Looking For a Staycation? Here are 5 Towns Within 2 Hours Ride From Kuala Lumpur

Staycations are becoming an attractive alternative to full vacations. The term simply means having a one day trip out of your home to nearby attractions without staying the night. Staycations are the newest trend in tourism, as it doesn’t cost much and is just as much fun as any regular vacation.

If you live in KL and would like to escape the hustle and bustle for a moment, a staycation may be a perfect idea.


Here are five relatively near places that you can travel to in less than 2 hours from KL:


  1. Malacca

Malacca or Melaka is located about one and a half hour south of KL and can be easily accessed via the North-South Highway. Malacca is known as the historical gateway of Malaysia and known for its many historical attractions including The Stadhuys, the Porta  De Santiago, and a lot more. There are also many local foods to try such as Asam Laksa, Chicken Rice balls, Satay Celup and Portuguese Baked Fish.


  1. Port Dickson

In KL’s neighboring state of Negeri Sembilan is the seaside town of Port Dickson. People usually come here to relax and have a picnic on the numerous beaches here. There are also many restaurants selling delicious seafood all along the coast.


  1. Ipoh

Ipoh is about 2 hours to the north of Kuala Lumpur, and there are many culinary attractions here. You can either drive or take the ETS train to Ipoh at a very affordable cost. Ipoh is well known for its local delights such as the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice, Hor Fun noodles, and caramel custard.


  1. Seremban

Seremban town is the capital of Negeri Sembilan, and there are several attractions here. You can drive out to Istana Seri Menanti, a traditional Minangkabau palace belonging to Negeri Sembilan’s royal family. It’s unique because of its architecture and for the fact that it has been built without using nails.


  1. Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan

Located about 45 minutes outside of KL are these two adjacent towns. Kuala Selangor is famous for its river fireflies, whereas Sekinchan has many acres of picturesque rice plantations where you can cycle around.


There are many other small towns and villages around KL that you can visit.  It doesn’t take a lot of efforts to find beautiful spots in Malaysia, as long as you do your research and have an adventurous spirit that’s willing to explore.

5 Tricks to Maximize Your Credit Card Benefits While Traveling

originalTourism is a lucrative industry for most countries around the world, including Malaysia. For many people, it could be both expensive and addictive. It requires a lot of planning to make sure our comfort is maintained throughout the entire trip without breaking the bank.  When it comes to keeping a balance in your spending, you can bring enough cash for your primary needs, e.g. food and transportation, and use a credit card to simplify your retail shopping. By paying with a credit card, you can track your spending more easily and will not have to deal with currency conversion. Plus, you will feel safer because credit cards are easier to keep and less prone to theft.   Here are some ways to maximize your credit card usage while planning for your next trip:


  1. Collect Extra Mileage Rewards

Instead of paying your flight tickets, accommodations and other big shopping items with cash or debit cards, you can use your credit card to get more air miles. All you have to do is connect your frequent-flyer accounts to your credit card and earn reward points based on those purchases.

If you are an avid traveler, having a travel credit card is an excellent idea to boost your bonus points. Some travel cards like VISA Signature Card would offer discounts and competitive exchange rate on overseas transactions, as well as multiple bonus points on travel related purchases.


  1. Get Free Travel Insurance

Now that you are thinking of having a travel card under your name, choose a credit card with travel insurance coverage. Some issuers offer this benefit for eligible cardholders, which includes overseas travel and medical insurance. It could be an excellent addition to your existing travel insurance coverage. Before you go, check with your credit card issuer if you are eligible to get travel insurance coverage.


  1. Pay Online Transportation with Ease

Having a credit card is an easy way to access your money overseas, wherever the payment system is accepted electronically. For example, when you have just arrived in a foreign country and do not have a small amount of local currency for a bus or train ride, you can opt to order transportation from an online ridesharing app that is available in that country, i.e. Grab, Lyft or Uber.


  1. Choose to Pay in the Local Currency

Some countries have more advanced payment system than others, e.g. one that can give customers an option to choose the currency for payment. If you are offered this option, always pay in the local currency. That way you will not get charged a ridiculous amount of fee for converting to your home currency. Those small fees would add up and cost you a lot throughout your entire trip.


  1. Avoid Taking a Cash Advance

No matter where you are, using your credit card to take money out of an ATM is not a wise thing to do. Although your credit card issuer might add this feature as a benefit, it is subject to an additional cash-advance fee. If you really need instant cash, it would be better to use your debit card to withdraw money from your bank ATM, e.g. HSBC or CIMB, or from the MasterCard ATM network – the ones with MasterCard, Maestro, or Cirrus logo.

With these in mind, a credit card is a good payment option while you are traveling. Just make sure to inform your bank on your travel itinerary and carry their emergency hotline number at all times.

Preparing for a Promotion – 5 Basic Skills Needed to Snag a Higher Executive Role

Aside from the salary, people often take on jobs in order to develop their career. Of course, the rank and file or managerial positions might satisfy ambition for a while. But give a person a few years of the same repetitive routine, and they’re bound to hunger for higher executive roles. Becoming an executive means having the right skills in order to accomplish duties to produce the best results. If you’re working hard for that promotion and you want to become an executive soon, you should be sure to have these 5 basic skills honed and at the ready.


  1. Leadership – Executives have an endless list of subordinates, and it’s often their job to make sure everyone else beneath them is performing their duties to the highest of standards. Aside from calling the shots, executives are also responsible for setting a good example for everyone else in the company. Honing your leadership skills will make it much easier for you to shepherd the flock when your time comes for an executive role.


  1. Grace Under Pressure – With a lot of duties on an executive’s plate, it’s all too easy to lose your cool and explode when things start to get a little more stressful than you’d prefer. Being able to handle pressure while being calm, collected, and commanding, will set you apart from others vying for the executive opening.


  1. Computer Mastery – Much of the work of executives is performed in an office in front of a computer. Microsoft office applications are often the most commonly used executive software, so it’s important to make sure you know each and every last function of all these apps. This is when the advantage of Microsoft excel training becomes apparent, especially because it’s the most important and frequently needed software for countless executives.


  1. Vision – Executives often pave the way for their companies, directing the flow of operations and ultimately bringing an enterprise where it needs to go. Being able to develop a vision as well as figuring out how to get there will help you become an effective executive.


  1. People Management – Are your people slacking off? Are they going above and beyond their duties? Are they in need of more training? A good executive should be able to recognize where rewards and confrontations should be provided, working to fine tune the organization as much as possible and whenever necessary.


Do you have what it takes to become an executive? Hone these 5 skills and continue to develop your work ethic to help boost your career to that coveted executive role sooner rather than later.

Where To Go In Kuala Lumpur This Deepavali

Deepavali is one of the most waited and celebrated holidays in Malaysia. It’s a holiday that pays tributes to Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Like many other festivals in the country, Deepavali is celebrated by all races.

It is also known as “Diwali” or “Festival of Lights.” As with most festivals, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is brimming with activities in celebration of the religious holiday. If your visit to KL coincides with Deepavali, here are some places you can check out.


Little India Brickfields  

little-india-brickfields-www-virtualmalaysia-com_More commonly known as simple “Little India,” this medium-size urban area is located just five minutes from KL Sentral Station. While it is always festive-looking year-round, Little India is even more bursting with activities days before Deepavali as people shop for spices, religious items and traditional clothes to wear for the religious holiday. Little India Brickfields is famous for its beautiful yellow arches which are great backdrops for any KL photo-op.


Hindu Temples

hindutempleThere are many Hindu temples in Kuala Lumpur. We recommend visiting Sri Kandaswamy Kovil in Brickfields and Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Chinatown. Hindus conduct their ceremonial rites and prayers in the morning. When visiting any religious venue in Malaysia, make sure you dress appropriately. Sleeveless tops and shorts are not permitted inside the temples so make sure you carry a large, long scarves to cover up.


Major Shopping Malls

Deepavali is one of the biggest holidays in the country and as such, major shopping malls in KL are lavishly decorated with Deepavali decors and lights. Suria KLCC is located right below the majestic Petronas Towers. Pavilion KL and The Gardens Mall are two of the high-end shopping venues you can also visit.


Batu Caves  

batu-caves-39426Batu Caves is one of the most iconic and popular tourist spots in Malaysia. The caves are located 12 kilometers north of KL. You can reach Batu Caves easily via the KTM Komuter train at KL Sentral Station. See the KTM Komuter timetable for the list of departures to and from the caves.


We suggest getting there in the morning to avoid the large crowds and the midday heat. A gigantic statue of Lord Murugan stands proudly at the foot of the caves at 42.7 meters in height. The statue is made of 1,550 cubic meters of concrete, 250 tons of steel bar and 300 litres of gold paint.


Happy Deepavali

This religious holiday also commemorates the triumph of good over evil. Families all around Malaysia celebrate this national holiday by coming together, eating traditional Indian, Malay and Chinese delicacies and watching fireworks display. We hope that these tips can help you enrich your KL travel itinerary during the Deepavali holiday.

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This School Holiday, Bring Your Kids to These 5 KL Destinations

Going out with children is never the same as going out alone. What entertains you may not be entertaining for your kid. Thankfully, Malaysia’s capital offers a lot of kid-friendly attractions and activities. Check out the following kid-friendly spots in Kuala Lumpur, and fill in your kids’ time with lots of school holiday activities.


  1. Ilham Gallery. Teach your kids art appreciation while indulging their creative side. Ilham Gallery’s Tours for Tots is especially geared towards children, letting them experience the joy of creating art forms. The tour starts with a welcome song and ends with a gift bag full of craft materials. Along with the tour, your child can sculpt and take self-portraits.


Registration for the tour opens every 11 am from Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. Petrosains Discovery Center. An interactive place spanning 7,000 square meters, Petrosains is sure to stir up your child’s curiosity (and your own, too). It is located on the fourth floor of Petronas Twin Towers, and dedicated mostly to petroleum science. The place is laid out like a museum, showcasing everything from fossils to remnants of the space age. The place is especially popular for schoolchildren since it opened doors in 1999.


The center opens every 9:30 am from Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. KidZania. Fulfill your kid’s dream job, even if just for a day. KidZania is laid out like a mini city, complete with replicas of offices, equipment, and even cars. Within it, your child can take over any of the 90 jobs that run KidZania. Let them be anything from a lawyer to a secret agent, from a pilot to a doctor. This is the perfect primer to the working world of adults.


KidZania opens at 9 am on Sundays to Thursdays, and 10 am on Fridays and Saturdays.


  1. Skytrex Adventure. Perfect for outdoor-loving kids, activities here range from ziplining over two lakes to balancing on high tree logs. You can get your share of adventure, too, as the place is an all-ages venue. Complete any of the 15 challenges available, and even walk your kid through the Little Adventure course.


Skytrex opens every Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30 am.


  1. Berjaya Times Square Park. Located within the Berjaya Times Shopping Mall this is the largest indoor theme park in the city. Go here for a more relaxing time.The kids section is colorful and whimsical at times. Adults can enjoy the experience along with their kids for there are thrilling rides as well.


The theme park opens at 12 noon on weekdays and 11 am every weekends and holidays.


It all boils down to choosing which among these five would interest your child best. Kuala Lumpur offers lots of attractions for everyone. But you also have to ensure the safety of the children even as they have fun. These five attractions hit all the check marks in fun, child-friendliness and safety, so give them a shot.

5 Practical Ways To Organize Your Tools And Crafts Supplies


If you are into craft making, then you know how difficult it can be to organize your tools and supplies. Without an organization and storage system, your work area can turn into a huge mess. It is important to organize all your materials and tools efficiently so you can easily find them when you need them. Below are some tips on how you can do it.60920-0000-3ww-l

1) Separate the tools and supplies from each other based on the material they’re made of. For instance, if you’re working with plastic, cloth, paper, or any other material, you should store each of them in separate compartments. If possible, label the storage boxes so that you know which box to open when you need a particular tool or material. 47553-in-use

2) Get an ESD tote organizer. This is usually made of thick plastic with several compartments. This is great for storing materials for craft making supplies like beads, buttons, pins, pens, and brushes. ESD tote organizers are also easy to carry around. gallery-1460485162-shoe-organizer-wrapping-paper

3) Repurpose a shoe organizer for your tools and supplies. This is a simple trick that can save you some money. Shoe organizers come with compartments that you can use instead as storage places for your tools and supplies.

9-grids-2-layer-drawers-storage-holder-make-up-organizer-holder-case-jewelry-font-b-box4) Make use of clear containers. You can use containers that are made of either glass or transparent plastic. This is so that you can clearly see what’s inside of the boxes. You don’t have to open up all the boxes just to find the tool or material that you currently need. 8a209df5-798b-43e2-9aeb-5cadc5e3d08f_1-6b56045a735062bc360e40ac8a51faea-jpeg-8ddc486bdd8ccedea3a169366bac4d84fc372f01-optim-500x500

5) Utilize upright magazine holders for paper supplies. These magazine holders occupy less space as well as protect your paper materials from folding. You can use the same holders to separate paper scraps from unused paper.

Organizing your craft making tools and supplies is actually not that difficult. A lot of the boxes and containers you need can be found just lying around in your home. Add an ESD tote organizer to the mix and you are good to go. No more eyesores and messy clutter in your work area.

4 Tips for a Successful Startup Business



Starting a business is not an easy task. There are many factors that ultimately play into your success. You will need a lot of hard work, some luck, perfect timing, and the vision to continue. This is especially true of Singapore where the pace of business is frenetic. But sometimes these are not enough.


Here are some tips on how to have a successful startup business:


  1. Welcome Criticism.


For an Asian company being run out of Singapore, management accepting criticism is hard. If you are an entrepreneur, do not be afraid of what other people will tell you about your business. It helps a lot to be open minded about feedback from family and customers. In the end, all these criticisms will help your company grow stronger.


  1. Make Passion a Priority.


Singaporean startups are very passionate about their company. When hiring someone for your startup company, make sure he is passionate about his work as well. More than the intelligence, it is important to assess whether this person will love your company. It is essential because having people who have the same passion as you will help you achieve the goals and vision that you have set.

Happy group of business people together at the office

  1. Invest in Your Employees.


After choosing the people whom you think will help your business succeed, the next step is to take care of them. Singaporeans are loyal to companies which put an emphasis on their growth. The HR department will be the one responsible for making sure your employees are receiving the benefits and compensation that they need. See this employee engagement score of big successful companies. You can emulate what they do and keep your employees happy as your company grows.


  1. Plan a Good Strategy


There is no one direct path to success. There will be twists, turns, and drawbacks. But at the end of the day, keeping your company one step ahead is better than it stagnating. Plan a good strategy on how your company will be open to adjustment along the way. Singaporean companies have proven that they have the ability to adapt and be flexible to help them survive through the years.


These are just some tips to help your start up business in Singapore. Ultimately, whether or not you succeed depends on how you approach and deal with the problems you encounter. But these tips can be your guide in finding the path to success.

Zumba Dance: Forget the Workout, Join the Party!



If you are among the few people who hate hitting the gym, and working out, and getting sweat all over, then join the club! But once you get into this fun workout craze you will be so addicted that you just cannot wait for your next session. And that workout is none other than Zumba!


Zumba dance and fitness is a Latin inspired dance workout that is not only fun to do, but is also a great cardio exercise for you to lose weight. You will be having so much fun working out, you will not even realize the extra pounds you have been dropping. Next thing you know, you will be getting compliments for your figure, your glowing skin, and even your overall energy!

Group of men and women dancing zumba fitness choreography in dance school

Here are some tips if you are thinking about joining your first Zumba class:


1)         Find a certified instructor

Everyone claims to be able to do Zumba but it takes a real Zumba instructor to know the steps of a Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, and Reggaeton. A certified Zumba instructor will also have a list of Zumba songs to use in their classes. Be sure to find a certified Zumba instructor, and the places that they teach, on the official Zumba website (http://www.zumba.com).


2)         Wear proper shoes

Zumba is a proper workout, there will be a lot of jumping, and stomping, and the occasional booty shaking. And like with any other workouts, you need to have the right shoes. Shoes that are of high impact to absorb the pressure from the movements, and that are comfortable for you to move around in.


3)         Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Water is essentially everybody’s best friend. It gives you energy, it refreshes the body, and it keeps your body alert and awake. Water is especially important during your workout sessions. Your body needs the hydration to restore muscles, and tissue, after all the sweating. Always remember to keep a water bottle handy in your Zumba dance sessions so you can keep on dancing!


A dance fitness group working out at the gym
A dance fitness group working out at the gym

4)         Bring a friend

If you are shy about dancing in a room full of strangers, then bring a friend along! Zumba classes are like a party, and everyone is invited! Your plus one will not only motivate you to work out more, but they will bring the extra energy that is always welcome at any Zumba class. And you know what they say, the more the merrier!

Beautiful smiling cute baby
Beautiful smiling cute baby

5)         Smile!

Zumba is a place of fun, happiness, and positivity. It is suitable for people with different fitness levels, different backgrounds, and different ages. You do not even have to know how to dance to enjoy the workout, just bring along your smile and energy and let’s get ready to

Beginner’s Guide to Starting World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft or WOW is a fantasy MMORPG with millions of players from around the world. This online role playing game lets players interact with thousands of other players in a realm or world.


The game is divided by factions; the Alliance and the Horde. In some worlds, the two factions will fight in the open world while out questing. This option can be chosen from the initial world choice when creating a character. While players can decide to create a character in each world, they cannot interact with characters of the other faction in an open world situation.

Race and Class

When starting in World of Warcraft for the first time, players will have two important decisions that will impact their travels throughout the game. When choosing a race, you’ll have to decide whether you want to be alliance or horde. Each has a set of races associated with it. For example, you cannot have a human on the horde side. An undead character cannot join the alliance either.

When choosing your class, you’ll need to decide the kind of gameplay you’d enjoy. If you’d like to be a healer, you can choose a priest or druid. A melee character could be a tank or a damage dealer. Class is a choice you’ll have to make based on the style of play you’d enjoy. For beginners, this might be confusing, but you can join the game and experience the choices before locking yourself into one style. You can create more than one character in the game.

Out in the open world, you’ll be performing tasks and quests for NPCs around the area. They’ll help you get acclimated to the game as well as the storyline of the class and race you chose at the start. After progressing through to a certain level, you’ll gain access to dungeons where players will join together for harder assignments.

Many players join a guild so they can attempt larger and bigger quests with more people. Raids are a great way to gain high-level gear and loot. Raids require between 10 and 25 players depending on the raid and difficulty.

PVP can occur in some worlds if it’s chosen at the beginning. Battlegrounds are more organised parties that fight together for their chosen faction. The horde and alliance will charge into battle hoping to gain a victory against the other side.

Pets, Land Mounts and Flying Mounts 
Along with questing, raids and dungeons for gaining gear, players can obtain mounts and pets to make their play experience more entertaining. Many players spend hours and hours trying to find rare mounts. Players can also buy mounts and pets for their characters.

While it might be confusing for some, many players spend thousands of hours in the game expanding their guild and levelling their characters. If you know someone who loves the WoW game, you might give them a WoW time card for a gift. They’ll be able to use the time card for their monthly subscription and use the other money for a new mount. It makes a thoughtful gift.


What You Want To See When Choosing Your First Server Co-Location Provider

Co-location is one of the most effective solutions for server hosting available today. It allows you use a custom server without having to construct a complex infrastructure to support the hardware. Not all co-location providers are the same. You will want to see a few things when choosing your first co-location hosting service.

server co-location hosting provider is managed services

Full Cabinet Options

You want to use a co-location provider that has different cabinet options available. The cabinet is the physical space where your server and all supporting hardware are going to sit. You usually have shared and full cabinet options. A shared cabinet means that your server will be sharing space with other servers and hardware. A full cabinet is basically a dedicate space just for your server. You want a co-location service with full cabinet options because your business could grow fast and upgrading will be easy.

Appropriate Bandwidth and Burst Capabilities

Something that is very important is a co-location hosting service that offers bandwidth rates appropriate for your needs. Your exact needs are going to depend on your expected traffic and the type of online service or website that you are running. Having too little or restricted bandwidth could leave your online server inaccessible to users. Always check the bandwidth before committing to a provider. Additionally, you might want burst capabilities. This allows the provider to temporarily increase bandwidth to handle a sudden influx of users to your server.

Redundant or Backup Systems

You always want to see redundant or backup systems when looking at a co-location hosting provider. These systems will take over if there is a hardware failure or other problem with the primary equipment. Backup systems are going to ensure that you do not experience long periods of downtime. They also help to prevent data loss and to thwart malicious attacks from hackers in certain situations. This is critical when you are relying on a server co-location provider to maintain maximum uptime with minimal performance problems.

Secure Connections

You are going to have to access your co-located server across the Internet. You want to see a co-location provider that has secure connections. The most basic defence is a configurable firewall that will repel attacks and unauthorised access before allowing users near the server. A second option to look for is support for virtual private networks, or VPNs. A VPN is a secure connection that uses tunnelling protocols in order to mask the contents and ultimate destination of the data you are transmitting. Modern, configurable firewalls and VPNs are very useful features for maintaining secure connections to a co-located server.

Managed Services

A final thing to look for a server co-location hosting provider is managed services. You are going to want this option even if it is not needed at first. Managed services mean that professionals at the co-location site will perform many different technical tasks for you from server monitoring and load balancing to upgrading the operating system and backing up data. Managed services can be very valuable as your business grows.
Do not rush into choosing the first co-location service that you see. Take the time to do some research and look for the key elements that you need. The right co-location hosting service will benefit your servers and could become an invaluable business ally.