A Quick Guide To Looking For High-Paying Jobs In Miri, Malaysia

Miri is a relatively small city, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find employment there. The city’s economy is growing at a very fast pace courtesy of its oil and tourism industries. That said, there’s a healthy supply of jobs for those who intend on working there. Of course, you have better chances of landing a job if your skill set and educational background are related to the oil and gas industry or tourism.


Finding A Job In The Oil And Gas Industry

Several local and international oil companies operate within Miri and off its shores. These companies include Petronas Carigali, Shell Berhad, Nippon Oil, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Technip, and Halliburton. These companies employ thousands of workers. If you want to work for any of these firms, you need to get in touch with their Human Resources managers. Check out their websites if there are announcements for job openings. If you know someone from the inside, you should ask for a recommendation or a referral.


Finding A Job In The Tourism Industry

Tourism is a huge contributor to the city’s coffers. This is because the city serves as a gateway to several well-known parks like the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park and the Gunung Mulu National Park. If you have a background in the hospitality industry, you should definitely try looking for a job in the hotels, resorts, parks, and other establishments in the region that cater to travelers. The best way to do it is to approach them and inquire if there are any openings directly. You can also use online job portals and search for the hotels and resorts if they have made any listings.


In a nutshell, there are many job vacancies in Miri if you want to work there. You just have to be more direct in your approach when looking for openings. Don’t be afraid to call companies to inquire if they are currently hiring new people. In being creative and persistent, you will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Job Seekers, Here Are 4 Little-Known Facts You Need to Know About Penang

As a Malaysian state dubbed as the Silicon Valley of the East, Penang is one of the most modernized and economically vital states in the country. With nearly two million population, the state has become attractive for tourists due to its cultural heritage and culinary delights.  Here are some reasons to consider Penang as an important stepping stone in your career:

  1. It’s one of the most livable places in AsiaPenang is one of the top ten most liveable cities in Asia that suitable to live and work

According to a global survey conducted by ECA International in 2010, the state capital George Town was among the top ten most liveable cities in Asia, along with Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.   It’s not surprising for those who have been coming back to Penang over the years. Regarding the living standards, the state has so much to offer – friendly climate, excellent health services, and available leisure facilities are just some qualities that can be expected by its residents.

  1. It has one of the oldest cities in Malaysia

George Town has figured on the World Heritage List since 2008. The historical site covers around 260 hectares of the city center, where old landmarks such as Fort Cornwallis, Penang State Museum, and City are located. In short, Penang offers a harmonious mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures, while keeping some of its colonial histories as part of its local identity. That is why the capital city still retains most of its English street names.

  1. It‘s a medical tourism hub

The healthcare industry has contributed multi-million ringgit revenue to Penang’s tourism. According to recent data, more than 50% of all medical tourists who came to Malaysia last year were considering Penang as their first choice.

Over the years, the state has established a comprehensive range of healthcare services which provide high-quality medical treatment with less cost if compared to similar facilities in the West or even the neighboring countries. There are over a dozen of private hospitals with international standards in Penang.

  1. It has world-class manufacturing companiesPenang has become the profit center for global manufacturing companies and always have chance to working there

For many years, Penang has become the profit center for global manufacturing companies. Last year alone, Penang has attracted hundreds of manufacturing projects which helped to create more than 15,000 job opportunities.

If you are currently looking for a job vacancy in Penang or thinking of making a big move to Malaysia, this is the best time to make it happen.

Faster Career Success – 6 High-Demand Jobs In Malaysia With Fewer College Years To Spend

There are several considerations why an individual would prefer to spend fewer years in college. If you are in Malaysia and there is a need for you to join the workforce early, you can take the shorter route by enrolling in courses that will earn you a diploma. You can take Diploma programs as pre-requisite that will instantly qualify you to apply for different jobs available in Malaysia. This could be your stepping stone to earn your keep while preparing to pursue higher education.

It is advised that before you enroll in a Diploma course, you would have a definite answer to that often familiar question of, “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” But before you cross the bridge to reach your destination, you have to take the Diploma course of your choice. On the average, the courses have a time frame of 24 to 36 months with compulsory internship or training for some of them.

The Diploma structure in Malaysia affords people with financial limitations to enter the workforce. Let us look at some of the industry sectors with high-demand jobs and a brief job description for each. Check any that is best suited to your qualifications.

  1. Engineering Assistant (Industry: Manufacturing / Production) – To carry out maintenance and troubleshooting of facility equipment like boiler, cold room, chiller, cooling tower, air compressor etc. and also to carry out troubleshooting works related to all electrical installations. If you have a Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, this job is suitable for you.Engineering Assistant is to carry out maintenance jobs and troubleshooting of facility equipment
  2. Handyman (Facilities Maintenance / Industry: Property/Real Estate) – Tasked to do troubleshooting and to provide hands-on assistance to perform rectification for any issues regarding the building structure. In addition, to provide a fast response time to any building structure issues that may arise.
  3. Bartender & Barista (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Chiefly performs bartending duties and calibration of espresso machine and grinder. This is one of the high-demand jobs with the proliferation of lifestyle restaurant and bars in the booming food & beverage industry.Bartender and Barista chiefly performs their maintenance duties and calibration of machine and grinder
  4. Hotel and Restaurant Staff (Hotel / Industry: Hospitality) – Performs the function of a hotel front liner to receive hotel guests. Required to have a good command of the English language and must be responsible, mature, and computer literate.
  5. Kitchen Crew (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Mainly responsible for assisting the chef in the proper preparation of dishes subject to restaurant standards. Must be able to follow health and safety regulations by ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas. A Diploma in Business Management will come in handy for you.Kitchen crew must ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas
  6. IT Executive (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Provide first-level support for IT operations including IT systems and hardware equipment. Also responsible for assisting in technical areas of system development and support projects. Ideal for people with strong inclinations to information technology.

The Diploma program will give you the needed exposure in practical and specific skills depending on your industry of choice. Diploma courses are being offered in various fields such as Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Hotel Management to name a few.  As a final word of advice, do not underestimate the maintenance jobs in Malaysia. Most lucky breaks are found in unlikely places. One opportunity leads to another and your next job might lead you to more promising opportunities.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends Designers Should Watch Out For In 2017

2017 will see a few new interior design trends being incorporated in many households, whether in Malaysia or other countries. If you’re an interior designer, you need to constantly be on the lookout for such new trends, as trends often change so fast according to seasons. Watch out for these top 10 trends in 2017 if you’re an interior designer (or an aspiring one):

  1. Industrial aesthetic Mimicking the industrial look is a new trend that won’t die out anytime soon. The trick is to mix and match earthy textures, such as clay or timber with black steel; and add other fashionable elements like linen curtains, indoor plants, leather furniture, or sheepskin rug.Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle- Urban Outfitters Headquarters
  2. Gentle color schemes While dark grey and black are still the popular colors in 2017, there will be a new wave of gentle colors that are trending and staying, including pearl, blush, musk, nude, duck egg, taupe, biscuit, cool greys, white, greige, granite, and basically any pastel color.
  3. Luxe metallic You can add a touch of luxury with super luxurious-looking metallic homeware. Using the right metallic – be it onyx, bronze, antique gold, or brass – mixed with pastels will provide a wonderful contrast. Clever contrasting can prevent a space from looking bland.
  4. Statement artwork, cushions or furniture Add some eye-catching features in a room that will make a statement, be it a controversial artwork, pattern cushions or quirky furniture. Stick to one item that stands out in an entire space.Add some eye-catching features as an interior design that will make a statement
  5. Modern vintage-style furniture A vintage look will always be timeless, no matter what the current year is. If your client loves the retro, old-world aesthetics, there’s plenty of modern vintage-style furniture widely available on the market. Add some wood-based furniture mixed with retro-looking homeware to get that classic feeling and look. Paint the kitchen white or pastel yellow and add on colorful tinware or patterned aprons and towels to make the space livelier.
  6. Upholstered bedheads Another household piece that will ad a touch of luxury to your home is an upholstered bedhead. It has been a staple in celebrity homes and luxury hotel bedrooms, and they’re now beloved by the masses. Get a plush-looking bedhead in velvet, or one that’s neutral in color and comes with buttons.
  7. Cork walls Cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office. Turn an entire wall in your home office from floor to ceiling with cork. Pin a few photos, quotes, greeting cards or calendars to give it a stylish look.The interior design of cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office
  8. Terracotta tiles Earthy terracotta tiles give your home a more bohemian, relaxed look, which can be perfect for clients who’d like some serenity in their homes.
  9. Jewel-toned homeware Jewel tones like opal, Lucite, raw-cut quartz, or metals add some sparkle to a space, especially if it’s mixed with materials like floaty silks or transparent fabrics.
  10. Relaxing furniture Escapist elements in furniture like oversized seats, deep sofas or floor cushions help your clients to relax.

Often, the interior design industry follows the fashion industry. For example, if there are trending colors used in a certain season within the fashion industry, the interior design industry tends to incorporate and help make that colors trending. For those who are looking for interior design jobs in Malaysia, it’s best if you can produce a few designs that incorporate any of these trends to include in your portfolio, so you can show your potential employer that you’re up-to-date. Hence, your chances to get hired in your dream job will be greatly increased.

A Job Essential Guide: Top 3 Valuable Traits of a Successful Engineer

Engineers are the beacons of hope and backbone of every modern society. Automobiles, airplanes, building structures, and smartphones need a hand from engineers to make life more exciting in the 21st century. Because the engineering discipline has dramatically grown, hiring of good engineers has also become a big challenge. That’s why if you want to assure people you’re fit to work in this field, you need to possess certain qualities, skills, and personality traits. When it comes to skills, many schools around Malaysia offer extensive engineering programs in which you can enroll in to become a competent engineer you always dream about.Are you looking for engineer career in Malaysia

On the other hand, you will need to work on yourself if you want to develop certain qualities and adopt personality traits. Here are the top 3 personality traits that employers commonly look for job applicants in various engineering fields:

  1. Deep Creativity and Understanding Potential engineers first analyze everything happening in the background to solve difficult tasks. This may require years of researching, experimenting, and testing before you finally unveil your revolutionary product or service. Rigorous creativity and understanding are intrinsic traits that help pioneer engineers make a huge difference around the world. Designing complex pieces of technology for industrial benefit is also a part of applied creativity and understanding.Engineer job requires to have deep creativity and understanding
  2. Thorough and Methodical Successful engineers not only understand how to do their job but also care about doing it right. This means every potential engineer must make good use of the extra time needed for something to work seamlessly. They must brainstorm and endure in exhaustive tests, and use advanced technology to run their operations smoothly. Having a thorough and methodical impulse allow engineers to raise their curiosity and sharpen their focus more on how to accomplish a major task.
  3. Desire to Figure Things Out Just because you may have figured out how a certain task is done doesn’t necessarily mean you have come to a stop. Successful engineers strive for perfection and continually analyze whether they can find any bugs, even after finishing their alleged project. Sometimes you may find requirements change, refactoring, and upgrades essential to keep your work authentic and neatly polished. The drive to check and fix bugs every day is a common trait you’ll find inherent in most good engineers. This burning desire to figure things out is what makes them find passion in their careers.

Engineers in this millennial era come from different backgrounds and pursue engineering careers in very different settings. In this fast-paced world, all highly experienced and successful engineers need to share some vital personality traits to stay relevant. If you’re thinking of pursuing an engineering career in Malaysia, above are 3 top personality traits you should possess to become a potential engineer. Many top paying engineering careers, such as mechanical, computer, and petroleum engineering, require you to demonstrate these valuable qualities first before you’re offered any job. This also explains why many good engineers receive high pay and other cool rewards.

Construction Considerations – 5 Important Things to Look for When Applying for a Job in Construction

Office buildings, shopping malls, houses, and lots of other kinds of structures are constantly being built, so there’s no question why there is an ever increasing demand when it comes to construction professionals. Working in construction can be very lucrative and rewarding, especially when you find the right opportunities. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to look for when applying for construction jobs. If you’re one of the people who just can’t seem to find the right career option in construction, be sure to consider these 5 factors to land the best opportunity for you.

  1. Nature of Work – When people hear the word construction, they immediately think of construction workers who build structures with their own two hands. But there are lots of different areas of work in construction, contrary to what many seem to think. For buildings and homes to be safely and properly constructed, there needs to be engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and construction helpers, to name a few. Learn more about the nature of the construction job you’re applying for, to find out the skills and abilities you need in order to fulfill the responsibilities.there-are-lots-of-different-areas-of-work-in-construction-area
  2. Area of Operation – When applying for construction jobs, you should have the area of operation as your main consideration. For instance, there are firms that operate internationally, entailing workers to temporarily relocate until the completion of projects. Unless you’re prepared for that sort of work-related travel, it would be wise to find construction jobs that don’t require too much of moving around.
  3. Project Length – Lots of hunters find construction jobs online that are offered on a contractual basis. This means that you will only have to render service until the project is finished. If you want to give these projects a try, you should consider the length of time it would take to complete. Projects can last for years, depending on the size and expansiveness of the structure. If you don’t think you can commit for such a lengthy time, you should consider shorter projects.lots-of-hunters-find-construction-jobs-online-that-are-offered-on-a-contractual-basis
  4. Salary Rate and Payment Schedule – Project-based construction jobs will only pay-out once a certain amount of the work has been completed, so it would be wise to consider the payment schedule before you take on a job. For construction professionals and workers who engage in work under an employer, traditional payment schemes such as those implemented in other forms of employment can be expected. Understanding the payment terms will tell you when you should expect your pay check, and whether you can manage with the schedule being offered.
  5. Working Hours – There are certain construction jobs that can only be performed in the wee hours of the morning to avoid any disturbance to individuals and consumers that might be in the area during the day. For instance, shopping malls, roads, banks, and other high-traffic public locations are best repaired or renovated at night when there are fewer people. If you’ve taken on a construction job for a place like these, you should be aware of the potential night-shift contract, so you can adjust yourself and your schedule for the work at hand.the-construction-job-working-hours-are-different-to-avoid-any-disturbance-to-individuals-and-consumers

Are you ready to take on a job in construction? Build a sturdy career for yourself and rise through the ranks in the industry of construction by being a smart job hunter and by applying these top considerations.

Seeking For A Job In Melaka? Here’s Your Guide to Smarter Job Search


Melaka, tagged “The Historic State,” is situated in the southern region of Malaysia’s Malay Peninsula. Some of the popular jobs in this state are related to agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Even with all those available opportunities, going out in search of a new job can be nerve-wracking. Aside from finding the right job, you also have to go through the application and interview process. Unfortunately, nervousness can stand between you and your new career. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you through the process so you can land the next job you apply for with ease.steer-clear-of-generic-cover-letter-and-resume-when-applying-jobs-in-melaka

Steer Clear of Generic Cover Letter and Resume  Stand out from the crowd with a resume and cover letter. Although filling out a standard application seems it’s enough, take into consideration that employers may receive dozens of applications. The best way to make yourself noticeable is to submit a resume and cover letter along with your application.

A resume does not have to be complicated by any means. Instead, a resume should simply be a one-page document that highlights your education and work experience in detail. For instance, if you have worked in retail, maximize on the aspects of your job. Talk about sales and conversions you created while working at your job to make yourself more noticeable to a potential employer.

Also, veer away from generic cover letters. Remember that hiring managers can easily recognize them. It is smart to come up with a cover letter that really complements your qualifications and resume. Note, though, that a short and concise cover letter is more preferred as opposed to a novel-of-a-cover letter.dont-wait-by-the-phone-and-go-get-your-job-in-melaka

Don’t Wait by the Phone  Whenever you apply for available jobs in Melaka, you want to ensure that you follow up with the employer. Keep a list of all the jobs you apply for and always ask for a contact number where you can reach the HR manager. Wait a day or two and contact the HR manager via phone or email.

The goal is to sound as confident as possible. Rather than saying, “I hope to hear from you soon about the job,” try saying, “I look forward to hearing back from you about the position.” By saying that you look forward to hearing back from the employer, you are showing that you are confident that you will land the position.

If you go through the interview process, make sure you follow up on that, too. Send an email within 24 hours of going through the interview process and thank the employer for his or her time. Make sure to let the employer know that you are looking forward to contributing your all into the available position.professional-attire-is-needed-when-go-for-interview-for-jobs-in-melaka

Look Professional When seeking a job, it is always best to look the part. Do not show up to apply for a job in jeans and a t-shirt. If you are seeking an office position, opt for something business casual like a pantsuit, slacks, and a blouse, or a pencil skirt paired with a blouse. Keep your makeup and jewelry to a minimum and make sure you have a freshly shaved, clean cut appearance.

If you are a woman, try pulling your hair back into a neat ponytail or a bun. Also, trim your fingernails and make sure you get plenty of sleep, so you look refreshed, energized, and clean for your new job. Most importantly, be sure to wear a friendly and outgoing smile.

By following the tips listed above, you are likely to receive successful results when seeking your next employment opportunity in Melaka. Potential employers will take notice of the fact that you are willing to go the extra mile to land the job of your dreams. Remember that you are selling yourself and your potential. Even if you have no applicable skills, you can still land the job you want by following the recommended tips.

Preparing for Success – 6 Effective Ways to Ready Yourself to Reach Your Dream Career

In Malaysia, only 57% of the working population feel that they have the opportunity for growth in their current job, while 43% believe they’re working towards a dead end. On which side do you find yourself?

According to recent statistics, career growth and professional development are two of the top reasons why Malaysians look for work in the first place. While it might look like a huge hurdle, there are some things you can do to help yourself climb the ladder. No matter where your professional career might be at the moment, you can lead yourself to career success by using these 6 effective ways.


  1. Hone Your English Speaking Skills – The level of English proficiency across the Malaysian population is at an all-time high, with the country battling neck and neck against Singapore for being the most fluent English-speaking nation in Asia. Competition in the corporate setting has thus followed suit, which causes employees to further improve their English speaking skills in order to snag employers’ attention. Don’t lag behind the rest of them – hone your English fluency to stay ahead of the pack.
  2. Be a Smart Job Hunter – If you’re planning on switching jobs to move yourself up the employment ladder, you should know better than to just hop between opportunities without first considering what you might gain. For instance, if after searching for Johor careers online you immediately decide to move to the south, you could be propping yourself up for failure. Consider if you’re qualified, understand the vacancy, and if you can feel comfortable working for that specific employer.assess-yourself-to-success-in-your-careers
  3. Assess Yourself – A disparity between what you think you can do and what you can actually do can negatively affect your work performance or your job acquisition practices. Those who are overconfident shoot for jobs they’re not qualified for, while underconfident individuals stay in the lower ranks even if they can move higher. Assess your skills and know yourself. This will help you pinpoint opportunities that will truly fit.
  4. Practice Interpersonal Skills – No employee is an island. No matter what industry you’re in, you will have to coordinate and communicate with many other workers just like yourself. Learning how to properly speak with others in your office will make you easier to work with. This will also prove to your superiors that you’ve got the right mindset to keep your office functioning like a team.
  5. Familiarize With Key Players – Whether you’re just starting your job search or you’re already employed, you shouldn’t overlook the key players in your office. These are the people who can change the game for you and who will be able to open doors for your career. Know who they are, understand what you do for them and what they do for you in the office setting, and regard them with respect at all times.avoid-burnout-and-keep-yourself-up-to-success-in-your-careers
  6. Avoid Burnout – In the quest to achieve career success, it’s common to feel worn out and weary halfway through. Avoid burnout and keep yourself striving at a steady pace by constantly learning new skills and improving ones you already have to make you more proficient in the workplace.

They say building a stable and healthy career is a lifelong investment, so be sure to start as early as you can. Prepare yourself for career success by putting these 6 effective practices into action in your work life.

Top 5 Construction Jobs You Can Apply

Contrary to popular belief, the construction industry is still going forward despite the economic instability. Though the availability of construction jobs depend mostly on the economy’s fluctuations, construction workers with years of experience stand a better chance of finding a job. For those with the right qualification and experience, there’s a hidden possibility of career advancement that could earn you thousands as you move up the ladder. If you’ve been thinking of applying for construction jobs, check out these top five jobs in the industry:


  1. Construction Manager – Don’t believe the myth that says that those who work in this industry can’t make money or move up the career ladder. This job could earn you a six-figure salary a month, and requires you to plan, budget and manage a construction project. To be a construction manager, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, building science, construction science, or other related field. For those with a diploma, you also need to have years of experience in order to qualify for this role. Some of the skills that you should have include strong communication skills, managerial skills, and analytical or problem-solving skills.glazier
  2. Glazier –  As a glazier, your role is to remove, seal, fasten, install, and cut glass for skylights, storefronts, and windows. Most glaziers normally work in areas that include building exteriors, structure, and foundation. However, there are a growing number of glaziers working for indoor projects as well. To become a glazier, a high qualification isn’t really necessary, though having some experiences might help.spraying-cement1
  3. Concrete Finisher and Cement Mason – Many construction projects have a common foundation, which is concrete. This makes a concrete finisher and cement mason crucial in this industry. The jobs normally involve you installing reinforcing materials like rebar, pouring a mixture of cement and spreading and leveling it, and also monitoring the mixture’s hardening process before applying sealants. These roles don’t require a high qualification, but it’s better if you learn your trade by undergoing an apprenticeship or taking masonry-related courses.8-brickmason-blockmason-stonemason-and-tile-and-marble-setter-helpers
  4. Blockmason and Brickmason – Stones and bricks have become expensive materials, but they’re still on-demand. These materials need skilled masons to lay them properly. While a high qualification isn’t necessary, it helps to undergo a formal masonry training or apprenticeship. Alternatively, you can also learn the basics of masonry on the job.smiling-construction-job-849x565
  5. Construction Worker – While a construction worker earns the least in this industry, you get to learn everything hands-on which could give you an upper-hand should you decide to move up the career ladder in this industry. You can become a construction worker with no qualification or experience, though you have to work extra hard to progress in your career. Part of your daily tasks may include assisting with unloading and loading materials, site clean-up, operating equipment, digging ditches, and making measurements. Becoming a construction worker could also give you an idea of what you actually prefer to do in this line of work, since you work on pretty much everything.

To work in the construction industry, you can’t be afraid of heights, especially when you have to work on site. You have to endure any discomfort on a daily basis, including hot weather and strong wind. You also have to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings all the time to avoid fatal accidents on site.

5 Key Traits a Customer Service Personnel Must Possess

Malaysia holds a very promising career path for those who would want to work in the country. This applies both for the locals and the expatriates. One of the booming industries in Malaysia is in customer service.

Customer service may seem to be a very common job, but it has very high demands and stringent requirements as well. If you are planning to get into this kind of profession, you must understand the basic principles of customer service and the type of commitment it requires. Providing customer service is so much more than what it seems. Satisfying your customers and making sure that a good customer relationship is established during the process to earn their trust and loyalty.

Customer service jobs are available almost in every industry, you can search for customer service jobs online for faster application process. To make sure that you will fit their criteria, here are some key traits you must possess:


  1. You should know how to listen.

Customer service is all about listening. Listening is a skill; and when done correctly, you will be able to accurately identify and evaluate the customer’s concerns. This way you will also be able to provide specific solutions. This key trait doesn’t come naturally to all, so make sure that you possess this and manifest it during the interview.


  1. Know how to communicate clearly.

Listening is the first step, but communication skill is the major requirement. Being a customer service representative, you have to be able to communicate your thoughts and the information you are to deliver with clarity. Customer service representatives communicate in different channels: in person, through phone, and through email correspondence.


  1. You have to have a good memory.

This job requires a good memory, for being a customer service representative, you have to store a lot of information like customer names, their personal information, company policies and product details. You have to be able to process information as quickly as possible to avoid delay in responses.


  1. You have to have good negotiation and persuasion skills.

Customer service representatives encounter both good and difficult to handle customers. There will be times where you will be required to negotiate with customers as far as your company policies are concerned. Most customer service representatives use these skills to control and pacify disgruntled customers and still accomplish their goal in mind.


  1. You need to be efficient.

Efficiency and accuracy are two of the topmost priorities of any customer service representative because customers are always after quality service. Customers will not wait for your response, but you should be able to provide proactive service that will address or resolve your customer’s issues.

Always remember these tips, and bear in mind that you have to be at your best all the time. More importantly, you must go over and beyond to make sure that the customers leave your establishment or end your call with a positive experience. While you may not be able to resolve all their problems by yourself, helping them arrive at a resolution counts too. Your commitment to your profession will say much about your success.