5 Practical Tips On How To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From Damage



Furniture made from wooden materials can easily rot and decay if they’re not well taken care of. There are two main reasons why wooden furniture gets damaged. One, they are constantly exposed to elements like heat, moisture, and high levels of humidity. Two, they’re not treated with protective products like oil, wax, or lacquer to prevent water, moisture, and mold from seeping through the wood. If you want your furniture to last longer, here are some practical tips on how to protect them from damage.








  1. Keep your wooden furniture away from home appliances that emit heat or moisture, such as radiators, heating units, vents, ovens, and refrigerators

Heat and moisture are notorious for weakening wood and hastening their decay. Sometimes, you don’t even notice the damage until it’s already too late. For additional protection, you should put rugs or cloths over furniture that have risks of being exposed to heat and moisture.








  1. Repair nicks and scratches before these get worse

In a lot of cases, a decay starts from nicks and scratches because these are where the inner wood are exposed to the elements. Nicks can also attract organisms like termites and ants. Repairing the scratches often involves applying wood paste or glue, then varnishing the surface to make it even.








  1. Never push the furniture too close to the walls

In rooms wherein humidity is high, moisture can develop in the tight spaces between wooden furniture and the wall. The moisture will then seep into the wood and trigger the decay process. If there’s enough space between the wall and furniture, air can easily circulate, thus preventing the formation of moisture.









  1. Apply oil, wax, or lacquer on the surfaces of the furniture, especially those that are used almost daily like dining tables

This is very important if you have old or antique tables. There’s usually no problem with new furniture because majority of wood dining table selections these days have already been applied with protective covers. However, you should reapply oil, wax, or lacquer on them every year or so.










  1. Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight

Constant exposure to sunlight is one of the main reasons for wood decay. Not only will sunlight alter the color of the wood, the heat it produces also seeps into the wood causing all sorts of problems.



Protecting wooden furniture from damage is really not that hard. All you need is an understanding of the factors that lead to wood decay. Preserving the wood means making sure that it’s not exposed to harmful elements like water, rain, direct sunlight, heat from home appliances, and moisture. And of course, you also need to take the extra measure of applying either wax, oil, or lacquer on the furniture for added protection.

New Year, New Style: 5 Trendy Renovating Tips For Your New Bedroom



According to Datuk Tan Su Cheng, the managing partner of Bangsar-based PDI Design and Associates, interior design in Malaysia has shown an improved interest in eclectic styles. This fusion of different time periods, colors, textures and style has given rise to non-traditional interior design in many Malaysian households.

If you are thinking of renovating your home this year but is hesitant to go eclectic all the way, you can start with your bedroom, and see for yourself why many Malaysians are leaning towards this vibe. Here are 5 simple, yet trendy eclectic tips you can try for your bedroom this year.








  1. Paint your wall an interesting color

Who says all four walls need to be the same color? If you have plain, white walls, paint one side an interesting shade of magenta or blue-green. Whatever color you choose, make sure it blends with the new theme you choose. This pop of color will make the room more cheerful and even new. The best wall to paint a different color is usually the one where the headboard is resting.








  1. Create a souvenir wall for inspiration

If you enjoy traveling and vintage finds, chances are you have a lot of showpieces that could make a great mood wall. Instead of keeping them in boxes, create a souvenir wall for all your trinkets and travel finds. Apart from creating a nice visual presentation, it can also inspire you to travel more this coming year.








  1. Set the mood

Your bedroom is a space where you relax. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a different mood apart from relaxing. For instance, with the right elements, lighting and furniture, you can create a sexy, dark and alluring space that’s perfect for your style. It’s all about the details and the lighting you choose.








  1. Install smart storage spaces

Use this time to declutter and get rid of the things you don’t need. Creating a minimalist bedroom is not just about removing items that make the bedroom feel claustrophobic. It’s also about creating smart storage solutions. If you’re renovating, make sure to include hidden storage spaces.









  1. Get a new bed!

Platform beds in Malaysia are becoming extremely popular. Apart from its trendy look, the ergonomic design fits modern people’s needs. Beds are the biggest furniture in your bedroom and they take most of the space. There are platform beds that come with space-saving and storage solutions. Moreover, since they don’t come with a box spring, you spend way less, and your mattress (and you) still get the support you need to have a good night’s sleep.



A Stylish New Space

While you can’t renovate your entire home for the New Year, starting with your bedroom is a great starting point. The bedroom is perhaps the number 1 space in your home that you can say is completely your own. Use these tips to create a new, stylish space this year and bask in the new energy it brings out in you.


3 Tips You Should Remember When Buying Real Wood Furniture



Durable, long-lasting, and decorative are just some of the words used to describe wood furniture. Coming in a variety of different designs and styles, wood furniture has been used throughout the years as the most popular furniture in many homes. Aside from bringing a warm and cozy touch to your interior, wood can also prove to be a worthy investment if you play your cards right and make the best choice. But because there are lots of wood furniture retailers on the market, it can be hard to tell which pieces are really worth the money. Find out how to choose the right wood furniture by checking out these three tips.







  1. Know Your Options

Those shopping centers and retail outlets might seem like the only option available to you, but there are much more than just that. Instead of buying your pieces from the stores that you know, check for other retailers that could give you better deals. Ethnicraft wood furniture, for example, can be sourced online and are likely to give you better value for your money than anything you’re likely to find in stores.








  1. Learn to Identify the Real Thing

Visit any furniture retailer and it’s easy to see that there are lots of different pieces available. But take a close look at those offers, and it might start to become apparent how they’re not real wood. While fiberglass and faux wood might be able to steal the look of real wood, they’re not going to withstand wear and tear quite as well. Plus, they’ll lose a lot of their value as time goes on, unlike real wood which might even go through a few price increases. Be sure to check the qualities of the wood like the grain and the weight to find out if it’s genuine wood or processed material just made to look like it.








  1. Treat It Like an Investment

Because wood furniture can be sold in the future for a good price, you should know better than to settle for something that won’t give you better value later on. When buying wood furniture, it’s best to treat the purchase like you would a big investment. As a general rule, you should buy wood furniture that maxes out whatever budget you designated to the purchase. Heavy, durable, and decorative pieces are always a good buy, so keep an eye out for the ones that really stick out in a good way. While it might cost you more upfront, you will get much more out of it when you decide to sell it in the future.



Wood furniture can be a solid investment if you make the right choice. Be sure to get nothing but the best by following these simple tips on making a pick.

3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up and Brighten Your Space



Moving into a new home? Or simply redecorating? Achieving a new look for your home is not easy. But you can always do away with a little help from the Internet. There are many ways to spruce up and brighten the atmosphere of your abode and it doesn’t need to cost too much. Here are some ways in which you can achieve that new look you’ve always wanted:


Change the color scheme Color is everything especially when it comes to your home. The cheapest and the most effective way to brighten up a space is to choose a color scheme that suits your taste. The colors may be vibrant for that lively look or neutral colors for a serene and clean look.







Add interesting furniture Another way to put life into a space is to add furniture that are functional and unique. Thanks to the Internet as you can now look for an online furniture shop and its catalog with just a few taps or clicks. Buying furniture online is also convenient for those with hectic schedules because it saves people time going from one physical store to another to browse. It also saves money on transportation costs because these online furniture shops offer door-to-door shipping at a reasonable price.


Throw in more accessories  Accessorizing is also an effective way to add more colors and statement to a space.


However, always remember to add accessories that are multi-functional. A light fixture that doubles as an artistic piece is one good example. There are tons of objects that can add attitude to your home. You just have to choose the ones that best fit your wants and needs.



Decorating your home is not an easy task. But knowing the right place to shop for furniture or accessories is a good way to start. Browsing for home add-ons is not only convenient when done online, it also gives you a chance to compare and determine which pieces are best for your home.

3 Timeless Pieces of Furniture for Your Home



New homeowners face the dilemma of choosing a classic or contemporary look when decorating their homes’ interior.  It’s often a choice between adding practical, space-saving pieces and wanting to go with the more elegant and refined look of the past.


If you have the luxury of space inside your home, here are three timeless pieces that would be lovely to have:







  1. Grandfather Clock

Wall clocks serve their purpose of telling time but there’s something about grandfather clocks that speak of old-world charm and elegance. The beautiful dark woods contrast well with the gold-tone hardware. Some people find the hourly chime more soothing than alarm clocks. More importantly, if you invest in a good quality piece you can pass it on to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom.







  1. Lacquer Display Cases

People who buy wooden furniture in Malaysia also look for custom pieces which they can proudly display in their homes. Lacquer display cases are great for living rooms and studies and often display collections such as snow globes, pens, porcelain dolls, teacups and so on. The size of the cabinets vary depending on the size of the room and the items which will be displayed. You can have this custom-built according to your specifications.








  1. Dressers with Mirrors

Elaborate dressers with mirrors are a luxurious indulgence. It’s something the lady of the house takes pride in because it’s where she dresses and makes herself look presentable before meeting guests or going out on a date. Antique dressers are made of hardwood and finished with either paint or varnish. The dresser can also have a single mirror or three – a big one in the middle and two smaller ones. This allows the user a complete view. Interestingly, furniture stores in Malaysia also sell vintage pieces. If you are offered one that is really old, take it. The antique dressers usually have ornate detailing and carvings. It is a good investment and another heirloom piece for the next generation.



Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and is steeped in various influences. These three pieces of furniture are a testament to an era that has gone by. Their classic form, design, and function are well-appreciated even to this day.  But there are many other pieces that you can add to your home if space permits. You can build it slowly so you can savor the experience of shopping for great wooden furniture.

4 Useful Tips to Know Before Choosing Wooden Furniture

Image result for 4 Useful Tips to Know Before Choosing Wooden Furniture

Buying wooden furniture is not as easy as it seems. There are so many things that you need to think about aside from the specific kind of wood used in manufacturing that furniture. If you have decided to buy wooden furniture in Malaysia, you have to be very critical in order to get the best item for your home or office.

Shopping for wooden furniture with so many choices offered in front of you is definitely not an easy task. Gathering information that could help you as much as possible is the key to longer ownership of the best wooden furniture that you’d either purchased directly from the shop or from online store. Here are some things that can help you pick the right furniture for your home or office:

  1. Know how much space the furniture will take. Determine if the furniture that you wish to purchase can take the space that you designated for it. Also, make sure that once the furniture was installed, it will not affect your personal moving space or the foot traffic around it. Always bring a tape measure with you whenever you are visiting a furniture shop.
  2. Know the materials used in the furniture. There are many types of woods used in making furniture. The perfect examples are veneers and solid wood. Do you want to assemble the furniture yourself? If so, then the best choice for you is veneer. Veneer is a piece of wood made from thin slices of materials such as particle-board or fibreboard (and even wood) that is glued together to make a flat panel. Most modern furniture today is made up of veneers. However, if you hate physical labour and you don’t want to hassle or injure yourself, the best option for you is solid wood furniture. This is crafted directly from oak, mahogany, rubber wood and many other kinds of wood.
  3. Check the sturdiness of the furniture that you wish to purchase. Checking the durability of the furniture is something that needs to be done personally. Whenever you are visiting furniture shops, always make sure that you ask permission from the management to test it first in order to see the furniture’s strength first-hand.
  4. Consult an expert if you are going to buy an antique. Antiques are very hard to find yet it is the most reproduced furniture in the market today. If you wish to procure a legitimate antique, consult an expert and let him or her verify the furniture’s age and quality before paying for it.

Knowing how to choose the ideal wooden furniture for your home of office will certainly help you maintain it in the long run. Following these tips will make sure that you get the quality furniture that you deserve.

5 Practical Ways To Organize Your Tools And Crafts Supplies


If you are into craft making, then you know how difficult it can be to organize your tools and supplies. Without an organization and storage system, your work area can turn into a huge mess. It is important to organize all your materials and tools efficiently so you can easily find them when you need them. Below are some tips on how you can do it.60920-0000-3ww-l

1) Separate the tools and supplies from each other based on the material they’re made of. For instance, if you’re working with plastic, cloth, paper, or any other material, you should store each of them in separate compartments. If possible, label the storage boxes so that you know which box to open when you need a particular tool or material. 47553-in-use

2) Get an ESD tote organizer. This is usually made of thick plastic with several compartments. This is great for storing materials for craft making supplies like beads, buttons, pins, pens, and brushes. ESD tote organizers are also easy to carry around. gallery-1460485162-shoe-organizer-wrapping-paper

3) Repurpose a shoe organizer for your tools and supplies. This is a simple trick that can save you some money. Shoe organizers come with compartments that you can use instead as storage places for your tools and supplies.

9-grids-2-layer-drawers-storage-holder-make-up-organizer-holder-case-jewelry-font-b-box4) Make use of clear containers. You can use containers that are made of either glass or transparent plastic. This is so that you can clearly see what’s inside of the boxes. You don’t have to open up all the boxes just to find the tool or material that you currently need. 8a209df5-798b-43e2-9aeb-5cadc5e3d08f_1-6b56045a735062bc360e40ac8a51faea-jpeg-8ddc486bdd8ccedea3a169366bac4d84fc372f01-optim-500x500

5) Utilize upright magazine holders for paper supplies. These magazine holders occupy less space as well as protect your paper materials from folding. You can use the same holders to separate paper scraps from unused paper.

Organizing your craft making tools and supplies is actually not that difficult. A lot of the boxes and containers you need can be found just lying around in your home. Add an ESD tote organizer to the mix and you are good to go. No more eyesores and messy clutter in your work area.

4 Tips to Keep Wooden Furniture Pristine

Exquisite pieces of wood furniture do not come in cheap. It’s quality and workmanship assures owners that the pieces will last for a very long time; and it will, with proper care and maintenance.


Image result for Wooden Furniture Pristine

You can find well-maintained luxury wooden furniture inside a showroom. Or, you can also shop at an online furniture store in Malaysia. These stores go to great lengths to ensure that the items still look brand new and eye-catching by the time they ship it to customers.

But how does one keep wood furniture in top shape? Here are four tips to follow:


  1. Keep Furniture Out of the Sun – Hot summer sunlight streaming through windows can reach a temperature of above 140 degrees. This bakes the lacquer or varnish finishing, causing them to fade over time.

Image result for Keep Furniture Out of the Sun

  1. Keep Furniture Away from Air Vents – Dry air also damages wooden furniture in the same way that overly damp or moist air does. During the summer, you may use a humidifier to keep the wood from cracking and shrinking.

Image result for Keep wooden Furniture Away from Air Vents

  1. Use Warm Water and Mild Soap – Contrary to popular belief water and soap do not hurt wooden furniture. Just remember to wipe, not soak. You can use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Afterwards, use a soft cloth to wipe it down.

Image result for clean wooden furniture

  1. Use Wax – Like skin, wooden furniture must also be moisturised to keep it looking good. A high-quality paste wax will also protect the furniture’s finish and make it shiny and attractive. You only need to apply a thin coating of wax and let it sit for at least five minutes. Buff it using a shoe brush or a piece of cloth. Repeat the buffing process after an hour. You will be left with a high shine and glossy finish.

Image result for use WAX for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is considered by many as an investment. It can last for many, many years and can even be handed down to future generations. It just needs a few minutes of cleaning and maintenance every couple of months.

Teak Furniture: Why It’s The Best Type Of Wood Furniture For Malaysian Homes



Every time you’re thinking of filling your home with beautifully designed and luxurious authentic furniture that doesn’t embarrass guests at any particular time, considering furniture specially made from Teak wood should be among your top priorities all the time. Why is Teak furniture the best? People love it for its enhanced longevity and natural weather resistance capabilities that other woods don’t have, and that’s why many potential homeowners around the world choose it to cover all their home decor taste and needs—living and dining room, office, bedroom, bathroom, outdoors and any other classic accessories. This also gives them the flexibility to choose these set of items in many varieties that suit their interest in terms of size, colour, design and concept in order to spruce up or beautify their homes.




Where is Teak Wood Found?


Teak wood is found in plenty in Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia, Thailand and Burma–in fact, Indonesia is more likely the only government across the world that takes its Teak wood quite seriously way more than any other government. And because the best piece of wood furniture created from teak is gathered from mature trees, most governments around Asia govern a strict policy and prefer such wood to be cut down after having lived on earth around 80 years, from when it was planted.


Pinegate 109



Why is Teak Wood So Costly and Valuable Than Most Woods?


Teak’s wood resilient ability to withstand and resist harsh weather conditions and super-enhanced longevity are some of the big factors that give this piece of wood away. Both of these handy characteristics make teak wood a perfect material for any kind of outdoor furniture you can think of. In fact, in caves found in Western India, material made from teak wood more than 2,000 years ago—remain intact even to-date! This means every time you’re about to purchase a piece of furniture made from teak wood, you’re definitely sure you’ve purchased some great stuff that will last for many years. This also makes teak’s furniture a value-buy wood for your cash, too.


Also worth knowing, some teak wood varieties are better than others. Like a teak furniture made from sapwood (the outer layer of any tree), doesn’t possess the same vital properties like those made from teak furniture which has been gathered from the hardwood (the inner layer of any tree). The hardwood normally has more natural oils in great abundance than the sapwood, which hence make items made from hardwood to be of greater value and more expensive than stuff made from sapwood altogether. So whenever you’re hunting for a piece of classic furniture before you make a purchase, always ask your vendor what part of teak wood the furniture was made from in order to purchase the perfect material all the time.





Above all, if you’re a homeowner and want to further enhance the glow and glamorous beauty of your home, swapping your old furniture with that made from Teak wood material is a good option to consider. Whether you need some plush and high quality furniture for your home décor or workstation, this teak wood material will cover your every need. More so, every time you’re hunting for some exotic and timeless teak furniture in Malaysia, make sure the item you’re about to purchase is gathered from teak’s hardwood material only because this is where the wood’s most essential materials are found. Sure, you’ll more likely pay more for this particular item, but your overall purchase would be a value-buy-item for your money and would also bring you maximum comfort over the long haul! Also regarding this Teak hardwood furniture’s impressive designs, high quality and competitive prices, everyone sure deserves decent and authentic furniture around their homes!

Furniture Ideas For Living Rooms Of All Styles

You need to make sure that you have the right kind of furniture for your living room, and you get everything from the designer shoes rack and the L shape sofa to the coffee table and recliner. Everyone has different needs for their home because all homes have different styles for their living rooms. The living rooms need to get some great furniture that will host all the people that use the room, and you should start thinking about what you need for your own family.


modern-gri-corner-sofa The family that you have has a need for certain kinds of furniture, and that means that you can pick those things out just for what you need. You can get a recliner if you need one, and you can get the couches that you need. There are couches that will take up a small part of the wall, and there are couches that will help you cover a whole side of the room. The corner sofa is a great thing to have because it gives you a lot of room to sit, and you should be sure that you have chosen things that will give you enough seating.


setting_squeeze_table_gud_chairs_cone_hanging_lamps_block_stool_monolit_side_table_600_x_400 There is some seating that you can use just for your guests, and there are some living rooms that only need a tiny amount of seating because it is just you and your spouse or your roommate. You can get a chair that is just for you, and then you can get side tables that will be perfect for you. You have a lot of room to move your things around, and you should be sure that you have checked out all the furniture you need as compared to what is in there.


12f29clean1-459289 There are some people who need to be sure that they will have just enough seating for the people they normally have over, and they will keep that furniture out for all the times people come over. Someone who is trying to get the best results for the living room they have will put a lot of time into thinking about how they will manage the living room and rearrange it based on the furniture they just bought. You can get rid of all the old stuff you had, and then you can go with things that you think will be more fun for you to use.


508296393_640There are some people that will get the exact kinds of furniture they need because they can see the people that will be in their living room almost all the time, and your preparation will include new furniture that you will love. You can get it in every fabric you want, and you can get it in any color. There are colors that you will love, and you can create a living room that is a lot more vibrant than the normal living room. You can enjoy the way the furniture looks, feels and hosts all the people you have over to see you and your family.