Hygiene and Toilets 101: Why Experts Recommend the Use of Water Instead of Tissue Paper


Wash or wipe? Some people in Malaysia and other parts of the globe ask that question after using the toilet. Which is the better option and what are the differences? Many experts often choose one: It’s to use water. Let’s explore the top 6 reasons they give so you know why washing with water is the better choice.1

  1. It’s more environmentally friendly Simply explained, use water to wash, save on paper, and eventually save the world. The number of trees that are cut down in order to make paper is crazy. Not to mention, there is already a huge problem with the world – global warming. IF reducing your carbon print is a priority, then this should motivate you.2
  2. Less expensive and less waste In order to make a roll of toilet paper, one uses about 2 KWH, over 30 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood. This is the kind of budgeting that developing nations such as Malaysia couldn’t afford. Water, on the other hand, is easily available.3
  3. It’s more efficient This can be best explained using an example. If someone decides to put a pile of steaming poop on your desk, would you wipe it off then continue with your day’s work or would you get yourself some water and soap? Well, water ensures that you get all the poop from your bum. Sure, a few squares of tissue afterward ensures you’re not a soggy mess down there, which is important, especially if you are prone to yeast or rash or you have to wear layers of clothes, which prevent you from drying out naturally.4
  4. Better hygiene Truth be told, wiping alone is a nasty business that was only used as an alternative when there was no pure water, and often, our hands and nails get in the way. If you don’t wash them properly, and they are used to prepare a meal, this could lead to bacterial infections or worse.Bladder infection word cloud concept
  5. Reduce bladder and vaginal infections Most toilet papers are white and hence could contain bleaches. Chlorine could irritate hemorrhoids or irritate the skin and cause serious health issues.Young beautiful woman in rubber gloves holding her nose
  6. Avoid the possibility of any lingering unpleasant smells Tissue gets rid of the color but not the smell; only water can do that.

We use water and soap to wash our hands and our clothes. But just a piece of paper to wipe our bums? This doesn’t make sense. One might feel weird or awkward at first, but washing with water is the best and safest method. That’s why there is a growing number of people in Malaysia using bidet toilet seats. It’s an easy and hygienic way to use water in washing. In addition, it’s a way to help the environment because we’re using fewer resources.

The Gist of Juicing – 5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Juicing Diet

Whether you try to lose weight or wish to get rid of nasty toxins in your body, a juicing diet is one way to go. Basically, juice diets are based on the concept that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest cleansing foods we can consume. Taking them in as juices allows us to maximize their benefits. Combining the right veggies and fruits can help clear out unwanted or harmful toxins, provide the body with natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; and bring us closer to our desired weight. But right before you start juicing, there are a few things you need to know. Find out how to maximize the benefits of your juicing diet by reading through these 5 important need-to-know facts.

Excellent health status  concept draw on transparent white wipe board with a hand holding a marker

  1. Your Current Health Status Matters – What could be the harm in diving headfirst into a juicing diet? After all, you are using fruits and vegetables, right? Although most of the population might do just fine, not everyone is cut out for juicing diets. For instance, those with borderline or full-on diabetes should first consult their doctors before they go on the juicing journey. Other people who might also want to get a second opinion from a health care specialist are those with yeast infections or with infections in the digestive tract.
  2. The Best Time to Drink Juice – There is a time when your body will absorb nutrients from juices much better, and this is when you feel hungriest. Drinking your juice 30 minutes before you eat will allow you to get as much from your mixture as possible, maximizing the absorption and the benefits of the juice.best-time-to-drink-juice-made-with-juice-extractor-before-meal
  3. Understanding Ingredient Combinations – Not all vegetables and fruits will mix well with each other, so you should do a little experimentation before you go and make whole servings of your juice. As a general rule, you should use common produce to start, so your body doesn’t feel too surprised or overwhelmed with the sudden dietary change. When you start to accustomed to the diet, you can then toss in some more exotic fruits and vegetables.put-combinations-of-ingredients-into-juice-extractor-is-important
  4. Best Practices for Preparation – The way you prepare your juice will greatly affect how well it works for your body. Of course, a thorough wash should be the first step in the process, followed by proper peeling, slicing, and put removal. You can use a conventional manual juicer if you have one at home. But if you really want to get all that juice out, especially for tougher ingredients like vegetables – you should buy a juice extractor to help you increase the amount you get out of every piece of fruit or vegetable.
  5. Give Time for Adjusting – There are some fruits or vegetables that your body might not agree with completely, so be sure to give yourself some time to adjust to the ingredients you put in your juice. For example, if you add a new ingredient in one of your concoctions today, wait at least three days before you add a new one. This will help you pinpoint which ingredient causes you discomfort and unpleasant side effects, so you can scrap it from your list of viable produce options.

Juicing can be a very fruitful and satisfying practice, so try to take on that juice diet when you can. Give yourself an energy boost, cleanse your body, and experience health and wellness like never before with an effective juicing diet.

HEPA Helps A Home

Air quality in the home is something taken for granted. This is not due to deliberate willful blindness to the importance of air quality. People just assume that a home is free of impurities and pollution. While the average home is hardly as troublesome as an industrial facility, air quality can and does suffer due to a number of factors.


Air Travels And So Do Impurities

Air circulates through a home and this is a good thing for persons hoping to avoid dealing with stale air. Unfortunately, air that travels through the exterior environment is also bringing in dirt, dust, fibers, and various other not-so-nice particles. While these impurities are not visible to the naked eye, they do cause a host of troubling problems.

Be ever so mindful of the fact that whatever is in the air is going to be breathed in by the occupants of a home. A host of health woes can arise from poor air quality. Thankfully, there are things capable of reducing the presence of impurities.



The HEPA Solution

HEPA helps. The word stands for high-efficiency particulate arrestance and its purpose is, as the name suggests, to ensure the quality of air in a home is up to high standards. A portable HEPA filtration unit could prove to be a tremendous asset when concerns over air quality reach very high levels.

Basically, the device is used to funnel air through a dust collector and filtering system. The air enters in with impurities and exists in a much cleaner and more natural state. As a result, air in the home improves dramatically.

Picture 3


High Air Quality And High Quality Filters

Do not try and save money with low-grade filters. They are not going to be of any help to the cause of keeping the air in a home clean. Look towards purchasing solid, high-grade HEPA filters in Malaysia as they are going to deliver the best results.


Maintaining Your Teak Dining Room Furniture

wood tableIt is really important to take care of your furniture. Wood furniture requires different maintenances from furniture made from other things. It is really important to take care of them carefully, or else your furniture would not last long. A lot of people have started to use wood furniture in their dining rooms, especially the ones made from teak. Today, we will discuss further on how to take care and maintain teak furniture.


care your wood furniture


Read The Instructions

If you bought new teak furniture, do not forget to ask for brochures or pamphlets that contain instructions on how to maintain them. This is important because these instructions are made by the manufacturers of these furniture, they are the one who knows about the furniture the most. And then, you should follow the guides and instruction carefully.



If there is any drawer on your furniture, for example there are some drawers on your dining table, it is important to keep the drawers open. The purpose of doing this is to allow the smell of the furniture oil to dissipate.


dining table drawer

keep the drawers open


Move Them Carefully

It is really important to move your teak furniture carefully. It does not matter how strong it looks, or how sturdy it is, you still have to be careful in handling it. It is advised to move it by lifting instead of dragging. This is because dragging your furniture can sometimes cause bumps and other damages to them, which is not something you want to happen to your new furniture. By doing this, you are also preserving the joints’ integrity.


No Hot Items

Do not forget not to put hot items such as pans directly on the surface of your teak furniture, especially dining table It is okay to put hot items on them, but you should use tablemats or place mats.



use tablemats


Direct Heat or Sunlight

Aside from pans, it is also important not to place your teak furniture in direct sunlight or next to a source of heat. This is because they will cause dryness. As an addition, they can cause the colors of your furniture to fade, as well as cracking surfaces.


furniture oilFurniture Oils

It is also important to maintain your furniture with furniture oils periodically. Not only tables, but also the dining chair. It is advised to do this once every month to prevent cracking.



Those are the few things you can do to take care of your dining chair, table, as well as other dining room interior. It is important not to forget any of these things. Taking care of your furniture will help them to last longer with the best condition possible.

How To Organize Your Closet: Tips From Pro Organizers


There is no point in owning clothes, purses, shoes, or belts if you can’t find them in your closet. Oftentimes, these things go without being worn because you never see them. If your closet is a cluttered mess, it is a good idea to take a day off, and organize your closet. All you need is a chest drawer, a shoe cabinet, and a few tips on how to get your closet organized so that you can maximize your space and see everything that you own.


Throw Some Things Away


For many people, throwing clothes away or donating them can be very difficult. As hard as it may be, it is necessary if you want to make room in your closet so that you can see the things that you will actually wear. You should start with clothes, shoes, and accessories that you have not used in the last two years. If you have clothes that are too small or too large, you should throw get rid of them. If you are dieting or are trying to put weight on however, these items can be kept. When you look at an article of clothing or an accessory, ask yourself if you saw it in a store today, if you would still buy it. If it holds not sentimental value, you should get rid of it.



Find Storage Solutions


Hanging all of your clothes on hangers is not a good idea. Most people do not have enough room in their closet to hold all of their clothes. Also, you can’t hang certain items on a hanger. Bringing a chest of drawers for heavy sweaters will help save a great deal of room in your closet. Shoe cabinets will keep the shoes together, so that you are not always searching for a missing shoe. If you have shelves on the top of your closet, you can use small plastic bins to store clothes that are out of season.




Different types of clothing would need to be organized and hung in a different way. If you know the solution for each, you will have a more organized closet.


Tops: If you have enough room in the closet to hang all of your tops, you should. If you can see them, you will wear them more often. This will give you a variety, rather than just grabbing for the only ones that are in plain sight.


Sweaters: It is a good idea to keep your sweaters folded properly, so that they don’t lose their shape. Using a sweater folding board is a good idea to fold your sweaters perfectly. When storing your sweaters in a chest of drawers, you should store them according to their weight, and use dividers. This way, you will be able to find light sweaters, heavy sweaters, and button down sweaters easily, without needing to pull every sweater out.


Jeans: There are many ways to store your jeans. Some people store by size, some by color, some by cut, and some by style. The most popular way to store jeans is to hang them by the shade of the denim, going from light to dark. The jeans should be hung on a hanger, by the hem.


Slacks, Skirts, and Shorts: These items should be hung in the closet. You should use the hangers with clips. When hanging them, fold in the sides so that the clips don’t mark the outside. Also, it will be easier to see what you have.
Dresses: The first thing that you should know when it comes to hanging dresses, is that you should never leave them in the dry cleaning bag. This is true with any type of garment. The chemicals from the dry cleaning will attack the fibers, causing damage. When it comes to hanging your dresses, you should keep the short dresses together with the long dresses. After you have separated those, you should separate the sleeveless dresses with the dresses with sleeves.


Bags, Scarves, and Hats: It is a good idea to keep the purses out of their dust bags. They will not get damaged, and you will be able to see them, making changing bags easier. Scarves should be folded neatly, and organized by color and material. If you have several hats, keeping them in hat boxes on the top shelf of the closet is a good idea. You can take a photo of each hat, and glue it to the front of the box. This way, the hats will be organized and you will still be able to see which hat is in which box.


Shoes: When you organize your shoes in the shoe cabinet, you should keep them separate. One row of sneakers, one row of flats, one row of heels, and one row of open toe shoes. When the shoes are separated, you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly.


Lingerie: Lingerie should be organized by color, size, and type. Be sure to rotate your bras and underwear often. This will prevent you from wearing the same few over and over. Rotating will get full use out of everything that you own.


Jewelry: The best place to store your jewelry is in a built in drawer in the closet or in the dresser. This will keep things neat and it will keep your jewelry out of sight.


When you have an organized closet, dressing each day will be much easier, and everything will be neat and tidy. If you need additional tips, you can view more at www.ethnicraft-online.com.my.


Air Filters Breathe New Life Into Healthy Living


Human beings are societal creatures; we spend most of our lives with other people. Our families play a crucial role in our development socially. Homes play even a bigger role putting up for us. How we live in our homes, the air we breathe, the food we eat, go a long way in our overall wellness. Air purifier’s work to jettison pollutants from the air we breathe and are especially helpful for people with allergies, asthma and lung correlated maladies.





  • Air purifier’s work to ensure the air around is clean by doing away with particles bigger than 0.3 microns from the air.
  • Purifiers also work to deodorize the air using suction, streamer and suction technology to alleviate prejudicial odors
  • Air purifiers work to ensure the air we breathe stays as clean as possible



Modern air filter are equipped with HEPA (high efficiency particular arresting) that help optimize the cleaning process. HEPA filters vary in compliance, such as HEPA filters in Malaysia all have different specifications. HEPA filters can vindicate the air of dust, smoke, pollen and a diversity of other occurring pollutants. HEPA-compliant air purifiers are estimated to clear out 99.97% of impurities from the air



Keeping air conditioning equipment as sterile as possible is another way of keeping the air we take in as garden-fresh as possible. Regular maintenance should be done to ensure they remain dirt-free. Regular vacuuming is also a good air cleaning implementation that’s very easy and straight forward to implement. Vacuuming also helps clear the air of dust mites



Ventilation is a sure way to keep a constant supply of renewed air flowing in. Smoke from cooking can pollute the air we take in at home. Proper ventilation ensures there is a constant supply of air coming in and out of the home
Pesticides are one of the most communal pollutants to our homes. There are proven alternatives to the use of pesticides that are more aero-friendly and reduce pollution. Pesticides can prove to be very detrimental for people with breathing related conditions.

New paint can change the overall outlook of a home. But paint can be a very bad pollutant to the air especially after a fresh coat of paint has been applied. Low volatile organic compound paint are safer as they give off less pollution in the air when compared to regular paint.

Carpets and beddings should be kept clean and aired out often as they give refuge to a lot of pollutants that can be very toxic to the air.

Why You Should Buy Teakwood Furniture

Teakwood furniture last longer with regular cleaning and care. Marks caused by water, scratches and food stains can make your beautiful furniture look less than perfect. The best way to care for your furniture is to use a gentle cleaner made especially for the finish. Take furniture look stylish and beautiful. You can purchase the best teak furniture online in Malaysia for reasonable prices.


Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?

The great thing about teak furniture is the fact that it offers beauty, elegance and durability. This tropical tree has been used for fine furniture for hundreds of years. Teak wood has a natural resistance to changing weather conditions, which make it an excellent choice for the outdoors. Most teak trees are 80 years old before they are harvested for their wood. It also has natural oils and rubber that make the wood stronger than other types used for furniture. These natural oils also protect the wood from rotting, parasites and fungi.

Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?


Teakwood Furniture Care

Indoor teakwood furniture does not need an oil treatment like outdoor furniture. Outdoor teakwood furniture will take on a silver appearance after several months. If you want to keep the natural honey color, then you will need to use a sealer after each regular cleaning. It is a great idea to purchase teakwood furniture cleaners and sealers when buying your furniture.

A regular cleaning will prevent the furniture from developing dirt that will make your furniture look dull. Use light sandpaper when trying to remove scratches and marks from teakwood furniture. If you care for your teakwood furniture, it will last for several decades.

DEMA Minutes “TIps for Teak Wood Maintenance”



How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

The first step to choosing outdoor furniture is to know your style. Look through home magazines to find your outdoor living style. You can easily duplicate the look by buying the same type of pieces in the photos. They do not have to be the same color, but the grouping should be similar. Thoughtful planning will save you time and money when designing your outdoor hardscape.
Think about the size of space that you need to entertain family and friends. For example, purchase enough seating to accommodate your guests around a fire pit as the focal point. Consider function, design and high quality woods such as teakwood. Plastic outdoor furniture will not look as elegant and beautiful as teakwood. The outdoor furniture you choose should be just as comfortable as your indoor furniture.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics. Storage chests and end tables make the area look appealing and comfortable. Fabric materials such as polyester fibers that resist moisture and mildew will keep your furniture looking elegant. They should also provide comfort for your guests and include designs that match the outdoor décor.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics.

Seat cushions with the same patterns on the front and back are a great way to preserve the look. Lounge chairs and rockers are a great addition to regular chairs. Make sure you have an awning or umbrella to provide shade during hot, sunny days.

Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Muslim Tour

If you are looking for a Muslim tour package that will fit your Muslim values, then you need to be aware of some potential roadblocks before you start your search. It’s not always easy to find a good compromise between your beliefs and having a good time. In this post, we will explain some of the pitfalls that can come up when you want to find a Muslim tour and what kinds of things you should stay on the lookout for to ensure that you have a pleasant and rewarding experience.
The first thing to check is whether the tour employs locals as guides and for other tasks and services. Nobody knows an area like a local, and that goes double for religious tours. You want your staff to be as knowledgeable as possible so that you can benefit from your tour. If the workers are local, it means you can learn about the local culture in a way that a foreign guide wouldn’t be able to show you. It is also an opportunity to support the local economy. This is definitely a case where going local is the right way to go. If the company does not have local workers and guides, then you should question how much they really know about the area. Using a local provides a better experience and usually is cheaper than flying in a foreign guide, so if you see foreign guides then something is off.


The next thing you should question is the tour company’s dedication to Muslim principles. Examine their promotional materials and website to make sure that they embrace the concept of living Halal. It is rare, but it does happen that companies advertise themselves as friendly to Muslims without actually being so- they might fail to seek out Halal food or otherwise compromise your beliefs. If you want to enjoy the experience, it is essential that the company make you comfortable that they understand and respect your values. You won’t know for sure until you actually go on the tour, but you can look around to see how they present themselves. Take a look at the pictures they show you, the food they mention, and the destinations they visit to determine if they seem to be in keeping with Halal.


Finally, tour quality. Does the tour actually visit interesting places and provide good background information about them? Make sure the tour is well-organized and that it has a good schedule. You don’t want hours of dead time, and you also don’t want to have to rush from one place to another. Ensure that the schedule is reasonable and that you will spend enough time at each place to learn about it, but not so much that you sacrifice seeing a variety of sights. Look at several different tours of the same area to learn which sights are the highlights and which are unique offerings from each company. If possible, talk to some locals or people who have visited the area to learn about which things are worth seeing and which are not.


If you are thinking about a tour in the near future and you want it to adhere to your Muslim principles, then you need to do your due diligence and research any tour company before spending money. That way, you can avoid any potential mishaps from selecting a tour that does not respect your beliefs. It’s important to be careful about this research due to how many companies out there do not fully comply with all Halal principles.

What Is a Corflute Sheet?

corflute sheet


These days, corrugated plastic is referred to by several registered tradenames, one of which is Corflute. It is a twin-wall plastic sheet product made from polypropylene. The Corflute designation is a registered trademark of Corex Plastics, a manufacturer and supplier of multi-wall and solid sheet products based in Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.




Corflute sheets have several functions. Perhaps the most ubiquitous applications are temporary signage, products exhibits, and point-of-sale displays. However, they are also found at building sites, where they protect floors; as composite boxes in automotive components; as pharmaceutical and glass packaging; and as containers for produce to absorb moisture and provide wet strength. Moreover, electronics manufactures use Corflute for anti-static purposes — particularly for packaging sensitive components. Other common uses include home insulation applications, tree and vine guards, root barriers, water separators, solar panel protective sleeves, and temporary security windows.


corflute sheet2Manufactured as lightweight material, Corflute has a make-up similar to corrugated fiberboard. It can be easily cut with a utility knife. Any equipment used to cut it, however, has to be very sharp with low hold-down pressure for precision and smooth edge finish. An utility knife is best suited for smaller job runs or craftwork, while conventional paper guillotining equipment is required for larger, more sophisticated projects. Corflute manufacturers usually offer a wide variety of thicknesses, the most common of which are 3, 4, and 5 millimeters. Common Corflute colors include blue, grey, black, yellow, red, green, and white.


The lightness of Corflute belies its strength and durability. Plus, they are impact- and water resistant, very flexible, non-toxic and resistant to chemicals, and are 100 percent recyclable. They are ideal for short-term outdoor applications, especially considering that they have a resistance to ultraviolet rays or other potentially harmful elements. Corflute is available in flame retardant version.

Good Advice for Buying Property in Singapore

When it comes to good property investment, Singapore is at the top of the list. Although annual home sales have dropped over the past 6 months, so has the government’s land supply for private housing. Whenever easing of new building is forced, the result is a higher demand for existing homes. Who knows how long this restructuring will last? Many investors speculate several years of a cooling period, which will drive personal homes and flats up in value and price.

Is Singapore Property Still a Good Place to Invest?

HDB flats for sale in Singapore are a great investment today. According to the government price index that measures resale flat prices, the significant drop from a 2.5% increase in flat listings in 2012 to a 1.0% decrease in 2015, says it all. The Choa Chu Kang area hosts 4-room flats around $350,000.00 while Marine Paradise is holding firm in the $500,000.00 price range. These are reasonable price ranges that could net a profit in a few years.

Condo amenities
Condominium price is higher compare to HDB because good amenities available!


Condos tend to be a little pricier than HDB flats but are available with more square feet, have pools and other amenities for condo owners, and are within easy walking distance from shops and markets. The schools and activities for children also make high-rise condominiums a great prospect when the time for buying is right. If you are new to the area, renting is also an option where you can get a better perspective on which way the housing market is going.

HDB flats for sale in Singapore
HDB flats are the hot properties in Singapore!

Properties in Hot Spots

The hot spots for purchasing residential property in Singapore change often. If you are looking to invest and resale, it could pay to keep up with the latest X-ValueTM. The asking price and the market value is always a game of strategy, skill, and timing. However, in the real estate climate of Singapore today, there is no better time to try your hand. For example, HDB flats for sale in Singapore might be conservative in price due to an over-abundance of living quarters in one area. This is when the X-Value serves to be important. One flat priced at $425,000 may have an X-Value of $456,000. Scoop it up then sit and wait.

Regardless if you are looking to play the residential investment game, or are looking at a career in Singapore and need a nice family home, this could be the right time to look and buy.