How To Plan A Kingsman-Themed 60th Birthday Party For Daddy

Themed parties are not limited to children. If your Dad is a watch enthusiast or someone who appreciates fine watches, consider throwing him a Kingsman-themed party for his 60th birthday. Here are some tips.


  1. Find the perfect venue. If you cannot find a British style pub, you can replicate the same vibe in small, cozy bar. A Kingsman-themed party is not complete without a good selection of whisky.dashing-examples-of-men-in-suits-38
  2. Set the dress code. Throwing a themed party is a great way to see your friends and family suit up for the occasion. Ask your guests to wear a suit to the event. It is advisable that you include a photo reference to the movie for guests who are not acquainted with the movie. Female guests can also wear a suit if they want to. Otherwise, a cocktail dress would do.Food Network's Roast Prime Rim of Beef With Yorkshire Pudding
  3. Get British with the menu. If you are having the party at a bar, chances are that you will be limited to serving bar favorites. However, if you’re hiring a caterer for the event, you can choose to serve British favorites such as fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, and beef roast sandwiches.11831249_f520
  4. Decide on the perfect giveaway. What could be more perfect than a simple, black umbrella? It is such a simple item but it means differently for people who have seen the movie. Plus side: everyone needs an umbrella, so it’s a giveaway that your guests will appreciate.carrera-m
  5. Of course, a birthday party will not be complete without the perfect gift. There are many great brands you can pick from, one of them is Tag Heuer. To decide on the best style to get for the most important man in your life, you can check price of TAG Heuer watches online .

If your Dad is both a fan of the movie and a watch enthusiast, consider throwing this type of themed party. It’s a great way to highlight his interests and hobbies as he turns 60.  It’s not that hard to pull off, and best of all, it’s a party he’ll remember for years to come.



Benefits of Buying Luxury Watches Online


Few people can deny the fact that a luxury watch is extremely attractive, but there is also a high price that comes with watches of this calibre. However, there are some ways you can go about buying your luxury watch, which may end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. Some people think that the best way to purchase a luxury watch is to walk into a local retailer, but going about your purchase in this manner is fundamentally flawed. There are much better deals that can be had online, so if you are trying to get a top of the line watch, but do not want to pay the outrageous prices that store front locations charge, you may want to spread your search to the internet. There are a few reasons why it makes sense to go this route.

First and foremost, online retailers have a lot more competition than regular store front retailers, which poses a huge advantage to the customer. If there are a few stores in any given city that sell watches from all sorts of luxury watch brands, people in the area are going to have only a few stores to choose from, and the businesses are going to know this, and also know that they can charge a higher price. The fact that there are a lot of places you can buy watches online leads retailers to charge a lower price. You can actually apply this technique to just about any product you want to buy, but when you are talking about a luxury watch, which is likely going to cost thousands of dollars, you may end up saving a huge amount of money. This makes it all the more worth it to search online for a watch, rather than trying to pick one up at a store location.

You might want to consider checking watches out in person and getting an idea of what you like, as this will give you the opportunity to actually put the watches on your wrist. Chances are, if you hop on a smart phone, or make note of the exact watch you were looking at, you will find it way cheaper online. For example, you might look at a Tag Heuer price in a store, but if you check online for the exact watch, there is an extremely high chance you will find it for way cheaper. The only time this might not be true is if the store is having a huge sale, because most of the time you will find that you can buy items for way cheaper on the internet. There is no question that it is better, in this time and in this generation, to buy watches online, as there flat out are a lot better deals for the exact same items. When you consider the fact that you don’t have to expend the time, energy and money to go around town looking for a watch as well, it adds up to a great deal and the right way to go.


Expert Tips on Taking Care of Your Luxury Watch Brand


luxury watch is only as good its shine. In order to keep that fresh from the jeweller appeal, it is important to keep your watch clean-free of smudges, dirt, oil and any other residue that can hinder the clarity of your accessory. When cleaning your investment piece, don’t trust it to just any cleaning method, which can leave behind soap residue, allow water to permeate the inside through worn seals or damage the glossy surface, instead, try these expert tips to prolong the brilliance of your watch.


Gentle Soap and Water

Assuming your watch is water resistant to 50 meters or more, to clean your watch, a simple liquid soap and lukewarm water solution will do. Be sure to use a gentle liquid soap as opposed to bar soap which tends to leave behind excess soap and foam. When cleaning your watch, gently immerse it in water, then use a soft bristle brush to gently remove loose debris from the embellishments without scratching the surface. For newer watches such as dive watches, which can take bit more licking, feel free to simply run it under the faucet to clean it. If your piece has a leather strap, be sure to allow it to fully dry before wearing it, because your body heat can cause it to rot.


Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

An ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is a great way to clean the watch bracelet, once the watch head has been removed. Ultrasonic cleaners use under water vibrations to loosen dirt, and they don’t require fancy chemicals. When cleaning your watch using the ultrasonic cleaner, be sure the water is extra hot and there is plenty of jewellery cleaner to remove any grease. You should note that natural oils in the skin tend to soften the scratches on the glass, so once you clean your watch, existing scratches may become more pronounced.

Cleaning the Inside of Luxury Watch Brands

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your watch, you should only entrust it to a skilled watch maker, because the inside contains the most sensitive parts of the watch, which can be damaged if not properly cared for.

Once you have cleaned your watch, you might prefer to carry a microfiber cloth to keep smudges away. Anything sufficient to clean eye glasses should work perfectly to remove dirt, debris and oil from your watch. To further protect the integrity of your watch, consider removing it during strenuous activities. Sharp temperatures can also impact the integrity of your watch. When your watch is not in use, store it in a high-grade box, then organize it neatly, to keep it prepared. It is recommended that you take your watch to an expert watch craftsman at least every 3 to 4 years for a battery change and fine mechanical tuning. Your watch contains automatic movements, which when serviced on a regular basis, can help ensure your watch keeps the right time and extends the life of your timepiece.


How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch


There really is nothing like a luxury watch. It feels great, looks great and becomes a beautiful accept piece for the person wearing it. However, there are far too many places out there trying to sell replica luxury watches. Now, replicas are becoming harder and harder to spot, and the last thing you want to do is purchase a watch at full price, only to find out later it is not an authentic Tag Heuer or something else of that nature. So, before you go and purchase any luxury watches, it is a good idea to educate yourself on it subject of spotting fakes.


The Obvious

First of all, you need to look for the obvious. For starters, check the name and the logo. Any quality replica is going to not have any problem matching the spelling and the look. However, there are some that are rushed, or others that alter the spelling slightly simply to get by with any kind of forgery lawsuits (the name is spelled different so they can’t be hit with a lawsuit, or at least it makes it more difficult). Chances are though, unless you are on a corner stall where someone is hawking jewellery on the street, you’re not going to have this issue. 3Check the Finishing Touches

If the band is leather, check the stitching. Are there any loose threads? Maybe the stitching isn’t tight and straight. Look at the metal, does it have any spots on it? All of these are signed to products that are not built with quality in mind but instead quantity. Rush jobs may not have the best stitching or most accurate designs. If you don’t spend time looking at it, you might be taken for an inferior watch.

Weight is Everything

Luxury watches are heavy. The watch often feels much heavier than what you thought it would feel. Quality products are not light. Metal is going to be heavier than plastic. So, if the watch feels light, chances are the watch is not real. The head of the watch should have some heft to it. Luxury leather is not light either. It is heavier and has a nice look and often sheen to it. If the watch you are holding feels lighter than you expected, there is a good chance it is not real.


The Box

One area of a luxury watch that is often overlooked, not only by the person buying it but the makers, is the box. The box should be beautifully crafted. Luxury watch designers craft these boxes to go along with the beautiful watches. For individuals making imitation watches, this is just a wasted expense. Due to this, the quality materials are not used to create the box. Look at the box, feel it over. Does it look like something that would hold a watch that costs several thousand dollars? Does it feel high end? If you say no, chances are the box is fake, which means the watch is fake. Often times the box is the best way to go about looking for a fake.


Add a Touch of Class in Timekeeping With Luxury Watch Brands.


Time is an essential element to your life. Your personality can be defined by your ability to keep time. With the introduction of new technologies like smartphones, many people thought that the era of wearing a watch will be soon gone, but they were wrong.

Your watch defines you.
You cannot tie a gold coated smartphone around your wrist that will make your workmates turn their heads around as you pass around. This classic and admired look can only be felt when you wear a real watch around your wrist.

Luxury watch brands are normally associated with people who attract respect to themselves and are conscious of their appearance. These watches are available for both men and women. All the same those who wear this watches declare their high status to the society. You can be sure people will judge you by your appearance when they see you for the first time. One of the things that will sell you as an elegant and goal oriented person is that piece of metal around your wrist that shows time. If you have a cheap watch that looks like you picked it from a scrap metal dealer, then you will be taken cheaply. On the other hand, if you have a smart looking fine piece of watch then you will be treated with dignity and accorded all due respects.

Old school or new school.
This watches can be antique or modern. You can have a nice looking antique watch that looks like it has been passed down from tycoon to tycoon over generations and it will look good on you. This is for those who love antique watches. There are hundreds of antique watch collectors going around the earth looking for the most luxurious watches to meet your desires. You may even find yourself with the first prototype watches ever made.

Walking down the road of modern classical time keeping, you will find wonders. Many watches that used the gear system to show time are thought to be old school. No, nowadays you will find many luxurious modern gear watches like the Tag Heuer in the market that will leave you puzzled.

These modern watches have more to offer to you apart from helping you keep time. These are some of the added luxuries that come with luxurious watches:


Water resistance.
We all know the tales of the relationship between water and watches for as long we can recount. For a long time water has been known as the number one enemy of your watch, but not anymore.

Modern watches are now built in a water resistant design. On the forefront of this move is Rolex, who offer highly unique water resistant watch designs.Have you ever imagined that you can check on your time underwater, maybe when you are swimming. Yes, you can, these watches have great abilities to resist water penetration into its system.

Smart watches.
This is the new dawn in the luxury watch industry. Smart watches do a lot more than just showing you what time it is. Some of this watches can be linked to your smartphone and Bluetooth device.

Furthermore, some have the ability to check the weather. They can measure temperature, humidity, sunshine intensity and also altitude, latitude and longitude.

So if you are a fanatic of luxurious watches go for it. It can be tailored to your specifications, different from the normal gold and silver coated watches. You can think of any metal or material, and your watch will be made of it.


Be Certain You Are Buying a Genuine Rolex Watch

There has always been a fake Rolex watch market working throughout the watch industry, and today’s forgeries are more difficult for the watchful buyer to realize. Most are manufactured in China but recent research shows that production is rapidly spreading into all of Asia, including Malaysia. This heightens the need for the buyer to use due care.

If You Don’t Know Rolex, Know Your Dealer

Most lay persons have not studied jewelry and fine watch making to the extent that they are experts in determining real from fake, especially competing against con artists who have devoted their time and skill to cheating you with a fake. P.T. Barnum, American carnival entrepreneur, was famously quoted saying that a fool is born every minute and ten cons to take him. While buying a fake Rolex does certainly not categorize you as a fool,the numbers of con artists eager to fool you have definitely multiplied.

Buy only from jewelers and watch dealers who have an impeccable and widely respected reputation. Their watches will have a certification and guarantee of being genuine Rolex watches. If you are concerned about a watch you already own, take it to a jeweler or watch dealer with that same unquestionable reputation for authenticity for examination. Never purchase high end jewelry or timepieces from Craig’s List, EBay and other such sellers. It is asking for trouble and disappointment.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

Yellow Caution Lights, Red Stop Lights in Rolex Buying

The fake Rolex market is quite varied. Some actually have managed to retrieve a genuine Rolex case that they have filled with cheap fake works. The commonly looked for case virtues are there, so the buyer is fooled.

Check Case Appearance:

• The Rolex face is perfect, with no imperfection in spacing and the lettering high quality on the dial. The trademark crown at the 12 o’clock mark should be examined carefully.
• At the 6 o’clock point, the magnifying crystal over the date should be convex, not flat, clear and magnify the bold date well.
• Serial Number engraving is so finely printed it will catch the light delightfully.
• Rolex does not make watches with clear backs to show the mechanics inside. Many fakes do, as they have falsely marked the viewed mechanics inside to trick buyers.

Check Mechanics:

Every mechanism inside a Rolex has the Rolex name clearly and beautifully engraved.

Check Weight:

The Rolex has a definitely hefty weight factor due to its genuinely designed high end materials. Fakes usually feel lightweight and can be weighed to demonstrate the difference.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

It is extremely important to buy from a well-known dealer directly when buying pre-owned Rolexes. “Buy the seller, then the watch”, always. Any repairs should have been at an authorized Rolex watch repair service with only Rolex factory parts. There should also be a lifetime authenticity warranty in addition to standard guarantees. Buying pre-owned can represent a great savings for an awesomely great watch. Vintage Rolex timepieces are frequently snatched up by collectors.

The Art of Collecting High-End Timepieces and Lucrative Luxury

Many people around the world choose to become collectors of different items. Some individuals like to collect things of no value, some individuals like to collect things of high value. There are some who like new collection items and some who prefer something vintage and antique. It is thought of, more of than not, that a multitude of individuals like to collect watches. These are not just any type of watches, these are luxury watches that are timeless, expensive and go on to be worth a lot of money.

collecting luxury watches

When it comes to collecting luxury watches there are advantages and disadvantages, benefits and discrepancies. It is often used as a showcase for wealth whether new or old. Collecting antique watches has proven to be quite lucrative and profitable over the years.

If you are a fellow high-end watch collector, you may have heard of Gordon Bethune. Bethune is one of most well-known and established watch collectors in the United States of America. Fulfilling his position as Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines, Bethune spends his spare time selling his watches at prominent auctions. It is known that some of his pieces could cost upwards of $3 million, with one watch of his known for selling $1 million or more alone. He often opts out of discussing the value of specific watches. Many of them increased in value in recent years that he chose to start keeping them in a safety deposit box. One of the main reasons that Bethune has optioned selling his watches is for the sheer fact they have become too expensive to wear and could risk him physical danger. His pieces are said to include brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Cartier spanning from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. They are known to have unique features such as rectangular faces or rare types of materials. One of the showcase gems of his collection that was sold is a rare 1945 Patek Phillipe Reference 1518 in 18 karat rose gold. It was appraised and estimated to be worth $600,000 and $900,000 and with interest rising consistently, it could easily break the $1 million range.

Collecting vintage watches is known to have some kind of flight risk. The watch market is known to be filled of imposter brands and fake watches. There are also false claims on certain watches and what they will appreciate. Some collectors have said that you do not have to be wealthy to be a top notch watch collector, as long as you follow the rules.
Some of these rules are to stick with high-end names such as Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer and Patek. It is best to purchase from the pre-owned market, available at most trade shows and auctions. Do not be afraid to invest in hiring an expert to give advice on what watches are worth it. This is necessary given the amount of fakes and over-priced pieces on the market.

A $20 Timex can tell time, but the art and value comes at much higher price. It’s practical, a masterpiece, reliable. You can always count on a watch to be more than mechanical, it will always tell you what time it is.

Finding The Best Luxury Watch Brands In The World: A Guide for The Discerning Buyer

The finest watch brands in the world include names such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany and Breitling. These luxury watch brands take up a considerable amount of the luxury market, and you will be quite pleased when you purchase a watch from one of these companies. Each brand has its own style, and each brand is known the world over for different reasons. Your choice of luxury watch should take into account your needs, the purpose of the watch and the style of the watch. This article will explore these three areas as they relate to your next watch purchase.

#1: Style
Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Cartier, Breitling and Rolex watches all have their own style. Tag is known for providing timing services at the Olympics, and Breitling watches are a favorite of pilots. Tiffany and Cartier are luxury jewellery brands that make effervescent watches suited for a formal occasion, and Rolex makes the Submariner diving watch. You may choose from any of these styles as you should, and you will notice that each watch takes on a different character when it is on your wrist.



#2: Their Purpose
A company like Tiffany or Cartier creates watches that are meant to match the jewelry they have on display. You may purchase a watch from Tiffany or Cartier to match the Tiffany or Cartier jewelry in your collection. You are created a style profile that is easy for people to pick out, and your style will remain classic in these watches.
Breitling and similar brands are helpful for people with active or athletic lifestyles. These watches are designed to rise up to 30,000 feet in the air, and the watches can sink deep below the surface of the sea. Someone who works with their hands, has kids at home or works in a difficult profession may choose a strong watch to help keep up with the wear and tear that will be put on the watch every day.
Watches that are used for timing at the Olympics may be worn in a more casual environment. Someone who sails, plays golf or plays tennis will enjoy a watch that has a casual nature. The band on the watch will be much easier to wear in hot weather, and the watch is designed to take some punishment during a match or sailing trip.

#3: Your Personal Needs
The watch brands listed in this article all take on a different character, and you must match your needs with the watches you see. Your lifestyle is unique only to you, and you should not wear a watch that does not feel comfortable when you are out and about. Someone who works in a fast-paced office may prefer a more durable watch, and someone who works a quiet job should go for a watch that is all style.

You can appreciate the watch for what it is when you are using it for the right purposes. A watch that is taken out of its element will not serve you well, and you will notice that the watch seems out of place. You go where you normally go, but you can see that the watch does not belong there. Imagine yourself wearing the watch to all the different places you go in a day. Do not purchase a watch until you can see yourself wearing it everywhere you go.
A luxury watch like a Rolex will help improve your personal style the moment you put it on, but you cannot expect the watch to choose you. You must shop for your own watch with wisdom as you search for style, substance and purpose in your new timepiece.

Can You Tell The Rags From The Riches? 8 Ways to Tell if a Rolex is Fake

Rolex watches are internationally renowned for their beauty, dependability and effectiveness. If you want to purchase a timepiece that will truly stand the test of time, these watches are indeed a terrific option for you. Although watches from Rolex are wonderful, purchasing them can sometimes be a stressful situation. Untrustworthy vendors sometimes sell fake items from luxury watch brands such as Rolex, after all. Thankfully for you, being able to spot a fake can help prevent you from wasting your money and experiencing unnecessary disappointment.

Look For Stampings

Businesses that produce inauthentic watches often don’t make the effort to place brand stampings on their items. If you don’t see a signature Rolex stamping on a watch, then it’s definitely a fake.


Analyse the Dial

The dials on authentic Rolex timepieces are absolutely flawless. If you look at a dial on a watch and notice that it has conspicuous stains, irregular spaces between letters, spelling errors or anything else that looks unprofessional, then you have a fake on your hands and should in no way purchase it.


Think About Its Weight

Authentic watches made by Rolex are somewhat sturdy. This is because they’re made using some of the highest quality materials around. If you’re holding an alleged Rolex watch that just seems suspiciously light and insubstantial, there’s a good chance that it’s a replica that you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on.


Observe the Model and Serial Number Stamping

When you have a true Rolex watch, it will have model and serial numbers that look immaculate, complex with solid and clear lines. When you have a fake one, however, those numbers will probably look a little faded. They’ll often even be composed of small dots. This is the result of poor quality marking.

Pay Attention to the Quartz Dial Movements

If you have an inexpensive fake watch that claims to be made by Rolex, its second hand motions will be conspicuously awkward. Authentic Rolex timepieces, in stark contrast, have fluid and graceful second hand motions. The difference should be very easy to spot for you.

Carefully Observe the Winder

You can tell the difference between fake and authentic Rolex watches by observing their winders, which are located on their sides. Replica watches generally have standard and dull winders that are responsible for the motions of the hour and minute hands. True Rolex timepieces, however, are equipped with highly detail-oriented and intricate winders complete with grooves and engravings that are visually appealing.

Perform a Water Test

There are other ways to tell whether or not a Rolex watch is indeed fake or not. However, they’re sometimes too risky. Authentic Rolex timepieces, for example, are made to be water resistant. Replica Rolex timepieces, on the other hand, are not able to survive water testing. It’s not a good idea to perform a water test on your own in case it turns out that your watch truly is fake, though. If you damage a replica watch, you may not be able to return it to the seller and get your money back.

Go Visit a Watchmaker

If you need a little extra help in determining whether or not a Rolex is fake or not, visit a watchmaker @ CollectorsTime Luxury Watch Brands. This is only possible if you’ve already bought the watch. An experienced watchmaker can take off the back part of the watch and look at its inside movements to determine its status. If you find out that it’s truly a Rolex watch, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you find out that it’s a fake, lesson learned.