Ice Make Water Filter: 5 Reasons to Start Making Your Ice at Home

You probably purify your drinking water but have you ever thought about the quality of water that goes into your store-bought ice? If you buy ice at your local store, then you have no control regarding the production process.

However, making your ice at home means that you can have control over the entire process. Having an ice maker water filter can help you make ice in the comfort of your home. There are numerous advantages of making your ice at home such as better tasting ice, less cloudy ice, no contaminants in ice, making ice on demand and saving on time and costs.

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Benefits of making your ice at home

The ice tastes better

Most stores use regular tap water to manufacture their ice. Tap water has dangerous levels of chlorine, other chemicals and unpleasant odors that make the ice taste horrible.  Unlike using pat water, filtered water produces that is free of chemicals and unpleasant odors.

The ice has no contaminants

Store-bought ice contains a lot of pollutants because the seller has to keep on scooping it up for various customers. Some sellers do not maintain good hygiene practices. For instance, some sellers use scoops to serve the ice, which they don’t clean as often as they should.

Others use their bare hands to serve you ice, which might have all manner of pathogens. Unclean scoops and bare hands can introduce a host of dangerous bacteria and viruses, which might have detrimental effects on your health.

You can have ice on demand

Sometimes, friends and visitors can pop in unannounced. It can be very frustrating if your visitors happen to show up on a hot summer day, and you don’t have ice to make some cold drinks. Such situations make the ability to make ice at home convenient for you and your visitors.

With an ice maker water filter, you can make ice on demand without worrying about the ice running out. You can make as little or much ice as you want, and your visitors will always have a refreshing drink at your house.

Helps you save on time costs

If you happen to love throwing parties, making your ice at home can be cost effective. Cumulatively, ice can also cost a pretty penny, which might not be evident if you buy it in periodic batches.

Going to the store to buy ice can also be time-consuming especially if happen to be holding a large party and your ice keeps running out. Why not make your ice at home and spend valuable time with your guests as opposed to making trips to the store every time the ice runs out?

Better looking ice

Are you wondering why your ice-bought ice looks cloudy? That’s a sign of impure water. Making ice at home means that you can filter your water beforehand, making your ice crystal clear.

Buying an ice maker water filter can be beneficial to your household. You can start making ice on demand, which can save you time and money. Also, your ice will not have contaminants, will taste and look better. Ensure that you purchase your machine from a reputable seller. A reputable seller is likely to have warranties, and you will be sure that you’re buying a genuine product.

4 Main Reasons You Should Install A Water Filter In Your Home

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Clean water is vital to you and your family’s health. If you live in an urban area in Malaysia, it’s likely that your water supply has been treated with chlorine. Generally speaking, this is a good thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the water is free from bacteria, chemicals, and other types of contaminants. With that said, it’s recommended that you install a water filtration system in your home. Below are the most important reasons you should get a water filter for your home or office:










Water and air bubbles isolated over white background

  1. Filters remove chlorine from the water you use


You have to take note that although chlorine is quite helpful in killing certain types of bacteria and microbes in tap water, constant exposure to it can damage your skin, hair, and lungs. Using a filter will help in getting rid of the chlorine before you use the water either for washing or bathing.







There are parasites and microscopic organisms that can thrive in water that passes through pipes and other delivery systems

  1. Filters reduce instances of gastrointestinal diseases


There are parasites and microscopic organisms that can thrive in water that passes through pipes and other delivery systems. Those that cause intestinal and digestive problems can’t usually pass through a filtration system.







If the water that you use remains unfiltered for too long

  1. Filters will significantly reduce your plumbing and maintenance bills


If the water that you use remains unfiltered for too long, minerals, chemicals, and heavy metals will accumulate and will eventually compromise your plumbing system. These heavy metals and chemicals can ruin the walls of pipes and water storage tanks.







They cleanse out the water that you use which means you release less harmful chemicals in the environment

  1. Filters are environmentally friendly


They cleanse out the water that you use which means you release less harmful chemicals in the environment. And of course, water filters don’t release any harmful by-products.



In conclusion, if you want to be safe from water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, and dysentery, you must avail of a filter. You should find a water filter company in Malaysia that offers the latest models in the industry. You can get a filter that can service your whole home or one that you can use for water that has already been stored. Prices of the filtration systems depend on the model, size, and capacity.