The Many Types Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

If exceptional cleaning is essential to your business or organization’s operations or functioning, you may be familiar with industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems. This technologically advanced cleaning process is characterized by its use of ultrasound to create high-frequency agitation of liquids for precision cleaning and sanitation. Ultrasound waves create an effect called cavitation, creating fine bubbles that move with force on the substrate to be cleaned. These bubbles are able to penetrate recesses, cracks and defects in materials for thorough removal of debris and contaminants.

This type of cleaning system works effectively with metals, plastics, ceramics and glass, as well as other materials. The ultrasound energy delivered at a frequency of 20-40 kHz is able to cleave and lift even the finest or most embedded debris from a variety of objects of varying size, making it an excellent choice for fine cleaning in a variety of industries.

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Your choice of ultrasonic cleanser will determine the quality and efficacy of your cleaning. If you are operating a healthcare facility, manufacturing or electronics business or automotive or aerospace facility, choosing the right type of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems will certainly impact your business’ efficiency and profit. A key decision in sourcing your optimal ultrasound cleaning system is the type of medium you choose. Here are three key types you need to be aware of:

  • Solvents
    Caustic or solvent-based cleaning media are often used in industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems due to their added ability to penetrate hydrophobic compounds and dissolve even the heaviest soiling. Solvents may be used singly or in combination to dissolve soil on the object to be cleaned as well as using the power of ultrasound to lift and remove dirt. Media such as hydrocarbon solvents, ketones and alcohol carry a number of risks and safety concerns, in particular flammability which makes handling hazardous.
  • Enzymes
    Enzymatic cleaning is also an adjunct to many ultrasound-based cleaning systems. Enzymes in solutions act to break down soil and loosen hardened dirt. These cleaning preparations can be used in your ultrasound cleaner or even as a pre-soak to weaken the adherence of dirt prior to cleaning.
  • Water
    Due to the potency of the ultrasound generated cavitation bubbles, water or aqueous solutions are more than adequate to achieve an effective clean. With detergent added, water has exceptional wetting and surfactant activity to maximize cavitation for optimal cleansing and can be readily adjusted or warmed according to your requirement. Aqueous cleaning solutions are more likely to environmentally friendly and readily disposed compared to the other cleaning solutions. Water-based industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems are an excellent choice for high-quality cleaning where objects are not heavily soiled or greased.

Finding the right cleaning solution is essential in industries where attention to detail and quality are imperative. An industrial ultrasonic cleaning solution is a prudent investment, especially where the cost of replacement or repaired parts can be high.

Invenpro is a leading manufacturer of customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed to deliver high quality and cost-effective cleaning consistently. We can direct you to the optimum cleaning systems for your needs. To find out more about the custom-made industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems by Invenpro, contact the team today.

Top 5 Best Benefits Of Using Bulk SMS For Businesses


Thanks to technology, there are now more forms of marketing to choose from. Between traditional marketing and digital marketing, the latter has been proven to be faster and more cost-effective. One of the most popular forms of digital marketing is sending bulk SMS. Here are the top five benefits and reasons why using bulk SMS for businesses is getting more popular:personalization-of-a-website-1

  1. Personalization


SMS messages can be personalized based on the demographics and previous purchasing behavior of the customer. Moreover, the SMS can be location-based and individually sculpted according to different regions (or countries) and stores. The personalization options are endless and with almost no extra cost.

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  1. Highly targeted messages


Sending out messages randomly to random people is a thing of the past. Not only can that be a waste of money, it will make businesses lose potential customers since untargeted messages are intrusive and annoying. Today, bulk SMS is permission-based, which means the recipients already give their consent to receiving the messages and have a relationship to said businesses. Business owners have a better chance at increasing sales by reselling to existing customers.16378493_s

  1. High ROI and low cost


Traditional marketing relies heavily on direct mail, outdoor advertising, telemarketing, broadcast media (i.e. radio or TV ads), and printed media (i.e. brochures or newspaper ads); these can all be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive particularly for startups. But for as little as $30, businesses can easily reach out to about 1,000 audience and more within minutes and interact directly with them through digital marketing.84120653

  1. Flexibility and speed


The modern business world is fluid, and businesses must always keep up with the times by being adaptable and flexible to the changing landscape to survive on the market. Promotional campaigns can now be delivered within minutes to the target audience thanks to the zero lead time of SMS marketing. email-marketing-success-862x576

  1. Fast open rates


SMS marketing is often opened and read by the recipients within five seconds, compared to marketing campaigns on email. Moreover, the average time for recipients to open email marketing is two days. Business owners who want to have their messages seen immediately by a high percentage of the audience should opt for bulk SMS marketing.

Many businesses and organizations seek bulk SMS service for transactional and promotional purposes. With the added benefits of personalization, highly targeted messages, high ROI and low cost, flexibility and speed, as well as open rates, retaining customer’s loyalty and increasing sales and brand awareness have never been easier and effective.

The Importance of Learning How to Use Microsoft Excel

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A lot of companies and organizations looking for new employees often require applicants to be knowledgeable about basic Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and of course Excel. This is especially true for companies and organizations whose operations rely on information technology and software programs. With that said, being able to use Microsoft Excel significantly improves an applicant’s employability. It provides the job-seeker an edge over other applicants who don’t know how to use the program.

Enrolling in a Microsoft Excel Training Course

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A laptop or desktop computer powered by a Windows operating system automatically has the Excel program installed. Anyone can learn the program by tinkering with its many functions or by reading through the program’s manual. However, this can be a very frustrating learning exercise since the instructions can get very technical. It’s advisable for people who want to learn how to use the program to sign up for Microsoft Excel training courses. These are affordable courses that are usually divided into two categories: basic courses and advanced courses. Learning the program is a lot easier through a training course because applicants are taught in a step-by-step basis.

Where to Find Microsoft Excel Training Courses

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Learners have two main options in availing themselves of Excel training courses. They can enroll in a traditional school offering the courses, or they can sign up with courses offered online. The latter is recommended for people who want flexibility in the training course. Online courses often allow learners to go through the lessons in their own time and pace. This enables them to master a lesson before moving on to a more difficult one. Another great feature of online courses is that learners can sometimes go back and review previous lessons if they’ve forgotten a lesson or two.

Microsoft Excel Literacy Looks Great on a Resume

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As mentioned earlier, a lot of companies and organizations look for new employees who are literate in Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. So if a job applicant submits a resume which says he is knowledgeable in Excel and other programs, that will be looked upon as a plus point by the hiring manager. In short, Excel literacy is very helpful in boosting a job-seeker’s employability.

The Unique Benefits of Plastic Containers


There are just some benefits that can only be afforded by using a plastic container. With all the concern about the world going “green”, sometimes the use of plastic can get pushed aside. A second look at the advantages of using plastic may give consumers a better and more accurate perception on this common household item.
Both paper and plastic are good and viable options, but there are just simply some benefits that only plastic can offer. Using a plastic container means it can be used again or in another fashion for another purpose. If plastic is used to store food, it can be washed and used again. If it is a bucket or larger container it can most often be repurposed.
When people think of being environmentally friendly, paper is always the first product that comes to mind. The truth is that plastic is also an environmentally friendly material too. Many stores today offer a wide array of items made from recycled materials. Plastic items made from recycled material have been cleaned, melted and then remade, generally into an entirely different product.

Plastic Containers
Finally, there is the bottom line for most consumers which is the cost. Plastic among its many qualities is also an affordable product. Generally speaking, it is the cheapest of all products. Buying cheap containers and then using them over and over again just equates to more savings. Not needing to cut trees and harm the environment and the versatility results in not only monetary benefits for the consumer and manufacturer but for the environment as well.
Next time the need for a storage item is needed, don’t overlook the value of a plastic container. It is an extremely versatile material and used for a variety of products that make it not only unique but invaluable in the world today. Certainly it will and does find great value and serve households everywhere, there really is nothing quite like plastic.


Unlimited Ways to Use PP Sheets


PP stands for polypropylene or polypropene. It’s a very versatile form of plastic, rugged and resistant to damage, yet flexible. When it’s not coloured, it can be made translucent. However, it is most often an opaque, solid colour or pigments are used to create it in various colours. It was first created by Philips Petroleum in 1951. It’s the second most useful and important kind of plastic in the world. Experts forecast PP will sell $145 billion by 2019.


PP sheets are strong but lightweight. They have hard, smooth surfaces. It’s machinable, and it acts as a form of insulation to heat and electricity. Often it can be machined just like wood. It can be cut with a table saw or a band saw. It can also be drilled and sanded by hand. It works sort of like soft wood. It doesn’t hold screws as well, but it’s more stable during changes in temperature and humidity. It can be painted, but should be roughened with sandpaper first, because the paint doesn’t adhere well to its smooth surface.

Some uses that people have found for various kinds and grades of PP sheets;

* To separate pressed guitar side moulds

* To support braces for houses or other small buildings

* As acrylic skins for art projects. The PP sheets are a work surface used to transfer gels.

* As a palette for acrylic paints

* To insulate transponder metal from the aluminium hull of a boat. It prevents electrolysis and absorbs sounds.

* As a mounting surface to build an LED fixture for an aquarium

* To mount fish transducers on the transom of a boat

* As skids for a snow blower

* As runners for crosscut sleds

* To replace the plastic sheet behind car doors to keep out water

* To line speakers to keep out moisture

* As shelves for a wooden medicine chest in a bathroom

* As slides for a skylight closure panel

* As a lid for a vacuum chamber

* As a mounting plate to install battery disconnect switches in a boat

* Spacers for the suspension of a Subaru

* As a backboard for working with leather, when you use utility, round-blade and other leatherworking knives

* To correct poor alignment between home alarm systems

* As a cutting board

* Put under a toilet to make it level with the flange

* As a bracket for a sailboat

* To make shell plate for a Dillon case feeder

* As the base for a cheese feeder

* As the false bottom for a mash tun

* To create a large, comic iTunes card

* As a punch surface to protect table surfaces when punching circles from felt and foam

* To make fishing rod holders in a locker box for rods

* As a bedboard for a Woodmaster molding machine

* To patch a leak in an airplane’s fuel tank

* To replace a rudder board on a petal boat


The possible uses for polypropylene sheets is endless. They can be put to use to build items for people’s houses, their cars, their airplanes and their boats. They can be used by artists, leather workers, crafts people and people comfortable making items with home machinery.


Floor Cleaning Tips & Technology


Clean floors are an important part of any space. When a floor looks good, it makes any space look good and feel inviting. Keeping the floors clean in a home or a place of business is one of the key components of keeping the house clean overall. For those in search of the best possible way to keep their floors clean, they may want to want look into the many ways there are to accomplish this task. Technological improvements such as a scrubbing machine can help keep any home or place of business in great shape.

Cleaning Equipment 

To keep a floor clean and in good shape, it helps to have the best possible cleaning equipment on hand at all times. The right kind of equipment allows any owner to immediately clean when necessary should a major spill happen. This kind of equipment also allows the owner of the space to clean up the space on a routine basis. It also allows the owner to clean up the space each week thoroughly. Doing so can make it easier for an owner to be assured of having clean floors at all times. In many cases, problems with flooring can build up over time, leading to floors that look grimy and unattractive. A home or business owner who wants to restore their floors to pristine condition will have many kinds of options to make their floors look great.

Dealing With Existing Problems 

Many owners find they have problems with their flooring. The flooring might look unattractive or dull. There might even be pieces missing from it in the corners. In that case, it is often best to start with a full examination of the floors and create a plan for restoration. All areas of the flooring should be looked at closely to determine what kind of problems exist and how best to correct them. The home or business owner will want to take steps to confront this problem as soon as possible. Redoing the floor materials can have immediate benefits and make the entire house of business look clean and modern.

The Right Upkeep 

After any flooring has been thoroughly clean and mended, it is important for the home or business owner to make sure the flooring stays that way. Using equipment such as a floor scrubber can help the owner be assured of always having floors that are clean and pleasing to the eye. Using modern technology makes this goal easier than ever. An owner need only have the equipment on hand. They can then clean the flooring as necessary. It is best to consider setting up a schedule that makes this process easier and allows any given user to be able to know that attention is paid to the flooring. In many cases, a cleaning service can help. Many cleaning services will come right to your house or place of business and clean your floors for you. Working with them can help you get the look you want and need.


Understanding Corrugated Boxes



Many people may have an idea of what a corrugated style box is, yet very few are able to accurately describe what they are. They are very similar in shape and appearance to cardboard boxes, which are arguably the most well-recognized box in existence. The corrugated style box however, is much more durable and reliable than cardboard boxes. The corrugated style box consists of three different layers of a paper material. There is a standard inner and outer layer with a very critical middle layer that is folded in a way to make the sides of the boxes more durable and long lasting.


The sturdiness and shape of corrugated boxes make them the ideal use for many different occasions. The first and perhaps most important use for corrugated style boxes is for shipping boxes. Because of their durability and convenient shape, these boxes have been used to ship all kinds of things across the world for years. Another great use for these boxes is for storing as well as organizing a lot of things. Their compactability and size allows them to easily be stacked upon one another and stored in a closet or room. Using more than one can help to keep track of a large amount of items. Another way in which these boxes are used in everyday life includes pizza delivery. Even food is trusted to be put into these boxes. It helps to keep the food warm and safe from damage during delivery.


Although many people may not be familiar with corrugated boxes, they are certainly useful for a myriad of occasions. They are proven to be more sturdy and reliable than cardboard boxes. Whether a manufacturer or simply working with a lot of stuff, anyone can find a beneficial use for corrugated boxes. The best part is, they can easily be stored when they are not being used. They can be easily stacked onto one another or folded together and placed in a smaller location.


Cathodic protection


Metals are in constant change when they are in contact with air or water in any situations that they are. Cathodic protection comes reliable when such circumstances arise. It is defined as the process through which the surface of a given metal is protected against corrosion. Corrosion affects most metal surfaces when they react with other circumstances. The method was first introduced and developed by Sir Humphrey Davy in the year 1824. He improvised it to be used as a way of reducing and controlling corrosion on the British naval ships. The process is used to protect the metal surface by making it the cathode of the source of power. The cathode is the negative part of a cell while the anode is the active role of an energy producing element.


It is clear that the method of protection connects the element or metal to be protected to an exposed metal that is easily corroded. The exposed metal that is applied as a sacrifice corrodes instead of the protected metal. Two main types of cathode protection are commonly used. They are the galvanic and the impressed current systems. They are both utilized in the prevention of corrosion on metal surfaces of most equipment and surfaces. Modern technology allows all modern pipelines to be coated with an organic protective coating to prevent them from corrosion. The method is applied to various products: pipes are mostly used to transport liquid substances thus they should be protected from any corrosion that they face. Pipes that carry hazardous products in them are always shielded by a system that consists of a DC (Direct Current) power source, an anode and, a powered transformer rectifier.


Protection is also applied on ships. Ships are always in constant motion and in contact with water and other liquids that may affect their functioning. It is achieved and implemented by attaching galvanic anodes to the hull of the ships and boats and Impressed Current Cathode Protection (ICCP) for larger vessels. The galvanic anodes are always replaced when the ships are taken out of the water to be inspected and maintained. Companies using steel in concrete that are used in tall buildings are also advised to use the method when erecting their buildings. The method is somehow different since it involves inserting of the anodes and the relevant reference electrodes into the concrete when it is being poured during construction. It can also be applied in the construction of bridges. A bridge being more exposed is allowed to use more anodes distributed throughout the bridge due to the atmospheric exposure.


In conclusion, the method is the best way of protecting exposed metal surfaces to reduce corrosion. Corrosion is an enormous loss that can happen to most people that are involved in conducting their businesses beneath or in the water. Pipes are commonly used to transport liquids are in more threat to corrosion, but this can be controlled using the method. Individuals and companies can reduce accidents that lead to spending enormous amounts in compensation.


Your Guide to Choosing a Right VPS Hosting Service

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting plans entail physical segmentation of the server into several virtual machines. Every partition runs on its own independent bandwidth, disk space as well as operating system to ensure every user workstation is served. The benefits of VPS to a business include low operating cost, access to multi-tasking VPS control panel, centralized administration and privacy. VPS is cost efficient because it allows numerous websites to be hosted on the same server. The VPS control panel, on the other hand, makes it easy to perform software installations and management functions.

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Factors to consider when choosing a right VPS hosting service

1. Pick your VPS Environment
When choosing a VPS hosting service, you need to first identify your VPS environment; for example, Windows or Linux. Each of these environments have own unique set of benefits and limitations.

2. Level of Redundancy and Scalability
Redundancy and scalability are critical in ensuring high uptime and steady system performance. Redundancy as a critical backup plan can help you secure data using an alternative server in case of a power failure or system interruption. Scalability, on the other hand, is the system’s ability to handle unexpected or occasional increase in server loads.

3. VPS Monitoring; Managed Versus Unmanaged VPS Hosting
Under the unmanaged VPS hosting service, the entire server management is left in your hands. For this reason, a skilled personnel must be assigned the task of monitoring the system to ensure smooth operation. However, if you opt for a managed VPS hosting service, the VPS service provider will monitor the server system on your behalf.

4. Server Configuration and Related Features
Having the right server configurations can increase the speed and performance of your website. The other important hardware features to look out for include; the capacity of processor capacity, RAM size and disk size.

5. Cost of Service
Checking the pricing options offered by hosting providers is always a critical factor when choosing the right VPS. Most hosting services charge higher rates for managed server services which have high number of resources.

6. Customer Service Support and Trial Period
Picking a VPS hosting service with an efficient customer service is very crucial, especially when problems arise. A good VPS service should be available 24/7 to offer customer service support around the clock. You can also take advantage of the Free Trial offers provided by VPS hosting providers to evaluate different hosting services, before choosing one that is right for you.

VPS provides many benefits; from freedom and 24/7 service availability to having direct access to hardware, that plays host to your website. These benefits are critical in growing your website. However, when choosing the right VPS you must identify what actually fits your needs and requirements. One of the leading VPS providers in Malaysia is Gigabit. The company offers several web hosting services including managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting, Windows and Linux VPS and server co-location. To learn more about the company, go to

The 6 Common Things Netpreneurs Overlook When Taking Their Business Online

Running a business online is very different from its brick and mortar counterpart. Sure the business fundamentals may remain the same, but the technical and strategic aspects can dramatically change. As a business owner, you must be able to foresee the challenges of transitioning from physical to digital space in order to succeed.


Have a Plan 

Always have a business plan specific to the situation. What will be your new cost obligations when you expand to the digital space? What’s your strategy on client acquisition? Who are your competitors and what can you learn from their strategies? Set short-term and long-term goals on what your online business should be and don’t forget to check them regularly.


If you have an existing business but what to expand online, what would it cost you? Or perhaps what would it cost you to create an entirely new brand? Given the current economic conditions, investors are more meticulous when it comes to who or what they invest in. Before asking anyone for their financial backing, have a clear idea of how much you’re going to need.

Does It Fit Online? 

Some businesses thrive in the retail scene, but falter when they are introduced online. Products or services that are difficult to explain technical-wise are often more successful staying in the shelves of big box stores. Do some research on your market’s statistics. Is the online market large enough that your business can profit from it?

Setting Up Your Internet 

Good internet service is something you should be investing on if you are considering building a business online. You cannot afford to get disconnected as this can cut your client retention and potential sales by up to 50 percent. Browse Streamyx plans and compare prices and speeds. Before you register Streamyx, check to see if they have 24/7 tech support availability.

Get Professional Help 

Most business owners are too proud to admit when they need help. Unfortunately, the longer they don’t get it, the deeper the business falls. Try to find a mentor who will guide you with the ins and outs of running an online business, preferably someone who has done it all before. If you can’t find a mentor, hire an expert who will advise you on how to take the next steps.
Build Your Networks 

There is nothing complicated about this step. You simply need to be more outgoing and try to put yourself out there. Attend meetings or parties to meet friends and potential investors that work in your industry or related industry. In the long haul, these networks can help you build your business through financial or intellectual support.