4 Top Reasons For Using Google Apps For Work To Speed up Work Progress


You’re probably already familiar with a variety of Google’s online services, Gmail, Google Drive, AdWords and so on. So, why choose Google Apps for work? When you opt to work with a range of cloud-based apps, your work life becomes more efficient due to the quick turnaround experienced in digging through tasks.

Here are 4 top reasons you should use Google Apps for work to speed up your progress.

  1.  Professional Email Addresses

Many startups and small businesses use their own email addresses as their work emails. Having a specific email address that directly links to your company creates a sense of trust among clients. It further improves and strengthens the reputation of the company’s brand.

  1. Sufficient Storage Space for Files and Emails

Ordinary mail servers offer less than 1 GB of storage space for files and emails. This is quite low for a business that works with a reasonable amount of staff and deals with multiple clients every day. Google Apps provides you 10 GB of storage space, which saves you from all the stress of deleting old mail all the time. You also minimize the risk of losing or deleting sensitive data that you may otherwise need at some later date.

  1. A Seamless Search of Emails

With regular emails, it can be hard and overwhelming to find something that you stored years ago. However, this is not the case with Google Apps. G Suite gives you a fast and robust search facility you can imagine, which makes it easy to trace any old mail in real-time! Furthermore, the service is also backed with an enhanced spam filter. This significantly reduces the level of spam mail one has to dig through every day to find a particular email.

  1. Easy Mobile Access

Many times, most business owners are either somewhere on the road or in meetings. If you’re hoping to find a clever way to manage your business everywhere you go, Google Apps allows you to do so seamlessly. You can send and receive emails. You can schedule a calendar appointment from virtually anywhere using any device—laptop, phone, iPad and so on. Every single thing you choose to do will seem like you’re executing those tasks from your personal office!


Google Apps, now G Suite, makes it easier for you to access an array of apps through one platform to make your online tasks easy to manage. G Suite by far makes it much exciting to share files, sync users, manage your AdWords and much more. In fact, above are some other top fascinating ways how G Suite can speed up your overall performance and efficiency.

Stop Restarting Your Computer All The Time: Time to Take Your Business to the Cloud

TIf you manage a business wherein a lot of your operations are conducted online, it’s highly recommended that you create an account with Google. This allows you to take advantage of the various business tools, services, and resources that the company has built over the years. Many people have the wrong assumption that Google is only a search engine and email provider. The truth is that the company has branched out with a lot of services like Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Apps for business. The majority of these are run on the cloud which means you can access and work on them wherever there’s an internet connection.1

Why You Should Take Your Business To The Cloud

Cloud computing is the future of running online businesses. It offers flexibility and efficiency for your operations. Gone are the days where everyone had to be in the same room before taking a decision or completing a project. For instance, as a Google Apps partner, you will have access to dozens of applications that are very useful in managing your business. These apps can be used in all aspects of your operations. You can use them to communicate, store data, collaborate with other people, or manage your business finances.2

What To Expect When Your Business Is On The Cloud

  1. You will be equipped with tools and apps that are designed specifically for your business. You can use these tools and apps for marketing, sales, accounting, storing data, and communicating with business partners and customers.
  2. It will be much easier to collaborate with other people. Cloud computing enables you to talk with groups of people from anywhere in the world. All of you can also access, edit, and share data with each other.
  3. There’s better security for your data storage. In fact, clouds are way more secure compared to traditional IT systems.3

The bottom line here is that it’s a good idea to bring your business to the cloud. As we mentioned earlier, cloud computing is the future of running and managing online businesses and assets. Now is the perfect time for you to jump on the bandwagon.

5 Reasons Why Server Colocation Might Be A Good Option For Your Business Website

Setting up your own IT department can be very costly. The infrastructure alone will require an immense amount of investment. This is not to mention the fact that you need to hire IT professionals to run and manage the servers. The payroll for these technicians can cause a significant dent in your coffers. In a nutshell, setting up your own IT department is simply an option you don’t have if you are running a small business website. This is why it’s highly recommended that you consider entering into a colocation deal. You will have access to all the equipment, space, and bandwidth you need at a fraction of the cost.


Main Reasons Why Colocation Is A Good Idea 

1) It will save you a lot of money and resources. As we mentioned earlier, running your own server infrastructure is very expensive. If you choose colocation, you will cut the cost down for up to 80%. It will also reduce your management costs because you don’t have to hire professionals to manage the servers. Almost everything will be handled by the host company.

security2) Your data will be more secure. Colocation providers will house your servers in protected data centers. They usually utilize security measures such as bio-metric scanners, codded access, closed-circuit cameras, alarm systems, and built-in software programs designed to prevent possible attacks by hackers.

3) You can easily scale your service up or down. If you are looking for server colocation in Malaysia, ensure that the provider allows you to scale up or scale down your services in short notice. This is especially true if you are running a business whose profitability is seasonal.

4) Your servers will be more stable. This means that your business website will always be afloat even if there’s a huge spike in traffic. In the event that it goes down, the colocation provider has the necessary manpower to bring your website back at the soonest possible time.

5) Recovery of lost data will be quicker and more efficient. There’s always the risk that some of your business data get lost or corrupted. But you don’t have to worry because colocation providers have security and backup measures set up to retrieve your lost data.


In conclusion, colocation is a very viable alternative for your business website if you want high-quality servers without going through the hassle of setting up your own IT department. Colocation is cheap and it comes with a lot of benefits, some of which were discussed above.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Server Colocation



When your website needs its own machine, you might want to consider a server colocation service. This kind of service is usually an advanced web service hosting package offered by web hosting companies. This means that you would have a server, whether something you brought to the server farm or you bought through the web hosting company. The server would be physically located at the hosting company’s server facility.


The following are five reasons why you should consider a server colocation package:


  1. Security. Web hosting company server rooms typically have a very high level of security. Because the server is not located at your offices, there would be no worries about physical break-ins into your server room, which has relatively looser security than a server farm.


  1. Faster web. With your server located within the web hosting company’s facilities, it is physically closer to the internet backbone. Compared to a computer located at your office, a server at the web hosting company site would not need to connect via other servers, and kilometers of cables before connecting to the ISP backbone. Your server would be connected to a line which has a bandwidth of several gigabits.


  1. Support and Maintenance. You would not need to have personnel watch over your server on a 24/7 basis. If you bought the service and the server through the web hosting company, they would be responsible for the physical support and maintenance of the computer.


  1. Worry Free Service. Problems can still arise, but these would be limited to the physical machine. You would not need to worry about backups as well as power interruptions. These would be part of the service agreement with the web hosting firm.


  1. Less onsite cost. If you had a server within your offices, you would need to consider the cost of electricity, the internet connection, as well as the personnel who need to watch over the machine, as well as the training cost for these people. These are additional costs shouldered by the web hosting firm as part of their service.


Not every company requires their servers to be co-located, however, if the volume and the traffic were huge, it would be much simpler and less costly to have your server co-located at the web hosting firm site.

Web Hosting and Servers: Choosing The Right Web Service

When you need to use a web service such as web hosting or a web server, there are several options to consider. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, one service might fit your need and budget more than another. Knowing the difference between these services can save a lot of headaches and time.

Web Hosting

Web hosting services are for when you or your company need an official website up and running 24/7, easily accessed from anywhere on the internet. These services specialize in hosting websites, and cut most costs and technicalities of running a website by typically having data centres full of dedicated servers for clients to rent. Web hosting services can also provide additional space within their data centres for colocation services.

If you’re only looking to host a website, and don’t need a server for any additional services, web hosting is the most cost efficient and direct route to go. Web hosting companies may also provide server colocation space within their data centres if you need it.

Server Colocation

Server colocation services are for when your company needs a group of connected servers. Colocation allows you to rent out blocks of computers within a data centre, varying depending on your size and need. Colocation provides a safe and efficient way for constant connectivity and data housing.

Benefits of Colocation


  • Efficient routing of space and power — The servers are arranged efficiently withing a managed data centre for optimal performance and cost efficiency.


  • Managed by professionals — Servers are managed by experts to ensure technical problems are avoided or dealt with quickly and appropriately.


  • Upgrading is made easy — As your company grows, you may need more servers to compensate. With colocation, you can rent out additional space within the data centre.



Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a server that shares its hardware and resources with other customers. Virtual private servers run instances of internet connected operating systems and give customers complete control to run any software they’d like. Virtual private servers may be offered additionally by web hosting companies, and virtual private servers themselves can be used for web hosting.

If you need additional control for your web server, virtual private servers are worth considering. It is worth noting that performance may vary as the server’s resources are shared.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server, like a virtual private server, allows you complete control over the operating system. You may run any software or operating system you wish on a dedicated server. Unlike a virtual private server, dedicated servers are not shared with anyone else.

Because dedicated servers are not shared, they tend to be much more costly than virtual private servers. They are generally more for IT professionals for their power and technical knowledge required.

Choosing What’s Right

Web services give you many options for what you’re trying to accomplish. Consider what each offer to choose what’s right for you.


5 Ways to Recapture Your World of Warcraft Glory Days


With the next expansion slated for a release at the end of Summer, many lapsed World of Warcraft players feel the game pulling them back in. If you are one of those former players, you may have picked up a WoW time card and reactivated your account, only to find that you don’t really know what you should be doing to have fun with the game. Now that you are back you may want to recapture the unique fun that you had experienced your first time around, or you might just be looking for some ways to pass the time until the release of the Legion expansion pack. Here are five ways you can accomplish either of those goals.
Checkout some New Add-Ons 

One of the strongest features of the WoW game that has withstood the test of time has been the customizable user interface. The moddable API created infinite possibilities for potential add-ons, with the add-ons ranging from functional in-game tools to fun little time wasters to do alone or with your friends. Take a look at some of the add-ons currently available, whether they be old classics or new additions to the library.
maxresdefault (4)
Get Back into the Player Versus Player Game 

Though you may have been gone for an extended period of time, WoW’s Player Versus Player community is still alive and well. You can play through the Battlegrounds you remember from your time in WoW, as well as some new ones that will give you a new lease on Player Versus Player.
Replay the Outdated Content 
There are few better ways to wax nostalgic on WoW than a run through of the old raids and dungeons, as most players had spent countless hours playing them the first time around. You can relive the fun of a good boss battle, or the frustrations of a group member going full “Leroy Jenkins” on your run through Upper Blackrock Spire.
Join a New Raiding Guild 

If you are looking for a way to have fun while getting yourself back up to speed, join up with a new raiding guild prior to the release of the Legion expansion. There are still a number of full time raiding guilds that are active, as raiding continues to remain an important piece of the WoW game.
Level-Up an Alt Character 

While you may have burned yourself out on levelling the first time around, that was content that you played through ages ago. If you have just reactivated your account with a WoW time card, levelling an alt can be a great way to get yourself back into the WoW groove. This would also be a safe way to get your feet wet again, as the process of raiding could burn a veteran player out well before the expansion pack has been released. Regardless of your motivation for levelling an alt character, the World of Warcraft is still there waiting for you to pick up your sword or daggers and rejoin the adventure.

Server Colocation Help


Server colocation in Malaysia is important because you need to get all your information to just one place, and you can do it there for much less money. You will be able to use the server that you find to store everything in the same place, and you will no longer feel like you do not have options. You do not have to waste space when you have your information spread around, and then you will be able to use the server that you have found as your home base.

The home base that you pick is going to make your life easier, and the home base is going to be easy to access. The host that you work with is actually going to help you make sure that you get the best results, and they are going to make it even easier for you to find the space that you need. They can get you the exact amount of space you need, and they will show you how you can move everything to that new space.
There are even better ways to manage your data because the host can actually do all the migration for you. They make sure that you have gotten the results that you want, and they make sure that you are happy with the way it looks. They handle everything, and you just approve it when the process is over. You should not have to wonder how it is going to happen, and you should not try to migrate on your own. The process is too complex, and you are much better off getting the host to show you what to do when their own staff steps in to take care of it.

You will be able to save some time when you are trying to make the best use of your servers, and you can get the host to do other things for you that you will pay a small fee for. They are going to make it easy for you to get the help you need with your brand new server, and that includes your security. Security is really important because you need to be safe, and letting the host set it up is so much easier than trying to get it done yourself. They offer a lot of packages that are going to make it easy for you to get the work done, and they will help you choose new ways to secure your server.


You need to pick out just one host that is going to give you the exact server you need. They can even order the server for you, and they will help you get it set up. This is a really simple way of making sure that you are going to feel comfortable with your new host, and you will be able to hand off all the work to them. They take care of everything, and they you do not have to worry about it every again after the migration.


What is Server Co-location, and Is It Right for You?


Unlike large corporations that have massive IT departments and their own dedicated internet infrastructure that enables them to host their own web servers, small businesses have to rely on other methods in order to establish their online presence. The methods vary, but one such method that can be used is server co-location.
Colocation lets place your server on someone else’s rack, sharing their bandwidth. While this typically costs more than regular web hosting, it is still less expensive than getting a comparable amount of bandwidth on your own. Once your machine is setup and ready, you will have to take it, physically, to the location of the provider, which in turn provides your machine with bandwidth, power and an IP address.
Using colocation as your method of generating an online presence has plenty of benefits, with the largest benefit being the lower cost involved compared to setting up your own bandwidth at your location. For the same price of having a business-level DSL line installed, about $200 per month, you can have an entire server available to you.
Some of the drawbacks to colocation include the price. If your site is more along the lines of a “hobby”, and not so much a business that requires massive amounts of bandwidth, you may want to consider a website through more cost-effective means, such as with a traditional web host. Additionally, prices for colocation services can fluctuate. Another downside is getting access to your hardware. With your server residing at another location, it may be challenging accessing it when it is not the normal hours for providers’ location.
Server co-location can be a great alternative for your business, so long as you can find one nearby and at the right price. If your business requires a great deal of bandwidth, this is definitely something you should check into. However, if your site does not have a need for large amounts of bandwidth, you should consider other, more cost-effective options.