5 Majestic Places In Ipoh You Must Visit Before You Die

Before achieving tourism prominence in Malaysia, Ipoh was a popular mining town in the early 1930s. Today, Ipoh is home to gorgeous limestone caves, exquisite hotels, and top class attractions. Here are 5 stunning places in Ipoh you must visit before you die.


  1. The Haven Resort

The name of the best resort in Ipoh is most probably inspired by its surreal surroundings of a picturesque lake and magnificent limestone hills. Perfect for a honeymoon, you’ll never imagine a resort like this actually exists in Malaysia!

And if you choose to stay here, you must try the Cuisine Restaurant which serves up super delicious and MSG-free food for your healthy palate.


  1. Gua Tempurung

One of the most majestic caves in Malaysia, Gua Tempurung is 25km away from Ipoh and it is advisable to have your own private transport or be part of a tour group.

Hiking up to the open top of the cave would take a little effort so it’s best to bring a bottle of water with you and some light clothing. If you’re worried about the heat, you’ll be glad to know it gets a little cooler in the caves.


  1. Kek Lok Tong Cave

Kek Lok Tong Cave is another cave-temple you must visit that is just 20 minutes drive from the town center.

Walking into the entrance of this visitor friendly cave, you will be greeted by the statues of Chinese deities before reaching the other end of the cave, which is simply breathtaking. Once there, take a moment to admire the picture perfect lake surrounded by 360 degrees of limestone hills.


  1. Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat

Just next to the Haven lies a hot spring spa resort which has its own geothermal hot spring facility and 3 caves for you to explore, all of which has its own theme such as the meditation cave, crystal cave, and steam cave.

The resort is set in a valley whereby it is surrounded by lush greenery, limestone hills and in the middle, a tranquil lake to make it seem like the getaway paradise you’ve been longing for.


  1. The Lost World Of Tambun

Last but not least on the list is a theme park in Ipoh with 6 different areas of fun catered to the needs of your family. From a water park with Malaysia’s biggest wave pool to a petting zoo for the children, if you are looking for a day of fun, adventure and a night of relaxation, The Lost World provides all that.  When night comes, the theme park turns into a massive jacuzzi spa, with a large selection of pools filled with natural mineral hot spring water. You’ll definitely be pampered after a whole day of crazy fun!

Ipoh is really one of the lesser known places in Malaysia. But it hides  Majestic places that could take your breath away, and should appear on your to-visit list. If you are planning to reach Ipoh by train from Kuala Lumpur, it would take a 2-hour journey to reach. To check for train schedules, the ETS timetable is available online.

6 Must-Haves Before You Travel to Kuala Lumpur

Image result for Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a very tourist-friendly city, but that doesn’t mean you should come unprepared. Other than the usual must-haves like clothes and passport, couples and families alike must pack their luggage to suit the unique environment of Kuala Lumpur.

Here are the top 6 things you need before that Kuala Lumpur trip.

  1. Umbrella/Cap Bring an umbrella or a cap to keep your head protected from the sun. You might think that the tan would be great – but it can be incredibly harsh – especially for the skin of little kids. The umbrella will also come in handy for those rare instances of rain in the city.
  2. Strong Sunscreen Bring very strong sunscreen – the strongest one you can find! Make sure to lather yourself with the lotion before actually landing in Kuala Lumpur since the heat wave might surprise you. Make sure the kids get routine sunscreen to prevent sunburns.
  3. Light and Breathable Clothes Forget the thick clothes – you need light and breathable ones that will promote air circulation throughout your body. It’s better to opt for clothes that you can ‘layer’ so that you can adjust for the changing temperature from morning to nighttime.
  4. Antibiotics You might also want to bring strong antibiotics in Kuala Lumpur – just in case. Due to the exotic surroundings, routine or basic cuts and wounds can worsen overnight. Make sure that you’ve got strong antibiotics with you if you suffer any sort of cut. Ask your doctor first to find out what antibiotics are best.

If you have any other medical condition – make sure you bring prescriptions with you, just in case. For example, those who suffer from asthma will want to bring an inhaler as humid air can increase the risk of an attack.

Image result for Medications for diarrhea are also a must.Medications for diarrhea are also a must. Although the drinking water in Kuala Lumpur is considered safe, many travelers suffer from bowel problems regardless of where they happen to go. Having drugs for diarrhea is just an additional safety precaution for the trip.

  1. Image result for kuala lumpurKuala Lumpur Currency Although your credit card would still be of great use here, it’s crucial to have a little bit of Kuala Lumpur currency in your pocket even before you take the plane towards the country. Have some of your money converted and try to familiarize yourself with the usual prices attached to certain services or products in KL.
  2. Plug Converter Malaysia uses a 3-pin male plug so you might want to bring a converter with you. This converter will allow you to attach your 2-plug gadgets to their power source for charging, web surfing, and other electrical needs. The power supply in Malaysia is stable for the most part but if you’re using sensitive equipment, it’s better to have a surge suppressor with you.

Of course, those are just some of the must-haves you need before your travel. Don’t worry, though – if you ever find yourself needing something, a good hotel in Kuala Lumpur should be able to provide it for you. Top hotels in the city are specially equipped to service international tourists so that they can fully enjoy their stay.

Use Your Business Trip to See More of Kuala Lumpur



Unless you were born and bred in Kuala Lumpur or thoroughly plied its sprawling network of public transport and walked its streets quite a bit, it’s highly unlikely that you would have seen all of its sights or heard all of its sounds.

As a visitor or business traveller faced with all the promise of spectacle and experience offered by the incredible city of Kuala Lumpur, how does one decide which place to see? If you’re visiting on business or for work, choosing a destination becomes even harder if you’re strapped for time.


Two of the least-known sights has to be along Jalan Raja Bot, often overlooked by locals and tourists as it is sandwiched between the more popular Jalan Chow Kit night market and Kampung Baru night stalls.


This tiny strip of night market starts around 10pm and lasts all the way to early morning – you can get uncommon jungle produce from here such as snails, pisang tanduk (tusk-shaped and -sized bananas), and Asian avocados. It’s where the big restaurants in KL also get their fresh meat and vegetables before the business day.


If you’re visiting Jln Raja Bot in the day, then be sure to stop by the Tatt Khalsa Diwan Gurdwara, the largest Sikh temple in Southeast Asia first built in 1922. If you’re free on Sunday, the temple gives out free vegetarian food to all lunchtime visitors.


If you’re hungry and keen on one of the best and hidden nasi lemak spots in town, then why not try Nasi Lemak Menangis (it’s so good it makes you cry) at Taman CT, just behind Kampung Baru National School? Forget Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, this one’s the real deal, and there’s a regular busking band to entertain you all the way past midnight.


If you like food, take your business partners to the Kun Yam Thong Buddhist temple at Jalan Ampang (by the main road, 100 metres from the Malaysian Chinese Association building), where you can try out literally more than a hundred different vegetarian dishes and desserts – at street food prices.


Staying at a business hotel right in the city centre? You’d be surprised at the good cost value of five-star hotels when looking to reserve a Kuala Lumpur accommodation. The Sunway Putra Hotel, for example, is near the Putra World Trade Centre and costs a fraction of market prices.


From there, if you’re looking for a spot to wind down and get away from the bustle of it all, pay a visit to the Perdana Botanical Garden (from Pasar Seni LRT or KL train station, walk towards National Mosque and watch for signboards). It isn’t a new place but since its ongoing refurbishment from 2012 onwards, the rehabilitated garden features some of the best wildlife scenery you can find in the city. It’s quite surreal to be looking at deer at a waterfall while being surrounded by skyscrapers!


And there you have it! Even if you’re not willing to travel beyond the confines of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre or your business hotel, and can only go out after hours, there’s still plenty to see. All within 15 minutes’ from a nearby train/light rail station.

Your Family Vacation Gets Better in Kuala Lumpur



Malaysia is one of the most underrated places in Asia for families. When people think of a family getaway, they almost always have Asia’s more tropical spots in mind. However, Malaysia offers a much more exciting alternative. It offers both the distinct hype of the big city and the quiet of secluded spots. It has dozens of fun amenities and adventures for families, catering both to the parents and to the little ones. And you don’t have to go to various places in the country either. Everything can be found in Kuala Lumpur — Malaysia’s capital and the sixth most visited city on Earth.


Indulge your young ones and enjoy the wide variety of entertainment the city offers. Here are some of the best family spots in Kuala Lumpur.


Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. This is the first Nickelodeon theme park in Asia, and is located in a 10-hectare span of forested land. The Lagoon offers amazing attractions such as water plays, tube rides, and Nickelodeon’s signature slime. Children of all ages will have a blast in the park’s amenities. Of course, trademark Nickelodeon characters will also be there!


Those who want a dash of extreme can try the Lagoon’s Monsoon 360 Vertical Free Fall ride. For a hot day, there’s nothing better for the family than a wet time with Splish Splash’s various exciting water effects. Adventurers of all ages will enjoy a journey throughout the Lagoon, via the Primeval ride.


Where to stay: The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is settled right within the property of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. The Hotel has been awarded the 2016 Travellers Choice by TripAdvisor, so it’s a perfect family hotel in KL. There’s also an even larger theme park complex between the Lagoon and the Hotel proper, so there’s much more to see.


101 City Mall. Enjoy a cool time at the mall’s Olympic-size skating rink, or have some extreme fun at District 21. The latter is a post-apocalyptic theme park within the mall itself. Active children will have a blast! Since it’s in a mall, there are lots of shopping and entertainment spots all around.


After a day of activity, you can sit down to watch a movie at the mall’s GSC Cinema. For a relaxing evening with the family, you can check out the Lake Symphony around the main entrance’s picturesque fountains.


Where to stay: The Le Meridien Putrajaya is located within walking distance from the 101 City Mall. It has great rates, and an outstanding Family Program. Get up to half off the rates of your second room, and let your kids enjoy the hotel’s specially designed play rooms.


Aquaria KLCC. This is not your average aquarium — you can actually have a sleepover with your kids here! Children six to thirteen can bed right beside the huge walls of water, watching the varied marine life. Those fourteen and above can sign up for the “Cage Rage” where they can go on a close encounter with the sea’s predators. There are more than 5,000 creatures in this aquarium .


The Aquaria also offers feeding shows at different times of the day, with a different creature being fed at each time. This is an excellent educational experience for the kids as well. Of course, don’t forget to take home a shirt or a cool plushie from the gift shop on your way out.


Where to stay: A couple of minutes out from the Aquaria is the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur — a premiere hotel with family rooms and babysitting services. There is also a full slew of recreation options within the hotel itself.



Kuala Lumpur is not your average vacation spot. It’s got feels, thrills, and moments of inimitable serenity. Treat your family to the vacation of a lifetime in this Global City. It’s an experience like no other.

4 hotels in Bangkok that make for a dreamy wedding venue




Everyone is guilty of daydreaming of their future wedding. It doesn’t matter if you are merely daydreaming or already engaged. No matter the reason that you are here, we have listed a couple of popular wedding venues in Bangkok that will surely take your breath away. So, take your time as you go through this list and imagine your perfect wedding alongside your special someone.


1)            Shanghai Mansion         

Right in the middle of the mess and chaos that is Chinatown, is the grand and intricately designed Shanghai Mansion, which makes for a unique wedding venue in Bangkok. You can have a 1930s Shanghai theme, complete with bright red Chinese lanterns, small pillows covered with red silk, with matching antique furniture. They have windows decorates with colorful stained glass, imagine how that will shine as the sun sets!


2)            The Sukhothai     

If you haven’t heard already, let me be the first one to tell you that they have a central garden with a lotus pond. The Sukhothai is not just a hotel known for its luxurious rooms, they are also quite popular for their resort-like premises that are perfect for wedding ceremonies. If you decide to hold your special day here, make sure that you book in advance since the Sukhothai is one of the most famous wedding places in Bangkok.


3)            Siam Kempinski Hotel    

If you are thinking of having a big wedding or are inviting some 1200 guests, the grand halls of Siam Kempinski might be the perfect one for you. This five-star hotel will surely have everything that you want for your wedding. It boasts of facilities that makes it look more like an outdoor resort instead of a hotel located in the middle of Bangkok. They also have interconnected swimming pools and a number of gardens that would be perfect for photos.


4)            The Peninsula Bangkok    

For those thinking of having a relatively small wedding with only around 400-450 guests, this hotel by the Chao Phraya River might capture your heart. Oh, I can imagine all the picture perfect moments! With their enormous ballroom and facilities such as rooftop bar and dining options, it is not surprising that The Peninsula is the popular choice among Thailand’s VIPs.


Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days of your life. It only deserves the best and most perfect location to make it all come to life. With this list, start considering all details and start planning for your dream wedding.

Factors to be considered when visiting Malaysia

When planning to go for a vacation, there are some things one should consider. This is meant to make your trip more memorable and also enacted within the stipulated budget.

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

Travel plan 

A travel plan is crucial for anyone going on a safari or a vacation. By putting in place a travel plan you will be able to accomplish all you had planned to do on time. This is also meant to guide on where to go and how best you can use your time when in your vacation. Apart from all that travel guide also help you decide what to do away with when you have limited time at your tour.


Budget is very essential to every person planning to go for a vacation. The budget will guide you on how to spend your cash and how best you can minimize your expenditure while in your tour. This mainly demands self-discipline to avoid overspending. Some persons do not follow their budget they had earlier put in place thus ending up over spending.


For those people planning to visit Malaysia soon there is an extensive range of hotels across the region; thus, one can easily get accommodation. There is a wide variety of motels that can accommodate a wide range of customers so, depending on your budget you will be able to get excellent accommodation. This hotel in Kota Bharu provides online reservation services to their clients. One can simply make a booking before living the country.


High Season vs. Low Season 
After coming up with your destination, in this case, its Malaysia, you should consider the month you are planning to visit there. Most of the tourist attraction sites always have low and high seasons because of a number of things. During low seasons, the rates being charged tend to be economical than during high season. This is one of the ways of cutting cost without compromising the fun. During low season motels tend to offer high quality service because of the low traffic.

Early Booking Bonuses 
In cases where someone use flight to reach his destination advance booking can be a great deal to him. It will not only save you last minute rash but also will save you some cash. Most of the airline offer bonuses to those clients who make early bookings. Apart from that, you will also have many options on where to sit; thus, you can choose the best place without incurring any added cost on it. Doing advance booking reduce cases of missing flights going to certain destinations too.

Interest and hobbies 
When coming up with the best place to visit consider your interest and hobbies. By doing so, the trip will be more enjoyable since you will be able to do what you like in a unique manner. Apart from that, you will also be able to learn a lot about what you like most thus benefiting you mentally. Apart from that, you will also be able to interact with other like-minded people upon your arrival.


Travel Tips for Big Cities near Port Dickson

Anyone travelling outside of their home country should understand some basic safety tips to avoid becoming the victim of a crime. There are a variety of crimes that can happen around the world even in the most beautiful locations, but if you use common sense and basic safety protocols, there shouldn’t be a problem in your travels.

If you’re travelling to a beautiful location like the peaceful shores of Port Dickson, you’ll most likely have to travel through large cities like Kuala Lumpur. It’s important that you understand ways to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

Avoiding Opportunistic Thieves

stop-scams-mainMake sure you’re taking extra precautions and are aware of your surroundings at all times. This will help you avoid being the victim of a pickpocket or worse. Keep your wallet in an inside pocket to avoid losing money and credit cards to thieves who can easily bump into you and steal your wallet. If you carry a purse, make sure it’s always zipped and kept close to your body. Never wear it on the shoulder that is closest to the street. It would be easy for someone to ride past on a bike or moped and steal it directly from your shoulder.

Taxi Scams

door-to-door-schemes-white-van-speaker-scam (1)Unfortunately, many large cities have people who will prey on tourists. You’ll want to make sure you’re travelling by using the most affordable option during your vacation, but budget taxis are often where the worst scams are. Make sure your taxi driver turns on the meter to ensure you’re able to see exactly how much the ride costs. Even with the meter on, some drivers will take convoluted routes to get to the destination to increase the fare. Be knowledgeable about your route. Consider a GPS tracker or taxi app on your phone to help. There are taxi counters inside the airport that are able to provide coupons and dependable rides too.

Donation Seekers


In the busiest places of the city that is packed with tourists, you might see monks wearing robes asking for donations. Unfortunately, these monks are often fake. They claim to be collecting money for a charity like an orphanage, and they’ll often have books full of pictures to sell the scam. They can be persistent and slightly aggressive by pushing prayer medallions and cards into tourist’s hands. It’s best to politely decline their requests and walk away.

Children Selling Flowers



There are a lot of children selling items in these cities. Often, small girls are used to sell flowers to tourists who will feel bad for them. They aren’t aggressive, but they will plead and beg for tourists to buy a flower. Usually a caretaker will be nearby to take the money and give them more flowers to sell. It’s best not to be taken in by this tactic. Just politely tell them no when you are approached.

It’s important that you keep yourself safe while travelling, and avoid scams that could cause you to lose your money before you can get to your beautiful resort in Port Dickson.

Staying in The Penang Area


There are a lot of great places to go once you make your way to Penang for the first time, but you need to make sure you get to find a comfortable hotel that will meet all your needs. You are going to have a good time in the city because of the way that the city is laid out, and the hotel can be this colonial palace that you are going to love. There are modern hotels in the city that you will love, and you can venture outside the city when it is time for you to have a look at some new places to go.


You can choose your Penang accommodation, be it new or old one, depending on what you want to do the most, and you have to make sure that you have chosen the one that you think is going to be the most exciting. Most people who are going to these hotels will use them as their base for the trip, and they are very comfortable because they were made for western travelers coming over from Europe.


The hotels that you pick will have nice places to eat and drink that you will enjoy at the end of the day, or you can use these places to have a nice way of getting comfortable in the city if you do not want to venture out too far. That is a very big deal for you as a traveller, or it can just be the place where you crash when you get back to the hotel. The choice is yours because some of these hotels can keep you occupied for days, but you might want to try out the city.

You need to remember that there was a time when the Mongols and Chinese were taking over the continent, and there has been a settlement there for thousands of years. You can take tours through parts of the city that are so good looking that you will be astonished by what you see. The tours will teach all about the history of the area, and you will be able to come away with an understanding of the area that goes far beyond anything that you could have imagined doing on your own.

download (2)

You also need to make sure that you have taken some time to try all the food in the area. There is a lot to try because the area has so much local cuisine, and you will never even have to leave the city to keep having adventures. There are a lot of people who are going to love the way that they are going to get to try new foods, and you might even try things that you will never see again. The beginning if the curry, but the end is all the other things that you can try.

Come out to Penang to see what the city has to offer you, and you will love the way it feels to try a new culture and a new cuisine.


Best Beach Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Some of these are open to the public while others are on the property of hotels and resorts. Malaysia has many islands on both of its coasts, providing a wide diversity of beaches. When visiting this amazing country, you should make it a point to visit at least a few of these incomparable beach destinations.



Borneo has the distinction of being shared by three nations -Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It’s an especially appealing destination for divers and people who are interested in wildlife. Similajau National Park is a large nature preserve that is full of diverse animals and plants. The park also has two popular beaches, Golden Beach and Turtle Beach. Visitors to Borneo will also want to visit Kota Kinabalu, capital of Malaysia’s state of Sabah. This region has several islands with magnificent beaches. When staying at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu you might want to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which is ideal for swimming and diving.




Langkawi is one of the most popular islands on Malaysia’s west coast. It has a variety of hotels and resorts. It’s also a duty free island, making it an attractive shopping destination. Another benefit of visiting this area is that you can come any time of year. Unlike many other locations, hotels don’t close for monsoon season. In addition to enjoying time on the beach and participating in your favorite water sports, you might enjoy taking a cable car up the island’s tallest mountain.



Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, located off the coast of Perak, is a convenient destination if you are in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for a weekend getaway to the beach. The island has several resorts and a number of beaches, including Coral Beach, Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah. Beaches on this island tend to be quieter than many others in Malaysia. The island also has several picturesque fishing villages that you can visit.




Redang is one of the most beautiful islands on Malaysia’s east coast, renowned for its blue waters and coral reefs. This island is famous for its sea turtles; there is even a beach on the northern side of the island called Turtle Beach. Because of its clear water, Redang is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Diving spots such as Tanjung Tokong are among the most popular in the nation. You can also take boat and ferry rides around the island.



Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman, or Tioman Island, is on the east coast of Malaysia and close to Singapore, part of a protected marine park region. Because of its tropical beauty, this island was the set for the famous `959 movie South Pacific. Two of the most popular beaches on Pulau Tioman are Paya Beach and Panuba Beach. The island has several diving companies and is one of Malaysia’s favorite destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling.



Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are located close to Redang, but offer travelers a quieter and less expensive option. There are two main islands, Kecil and Besar, which translate, respectively to small and big. If you prefer staying in a cozy hut right on the beach rather than a fancy hotel, this is the place to come. Both Kecil and Besar offer many options for diving and snorkeling.


Malaysia has an abundance of islands and beaches. If you visit this unique Southeast Asian country, you should try to visit some of the beaches on both the east and west coasts. Whether you want to dive, relax on the beach or see some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, Malaysia has a great deal to offer.

Travel Tips To Malaysia


Of all the countries in Asia you can visit, only a few can compete with the wonders of Malaysia. Boasting a rich and multifaceted culture, a diverse number of animal species, fantastical landscapes, and luxury hotels and shopping centers in every corner, Malaysia’s booming tourism industry comes as no surprise. If you’re off to the country soon, here are travel tips to keep in mind that will come in handy whether you’re looking for cheap hotels or finding the next big tourist attraction.


Saving Money

There are several ways to save some Malaysian Ringgit during your travel. For starters, when riding a cab, make sure the meter is switched on otherwise the driver is free to charge you with any amount they want. And sure enough, they’ll charge you more than what the actual fare costs. Another way to save is by staying at cheap hotels. If you are visiting for no more than a week, cheap accommodation is better than luxury hotels since you’ll likely be out visiting landmarks most of the day.



What Not To Miss Out

If you haven’t booked any Malaysia hotels, try to find one near Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian capital harbors a number of historic and modern landmarks including the Petronas Twin Towers, Perhentian Islands, Mount Kinabalu National Park, and Sarawak Cultural Village. Regardless if you’re an adrenaline junkie or a city dweller, there is something for everyone in Malaysia. And thanks to the current public transportation infrastructure, it is easy to get around these must-see places.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Twin Towers
Mount Kinabalu National Park

Minimize Stress By Preparing Requirements

While there are standard requirements for every domestic and foreign traveler, some countries enforce additional requirements that should be researched and prepared for. Gaining entry to Malaysia requires visitors to have a valid passport and travel documents that should not expire within at least 6 months beyond the intended period of visit. Every visitor must also fill up a Disembarkation Card, also known as IMM. 26. This will be required by an immigration officer upon your arrival.

Disembarkation Card

Know The Cultural Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t be that tourist who makes a fool of himself/herself by doing even the most basic don’ts. For example, being a Muslim country, drinking is frowned upon in Malaysia. If you need to drink a couple of shots to calm the nerves, make sure to do so privately. There may also be unspoken dress codes when entering mosques and temples. Shoes must also be taken off when entering a local’s house as this could be perceived as a cultural offense.




Know Where To Ask For Help

If you lose your way, need to ask a question, or feel that you are in danger, find a tourist police officer. You can recognize them by their dark blue shirts and trousers, striped hat bands, and a prominent badge on their breast pocket bearing the letter “I”. There are also apps you can download on your smartphone that will give a more comprehensive map of Malaysia including where to go and how to get there.