Beginner Tips: Different Types of Bikes and How to Choose Yours


Choosing and buying a bike is an exciting experience. There are a lot of factors to consider such as budget, right bike size, how often the riding trips will be, the purpose of these rides, and whether the rides will be on rough roads or pavements.

However, the combination of these factors will give you seemingly endless choices that could easily be overwhelming. For beginners, the first thing to know is the different types of bikes and what kind of road they are best for.


  • Mountain Bike   
    The mountain bike is made for rough terrains and gravel roads. It has a shock-absorbing suspension that is best for unpredictable off-trail rides. The knobby tires and the strong brakes also give the cyclists a much better control of the bike compared to other types.


  • Road Bike        
    For urban bikers that want to navigate the concrete jungle, the road bike might be the best choice. Road bikes have thinner tires than the mountain bike and have much lighter frames, which makes them perfect for road racing. Road bikes also have curved and dropping handlebars, which puts the rider in a bent-over position that is suited to increase the speed.



  • Hybrid and Commuter Bikes   
    They hybrid and commuter bikes have features that came from the mountain bike, and other feature that is inspired by the road bike. These two types of bikes have moderately thick tires that are perfect for pavements or smooth roads. The rider is also positioned upright for a more relaxed riding. Most models can also be fitted with accessories to help you transport items to your destination.





  • Folding Bike
    There is a rising trend in the popularity of folding bikes in eastern countries. The folding bike is best known for its compact design with smaller wheels. Much like hybrids, these bikes are also great for both smooth and rough roads. For those who want to buy a folding bike in Malaysia, there are other factors that should be considered such as affordability, weight, the length of travel, and even style.


Before purchasing a bike, make sure that it fits you perfectly. Ask the store for help in finding the right frame for your size and try to go for a test ride. It is important that you are comfortable in riding the bike and that it caters to your riding activities, may it be off-road biking or urban commuting.

Why The Answer to All Your Beauty Woes is Sunscreen


If you’ve noticed that your skin has lost some of its suppleness, if it has fine lines, wrinkles or uneven pigmentation, you may have sun damage. As studies have shown, sun damage can lead to skin cancers such as basal and squamous cell carcinoma, the occasionally deadly melanoma and precancerous conditions such as solar keratoses. The problem is especially acute for people with fair skin.

Fortunately, the way to preserve the beauty of the skin is easy to obtain. It is sunscreen.


What Is Sunscreen?
Sunscreen is a topical preparation used to protect against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. There are three types of ultraviolet ray, but only two, A and B, affect people on earth. UVA radiation damages the skin by stimulating the production of dangerous free radicals and puts a person at higher risk for melanoma. UVB light also causes free radical production as well as sunburn and other types of skin cancer.

Ultraviolet radiation also damages those substances like collagen and elastin that keep skin supple and young-looking. A sunscreen that contains titanium oxide gives extra protection to these substances. Other ingredients that should be in a good sunscreen include zinc oxide and parsol. The sunscreen should also be hypoallergenic and should not block the pores, which can lead to acne, rashes and other skin problems.

Sunscreen can be a lotion, a gel or a spray. There are two types: one absorbs UV radiation and the other reflects it. The most effective sunscreen when it comes to preserving both the beauty and health of the skin is one that protects against both UVA and UVB light.

Sunscreens are rated by their SPF factor. The higher the rating is, the longer it can be worn before the person’s skin starts to suffer the effects of sunburn. However, this doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t need to replenish a higher rated sunscreen. Usually, sunscreen is reapplied every two hours or so. Experts recommend that a person wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


How To Wear It
As noted aesthetic doctor Dr. Chen Tai Ho said, “To get the best results, sunscreen should be worn every day, whether the sun is shining or not. Some ultraviolet rays can penetrate through cloud cover!” Not only that, but putting on sunscreen as assiduously as one puts on clothes or make-up trains the body to work with sunscreen and prevent damage to its DNA. Make sure that the sunscreen thoroughly covers exposed parts of the body, and make sure to refresh the sunscreen according to the manufacturer’s directions. One other bit of good news is that newer models of sunscreen are water-proof. This means they don’t automatically have to be reapplied after swimming.

By the way, it is important for even dark-skinned people to put on sunscreen when they go out into the sun, even though they may not need as high an SPF rating as people with fair skin.

As Dr. Chen Tai Ho said, “Find a good sunscreen, slather it on, keep it on throughout the day, and your skin will stay vital and beautiful for years to come.”




Due to the metabolic reactions in the body, sweating is important to extract the unwanted products from the body. However, excessive sweating also referred to as hyperhidrosis is commonly reported among people. Victims of hyperhidrosis suffer from humiliation and low self-esteem due to the tremendous sweating. Underarms, sweaty palms, and feet are the parts of the body the condition adversely affect. Hyperhidrosis treatment is, therefore, an option that people seek to get their sweat glands controlled. The following are some tips on how to control the excessive sweating.


Use antiperspirant 
This is the basic way to deal with sweating in excess. Many people first try the antiperspirants to reduce the body odour. Aluminum chloride and pentapeptide are the ingredients in these products which tend to form a layer that clogs the sweat pores thus reduced sweating rate. If this option is not satisfactory, choose iontophoresis therapy.


Iontophoresis therapy 
This is an advanced technological to help people with hyperhidrosis where hands and feet are passed through a mild electric current. The electric current and ions in water end to thicken the epidermis and drastically reducing the sweat flow.

The right wears 
If one is experiencing sweaty feet or underarms, the type of clothes and shoes that one wears is an aspect of putting into consideration. Sweat protect undershirts are available for both men and women. They ensure that the sweat is absorbed, and the resulting sweat order is minimized. The sweat protect shoes insoles are also highly recommended for a person having sweaty feet as they also soak up the sweat. The socks fabric is also a factor to consider when purchasing the socks. One should buy those that have silver fiber with the antimicrobial and odour traits.
Botox injections 
This is a newer treatment for hyperhidrosis where an injection is given to the affected body part including underarms, hands, feet and the face. Statistics show that they are approximately 87% effective in the rate the sweating occurs. It has a long- term effect compared to other treatment options and perpetual Botox injections can give long-lasting relief to the victims.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery 
This is the least appropriate treatment option to consider. However, unsuccessful hyperhidrosis control, medical professionals advise one to give the surgery a trial. Some side effects of this option include extreme hypotension, heat intolerance and an abnormal sweating all over the body.
These tips are essential if one wants to control their sweating problem. Before attempting any procedure, one should seek medical advice so as to have a positive outcome. Hyperhidrosis is just a condition which should not limit one from living an ordinary life. Therefore, helping a victim of hyperhidrosis boost their self-esteem and should not be isolated.


How to Eat in a Restaurant Like a Raw Vegan

tortilla wraps

While the vegan diet is becoming rapidly more popular due to the myriad amount of benefits, it is still quite niche. Likely, then, a vegan won’t have many friends or family members who hold the same dietary restrictions, but that shouldn’t have to preclude your opportunities at dining out with your loved ones. And, truly, it doesn’t have to if you possess good information; many restaurants will have a variety of food that can fit in you raw vegan diet. Following, you’ll find out exactly how you can maintain your diet and your lifestyle at the same time. SaladBar

A Phone Call Goes a Long Way

The most proactive way to eat in a restaurant as a vegan is to call whatever restaurant you’re planning to visit ahead of time. Ask them if they can accommodate your diet and many will reply positively, especially the larger restaurants that have a large supply of different fruits and vegetables. Also, many restaurants have their menus posted online nowadays so you can have a little heads-up. Otherwise, you can accommodate yourself with a buffet style restaurant. Almost all of them have salad bars and, even better, it is all you can eat.

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

If Not Sure, Just Ask!

If you’re already at the restaurant, then feel free to speak to your waiter about our dietary restrictions. Often, they’ll have dealt with those on a raw food diet before and will be able to discuss which menu items you can modify to your benefit. Additionally, they can point you to items on the menu that do not need to be modified such as cold soups.

Then there is always the option of bringing your own materials to combine with the restaurant’s raw foods. You can bring some salad dressing from home, without all the excitotoxins and preservatives says is pumped into the restaurant dressings. Also, try taking with you your homemade raw hummus and fresh avocado, both wonderful additions to any meal. Moreover, they can serve as your appetizers as you and your friends wait for your main courses.

Likely, your friends and family think a raw diet is a whole lot of hard work, but as seen above it only takes a little bit of time to figure out how to eat in a way that leads to a healthier and happier life while not sacrificing any social time with others. All your meals don’t have to be eaten at home, alone. Indeed – by following the aforementioned tips – you can dine out with your friends and family whenever you desire.