Don’t Have Money to Buy a Car? How to Finance Your Second Hand Car Purchase in Singapore

Buying a new car in Singapore can be tough unless you have the financial resource to meet the hefty prices or have a means to pay the close to 50 or 60 percent Loan-To-Value (LTV) charge. For most people, it is not within their financial reach to be able to purchase a new vehicle. It is a dream for many people to have a car to drive to work, for dropping kids to school, or as a means of showing their lifestyle and status. While the cost of buying a new vehicle may knock away many willing buyers, there is an option–that’s, purchasing second hand cars that can meet individual’s budget and travel needs.


Why consider purchasing a used car

Used cars are cheaper to buy, have lower depreciation than new ones, and are immediately accessible and not like the Certificates of Entitlement (CoE) bidding process unless you are purchasing the vehicle with an open category Certificates of Entitlement.


Financing your used car

While you may want to own a new or used car, one thing that will haunt your mind is how you are going to finance it. Many people who plan to own cars do not even know where they will get the finances. If you have a stable job or business and have worked for a couple of years making substantial savings, you might be lucky to have build yourself a financial kit to purchase a car from a car mart in SG.

However, with the financial challenges affecting many people in Singapore, it is not easy to save money. A drained bank account will not be relied upon for the purchase of a vehicle. In addition, even if you have some cash in the account, you do not want to use it all. You should have a substantial amount that can take you for months should the unexpected happen- whereby you lose your job soon after buying a car.


What should you consider in used car loans?

With the prices of Open Market Values (OMV) and Certificates of Entitlement (COE) growing fast buying used cars in car marts in SG may cost a buyer about 50 percent less that purchasing new ones. If you are going to opt for a loan to finance your car, you need to understand the loan restrictions and how they affect your repayment and amount you can borrow.

A loan intended for buying a used car may have its tenure or repayment period capped at about 5 years. The OMV of the vehicle may also affect the LTV of the purchase price. Monetary Authority of Singapore has put in place measures and restrictions that may affect people who plan to purchase used cars. The effects of Authority have caused banks to raise interest rates to help recoup the losses they are likely to get when the loan tenures are limited to 5 years.

Car buyers shopping for car financing options or loans should make sure they do their homework to find the best interest rates. Banks also use the “Rule of 78” whenever borrowers want to repay loans for their second hand cars. If a car loan borrower does not examine this rule, there is a possibility of overpaying for the loan interest.

In essence, personal savings and car loans can help in financing a used vehicle. A car loan allows you to own a vehicle even when you do not have the cash in hand or enough savings for the car purchase.
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Discover the World’s Best Dive Sites in Sabah

If you’ve dived the ocean waters of Costa Rica and Australia, then you may be ready to explore the natural aquariums that are available in Sabah. Sipadan Island, Tunka Abdul Rahman Park and Mabul Island are a few Sabah locales that often make the lists of the world’s best dive sites.


Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is five degrees north of the equator. It’s in the Sulawesi Sea and 35km to the south of Semporna, which is a major city positioned along Sabah’s east coast. Like other tropical destinations, Sipadan features thick forests that are surrounded by warm sand. The island’s physical location places it in the heart of one of the world’s lushest marine environments. In this rich ecosystem, researchers have catalogued more than 3,000 fish species and hundreds of coral varieties. Under the sea, you may come across turtles, barracuda fish and scalloped hammerhead sharks along with whale sharks, mantas and eagle rays. While diving, be sure to keep an eye out for macro sea creatures like garden eels, mantis shrimps and fire gobies. You may even see leaf scorpion fish and pipefish. The turtle tomb is a unique place to dive to in the area. It is an underwater limestone cave with a maze of tunnels and channels. Turtle tomb received its name from the turtles that drowned after they became disoriented in the cave’s labyrinth.


Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

You should also book a hotel near Kota Kinabalu to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Park easily. The marine park is a 10 to 20 minute speedboat ride from Kota Kinabalu, and it is made up of an island cluster that features Gaya Island, Manukan Island, Sapi Island, Sulug Island and Mamutik Island. Upon reaching the dive destination, you’ll have access to spectacular coral gardens, powdery beaches and shallow waters. Your underwater adventures are likely to net you a view of blue-spotted rays, hawksbill turtles and cuttlefish. If you’re fortunate, creatures like mandarin fish and the harlequin ghost pipefish will make an appearance. When you book your trip for the destination’s cooler months, which run from November to February, plankton becomes readily available. This tasty food source tempts whale sharks to the area. These enormous creatures loom out of the depths to dine, so keep your underwater camera handy.


Mabul Island

Mabul Island is sure to astonish you since 12 separate diving areas are available. Most people dive in the region to see small exotic marine creatures. Brightly hued cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopi and moray eels frequently swim near the dive site. You may also spot snake eels, scorpion fish and spike-fin gobies. Mabul is positioned along a 200-hectare reef, which is on the tip of the continental shelf. In addition, the adjacent seabed slants out to about 25m to 30m deep. Mabul is a low visibility site, but since the focus is macro life, this isn’t usually a problem. The dive site features amazing conditions year-round. However, the best time to visit is outside the rainy season. The rainy season is from December to March. Mabul is also a good place for novice divers to improve their skills. The island is about 12km north of Sipadan and about 5km to the west of Kapalai.


A New Age of Scuba Diving

Today, scuba diving is a popular recreational sport since people of all ages can enjoy the activity. It also gives you a great excuse to travel to stunning tropical destinations. Along with amazing dive sites, powdery beaches, palm trees and comfortable hotels in Kota Kinabalu await you in Sabah.

Why You Should Stop Taking Health Tips From Magazines



Staying healthy and fit is challenging, and occasionally it may be necessary to get advice on a particular issue. Many women turn to magazines for guidance on diets, exercise and other aspects of wellness. This isn’t always the best idea. With all the medical cures and health treatments found in print and Web-based magazines, it’s easy to get twisted up in the information. It’s even easier to blindly follow the suggestions offered, but doing so can be harmful.

Is It Fact, Fiction or Folly?



An article that advises readers to eat this food or follow that exercise program isn’t necessarily based on scientific evidence. If an author isn’t a qualified medical or health expert, the article may be less informational and more sensational. Important data is often left out, so it can be difficult to judge the accuracy. Truly trustworthy advice will produce solid and substantiated facts.

Many magazines are also created for entertainment, and the articles are more about trends than truth. Some are even based on boosting the sales of a specific industry. This often produces opposing viewpoints and skewed details that are practically impossible to sort out. The examples of contrasting opinions demonstrate just how confusing it can be to live a healthy lifestyle.

Does One Size Fit All?


Body Shapes Sketch for blog
Every woman’s body is unique


Every woman’s body is unique, but the magazines don’t seem to know this. They literally sell the concept that anyone can look like a model or celebrity. The famous faces promoting a miracle diet, pill, cleansing program or exercise routine replace genuine professional recommendations. The articles also don’t explain that those women devote their entire lives to attaining the ultimate aesthetic, which isn’t exactly convenient for the average female.

Magazine articles can cause a woman to feel insecure about issues she didn’t know existed. As a result, she may sabotage her good health by trying to follow someone else’s regimen. Many people overdo things as well. If an article states coffee is beneficial prior to a workout, someone may double up hoping to boost the advantages. On the same note, a person who reads about a somewhat restrictive diet may limit herself too much.

Is the Truth Just a Fantasy?

Sorting through the pages of a magazine isn’t the same as sorting out the truth, but it is possible to get the facts. A good place to start is by checking the qualifications of the author or organization providing the information. It’s also a good idea to gather data from more than one source. This includes medical journals and online studies. These links offer good suggestions for finding valid information when searching the Internet.

Anyone seeking reliable advice on wellness are advised to read healthy lifestyle essays from health experts. These are different than magazine editorials about the latest diet craze or super food. Professionals can provide authoritative, science-based and clear-cut information. Unlike with a magazine article, the suggestions given will likely coincide with the advice of a health care professional.







A magazine article isn’t the best source for preventing illness or fixing specific issues because optimal health means something different to everyone. Wellness is about more than the latest universal trend. When making decisions regarding nutrition or physical training, stick with the facts and toss away the fairy tales. If the magical solution seems too good to be true, move on. Ultimately, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the goal is simple: Do what feels right.

The Weird Reason Why Men Shouldn’t Use Women’s Shampoos



Even though some people believe that sharing shampoo is no problem, there is a very legitimate reason why men and women should each have their own shampoo. This may seem odd, but your scalp barrier can tell the difference! Men and women are not the same. While it may be simpler to grab your partner’s shampoo while you’re in the shower, easy is not always better. Here are some great reasons why hair products for men are beginning to catch on in the marketplace.

  1. Scalp differences – Everyone has a scalp barrier, but males actually have weaker scalp barriers than women. This scalp barrier contains certain levels of ceramides and proteins that help with the hair’s health and growth. In addition, the male scalp tends to produce a lot more sebum than the female scalp. This extra oil can make men’s hair and scalp get greasier faster. Men’s shampoo is formulated to clean the excess oil and treat the scalp for potential dandruff.
  2. Hair length – Most men have shorter hair than women. On top of that, shorter hairstyles usually get oilier over longer hair in a shorter amount of time. With chemically-treated hairstyles, women’s hair tends to get dry and requires additional moisture. By using women’s shampoo daily, men are adding extra moisture rather than getting the real clean they need.
  3. Smells – Men typically do not want fruity or flowery fragrances emanating from their hair for any length of time. The fragrances added to women’s shampoo are specifically designed to promote pleasing scents for females. On the other hand, shampoo for men is usually fragrance-free or offers a light scent that will appeal to men.
  4. Cost – The good news is men’s shampoo is about the same price as any quality women’s shampoo on the market. While there may not be the same number of choices, at least hair products for men are not so overpriced to keep men from choosing the best shampoo.
  5. Convenience – Companies understand that shampoo for men needs to address how men usually get ready for their day. Instead of spending extra time using several products on their hair, men want to get their hair clean and go. This is why many formulas for men’s hair are available in 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 combinations. By consolidating the shampoo and conditioner and/or dandruff-control steps into one product, men can still get ready quickly and get the right balance of clean hair on a daily basis.


Women usually come with longer hair than men

Most men have shorter hair than women.

Although there are a lot more choices for women’s shampoo over men’s shampoo on store shelves, more companies are realizing that the market for hair products for men is important. The next time you are in your favorite store, take an extra minute or two to look for a shampoo for men. You may be surprised at how good you or your partner’s hair looks and feels when the right product is used consistently. Read also vital skin care for men products you shouldn’t be missed.

Lost in Transition: What to Do While on Transit at KLIA2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, widely known as KLIA, is Malaysia’s international airport, and it is one of the busiest airports in South Asia. Since the growth of low budget traveling over the past decade, KLIA2 has become the low-cost carrier at KLIA airport. It started its operations in mid-May of 2014 and has the capacity to handle at least 45 million passengers in a single year. The terminal is located 2kms away from the main building, and it is connected by a 4km long runway. If you have a long layover at KLIA2 airport, then you may need something to do to pass the time.

Things To Do During A 12-hour Transit at KLIA2 Terminal

KLIA2 Hotel Service:

If you are not comfortable sleeping on a bench in the airport, then there are several hotels inside and near the airport that can provide you with a comfortable resting place. There are hourly hotel rates, and you have to book at least 6 hours. Some of the economical hotels are no more than a 15-minute drive away from the terminal, so you don’t have to travel far for more affordable lodging. However, you can also find KLIA2 hotels that are specifically for passengers with long layovers between a transiting flight. Therefore, if you have a stay of 12 hours, opting for one of these hotels would be a wise decision, especially when you have a lot of baggage to carry.

Bank Services:

There are multiple ATM services and currency exchange services with open market rates for international passengers.

For Babies and Children

The KLIA2 terminal has play and nursery areas for children. If you wish to go shopping and you are worried about your children getting lost, you can leave them in nursery care for a minimal cost. There is a well-trained staff that can take care of your baby or young child.

Fitness and Relaxation

There is a well-equipped gym that is open 24 hours and it costs about 30RM per person, which includes the cost of a towel, shampoo and soap. There are also spa centers to rejuvenate you after a hectic trip. The rates for these usually vary depending on the service you choose, but they are open 12 hours a day. Try Thai Odyssey. Here you can get foot treatments, reflexology, massages and more.
Where To Eat

The Food court has many options, such as deal-of-the-day packages for passengers. Most of the shops are open 24 hours a day, so you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner during your stay. Some of the stalls offer continental, pure Asian and Chinese food, so you have a variety of authentic cuisines to choose from. There are also other places to eat, such as Nanny’s Pavillion, which offers everything from waffles to salads.


Usually passengers are worried about finding a charging station for laptops and mobiles. This is not an issue at KLIA2 as there are laptop and mobile charging stations throughout, and there are no extra charges to use them.


KLIA2 leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to shopping. You can buy both books and sport supplies at Desigual a store that just recently opened up. There are Toy stores, such as Toys R Us, make up, clothing and shoe stores, and even a complete grocery store. Keep you eyes out for new stores opening up all the time too, and just come ready to shop and look around.

KLIA2 terminal provides the conveniences of everything from nearby hotels and shopping, to food courts and child daycare centers for international passengers who have long waiting periods in between transits. No doubt, you will enjoy your stay at the most economical terminal of the KLIA airport today!

Top 4 Signs That It Is Time to Purchase a New Bicycle

Many major brands of bicycles are incredibly durable. They can last for years or decades with maintenance. It is important to understand that all bikes eventually get to a point where they are no longer useful. Holding on to an old or damaged bike is not always safe or smart. Several signs will clearly show that it is finally time to purchase a new bicycle.

The Frame Shows Visible Signs of Damage or Corrosion

You are likely going to have to get a new bike if the frame is showing visible signs of damage or corrosion. The damage could be holes, gashes or even entire areas that seem to have worn down to nothing. Corrosion can appear on frames because of the underlying material, rusted bolts or other items mounted to the surface. A large amount of corrosion is never a good sign especially on the forks. If your frame looks damaged or corroded, then get a new bike soon.


Bicycle Parking
The Bike Hanger, Seoul, Korea

The Brakes and Gears Will No Longer Work Properly

Something that can be a sign of major problems with an older bike is when the brakes and gears stop working properly. The brakes might have no stopping power anymore or could be permanently jammed. The gears might not shift correctly or could change randomly. If you have tried to fix these problems but they keep occurring, then there could be fundamental issues with the bicycle itself that cannot be repaired. You should get a new bicycle as soon as possible in order to remain safe while cycling.


The Bike Does Not Fit You Anymore

Many different factors can cause a bike to stop being the right fit for a rider. This can happen over the course of many years. A bike that is the wrong height can potentially be very dangerous. Riding that bike could lead to muscle injuries, serious falls and collisions due to a lack of control. The best course of action is to find a retailer that does bicycle buy and sell online to get money for your current cycle and purchase a new one all at one time. Selling your old bike online will lower the cost of a new one.

You Have Trouble Controlling the Bike

A very serious problem is if you start to consistently have trouble controlling or steering the bike. This can be caused by many things. If all efforts to tune and repair the bike have failed, then you should stop riding it immediately and buy a new model. The loss of control is frequently caused by structural problems such as a weakened frame or bolts that will no longer tighten. You never want to ride an older bike that you cannot accurately control while cycling.

It can be hard to part with a bicycle that has been an integral piece of your life for years. It is still the right thing to do since your safety and the safety of others on the street is at risk. If you notice any of these signs, then it is time to by a brand new bicycle fast.

Cycling Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises you can perform that works your heart and lungs and improves health. If you want to improve as a cyclist, then follow a few guidelines. Cycling is a great way to get in shape while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors. Join a club for serious cyclists and ride in a group. Cycling clubs are a great way to get together with other people who share similar interest.

Cycling Requires Healthy Eating

Nutrition is an important part of any exercise program. You must eat enough calories to give your body energy to ride or exercise. Choose foods that are low in fat but high in nutrition. Foods like lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits will give your body protein, vitamins and minerals. A vitamin supplement is helpful if you feel you are not getting enough supplementation in your diet. It takes a lot of energy to ride a bike for long periods. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy, but do not consume bad carbs such as cakes, cookies and other junk foods.

Cycling Tips

You can prevent fatigue and muscle soreness with good posture while cycling. Learn how to maintain your bike to prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road. Check the air in your tires before every ride. You should also check the cranks, chain and brakes. Wear a helmet that fits snugly but not too tight. Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

If you will be cycling all day, then bring a raincoat or sweater for unexpected weather conditions. Cycling during the nighttime requires reflective clothing and lights on your bike. The seat of your bike should be adjusted properly to ensure you do not get too tired before the end of the day. The angle of the seat is an important part of biking comfortably. Choose a bike that fits your body frame perfectly.

Strength Training for Improved Performance

Lifting weights will increase both your upper and lower body strength. This is important because adding muscle to the body will give you more power when cycling. Strength training also improves your fitness level and allows you to ride further and faster. It also plays a huge role in preventing diseases and some forms of cancers. Combining a strength-training program with cycling will help you maintain your ideal body weight.

Cycling Gear

The helmet you choose should fit properly to ensure you have head protection during a fall. There are a number of high-quality bicycle helmets available online. Look for bicycle helmets in Malaysia for the best prices. Your helmet should be snug but not too tight. Look for helmets with adjustable straps or measure your head for the exact size. Take measurements around your head just above the ears for accurate results. Buy a helmet in the exact measurement for a good fit. Cycling is a great way to get into shape while enjoying the outdoors. It is one activity that you can share with your entire family and friends.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts on to Wow Mom

Mother’s Day is one of the few chances throughout the year to let Mom know just how much you love her. Wow her with a gift from Lazada. With thousands of gifts, tailored to Mom’s needs, you can show your love and save money with a Lazada promotion.


Not that Mom needs any help staying on time—she’s always the first person to show up and the last to leave—but, a watch would look lovely on her wrist anyway. The Aspen women’s stainless steel watch is classic and goes with any outfit. For the sportier mom, a Casio watch will keep your dear mother’s run timed perfectly.


Lazada has such a huge selection of designer and boutique fragrances, it’s the perfect place to find a fragrance Mom will love. Nab her signature scent, like Chanel’s Chance Eau De Perfume, full of sweet and rustic notes. Or, score a fun a flirty scent by Victoria’s Secret.

Gift Sets

If you can’t decide on just one gift for Mom, consider a gift set. The self-stirring mug, set of four, is the perfect set of cups for a mom who really enjoys her morning cup of joe. Or, snag her a bath set like the Arctic Rituals milk nectarine bath set that will give Mom a day at the spa—from the comfort of her own bathtub.

Sunglasses and Jewelry

A chic pair of sunglasses is the ultimate splurge, and Mom will know just how much you care. A pair of Ray Bans makes anyone look adventurous and cool, or a pair of Burberry glasses will tell Mom you know she has a high-end style with a low-maintenance attitude. If your mother isn’t into sunglasses, she’s definitely into jewelry. A gorgeous Pandora bracelet is both stylish and unique.


Some moms love jewelry and beautiful accessories, and some moms love practical gifts—like tablets. Luckily, a tablet is the gift that keeps on giving. Mom can download books and magazines and surf the web with the swipe of a finger. She might even call you from her new Apple iPad Mini 2 with call capabilities just to tell you how much she loves her new gift.

Small Appliances

Though not all moms want to be loved only for their cooking abilities, most appreciate the children who listen to their needs. If your mom has expressed angst with her blender or toaster oven in the past, snag her a new American Star blender that will chop and liquefy like a pro. Or, go for an immersion blender that’s easy to use and easy to clean like the Kenwood Handy Mixer.


If all else fails, all women love shoes, and Lazada has a huge selection. Choose from heels, flats or wedges and between brands like Paragon and Tiara.
Don’t forget to enter in your Lazada coupon code to ensure you get the best deal on your Mother’s Day gift this year. Mom doesn’t know you got a great deal on your present—she loves you no matter what.

5 Tips Towards a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is a parameter that has been wrongly defined over the past decades. Most people think of it as observing extremely strict dietary limits, depriving themselves of the foods they love or staying thin. Yet, when we look at an active and ideal meaning of healthy eating, it is all about having more energy, feeling great about the foods you eat, stabilizing your mood and improving your personal outlook. It is confusing as one person will advise how a particular food is not good for you while another person worships the same food. The following tips should help you set your healthy diet composed of tasty and varied components.

Healthy Diet
Moderation is critical

Moderation means eating as to the requirements of your body. The key to any healthy diet is moderation. Instead of feeling stuffed, one should get satisfaction at the end of a meal. Being moderate in your food means eating balanced diets instead of too much junk. Eating bacon is not bad, but you should ensure it is followed by an equally different meal in the preceding intake. One great way to ensure moderation is to eat while others eat. Reduce taking your foods when using the computer as it can lead to the consumption of large proportions of food than necessary.

More veggies
Increase fruits and vegetable intake

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense and low in calories. They are packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Eating the endorsed daily minimum of five portions of vegetables and fruits will help reduce eating unhealthy foods. Include berries in your breakfasts as they are known to be cancer-fighting. Additionally, branch out from the normal lettuce and go for greens such as mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli, all which are packed with essential minerals and vitamins.

eat more grains and healthy carbs
Eat whole grains and healthy carbs

Whole grains offer long-lasting energy. They also act as fiber sources besides providing healthy carbohydrates necessary for your body. Furthermore, whole grains are packed with high amounts of phytochemicals and antioxidants. These materials are necessary for protecting the body against certain cancers, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Avoid unhealthy carbs such as white flour, white rice, and refined sugar and go for the healthy ones that include beans, fruits, and whole grains.

Vinegar, salt, sugar and coffee containers in kitchen
Reduce salt and sugar

Despite causing weight problems, excess sugar leads to energy spikes and is also linked to depression, diabetes, and worryingly, increased suicidal behaviors among young people. Reducing the amount of dessert and candy you take is a huge leap towards reducing sugar intake. Avoid too much sodium (found in salts) as it has been described to cause heart diseases, memory loss, kidney disease, increased risk of stroke and erectile dysfunction.

Avoid fatty food
Avoid unhealthy fats

Focus on foods that provide vital fats to your body. Increase intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 sources such as salmon fish, mackerel, and herring. Avoid foods such as red meat and whole milk as they provide saturated fats.
For people who are in need to reduce weight, improving on fiber intake will aid in the achievement of this goal. Fiber stays longer in the stomach and is necessary for providing the feeling of satisfaction thus reducing the urge to eat more.

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