Traveling To Malaysia With Your Kids? Stay Calm And Read These 5 Essential Tips


Having fun traveling with kids is every parent’s dream. However, it’s challenging and requires patience as well as mental and physical strength. If you are feeling excited and at the same time nervous about bringing your kids with you, maybe these 5 tips can help you:

  1. Plan A Kid-friendly Itinerary First, do some research on places to stay and activities that suit your children. Think of what you like to do if you want to spend time with them. For example, if you enjoy a splashing pleasure and love swimming together, a water park with water slides and swimming pool is the best place to go. The great thing is, finding the best water theme park resort in Malaysia is not so hard. Plus, Malaysia is a hot country so this is definitely a great idea.


  1. Organize Essentials Earlier When you already know where to go, now is the time to book for tickets. Also, don’t forget to plan for transportation, get a hotel reservation, and make a list of some places on where to eat. Make sure that all the requirements for your kids are available during the vacation. For example, if they are still wearing a nappy, make sure you bring enough nappies with you. Medicine is also necessary if an emergency occurs. A camera is a must as you surely want to record the memories. Another important thing is that you have to know if you can carry your bag during the trip, so be organized and don’t pack too many bags. You want the experience as smooth as possible without worrying about your bags all the time.


  1. Bring Tricks and Fun Packs Children get bored quickly especially when they have to sit still in a car or public transport for hours. During this time, you need to fill their time with fun activities to make sure they stay calm. Some tricks are also useful to reset their focus. Think of things that are not so big and easy to handle such as small toys, stickers, books, origami papers, coloring books, and even some snacks.


  1. Be Practical and Flexible Filling in too many activities into your itinerary is not a practical idea as you will end up rushing and exhausted. Be realistic and focus more on quality over quantity. Planning is easier than practice. In other words, making sure that everything is going as planned is not that easy, especially when you have never been to Malaysia. Bear in mind that your plan can sometimes be out of schedule and when it happens, don’t panic. Be flexible and just go with the flow.


  1. Get Ready for Any Consequences Bringing kids with you while traveling will definitely test your patience. Sometimes they become cranky because of the hot weather or they are not getting enough sleep. Sometimes they want something and when they don’t get it, they become upset and the drama begins. Think of anything that can possibly occur and when it happens, make sure you know how to overcome the issue.


You can do it! Nothing beats having a great traveling adventure with your little ones. Your family vacation will definitely be the most memorable trip ever with proper planning.

Planning a Family Vacation to Malaysia? Here are 5 Quick and Fun Ideas

Planning a Family Vacation to Malaysia

Family trips are such delightful times everyone looks forward to, and if you are planning to tag along the kids to a vacation to Malaysia, then this should mean double the fun and adventure for both adults and the kids of course.

Organizing the itinerary will not be as hard though as there are a lot of family-friendly activities and places that can be visited in Malaysia. Here are 5 fun ideas families and travelers can try:

  1. See the Petronas Towers A trip to Malaysia will not be complete without seeing the marvelous view of the Petronas Twin Towers, especially during the night when the skyscrapers’ lights become the biggest attraction of the Kuala Lumpur cityscape. While both towers are primarily office locations of famous companies, found inside these skyscrapers are some tourist destinations such as the upscale retail market Suria KLCC, the KLCC Park which has a children’s playground, and the Skybridge connecting the two towers which is also open to visitors.

Petronas Towers


  1. Visit Nickelodeon theme park Located in Sunway Resort, this is the first Nickelodeon theme park which opened in Asia. The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon set in a lush tropical rainforest has several attractions which the kids (and kids at heart as well) will certainly enjoy. Its biggest attraction is the SpongeBob Splash Adventure wherein the whole family can enjoy a whole day of water fun with SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottom Gang! Other fun-filled attractions for adults and kids include the Monsoon 360 which is a vertical free fall when the trap door below thrillingly opens, Jungle Fury which lets you enjoy the twists and turns in each other’s company in a giant inflatable ring, and Kubarango which gives a thrill from a steep drop and slide into the water. A whole day inside the park is seemingly not enough for other activities such the Nickelodeon Characters Meet and Greet, Parades, Character Appearances, and Shopping for your favorite merchandise products in the Nickelodeon themed boutiques and food shops.

Nickelodeon theme park


  1. Take them to child-friendly learning centers Who says learning can’t be fun and enjoyable? Kids will have a great time exploring and discovering new things at various learning centers in Malaysia such as the Ilham Gallery Art Tour for Tots for artsy kids, Wonderfood Museum Penang for foodies, Habitat in Penang Hill for nature lovers, Upside Down Museum in Penang, Funtasy House Trick Art, and Ho Yan Hor Museum in Perak.


  1. Have fun at the beach Kids would really love a family bonding time at the beach, with many hotels located along the coastlines of the peninsular Malaysia, families will enjoy swimming in the beaches, relax with the view of the setting sun and extend the water adventure in the outdoor pools.


  1. Go food-tripping Malaysia is also known as one of the Asian countries which have an authentic and delicious cuisine. From the famous Nasi Lemak and Rendang to the classic Laksa, you and your family will definitely have a vacation to remember because of the exotic Malaysian dishes and treats that you can all try.

food-tripping Malaysia


Family fun and bonding in Malaysia is not a thing to worry about, and for those planning a wonderful family vacay soon should definitely try these activities!

5 Amazing Water Theme Parks in Malaysia that Your Family Will Love


When school holiday hits, step away from the mind-numbing digital weekend and treat your kids to a sunny getaway in Malaysia. With a medley of family-friendly attractions to visit in this tropical destination, chasing a burst of sunshine in Malaysia’s water theme parks is a must-do. So, pack your swimwear and slap some sunscreen because the best water theme park in Malaysia is waiting for you and your family.


  1. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Ask any of the folks in Subang Jaya about their favorite childhood memory and you’re likely to hear them say, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Perched in the populous area of Subang Jaya, a ticket to this water theme park guarantees hour-long fun and excitement. With sunny skies above you, take a plunge into the rapid waters of Vuvuzela and practice your surfing moves at the famous Surf Beach. Remember to get your kids to hang out at the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon for the Spongebob Splash Adventure.

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


  1. Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park The best way to celebrate Malaysia’s tropical climate is by spending your afternoon at the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park. An up-and-coming family attraction in Johor Bahru, stick to the rules of splash and slide when you and your family step foot into this vibrant water theme park. Coupled with laid-back and family-friendly vibes, start by making your way down the amazing SuperSurf and Uphill Battle giant slides. Before the day ends, relax and embrace the rippling waves in the Austin Wave Pool.

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park


  1. Wet World Water Park Shah Alam For a thrilling water adventure in the heart of Shah Alam, make your way to Wet World Water Park for some smiles and sunshine like the rest of the locals do. Brimming with vibrant rides and attractions, follow the crowd to the Monsoon Buster and Caribbean River for a great time in the water slides. Then, take the kids to the Kiddy Typhoon Lagoon and Island of Treasures to see them beaming with laughter.

Wet World Water Park Shah Alam


  1. A’Famosa Water Theme Park Dubbed as the largest water theme park in Malaysia, prepare to spend the entire afternoon at the A’Famosa Water Theme Park. Located in the heritage city of Malacca, start off with a chill introduction at the Wave Pool before moving on to adrenaline-fueled Family Raft Ride. Perfect for your thrill-seeking family, take on the seven-storey High Speed Slides and challenge each other to the obstacle-styled Aqua Challenge.

A’Famosa Water Theme Park


  1. Legoland Water Theme Park Apart from reliving your sweet childhood memories, LEGOLAND Water Theme Park is where the kids and beach bums go when they’re in Johor Bahru. Surrounded by colorful blocks of LEGO-themed structures, strap on your swimwear and head first to the Brick Blaster tunnels. Continue by creating your family raft at Build-A-Raft, sliding down the Joker Soaker, and splashing away at the DUPLO Splash Safari.

Legoland Water Theme Park


If you’re planning a memorable family getaway in Malaysia, score brownie points from your wife and kids when you surprise them with an afternoon in the local water theme park. Whether you have Sunway Lagoon Theme Park or Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park in mind, a trip to any water park in Malaysia will put a smile on your family’s faces.

6 Creative And Affordable Ways To Spend Your Vacation In Port Dickson


Planning to go to Port Dickson? Although the coastal town is small, it has its own charms and amazing tourist attractions at a fraction of the cost. Find out the six creative, fun and affordable ways you can spend your vacation in Port Dickson:Port-Dickson-beach_large

  1. Let your imagination run wild Let your imagination run wild at the Alive 3D Art Gallery located in Dataran Segar. The gallery is filled with plenty of 3D or isometric paintings and art murals in various themes. You can do different sorts of poses depending on the painting or mural, and simply have fun with your family while snapping silly photos.
  2. Attract good luck If you’re the superstitious kind, bring good luck to your life by rubbing the shells of turtles at the Yun Loon/Wan Loong Chinese Temple located at the coastal road in Port Dickson. Similarly, you can also sponsor baby turtles at the temple for long-term good fortune. While you’re there, you can marvel at the temple’s majestic wall and ornamented architectural work.
  3. Have a taste of ostrich eggs If you’re an adventurous foodie, try eating ostrich eggs at several ostrich farms in Port Dickson, such as PD Ostrich Show Farm in Jalan Kemang or Jelita Ostrich Farm in Jalan Pantai. If you’re feeling creative, you can buy the eggs and cook them in various different cooking styles.
  4. Experience ‘riding’ military vehicles For history buffs, you can experiencing ‘riding’ military vehicles such as tank, armored helicopter or cars at the Army Museum in Kem Si Rusa. You can also go through the tunnels (replicated) during the war.
  5. Paint at Cape Rachado Lighthouse If you’re feeling artistic, bring your painting gear and go painting at the Cape Rachado Lighthouse at the outskirts of Port Dickson. The scenic ocean view or even the towering lighthouse serve as the perfect backdrop.
  6. Catch seafood by the sea and cook your own Since Port Dickson is the popular destination for people who love to barbecue by the beach, you can catch your own seafood and prep them for barbecue. You’ll need to rent a chalet that allows for barbecuing (some chalets have all the facilities and equipment needed for a BBQ party). Experience chalet in Port Dickson that allows for barbecue by the beach.The Avillion Port Dickson was modelled to evoke the feel of a Malay fishing village and that homeliness coupled with modern facilities is what keeps guests coming back.

If you want to do a lot of sightseeing or an outdoor barbecue party by the beach, make sure you visit Port Dickson during non-Monsoon season. The rain can be pretty heavy and it might make it harder for you to enjoy your stay in the town.

Traveling on a Tight Budget – 6 Ways to Cut Back on Travel Expenses This 2017

Everyone wants to travel, but very few want to spend for it. Because making your way to and through a new destination can be heavy on the pocket, lots of people skip out on the chance to see and experience new sights and sounds. According to recent statistics, an estimated 25 million people travel through Malaysia on a yearly basis. However, not all of these travelers are able to maximize their money’s worth. If you’re looking for ways to travel on a tight budget, this short list of helpful tips should help you save up.


  1. Plan Ahead – There is never any way to anticipate problems that might occur during your travel and often, these can cause travelers to spend more. Be sure to plan ahead to prepare yourself well enough for any roadblocks and prevent spending on unnecessary expenses like food and accommodations. For instance, if you plan to travel through Malaysia by train, it’s important that you check the KTM timetable online before you head out so you know exactly how much you should have in your pockets while waiting for your ride.


  1. Book in Advance – Hotel rates and airfares are a lot more affordable if you book them in advance. If you’re sure of the dates for your travel, book ahead and make reservations for both accommodations and flights to take advantage of cheaper travel costs.


  1. Use a Credit Card – If you have a credit card that offers travel rewards, try to purchase all the necessities for your trip with that specific card. This will earn you more points and grant you more rewards that you can claim later on. Some credit cards, when used for plane tickets and hotel reservations, also offer coverage for delays and problems you might experience with your flight or hotel.


  1. Schedule Your Trip – Off season travel is often much less expensive as hotels, travel companies, and even tourist attractions lower their rates to attract more customers. Know when your destination is off-season in terms of tourism and try to clear out your schedule for then.


  1. Rent a Car – Instead of taking taxis to all the different locations you plan to visit, consider renting a car in the first city you arrive at. This will make it easier for you to travel at your own pace, and will prevent any opportunistic taxi drivers from taking advantage of your lack of commute cost knowledge.


  1. Get a Guide – Often, different countries have tour guides that will gladly offer you their services for free just so they can practice their English speaking skills. Consider getting a local to help you navigate so you don’t end up overspending on attractions and souvenirs that might not maximize your budget.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Be sure to remember these 6 easy and simple tips to help you make your way through your chosen destination without having to break the bank.

5 Fun And Meaningful Ways You Can Spend Valentine’s With Your Family

Valentine's With Your Family

Forget about giving out chocolates and expensive gifts. A Valentine’s Day with your family is all about showing how much you truly love, care and enjoy their company by spending a quality time together to further bond with them (and even mend your relationships). Find out how you can spend the day with your family in fun and meaningful ways:


  1. Bake together

Baking with your kids can be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Besides teaching them one of the most fundamental life skills, it’s also a good time for you to have a long conversation with your kids and get to know them a little bit better (especially when you and your spouse are busy working parents). Bake hearty treats for the family, or give some to the neighbors or anyone else. Choose a recipe based on your children’s age, and bake it all in heart shape.


  1. Visit a nursing home or shelter

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a loving family or a good life. Teach your children gratitude and show them what life’s like for the less fortunate people. You and your spouse can take the kids (preferably those age 10 and over) to a nearby nursing home or shelter and devote some time to volunteer. If you’re visiting an animal shelter, make sure no one in your family is allergic to the animals.

Visit a nursing home or shelter


  1. Have a Valentine-themed movie marathon

For those who prefer to relax and stay in, you can enjoy a Valentine-themed movie marathon with your family. Prepare some yummy snacks like popcorn or other finger foods and a selection of love-themed movies by Disney, such as Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, Shrek, Brave, Frozen, or Tangled. After the marathon, you could have a heart to heart talk with your kids about relevant topics like the meaning of love.


  1. Have an engaging game night

Another way to spend the day at home is to enjoy an engaging game night. Get everyone to hand in their phones and avoid tech altogether. Choose a few games, board games or card games that your family would want to play together. Some of the most recommended games for families include Scrabble, Monopoly, Blockbusters, Cluedo, Jenga, Twister, Life, Mastermind, Forbidden Island, Pandemic, Risk, and Uno.


  1. Embark on a fun adventure

Take your family on a fun adventure and go travel! Even if you’re on a budget, you can still spend a fun and meaningful Valentine’s with your family away from home. Go to a water park in Malaysia or have a short vacation at a hotel with swimming pools, entertainment, and playground for kids and adults. This way, you and your family get to spend a quality time together and form a closer bond. Kuala Lumpur has a wide selection of amazing water parks and indoor parks catering to families.



Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, not only between couples, but also families and friends. Take some time off, forget about work and dedicate the special day only to your family. Do any of the recommended activities and spend a quality time with your loved ones. The meaningful moments you have together will forever etched in their hearts and minds, and they’ll remember you as a caring and loving parent.

Top 8 Benefits Of Visiting A Theme Park For Kids And Adults


Theme Park For Kids And Adults

If you think visiting a theme park only benefits children, you’re wrong. According to many clinical psychologists, spending a good amount of time at a theme park could actually improve your physical and mental health, regardless if you’re a fully grown adult or a child. Whether it’s an outdoor, indoor, water, or dry theme park, these are the eight greatest benefits of visiting a theme park for both children and adult:
1. It Boosts Confidence to Socialize Those who are going to a theme park with colleagues or a group of friends could overcome their shyness and easily break the ice in a chill environment. The casual atmosphere basically makes it easy for you to strike up a conversation.
2. It Creates Positive Bonding Moments With Loved Ones If you’re going with your loved ones, spending the time together at a theme park fosters bonding in a positive way. You get to share quality time and create amazing memories together. It’ll also give you something to talk about during your future family gatherings.
3. It Helps You or Your Loved Ones Overcome Fear If you’ve always been afraid of things like height or water, a theme park provides fantastic opportunities for you to overcome your greatest fears through its many attractions. Plus, with your loved ones there, they get to motivate you to overcome your fear (or vice versa). You’ll definitely feel great about yourself once you’ve tried that crazy roller coaster!
4. It Promotes Solid Muscle Toning In a way, you’ll be doing a casual workout while you’re at a theme park since you’ll be doing lots of walking and running around (or swimming if it’s a water theme park) from an attraction to the next. You might also go on a few rides with high intensity (i.e. panic plunge-type of ride where your muscles tighten up), so this provides for a solid muscle toning. Spending some time at a theme park equals to working out at the gym.
5. It Provides Adrenaline Rush Thrilling rides like roller coasters give you a good dose of adrenaline rush. The feeling you have is equal to the natural high you often get from engaging in strenuous physical exercises.
6. It Improves Your Mood Because of the adrenaline rush, you and your loved ones are left feeling happier and more excited. Due to the release of endorphin, this makes you a lot more energetic and increases your level of alertness. This also helps you to forget about your everyday problems.
7. It Relieves Stress Riding intense and thrilling rides can be stress relieving, since you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs, in addition to the adrenaline rush felt during and after the ride.
8. It Burns Calories Since you’re doing a lot of moving around, whether you’re walking or swimming, there’s a high chance of calories being burnt. A study by Thrill Laboratory found that certain theme park rides could help you burn between 40 to 70 calories.
This holiday season, visit a water theme park in Malaysia and have a great time playing at the theme park. Your mind and body might just benefit from it. Be a little more adventurous, like riding a heart-stopping roller coaster, or going inside a horror house. Such activities will boost your adrenaline and build stronger bonds with your loved ones, in addition to making you feel young again.

Good Moment

5 Tips To Live By To Survive Working In The Bustling Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, like many international big cities,  is a bustling yet exciting place. The bright lights and seemingly endless activities may excite some people who come to live here for the first time. However, Kuala Lumpur can also be a challenging place to live in, mainly because of the large population.

This is why it’s important to follow certain principles to ensure that you live a safe and fulfilling life in this big city, as well as to avoid untoward incidences. Here’s how you can do it:


1.Get Street Smart

Being street smart doesn’t literally mean knowing the streets of KL, but rather having the wisdom to know how to manage the various difficulties and dangers in an urban environment. This means knowing who to trust and how to protect yourself from any risky situations. There are literally tons of cases where KL-ites get scammed of their money, or lured into illegal activities. So being street smart means you have to shed your naivete and embrace maturity in making decisions.


2.Make Friends

The best way to survive working in Kuala Lumpur is to have an emotional and mental  support system. This is even more important if KL isn’t you hometown and you have no family members around. Good friends are an effective way to deal with stress and other challenges, as well as to seek alternative advice on certain issues.


  1. Control Your Spending

The big city of KL is a shopping haven, and you’ll find everything from luxury brands to bootleg items on sale. However strong the temptation is for you to buy everything you want,financial experts always advise prudence. This means that you have to plan your budget and to live within your means. It also involves avoiding debts and saving for retirement and emergencies.

To planning your route, you must ready to improvise and listen to people?s recommendations. Try not to treat the route of your trip as a high score, you don?t get points for how many different locations you visit.

  1. Plan Your Trips

KL is notorious for its traffic congestion, which is why many people choose to take public transport to get around. There are plenty of public transport option in KL, including taxis, ride sharing, buses and trains.  The train system is relatively easy to understand, and getting a map of it will be very helpful for you to plan your journeys ahead, as well as learn the operation times. For example, you can check the KTM schedule ahead of time online.


  1. Get Out of the City Occasionally

Often times, the hectic pace of living and working in KL can really get to you. Therefore, occasional breaks out of the city are necessary to rest and rejuvenate. Take holidays in quieter destinations, where time isn’t always nipping at your heels, and where you can move at a slower pace.

Kuala Lumpur is an awesome place to work and live in, with so many experiences to try out each and every day. Approach life here with confidence, and you’ll definitely  find the city life uplifting and fulfilling. Take note of these practical tips to be ready for whatever challenge KL throws at you.

5 Most Romantic Places to Spend Your Honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur

Romantic Places to Spend Your Honeymoon

Just married? Asia is one big heaven for newlyweds as it boasts some of the best beaches in the world. If you’re looking for a city that both offers a tradition-rich aura and modern feel, Kuala Lumpur is the place to go.

Located in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is famous for its towering infrastructures and expanding skyline, but somewhere in the city lies a few getaways perfect for honeymooners. Take note of these destinations if you’re about to book a romantic hotel in Kuala Lumpur or you want to find the best place to go with your special someone.


Mandara Spa

  • Mandara Spa Is there anything better than having some quiet time with your spouse after the big day? Nothing beats the feeling of being pampered with an aromatherapy massage at the Mandara Spa in one of the romantic hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The couple escapade package, which comes with almost an hour massage session, two-day and one-night accommodation, and buffet breakfast is specially created for lovebirds like you.


Troika Sky Dining

  • Troika Sky Dining Just looking at the entire beauty of Kuala Lumpur will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your trip will be more memorable as you both try sky dining. Enjoying the stunning view of the city while you share great food will make your honeymoon more special. There’s no wondering why it’s dubbed as one of the perfect locations for romantic dining.


Heli Lounge Bar

  • Heli Lounge Bar Ever wondered what it’s like to view the sunset while you’re at the helipad? There is nothing like this kind of moment as you can peacefully observe the city while spending your precious hours with your spouse. Just buy a drink to access the helipad and you’re good to go.


Café Café A French

  • Café Café A French restaurant situated in Jalan Maharajalela, this place is your go-to place especially if both of you simply love to eat and try new dishes. This hangout offers not just good food but also a peaceful environment that invites good vibes. Try their signature dish, the best foie gras. The fine dining experience is already romantic in itself.


La Risata

  • La Risata If you feel like indulging over pasta and lamb shank, this Italian restaurant in Persiaran Ampang is a must-visit. Your sweetheart will fall in love with the food, like the hearty cream of mushroom soup and Spaghetti La Risata.


With a lot of new things to see and activities to do in Kuala Lumpur, these are just some of the destinations. Remember that Kuala Lumpur has a lot more to offer and those destinations are waiting for you to explore.  Have you included these places in your Kuala Lumpur trip? Take note that these places or use this list for future reference

6 Absolute Foodtrips in Kota Kinabalu. A Foodie’s Haven.

tanjung-aru-beach-752x440One of the main reasons Kota Kinabalu is a favorite destination among travelers is its food culture. The city has a diverse selection of restaurants that offer both local and international delicacies. Hopping from one food stall to another in the city is in itself an adventure.

To get the most out of your adventure, below are some of the places and restaurants that you should visit if you truly want to experience the city’s burgeoning food scene.


1) Tanjung Aru – This is a stretch of beach along the West Coast. Lining the beach are numerous food stalls, cafes, and restaurants selling everything from Malaysian street food to international cuisine like Chinese noodles. There is a popular section at the beach called the hawker court where you can gorge on seafood snacks, grilled chicken wings, and satay (the Malaysian version of skewered and grilled meat).


6711978993_4ddd312f9b2) Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant – If you are craving for seafood fare, this is the perfect place to visit. It offers a selection of Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai dishes. Their main ingredients for a lot of the dishes include crab, fish, squid, and shark fins. You should try their delicious Hokkien Mee.


3) Chilli Vanilla – If you want a taste of European and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, you will surely get your fill in this cafe. Their menu includes salads, spicy duck tortillas, chicken roulade, and bakony grilled fish.


el-centro-kk4) El Centro – A favorite among eaters and drinkers, El Centro is a cozy establishment offering a nice selection of salads, fries, pizza, tacos, sausages, and mash. And if you want to top off your meal with a nice drink, you can choose from their list of beer, wine, cocktails, margaritas, and martinis. It’s also a great place to meet new people since the atmosphere is very homely and friendly.


5) Little Italy – Are you craving for Italian food? Then Little Italy is for you. Just a short walk away from Suriah Sabah, Little Italy has the best pizza and spaghetti in town. They also serve appetizers, soups, salads, and Italian bread.


100_15296) Kedai Kopi Yee Fung – A favorite dining place among locals, this cafe is well-known for its curry laksa. This is a delicacy featuring thin noodles, flavored soup, boiled prawns, and shredded chicken meat.



Don’t miss these places if you are in town. They serve some of the best dishes and delicacies in the city. For easier access to these restaurants, you should book a hotel in Kota Kinabalu that’s near the city center. Some of these restaurants are within walking distance as long as you are booked within the city center.