Qualities Of A Great Feng Shui House

Whether one is thinking about buying a house; selling a house; or simply remodeling/renovating one’s home, a little knowledge of Feng Shui concepts may tip the point in favor of achieving one’s goal.

In Feng Shui, one’s dwelling place is an entity and its parts are intricately connected. Moreover, a house is conducive to balance, peace and energy flow coming together and achieving the positive life forces in life.

Following are certain qualities that make a great Feng Shui house.


Location And Surrounding Areas

A primary factor to look at when considering buying a home is the actual location of the house. This is one thing that is essential in Feng Shui. A careful study of the house needs be done at various times of day during times of diverse activities. Scrutinizing the neighbors is also helpful. Not always foolproof as neighbors come and go, this practice generally gives a good idea of who and what is surrounding the house.

Likewise, railroads, parking areas, school crossings, sloping backyards and sunken front lawns also are telltale. Look for apparent positive energy conductors or possible energy deterrents–what does or does not produce stressful energy forces.


The Front Door Entrance.

How does the entry or front door feel like? Is it peaceful having a clear path of entry or is it blocked by obstructions such as trash cans, tires, bicycles or old broken pots? Good Feng Shui doors feel free and smooth. There is nothing conveying blockage. If anything they should emanate a sense of welcome.

An unattractive pathway sometimes becomes attractive with a bit of uncluttering and landscaping. Likewise, A wide double door may look out of proportion on the front of a small, narrow house.


The Main Entry.

“Welcome” is an invisible but tangible sign that every visitor needs to feel. The mood, ambiance, feel or Chi begins at the main entry or foyer. If it is not there, then a better selected color, door hardware or strategically placed plant may suffice.


Feng Shui Trinity.

Consisting of the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, these three most widely used rooms of any house set the stage for either positive or negative energy flows into the rest of the house. Colors chosen, accessories used and availability of windows and closets are of foremost important in these three sections of a home.


New, Vibrant Feng Shui Energy.

Experienced Feng Shui specialists agree that Feng Shui is free-flowing. It does not box in. Therefore, maintaining a house free of clutter from closets, basements and rooms in general forms part of any Feng Shui-based home. Bright, cheerful lighting and clean smelling fragrances also come into play as does house decor and furniture.

When thinking in turns of living in a house or buying a new one, one must start slow and easy. Do not allow overwhelming advice of so-called Feng Shui specialists to over-ride one’s Chi. Trusting in one’s own senses, judgement and following after peace makes for good Feng Shui. Read the latest #FengShui stories @ StarProperty.


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Property in Malaysia – Quick Info for Foreigners

For a foreigner who is looking to invest in Malaysia property, be it in cities like Kuala Lumpur or Penang or in the country side, it is good to know what types of properties are available.  One could be looking to buy a bungalow, condominium, house, apartment for sale, or even vacant land; although buying vacant land and building a house is really for the very few who have the passion and time.

 Most of my friends looked for a house or an apartment with a basic layout that they liked and then involved themselves with the interior design.  I actually heard for the first time, terms like ‘free hold land’ or ‘lease hold land’.  In ‘free hold land’ one can enjoy ownership forever.  So the owner is the title holder who owns the land.  Obviously he can transfer the title to whomever he wishes. 

In a ‘Leasehold land’ the owner has the right to occupy the land or the property that they buy for a given period of time.  This is a like a ‘lease term’ from the government to the buyer.  The lease lasts up to 99years after which the owner has to give back the property to the government.  Obviously the owner has to apply to renew the lease if he wishes to continue staying there.

Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 2

Continued from Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 2

Finding a few contractors to discuss through the project will allow you to get several quotations for the same job, and go through more options for the types of materials used. It is strange, as some contractors will want to get the job done with the cheapest materials possible, but with low quality that will make even a fine piece of design turn into an ugly interpretation, just to ensure that the job can be gotten.

At the same time, find out more about your contractor. How many years of experience does he have? Is he more familiar with a bungalow or a condominium? What type of reputation had he built around him? Does he have his own crew, or is he going to find sub-contractors to work on your project? Chances are, the contractor will also be doing the necessary wiring and plumbing especially for kitchen projects, so you will want to be sure that the contractor you hire really has the necessary skills and qualifications.

When your potential contractors put in their quotation, ask them to also include the duration to get the job done. If all contractors cite an average of 2 weeks to get a job done while one contractor said that it needs a whole month, question him. Disqualify him if the duration is longer and the price is so much higher than the others.

If your project is a major renovation project, you might also want to get a contractor who is willing to get into a contractual agreement with you. Errant contractors will not dare to get into the contract with you for fear of the law. Also, a contractor who dares to get into the contract with you probably has the financial stability, enough to ensure that he will not be running away with your deposit without completing the job.

It will be good to get references from your contractor. Satisfied customers are very likely to allow you to take a brief look at the renovation works on their property which the contractor had done for them. Talk to them, see if there are anything which you might find out about the contractor from these past customers, just to be very sure about the capabilities and reliability of the contractor. Satisfied customers may tell you that the contractor updates them about every step of the renovation, keep the project site clean and deliver on time.

The most important thing is your ability to communicate with the contractor you hire. Even if the contractor is highly skilled, if you are not able to communicate well with him, there will be a lot of frustrations. Make things easier on yourself, get someone you can communicate with.

Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 1

You have heard of the horrors of irresponsible contractors who run away with their clients’ deposit or shoddy workmanship which made it impossible to not redo the renovations on your property again, doubling the cost for the wrong reasons. You will probably want to renovate your house for rent or apartment for sale so, you will need to hire the right contractor from the very start to ensure that there is no waste of money or time.

The easiest option is to engage in a contractor you have always known. Someone who has done some jobs for you previously and you think that the workmanship is good or acceptable within your requirements. Or perhaps, a contractor which your neighbour used, and your neighbour may be pretty pleased with his work. However, you need to know that different contractors may have different set of skills. If your intent is on flooring, you will not look for a contractor who does kitchen cabinets. Or, if you are looking for a contractor for your kitchen, you will not be looking for someone whose expertise is on gates and windows.

In short, you should get the right contractor for the right job, with the technical know-how, business and interpersonal skills to get the job done according to the way you like it. The contractor should ideally have experience doing similar types of projects and with good recommendations from the customers too. The contractor who has similar project experience will know what tools and materials to get the things done, the technical skills and ways to prevent any possible problems that may arise while doing your renovation project. Also, the contractor would have known how to best handle any possible problems that arise should there be anything wrong.

You may wish to discuss your project with a few contractors before committing to hire any of them. You should never rush into getting a contractor. If you have an architect or an interior designer, you might not need to find your own contractor. However, not all of us will be looking for the services of architects and interior designers. Some of us may already have an idea of how we want to get things done, so we only want the contractor to do according to our ideas.

To be continued in Choosing a Good Renovation Company: Part 2