Life with Kids: 5 Ways to Make Parenting A Stress-Free Journey

There is no easy way to be a parent. The responsibilities from day to day basis can be quite exhausting. While there is no short cut to be a better parent, there are ways to make this journey a good one for you.  If you are a parent or a guardian of kids, take note of these tips to make life a little less complicated when dealing with them:


  1. Take kids to an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur.


It is recommended for children to have at least an hour of moderate activity each day. Besides keeping them occupied, playing boosts their learning abilities and it helps their brain cells grow. At times when you cannot take them outdoors like when it rains or it is too hot, an indoor playground can be a great alternative. Before you take kids to an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur, check if the place is age-appropriate for your kid.


  1. Work on one calendar.


Once they started schooling, you will need to jot down and remind yourself of important dates. You may have too much on your plate especially when they have school activities all at the same time but you can get everything done given a system. Just make sure your tasks are organized in one place so you will not miss any of them.


  1. Learn about a few parenting hacks.


Your toddler would not stop crying unless you let him color your wall. Giving in would not hurt just as long as a certain activity will not hurt your kid. If you worry those permanent marks on your wooden furniture or the crayon marks on the wall, try a few cleaning hacks. Use a toothpaste to get rid of the ink on a wooden surface or a WD-40 to remove the crayon stains on your walls. There are a lot of hacking ideas all over the Internet. You can even learn about easy cooking tips to prepare healthy snacks for them.


  1. Prep early.


Get your stuff ready the night before. For example, you can think in advance what to give them as snack or what items to put in the bag the night before the school day. This way, you can have extra minutes for devotion or a cup of coffee in the morning.


  1. Curb nagging.


Nobody wants to feel nagged but at times when you feel like you are about to scream, consider redirecting your approach instead of screaming at your kids. Thing is, your child will be assured that you can take control of the situation when you stop nagging.


Parenting can be fun and exciting when you are given the right strategy and a few clever hacks. Stick to these tips and save both your time and sanity. Life with kids can spell trouble but with the right parenting approach, it can be more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

Start Them Young – 4 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Young Kids in Kindergarten Play School

The Ministry of Education in Malaysia recognizes preschool as a formal and necessary part of the educational system, and requires parents to enroll their children in kindergarten before they can be accepted into elementary school. Usually, children are enrolled by the age of 4, but there are some experts who suggest enrolling kids earlier on. Of course, some parents will contest that any age before 4 is way too young for preschool, but there are advantages to starting your kid young. Find out more about the benefits of enrolling younger kids in preschool by checking out these 4 reasons.


  1. Controlled Play Environment – Unless you were able to establish an ideal play environment at home, it’s likely that your child has just been making do with whatever toys and furniture available in your house. While this may be more than enough to keep them entertained for the afternoon, it’s important to remember that play should be more than just a distraction. Children learn best when they’re engaged in activities that they enjoy, and smaller kids learn when they can exercise their bodies. With gross motor skills being the main area of development for younger children, giving them the chance to play in a curated and controlled play environment will help nurture their learning.Group Of Children Running In Park
  2. Opportunities for Socialization – How many other kids your child’s age are available for him or her to play with? Probably not a lot. Allowing your child the chance to play and socialize with other children his or her age will build the foundation of a strong and confident character. By exposing your child to more opportunities for socialization, you can start their understanding of proper communication and conversation early on.maxresdefault
  3. Introduction to the Classroom Setting – Typically, a kindergarten class in Kuala Lumpur affords a certain amount of time for kids to sit down and listen to short lectures on concepts appropriate for their age. If they master the concepts, then that would be a major bonus, but that’s not always necessarily the teachers’ goal. Simply teaching the children to sit down and listen is a great accomplishment and a beneficial skill for all kids because it helps them understand what goes on in a classroom. With practice, these children will develop better listening skills and attention span which can be used either at home or in later schooling.Children with teacher draw paints in play room. Child care.
  4. Learning Rules and Proper Behavior – How rowdy does your child get when you’re at home? If you feel like your kid is starting to misbehave and get out of hand, starting them early in a kindergarten class will help develop proper behavior and deeper understanding of rules. In classrooms and in school, children are encouraged to behave and observe proper demeanor by the use of positive and negative reinforcement systems. This can ultimately teach your child the value of proper behavior, which will likely be translated to different settings as well.

There’s a lot more to kindergarten school than meets the eye. Be sure to start your kids early and give them a strong foundation to prepare them for their future by enrolling them in preschool earlier.

The 2 Types of School Holiday Activities that Incorporate Fun into Learning

In a classroom setting, it is not always easy for educators to encourage their students to learn according to the school curriculum. Students are often found to be unwilling, lethargic and distracted, finding the class boring. This is why many schools have incorporated several school holiday activities, which is organized outside of the classroom, such as school tours, to mix learning and fun into students’ classroom hours.

Have no idea where to start? Here are the 2 most essential types of school holiday activities to organize:


  1. Team building activities

These school holiday activities involve putting the students into teams, often distinguished by color, to instil values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Such types of activities can be done on a beach or any coastal area in Malaysia, for example, Port Dickson. The traveling aspect of such activities can strengthen friendship among the students and build on excitement, anticipation and adventurous spirits. Then, at the chosen place, educators can choose to have either prepared a treasure hunt or an obstacles/challenges track. A treasure hunt motivates the students work on their memory, reasoning and other cognitive skills that can later be applied into their classwork. On the other hand, an obstacles/challenges track increases students’ stamina and teaches them about the importance of teamwork. These are all critical traits that can enhance their learning styles in the classroom.


  1. Exploration and discoveries

The other type of activities that can be organized to engage students into learning is school tours at educational yet visually-appealing and interactive sites. For example, trips to Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Ipoh or Malacca (if the school is based in Kuala Lumpur and other nearby areas) or Georgetown in Penang Island (if the school is based in Penang) can be beneficial in educating the students about their heritage, through interactive museums, wall art at every road and food tasting. This will make use of all of their senses, which eventually makes it easier for them to remember historical facts and other related classroom lessons.

In the end, students learn better through active teaching and learning: from physical activities to educational visits, students can make better sense of their textbook with such visual and practical aids. Besides,  for them, school holiday activities are always unforgettable and valuable moments to cherish with their friends.

Unique Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Celebration in Kuala Lumpur

Today, having a birthday party is more than just celebrating in your backyard. Kids and parents alike are keen on doing something different on the special day. If you are looking for something unique and fun, here are some ideas to celebrate birthdays in KL:

  • Sports Party. If your kid is highly active, you can bring your child and his friends to locations that encourage physical activity. They can go wall climbing at Camp5 Climbing Gym, or they can spend their time jumping on the trampoline of Jump Café located at Jump Street. If you have a really big group (80 people or more), you can book Sunway Lagoon and have a fun-filled resort party. There are tons of activities in this resort which will make it super fun for the kids.

Image result for Camp5 Climbing Gym

  • Outdoor Party. If your kid appreciates nature and outdoors, it’s time to go on a birthday nature trip. Aquaria KLCC offers birthday party packages for kids aged 12 years old and below. You’ll be able to see around 5,000 marine animals, plus you can view their feeding exhibition, wherein turtles, eels and sharks come out to eat. Or you can go to KL Bird Park situated in the Lake Gardens. They also have a birthday party package which includes an interactive tour and a bird show. The party culminates with the slicing of a birthday cake and a surprise appearance of the park mascots.

Image result for n go to KL Bird Park situated in the Lake Garden

  • Learning Party. With this type of party, you hit two birds with one stone. Not only will the children have fun, they will also learn something new. You can throw a role-playing party at Kidzania KL. The kids can role-play various professions in a cute, small town for 45 minutes. If you want your child to appreciate the beauty of science on his or her birthday, Science Werkz is a good option. Instead of a clown, they will send what they call a “Mad Scientist” who will visit your home and make indoor fireworks, create slime, have a laser light show or even launch a rocket outside.

There are a lot of activities and venues available today which can make you do away with the traditional backyard children’s parties. Thinking out of the box is definitely a must, particularly in making your child feel special on his or her birthday. Whichever you choose, consider safety and security first, especially since there are several children you would have to look after.