You’re Not Cycling Right (Yet): The 6 Pieces of Advice Pro Cyclists Say You Should Know


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Cycling can be made a better activity done by a person through more practice, and every time you turn the pedals, your riding experience will improve a little. With one well-placed tip or nugget of wisdom, you will be able to achieve something that you would not have learned for years.


Muscle Sores and Fatigue

muscle soreThe best cycling is one that you do not hunch your shoulders, this helps in avoiding muscles sores and fatigue, you can tilt your head every few minutes for the purpose of staving off tight neck muscles. Cycling a road bike requires you to slide rearward or forward on the saddle, this assists in emphasizing different muscle groups, the method is useful when having a long climb since it gives the cyclist’s muscle a rest of the muscles will take over the work. As the cyclist moves forward, and accentuates the quadriceps, moving back will emphasize glutes and hamstrings.


Making Faster Sprints

There are easy ways one can free speed in a sprint, first the upper part of the cyclist has to have minimum movements as possible, in its place, and the back should serve as a fulcrum and the road bikes waying from one side to another beneath. To free speed, keep the shoulders behind the front wheel axle, having too much weight forward will make its hardtop handle causing the rear wheel to skip up into the air. The other method that can be used to free speed is to pull on the bar with a rowing motion that will counter the power of the rider’s leg, this will help transfer the available energy to the pedals instead of transferring the movement into wastage.

Sprint with formal pro-sprinter Marcel Wüst


High Speed Riding

The hand position has to be change periodically, this can be done by grasping the drops for descents or when riding at high speeds, for relaxed cruising, a rider can hold the brake-lever. During long climbs, the top of the bar can be held to sit in an upright position then open the chest to have easier breathing.


Favorable Riding Style

The width of the handlebar has to be equal to that of the shoulder, with a wider bar, the chest will be open for breathing, while a narrow bar give way for more aerodynamic. A rider has to pic a handlebar that will favour his riding style, and therefore, the angle of the bar has to be positioned at the bottom because a flat position will be parallel to the ground, or point slightly towards the rear hub.


Keeping a Clear Vision

It is better to ride while not staring the rear wheel you are following while in a pace line, instead, keep the peripheral vision tab as you look a couple of rides ahead to see what other riders are doing. This makes you as a rider to be prepared in case something happens that will make them veer or change the speed.


Riding in Rainstorm

riding on rain


When there is a rainstorm, you have to be extra cautious the first ten minutes, especially when oil and dust float on the surface of the pavement and they have not yet washed away. Painted road lines or steel surfaces often get slippery when it rains, you should stay treacherous until the road dries up completely.



It is evident that cycling is much enjoyable and a healthy way a person can travel and experience outdoor. If cycling is done vigorously, the heart and the circulatory system will have a workout and some calories will be burnt. New bicycles have been developed, and it can to combine the speed of a road bike together with the ruggedness found in mountain bikes. You can even consider owning a specialized road bike @ if you are passionate about cycling.



Top 4 Signs That It Is Time to Purchase a New Bicycle

Many major brands of bicycles are incredibly durable. They can last for years or decades with maintenance. It is important to understand that all bikes eventually get to a point where they are no longer useful. Holding on to an old or damaged bike is not always safe or smart. Several signs will clearly show that it is finally time to purchase a new bicycle.

The Frame Shows Visible Signs of Damage or Corrosion

You are likely going to have to get a new bike if the frame is showing visible signs of damage or corrosion. The damage could be holes, gashes or even entire areas that seem to have worn down to nothing. Corrosion can appear on frames because of the underlying material, rusted bolts or other items mounted to the surface. A large amount of corrosion is never a good sign especially on the forks. If your frame looks damaged or corroded, then get a new bike soon.


Bicycle Parking
The Bike Hanger, Seoul, Korea

The Brakes and Gears Will No Longer Work Properly

Something that can be a sign of major problems with an older bike is when the brakes and gears stop working properly. The brakes might have no stopping power anymore or could be permanently jammed. The gears might not shift correctly or could change randomly. If you have tried to fix these problems but they keep occurring, then there could be fundamental issues with the bicycle itself that cannot be repaired. You should get a new bicycle as soon as possible in order to remain safe while cycling.


The Bike Does Not Fit You Anymore

Many different factors can cause a bike to stop being the right fit for a rider. This can happen over the course of many years. A bike that is the wrong height can potentially be very dangerous. Riding that bike could lead to muscle injuries, serious falls and collisions due to a lack of control. The best course of action is to find a retailer that does bicycle buy and sell online to get money for your current cycle and purchase a new one all at one time. Selling your old bike online will lower the cost of a new one.

You Have Trouble Controlling the Bike

A very serious problem is if you start to consistently have trouble controlling or steering the bike. This can be caused by many things. If all efforts to tune and repair the bike have failed, then you should stop riding it immediately and buy a new model. The loss of control is frequently caused by structural problems such as a weakened frame or bolts that will no longer tighten. You never want to ride an older bike that you cannot accurately control while cycling.

It can be hard to part with a bicycle that has been an integral piece of your life for years. It is still the right thing to do since your safety and the safety of others on the street is at risk. If you notice any of these signs, then it is time to by a brand new bicycle fast.

Cycling Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises you can perform that works your heart and lungs and improves health. If you want to improve as a cyclist, then follow a few guidelines. Cycling is a great way to get in shape while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors. Join a club for serious cyclists and ride in a group. Cycling clubs are a great way to get together with other people who share similar interest.

Cycling Requires Healthy Eating

Nutrition is an important part of any exercise program. You must eat enough calories to give your body energy to ride or exercise. Choose foods that are low in fat but high in nutrition. Foods like lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits will give your body protein, vitamins and minerals. A vitamin supplement is helpful if you feel you are not getting enough supplementation in your diet. It takes a lot of energy to ride a bike for long periods. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy, but do not consume bad carbs such as cakes, cookies and other junk foods.

Cycling Tips

You can prevent fatigue and muscle soreness with good posture while cycling. Learn how to maintain your bike to prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road. Check the air in your tires before every ride. You should also check the cranks, chain and brakes. Wear a helmet that fits snugly but not too tight. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

If you will be cycling all day, then bring a raincoat or sweater for unexpected weather conditions. Cycling during the nighttime requires reflective clothing and lights on your bike. The seat of your bike should be adjusted properly to ensure you do not get too tired before the end of the day. The angle of the seat is an important part of biking comfortably. Choose a bike that fits your body frame perfectly.

Strength Training for Improved Performance

Lifting weights will increase both your upper and lower body strength. This is important because adding muscle to the body will give you more power when cycling. Strength training also improves your fitness level and allows you to ride further and faster. It also plays a huge role in preventing diseases and some forms of cancers. Combining a strength-training program with cycling will help you maintain your ideal body weight.

Cycling Gear

The helmet you choose should fit properly to ensure you have head protection during a fall. There are a number of high-quality bicycle helmets available online. Look for bicycle helmets in Malaysia for the best prices. Your helmet should be snug but not too tight. Look for helmets with adjustable straps or measure your head for the exact size. Take measurements around your head just above the ears for accurate results. Buy a helmet in the exact measurement for a good fit. Cycling is a great way to get into shape while enjoying the outdoors. It is one activity that you can share with your entire family and friends.