers and clinics now line the streets, so it really isn’t that hard to find a good expert that will provide you with proper skincare and body treatments. Be sure to read about the procedures before going in for the service so you know what to expect and whether or not it’s worth your pretty penny. Some treatments you might want to try include facials, laser lipo, and injections which can firm up areas to prevent them from sagging.

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  • Stretch Every Morning – Having trouble finding time for an exercise routine or workout? We all struggle with the same problem. If you want to maintain a healthy physique and a sexy figure, you should at least stretch every morning. Follow a set of stretches that work on different parts of your body and up the intensity if you feel your flexibility increase. Doing this every morning will help you limber up for the day’s challenges and will keep you looking fit and healthy.

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  • Dress the Part – There’s something about an older woman who has learned to embrace her age by dressing appropriately that just makes her a lot sexier. This doesn’t mean you should start rummaging through your mother’s closet. Quite the contrary, at this age, you should be looking for the best picks at your favorite shopping malls or boutiques. Instead of trying to dress young to look sexy, dress your age and bare some skin. This will give off the aura of a confident, sexy, and mature woman that no man can resist.

They say 40 is the new 30. But with these pro tips, you can stay fabulous and youthful for many more years to come. Maintain your beauty and experience sexiness like never before by taking a stand for your skin and looks today!

12-Days of Christmas Beauty Gift Guide Shopping

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It’s this time of the year again when we prepare presents to bring smiles to the faces of our nearest and dearest. Christmas gift shopping can be just as fun as giving them, but if you’re running out of ideas, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly in the malls. Why not skip the usual holiday buys and get your friends and family the perfect products to help them glow all season long? Find out which beauty products you should definitely throw in your holiday shopping cart, by following this 12 days of Christmas beauty gift shopping guide.

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1. Sunscreen – On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me optimum skin protection with sunscreen! For that friend or relative who’s always complaining about cracked, blemished, and dry skin because of harsh sun, give the gift of skin-love with the best sunscreen for the face there is. I’d personally recommend Clarins as it truly worked for me.

2. Lip Balm – Wind burn is a serious holiday hassle because air tends to become dry and harsh. Help keep your fabulous friends’ lips ready for any sweet Christmas hook-ups they might make by giving them some light tinted hydrating lip balm.

3. Eye Shadow Palette – Christmas is the only other celebration aside from Halloween that gives people a reason to mix up their makeup and get away with the most daring looks. Gift your gals a festive eye shadow palette and help them discover their inner makeup junkie.

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4. Exfoliating Mask – Late night parties and binge eating during holiday feasts? Keep skin healthy even with the month-long change of diet and sleep pattern with an exfoliating mask.

5. Luxury Perfume – Time to give that shabby grocery store cologne a rest. Give the gift of an enticing fragrance with a luxury perfume.

6. Makeup Brush Set – Have a friend who wants to break into the makeup scene to become a professional artist? A makeup brush set should be the perfect present.

7. Contour Palette – Jawline so sharp, it can cut. Contouring is the ultimate makeup trend these days. Plus, it’s perfect to help hide those chubby cheeks earned through holiday eating.

8. Facial Wash – All of those festivities that go on through the morning can take a toll on skin. Keep your friends’ faces prepped and healthy in time for the New Year with a deep cleaning facial wash.

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9. Face Powder – Make it easy to perform touch ups and cover ups even during the height of a holiday party with an easy and effective face powder.

10. Body Scrub – Everyone loves being pampered. Get your special girls and guys feeling like a million bucks by shopping for the best body scrub for a relaxing and soothing night time body skincare experience.

11. Hand Lotion – Those hands have probably worked extra hard all year round just to be able to guarantee a great Christmas celebration. Make them feel appreciated by giving a little love to the hands that helped make your year a blast.

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12. Deep, Dark Colored Lipstick – Christmas is the time of year to pop out the dark lipstick, but if your friends don’t have any in their makeup arsenal, it would be wise to give them the ammunition.
What are you giving to your true love on the 12 days of Christmas? Be sure to make your presents count. Give the best gifts to your special ladies and lads by following this beauty gift buying guide.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite without Surgery

According to studies, around 90% of women around the world have cellulite. So if you have this skin problem, keep in mind that you are not alone. Even ladies who have a slim figure may have it at some point in their lives.

Genetics is the main culprit as to why women have cellulite. But although the majority of women all around the globe have this, many are still adamant about getting rid of it. The unsightly dimply effect of cellulite on one’s legs, thighs and arms are enough to lose your confidence and affect your fashion sense. You’d want to cover up affected areas even when it goes against your style.

But there is still a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your legs and thighs. You can do this by practicing a combination of the following methods:


woman using bath brush

  1. Dry brushing.

We know that cellulite is fat that is lodged just beneath the skin. To remove these fat deposits, go straight to the affected area and dry brush it. Dry brushing encourages blood flow and helps to remove toxins accumulated in the area. Dry brush in a circular motion for at least five minutes daily.


  1. Use the best cellulite cream.

There are hundreds of anti-cellulite lotions and creams available online, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Look for products that are most recommended by people around you, and not by people who live across the globe. The climate and the lifestyle may have an effect on the results they achieved. It is best to choose an anti-cellulite product recommended by fellow Malaysians.


  1. Scrub with coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds aid in exfoliation of dead skin cells, while promoting the regeneration of healthier ones. Coffee is usually a primary ingredient in cellulite creams, but you can enhance speed up the reduction of cellulite by using actual coffee grounds on your skin. Furthermore, scrubbing your skin often allows it to better absorb the cellulite lotion you slather on.


  1. Do yoga or stretching exercises.

The best way to get rid of fat is by exercising. Fat is expelled through sweating, and we know that cellulite is basically fat so more movement allows you to sweat more. Yoga is the most recommended form of exercise for cellulite removal because it works the arms and legs more. It further tones the areas where cellulite is apparent.


  1. Lose some weight.

If your BMI is higher than recommended, then it’s about time that you shed some of those extra pounds. It is harder to remove cellulite if there is more fat than muscle.


Getting rid of cellulite naturally is not impossible. However, if your need is so great and immediate that it is already affecting your confidence and your day to day activities, medical procedures are always an option.

Cosmetic And Aesthetic Beauty Trends: Five Botox Myths Debunked

Beauty will always be a part of the lives of people across the globe. The truth is, being aesthetically pleasant is something everyone wants to achieve. That is why the demand for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures continue to increase worldwide.


In the United States alone, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual report says that a total of 15.9 million procedures, both intensive and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, were performed in 2015. The rate increased by 2 percent since 2014.


One of the most commonly sought after cosmetic procedures is Botox injection. The demand for botulinum toxin injections including Botox, surpassed 4 million procedures performed in 2015 alone.


What Is Botox?


Derived from the botulinum toxin type A, Botox is a brand name for a highly-purified preparation of botulinum. It’s used in various cosmetic and medical applications. The main purpose of this procedure in cosmetics is to reduce and remove wrinkles, eventually making the skin young-looking again.


If you are wondering who are the ones injecting Botox, doctors practicing cosmetic surgery and dermatology are trained and skilled to perform this procedure. An increasing number of patients opt to find an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, who is reputable and well-versed in this line of expertise.


Five Botox Myths Debunked


  1. Botox Is Poisonous

It is a common myth that the Botox injection is actually poison. While botulinum is toxic, it is highly poisonous, in small doses it is considered safe to use. In fact, Botox is used in a wide range of medical applications aside from its cosmetic use.


  1. Botox Will Remove Facial Expressions


Rumor has it that when a person gets a Botox injection, he or she won’t be able to show any facial expression. Well, sorry to burst the bubble, but Botox injections, when done properly by a professional, will allow the client to express emotions.


  1. Botox Injections Are Forever


Botox injections are temporary remedies for wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, an injection usually lasts for five months and it some cases, it can last for up to eight months.


  1. Botox Treatment Is Extremely Painful

Any injection can hurt but the needs used for Botox injections are so small, that pain is just minimal. The treatment involves the application of a topical anesthetic cream prior to the injection.


  1. Botox Injection Treatment’s Recovery Time May Take Days


The administration of Botox injections are not painful and as soon as the procedure is done, the client can return to normal activities in a couple of hours.


Botox injections are becoming popular by the minute because of its wide range of uses both in the medical field and in the world of cosmetics. It curbs the premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles in both men and women, making them young-looking and fresh.


Step-by-Step Buttock Filler Procedure


Are you considering buttock augmentation to achieve a more curvaceous backside? When patients choose to undergo cosmetic enhancement, it is important that they understand exactly what happens to them before, during, and after the procedure. Your doctor should do their best to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable when you receive buttock fillers. Read on to discover what you can and should expect from this surgery.


Before the Surgery

Buttock augmentation can be achieved through implants or through a transfer of fat from elsewhere in the body, or sometimes through both. Your doctor should discuss with you ahead of time which type of surgery is right for you. A qualified aesthetic clinic in KL will assess your activity level, the elasticity of your skin, and your fat storage to determine the type of procedure that will achieve the results you want.


During the surgery involved in placing buttock fillers, the patient is asleep, though the level of sedation can depend on the specifics of the procedure and the recommendation of your doctor. Many patients remain under general anesthesia for the duration of the surgery. Your doctor will explain to you how the anesthesia works and what you can expect when you wake up.

Making the Incision

There are many types of incisions possible in a buttock augmentation procedure. The doctor can cut above both buttock cheeks, below where the buttocks meet your thighs, or between them. Some procedures require only a single incision down the centre. This decision depends on the type of augmentation you receive, the size of the implants, and the shape of your buttocks.

Inserting Buttock Implants

The implants are silicone and specially designed for the buttocks. They are placed in or above the gluteal muscle to achieve the desired effect on each side. Your aesthetic doctor in KLcan familiarise you with the size and shape of your implants and the effect they are intended to create. Your incisions are then closed with sutures or skin adhesive.

Liposuction and Fat Grafting


In procedures where fat from elsewhere on the body is used to fill out the buttocks, local anesthesia is applied to the area where fat will be removed. Then, small tubes are placed underneath the skin, and the fat is removed with a surgical vacuum. Once the fat, tissue, and blood are processed, the surgeon injects them directly into your buttocks.



After the Procedure

Most patients experience minimal swelling and immediate results from buttock augmentation. However, it may take up to a year for results to be definitive if the transfer of fat was involved. Gaining or losing weight can also affect fat grafting results, though implants retain their shape.

For a more detailed overview of what to expect during buttock augmentation, talk to your doctor about your personal goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explore your options. This common form of cosmetic surgery can help you achieve the body you have always desired.

Use These Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Skin Warts


Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This particular virus attacks the top layer of skin that causes warts to grow rapidly. You can get this virus if you damage or cut your skin and touch someone who has it afterwards. In addition, you can also get this virus from sharing razors, towels, and many other personal-care items. Today, we will discuss how to get rid of skin warts using some quick tips.


Acetic Acid

One of the things you can use to get rid of warts is acetic acid. This particular substance irritates the affected zone by provoking the activation of natural immunity. It is advised to limit the usage if there’s a strong irritant effect. Acetic acid can be used to treat warts on your hands, feet and body. However, you shouldn’t use them to treat your face. You can use this acid in its pure form or in recipes.



If you want to remove your warts quickly, then you can try electrocoagulation. Electrocoagulation removes warts by using high-frequency current. It is important to remember that this method is painful. You do not need to worry though because it is done under the influence of anaesthesia. The scab you might get after the procedure will be gone in a week. However, there is a high risk of getting scars; which is why this method is not used to remove warts on the facial area.



You can also have a cryotherapy for a quick wart removal. In this therapy, cryogenic nitrogen is used to remove a skin formation. The process of this therapy can be aggressive and soft. The aggressive variant will cause the formation of subdermal blister while the soft variant will activate the local immunity as well as make the defect red. The water blister you might get can be removed along with warts. However, if you decided to let it be, it will be gone in a few days. Moreover, this method is not painful, especially if your wart is small.


Laser Therapy

Another thing you can try is laser therapy. Laser therapy is done under the influence of local anaesthesia, just like electrocoagulation. There are some types of laser that can be used to remove warts, they are:

  • Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser or YAG. This laser has a lower scarring possibility in addition to having a smaller zone of the thermal lesion. However, it is not used to remove warts on face.
  • Pulsed Dye Laser has a painless procedure. This laser rarely leaves any scar.
  • Carbon-Dioxide Laser is used to treat subungual or periungual warts.



Those are some wart removal tips; laser therapy, cryotherapy, electrocoagulation and acetic acid. To undergo cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, and laser therapy, you can contact an aesthetic clinic and consult them about your warts to determine which method is the best for you.

These 3 Exercises Help You Go Through a More Pleasant Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful time for any woman, but it also comes at a price. From swollen feet to an aching back, women often experience a lot of discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways to ease feelings of discomfort. Exercise can improve a woman’s body so that it is better equipped to handle both pregnancy and birth. In fact, there are at least a few exercises you can safely do while pregnant.




Take a Stroll

Walking can do wonders for a pregnant woman. Walking is an easy and bearable form of exercise that you can do throughout any stage of pregnancy. For added benefits, take a stroll outdoors. The sunlight and fresh air can help boost serotonin levels in the brain, which can create feelings of happiness. Feeling calm and happy can help reduce pain and discomfort.

Furthermore, as your midsection swells throughout each stage of pregnancy, you may begin to feel slightly off balance. Walking allows you to adjust to your changing center of balance, therefore diminishing the risk of trips and falls while pregnant. Trips and falls can result in injury to both you and your unborn child. Therefore, walking is a highly recommended exercise.


Easy Exercises for An Optimal Pregnancy


Rock the Pelvis

Rocking or tilting the pelvis has amazing benefits for pregnant women, and it is a fairly easy exercise to perform. To perform this exercise, you need to get down on your hands and knees and gently tilt your pelvis up and down. Avoid arching your back to tilt your pelvis. Instead, gently contract your abdominal muscles to create the tilting motion.

Pelvic rocking, or tilting, loosens the pelvic region, which allows you to prepare for labor and delivery. Furthermore, it is recommended that you perform this exercise at around 30 weeks to help your baby turn into the correct head down position that is optimal for birth. Sometimes babies have trouble moving into the proper position. This simple exercise will make things easier for both you and baby.


Perform Butterflies


Perform Butterflies

A simple, yet highly recommended exercise called the butterfly can also make pregnancy easier. In order to perform this exercise, you need to sit on the floor and place the soles of the feet together. You should then move their legs up and down similar to that of a butterfly’s wings. The motion helps to make the body more limber, therefore easing pain and discomfort associated with back pain.

The butterfly can reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve and even create more flexibility in the pelvic area. For additional benefits, have your partner push down on your knees to create a bit of resistance. Women can perform this easy exercise at any stage during their pregnancy. Of course, it is recommended that you speak with you physician before starting any routine.

Most importantly you should also check out what to eat during pregnancy. The right diet combined with proper exercise can greatly improve pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Furthermore, your body needs the right kind of foods as a source of fuel, particularly when performing any specific exercises. Since you are now eating for two, you will need to learn which fueling foods work best for you and your baby.

What You Need to Know about Male Pattern Baldness

According to recent statistics released on male pattern baldness, baldness among men is significantly more common that most people are aware of. A recent report released by WebMD revealed that 66 percent of the male population has experienced some level of appreciable hair loss, and this number increases significantly by age 50, with 85 percent of all men having experienced noticeable hair loss. As high as 25 percent of the male population will begin the process of consistent hair loss before age 25.


What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male baldness, which is also known as androgenic alopecia, is recognized as the most common type of hair loss among men. Less than 20 percent of all men will go unaffected by male baldness throughout their entire life.


Stages of male pattern baldness


The Common Causes of Hair Loss for Men

One of the most common causes of men’s hair loss is genetics — having a direct family history of hair loss. There is pragmatic and empirical scientific evidence that reveals that male baldness is directly associated with certain male sex hormones called androgens. Androgens have multitudinous physiological functions, including regulating hair growth. Each strand of hair on a person’s head has a growth cycle, male baldness begins when the growth cycle starts to weaken, causing the hair follicle to begin to shrink, subsequently leading to the hair growing in finer and shorter over time. Eventually, the hair follicle completely shuts down, and hair no longer grows from that follicle.


Some other common causes of male baldness include:

  • Certain cancers
  • Medications
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Anabolic steroids
  • And more…

Are there any risks associated with balding?

As a general rule, male baldness that is associated with a genetic proclivity does not carry any health concerns; however, when baldness is the direct result of other physiological conditions, such as thyroid conditions, cancer and medication, male hair loss can be indicative of a significant health risk. It is not the hair loss that represents the health risk, but it can serve as a powerful warning sign.


male pattern baldness


Who is At Ricks?

Male baldness can begin as early as the teenage years; however, it is more common in adult men, and the risk increases with age. Genetics also plays an integral role in determining the likelihood of systematic hair loss.


How to Address Male Hair Loss

If the hair loss is not directly linked to an illness, there is no absolute need to seek medical attention; however, there are treatment options for men who are unhappy with the aesthetic aspects of balding.


It is important to understand that while there is a plethora of hair loss remedies on the market, the vast majority of these remedies are highly ineffective. The men who get the best results in their efforts to address their male pattern baldness are men who visit reputable hair treatment centers. It exposes them to a process that allows for accountability. Some men even travel around the world to visit some of the most successful and renowned hair treatment centers in the world.