4 most-visited indoor playgrounds in KL during the school holidays


School holidays mean fun and excitement for kids, but it can be particularly challenging for parents. Being a parent means that you are in charge of making sure that this free day does not become boring for your little ones. And because they don’t have school, you might want to find a great place for them to use up all that wild energy before bedtime. If you are not sure where to take your kids on their next free day, fret not. We have chosen 5 great places in Kuala Lumpur that your kids will surely love!


#1 Kidzania         
Kidzania hits that perfect spot between education and entertainment. In this theme park, kids can take on about 90 different jobs, from surgeons to runway models, Kidzania has it all! Not only will your kids have unforgettable fun, they will also learn amazing things and get to try professions they might one day pursue.


#2 Icescape Ice Rink          
This is a great place to visit if you want to cool off from the city heat. Icescape, located in IOI City Mall, boasts of an Olympic-sized skating rink that is fun for all ages! You get to glide on the ice and even fall on your butt, all sure to add up to a great bonding experience.


#3 Jungle Gym   

For your active little ones, Jungle Gym in Atria Shopping Gallery will literally keep them busy for hours on end. This enormous indoor playground is filled with colorful tubes, slides, bridges, sand play stations, arts and crafts corner, all suitable for kids on a wide age range.


#4 The Kingdom             

Tucked inside Sunway Putra Mall is another great indoor playground. They also cater for kids of all ages, as well a wide variety of interests for your little ones. This huge playground has slides, trampolines, ball pool, and a climbing wall. Kids who want to take a break from all the running and climbing can take refuge on their library corner or play at the PS4 Game Zone.


These few free days of the school holidays are important for your kids. It is a welcome break from school and they will surely be looking to go somewhere fun. Make sure that you have extra socks, clothes, and refreshments once your little ones are done running, playing, and climbing around these amazing places.

Maximizing Your Baccarat Bankroll

All gamblers would love to win all the time, but that simply isn’t possible when playing games of chance like baccarat. Winning baccarat is more a matter of maximizing your bankroll than anything else, and it doesn’t involve any kind of special strategies. In fact, anyone can do it and do it well.

1. Define Your Budget 

The first step to winning baccarat is to determine how much you can afford to gamble on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. If you never exceed your limits, then you can never really lose. It helps to decide in advance whether your budget is fixed or can be enhanced with your winnings.

2. Establish Your Schedule 

Set you schedule, and then allocate your budget based on it. For instance, if you plan to play two hours on Friday and again on Saturday and have a $100 bankroll, then you’re going to need to budget yourself so that you spend no more than $25 each hour.

3. Have Multiple Accounts 

There are many online games in Singapore to choose from. Don’t feel the need to lock yourself into one particular establishment. Give yourself the freedom to go where the odds and the bonuses are, and only deposit as much as you need to so that you’re never overcommitted to a particular casino.

4. Go with the Odds 

Baccarat odds are not standardized. The odds will vary from one establishment to the next based on a wide range of factors, including the shoe size and house commission. Never assume the odds. Calculate them, and then go where the best odds are. That may mean moving around on occasion, but that’s alright and why we maintain multiple accounts.

5. Always Bet on Banker 

Regardless of the specific odds, betting on the banker is always the most favourable bet for the player. This doesn’t change unless some fundamental configuration changes, in which case it isn’t baccarat. Bet banker no matter what’s been happening. Never bet player. Never bet tie, and never waste money with side bets.

6. Take Advantage of Bonuses 

Bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, are a great way to enhance your bankroll with no out-of-pocket expense. Another way to look at it is the odds being shifted in your favour. Bonuses have strings attached, usually in the form of wagering requirements. It may take a while to get into the clear, but as long as the bonus is sound up front, then it’s an opportunity worth taking advantage of.

7. Focus on Betting Strategies Not Gambling Strategies 

Betting strategies win baccarat not gambling strategies. Gambling strategies are the idea that you can somehow manipulate the odds to come out ahead, but in reality, that is never possible.


Whether you fancy baccarat or one of the many other online games in Singapore, remember that success is measured in the strong choices you make and not in any particular outcome. Winning streaks will come and go, but a sound approach will keep you on an even keel.


Five Reasons to Come Back to Azeroth with Legion


This year, doom will come to both the Alliance and the Horde as the Burning Legion returns and it brings with it, Sargeras, the Ravager of Worlds! Legion marks the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft taking place after Warlords of Draenor and opens up a dire new chapter for WoW players to come back to Azeroth. With the introduction of a new class and new artifacts, returning to the WoW game brings new excitement and challenges for players.


The latest expansion will take place after the events of Warlords of Draenor and will return WoW’s mightiest heroes back to the land of Azeroth to fend off the third invasion by the Burning Legion. Players will find themselves racing against time looking for the fabled Pillars of Creation believed lost forever on the Broken Isles. They must face off against the powerful orc warlord Gul’dan once again and find out the secrets he keeps about the mysterious Burning Legion, an army that has grown larger and stronger than any invasion in the history of Azeroth.


When it comes to playing WoW, players love the release of a new expansion and the new features that come to their favorite game. With the use of a WoW time card, players can get in on the action now in anticipation of the coming release. Here are a few features that are coming with WoW’s sixth expansion Legion:



  • The level cap will be raised to 110 and to help the heroes prepare for the invasion WoW: Legion will allow one free character boost to level 100 which includes any newly created character.


  • A new hero class called the Demon Hunter. This class, similar to the one from Diablo, will be a melee hero that can turn into demonic forms during combat.


  • The introduction of the Honor System. A new ranking system which will not only offer new ranks and bonuses but also PvP-specific abilities to use against opposing factions.


  • New Class Order Halls and Class Orders. Recruit NPCs to your class order and send them on specific missions for fame and glory.


  • A new continent named the Broken Isles. A place of mystery and secrets, this island chain brings forth twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare and players will not only square off against the hordes of the Burning Legion but also twisted versions of a lost night elf civilization.



The Broken Isle will be new content for players over level 100 and will offer new dungeons like Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket. New raids will feature a trip into the Emerald Nightmare and battles within Suramar Palace. One of the most interesting new features of Legion will be the introduction of legendary Artifacts, 36 specialized weapons that are customizable and have their own ability trees.

Top 6 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Myths


Ultimate Team is an optional component of EA Sports FIFA, a popular football franchise. Rather than control a true-to-life team, FUT gives you the chance to build an all-star squad that you use to compete against other players. Team building occurs through the acquisition of trading cards, which you can spend real money on, and that aspect has led to some prevalent myths that simply aren’t true.


1. There’s No Skill Involved 

Players being able to purchase an unlimited number of player packs has led some to the conclusion that it eliminates skill altogether, but this isn’t true. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team pack purchases provide diminishing returns with each purchase, and if a player wants to compete for best overall team, they still have to take that squad onto the virtual pitch and win games against other good players.


2. Success Requires a Large Financial Investment 

Your FIFA 16 gameplay skill is a much bigger determinant of success than your ability to spend real money on additional card packs. Additional card packs can help, particularly if you have a lot of disposable income, but there are other core ways to earn cards. Every time you win or lose, you earn coins that you can spend on either packs or in the trading market.


3. EA Forces You to Purchase Packs 

Every season, there are people high on the leaderboards that spent far less than the community average. Keep in mind that you’re essentially earning cards every time you play an Ultimate match, and you can trade your duplicates in order to do more with the resources you do have.

4. Trading Is a Waste of Time 

Trading is arguably the most efficient way to build a team, but some dismiss it because it’s not as easy as simply purchasing another pack. If you take some time to learn the market, you can apply real-world economic strategies that let you generate a return on the coins you earn playing matches.

5.Points Yield Better Pack Pulls than Coins 

This one is a popular legend. EA makes more when you pay for FIFA Points, so naturally card packs purchased with points yield better than those purchased with in-game coins. Except that it isn’t true. The FIFA 16 system used to generate and deliver packs is the same regardless of how you purchase them.

6. Gamers Have to Be Near Their Consoles or PCs 

A final common misconception is that you need access to your Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4 in order to monitor the trade market, which provides an advantage to people who are home all day. The truth is that EA has a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app that supports most mobile devices.

A Better Ultimate Experience 

Many gamers spend real money on FUT in order to enhance their experience. You may get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re prepared for unlucky pulls too. It’s a good idea to set boundaries, and some players like to do that by limiting in-game purchases based on their actual playing time.


Great Advice That Will Benefit New RuneScape 3 Players


RuneScape originally launched in 2001, which makes it one of the longest-running MMORPGs online. Developed and published by Jagex, the game still boasts a vibrant online community that welcomes new blood, and with them in mind, here’s some great advice that every RS3 player should heed.

Three is RuneScape 1 and 2 Too 

The game that launched way back in 2001 is the same game people still play today. In addition to new content on a regular basis, the game has undergone two major evolutions. The name changed to RuneScape 2 after the first evolution and then RuneScape 3 after the second. They’re still the same game, however, and products sold them for them are interchangeable.
Use Prepaid Cards for Membership 

RuneScape 3 has transitioned to a free-to-play game. While there’s a wealth of content available to the F2P member, there are locations, skills, enemies and other objects locked behind a paywall. You can opt to buy this additional content in packages, but if you’re invested enough to pay, a subscription is a better value. In fact, RuneScape prepaid card codes may be the best value of all because Jagex often sells them to retailers at a discount, and those stores can then pass those savings on to consumers.
Some Membership Cards Offer Added Benefits 

Subscription cards are either sold as prepaid time or as prepaid money that you can convert into time or other items in the RS store. Default codes simply contain their face value, but as you buy cards in larger amounts of time and currency, Jagex throws in gifts, such as RuneCoins and in-game attire. Gamers can go to seagm.com for more information about the special codes that are available.

Purchase RuneCoins to Expand Your Experience 

As a quasi-F2P game, the RS experience depends heavily on microtransactions. If you’re a subscribed member, you get an allotment of in-game currency to use every month in addition to the content that comes with the base F2P game and the extended subscriber game. If you want additional currency to spend in the in-game store, you can purchase RuneCoins, which are available either directly through Jagex or as RuneScape prepaid card codes.

Opt for Prepaid over Direct RuneCoins 

RS3 players can go to seagm.com for more information about coin prices. These are often available at a discount or with certain benefits that make purchasing codes a better deal than buying direct through Jagex. Note that some sites sell RS gold, but these types of sales aren’t condoned by Jagex, and the transition to RuneCoins was in large part an effort to make gold buying and selling not worthwhile.

Becoming a Better RS3 Player 

RuneScape can seem intimidating at first, but you’ll overcome that with time. The best advice we can give a new player is to watch for outdated information. The game has changed a lot in 15 years, and some abandoned websites feature information from RS1 and RS2.


League of Toxicity: How Riot is Trying to Make a Less Hostile Playing Experience


League of Legends is the 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the MOBA world. It boasts more players, more fans, and more everything than any other massive online battle arena. However, all is not lollipops and rainbows on the battlefield. Many players curse and harass other players, use racist/sexist language, or help the other team because a player gets angry at his own team.

Opinion-League-Of-Legends-Tribunal-1The Tribunal

A reporting mechanism is in place that allows players to report those guilty of a number of no-nos. If a player is reported enough times over a certain amount of games, he/she may face the so-called “Tribunal”. The Tribunal decides whether to punish a player and what the punishment should be. While some players act nice after discipline by the tribunal, there are plenty who give the finger to whatever judgment is handed down.

ScreenShot2014-01-17at4.17.35PMUseless Blocking

Leaguers can “block” a player that used toxic language, trolled, or committed some other infraction. This is basically a useless function, though, as a blocked player may still end up on the team of someone who blocked him/her. Riot worries that if a player could be blocked from never ending up on the same team as the blocker, wait times for the games would be too long.

lol-team-builder-title-660x330A Potential Solution?

Despite their best efforts, Riot still has a lot of toxic gamers that ruin the game for others. In an attempt to end this problem, Riot is working towards making all games “Team Builder”. Team Builder is a mode that lets players pick their particular roles so that there is no arguing in character select as to who plays what. If a player wants to jungle, they will only wind up on teams that need a jungler, and so forth. While this may help to some degree, it will drastically change the game. In Team Builder mode there is no counter picking, which is a crucial element of the selection process.(1)

pnltuUseless Rewards

Another step Riot has taken is to give rewards to players who make nice, at least most of the time. These rewards take the form of a free champion or skin once a year. If Riot seriously thinks anybody is curbing their bad behavior in the hopes of winning these trivial prizes, they are deluding themselves.

The Only Real Fix

Being able to block a player from all future games is the only way to provide an actual amicable gameplay experience. While Riot worries that this would cost them money, their feeble attempts at lessening toxicity are pretty toothless. Hopefully Riot will keep one of the most popular online games in Malaysia a fun and exciting experience.

It can be tough to deal with ragers in League. The ignore button is a good option, but it’s use is limited. Just grab a game card or gear from www.seagm.com and pick up some gear or champs. Buying that new skin/champion will make any gamer forget those toxic noobs.

Path of Exile Beginner’s Guide

Path of Exile is an action role playing game, or ARPG, developed by a company based in New Zealand called Grinding Gear Games. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo game series. There are six classes; ranger, maurauder, duelist, shadow, witch and templar. There’s another class that won’t be freed until players have released her from a cage in Act 3. The core attributes for the classes are intelligence, dexterity and strength depending on the type of character chosen.




Gameplay and How to Start

The player lands on the shores of Wraeclast where criminals and other unwanted types are sent from the city of Oriath. The player will have no weapons and no armor. The undead and other creatures will attack, and the player must use any weapons they find during exploration and battles. Once the player has made it from the shore into the first town, they will be able to buy items from NPCs with items that dropped previously. There are four Acts in Path of Exile. Each act brings more quests and higher difficulty.

The PATH of EXILE SURVIVAL GUIDE 2.0 – The Ultimate Beginner’s Walkthrough



Loot and Currency

Unlike other online games in Singapore, this game doesn’t have a traditional gold or money system. Items are sold for currency items like orbs or scrolls. There’s no auction house like some other games. Orbs and scrolls have their uses as well. They can upgrade items, open portals to the nearest town, corrupt gear or weapons or change the statistics of an item. Players can trade high level gear for orbs in the trade chat channel.

Orb Currency


Passive Skill Tree

Each class starts in a certain section of the skill tree. Each class has base skills, but each point can create an extremely customized character. They help increase the base stats and the health or mana of the character. Each skill node will help the character enhance attacks and spells.

Path of Exile: The Awakening – Socketed Skill Trees and Act IV Expansion



Spells and Attacks

Players can change their attacks and spells with the use of gems. There are colored gem slots on gear that allow players to add an attack or spell gem. Blue gems like Firestorm can be added to the blue slot on a witch’s wand to give the witch the Firestorm ability. Any class can use any gem as long as they have the right stats to use it as well as the corresponding color gem slot. There are support gems that can be used to further enhance the spells and attacks. They have to be linked to the appropriate gem.



Every few months, Grinding Gear Games will start a temporary league. Previous temporary leagues included Warbands, where players would come across bands of enemies with high level abilities, and Bloodlines, where magic monsters with difficult modifications would attack players. One of the leagues that is always in the game is Standard, which is where all characters end up after a league is over. The other constant league is Hardcore. Hardcore players cannot be resurrected. A player who dies has their character sent back to Standard.

The game is free to play. The game is sustained through microtransactions that have no impact on gameplay, but give players a way to customize the look of their character and support game creators.