You’re A Fool If You Don’t Try These 7 Kota Kinabalu Local Food

Sabah, nicknamed the “Land Below the Wind”, is known for its beautiful landscape and rich history. With breathtaking beaches, wonderful rainforest, parks and reserves housing magnificent wildlife, as well as the plethora of culture and ethnic groups, there’s plenty to see, learn and do.

However, did you know that the local delicacy is also pretty incredible? As they say, do as the locals do. So, make sure you eat as the locals eat as well. If you ever make your way to the capital of Sabah, you absolutely have to try these Kota Kinabalu local food:

  1. Tuaran Mee

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One of the more popular dishes not just in Kota Kinabalu but in Sabah, tuaran mee is a local specialty that has a special place in the hearts of many Eastern Malaysians. It’s fried noodles with Sabahan Hakka egg roll, char siew slices, egg, and vegetables. However, what makes this dish different is the unique type of egg noodles used, which can only be found in Sabah.

  1. Sang Nguk Mian

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The literal meaning of this Sabahan dish is “raw pork noodles” and that’s exactly what it is. Pork bone broth is boiled for hours in preparation, then used to cook the thinly sliced pork and served with rice noodles. You can choose to have it in soup or dry style tossed in dark soy sauce (with soup on the side). Whichever choice it is, this noodle is a must-try!

  1. Fresh Seafood

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Now, when in Sabah, one doesn’t leave without a meal of fresh seafood. There are many seafood restaurants and types of seafood prepared in different ways to choose from in Kota Kinabalu. A safe bet is to go for simple boiled prawns. Try not to get addicted, we dare you!

  1. Ngiu Chap (Mixed Beef Noodles)

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Get yourself prepared for perhaps one of the best (if not THE BEST) beef noodles you’ll ever taste. Rich, flavorful bone broth with yellow noodles, and heaped on with the works of sliced beef, stewed meat, beef balls, and boiled tripe tendons, this bowl of warm heaven will have you eating and slurping till the last drop.

  1. Roti Kahwin

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The translation of this dish is “marriage bread”, which is very apt. The simple but heavenly combination of cold butter slices with kaya on toasted bread just makes it so darn irresistible. Although this can be found all across Malaysia, something about the ones in Kota Kinabalu are extra special.

  1. Coconut Pudding

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Don’t let this humble dessert fool you. After you have one, you’re going to want more! Served chilled in the coconut shell itself, it’s a gelatin-based delicacy typically with a mixture of coconut juice and condensed milk. It’s light, refreshing, and absolutely delectable.

  1. Pork Dumplings

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Like mini parcels of happiness, pork dumplings are a must-eat when in Sabah. Stuffed with minced pork and different variations on other ingredients, they’re served either fried, steamed, or boiled. You can dip them in ginger and vinegar dipping sauce or soy sauce. One thing is for certain; one is definitely not going to be enough.

Now, armed with this list of Kota Kinabalu local food, you’ll be sure to have an authentic food trail experience. Pack loose clothes, cause once you start eating, we’re not quite sure when you’ll be able to stop!

Find Your Top 5 Must-have Meat Shop Gadgets by Reading This Guide.

TMalaysian meat market is a thriving industry. The production of meat complies basically with Halal standards considering that 61.3% of its population are Muslim. Meat is not hard to find since it is widely distributed in the market.

If you are a restaurant owner who wishes to give the best meal experience to your customers, or a meat shop owner who intends to serve only the best type of meat and poultry or a B2B company that focuses on meat distribution, there are several guidelines to take. However, the freshness and excellent quality of the goods you sell must be your top priority.

There are plenty of ways by which you could preserve the freshness of the meat you sell but most of them depend on the tools and equipment you possess. Below are the top 5 must-haves gadgets for your meat business that are thankfully widely available in Malaysia:1

  1. Butchering products This includes the many types of knives such as boning knife, meat cleaver, and meat carving knife. You may buy knives in sets which usually include gloves for safety.Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2016-01-07 16:32:51Z |  | Lÿÿÿÿÿÿ?
  2. Meat grinder This is also known as meat mincer and used to finely chop pieces of meat or fish. Although manual meat grinders are still widely available, electronic ones are preferred by most due to its efficiency. This can be bought for as low as RM 306.09.3
  3. Meat Tenderizer To ensure the tenderness of your meat products, this tool is a definite must-have. This is a small hammer-like tool used to tenderize the meat by softening the meat fibers to help it become more chewable and digestible.4
  4. Vacuum Sealers One of the secrets of preserving the quality of your meat is by properly storing them. Vacuum sealers will definitely do the job. This is a device using a technology to keep the air out of the plastic bag in which you store the meat. Heat is then used to seal the plastic bag.5
  5. PH Meter Maintenance of the right PH level of the meat is of utmost importance. This will surely determine if your meat is fresh and ready for consumption. The PH of excellent meat ranges from 5.7 to 6.0. To ensure that your meat falls within this range, a PH meter is then essential. Scientifically speaking, this device is used to measure hydrogen ion in a particular substance or matter. This will determine the levels of acidity and alkalinity of your meat product so you can identify if they are fit for human consumption or not. You may buy a PH meter in Malaysia at RM 2,300.00. Price may vary depending on any additional specifications such as the size and calibration.

So if you wish to jump start your meat shop business, the above tools are just what you need to make it happen. Not only will they help you prepare your products for sell, they’ll also ensure that the meat is handled safely. That way, you can be sure that your products are delicious and also safe for consumption.

Some Helpful Travel Tips for Your Weekend Adventure to Kota Kinabalu

When it comes to making travel plans, everyone has their own definition of what they consider “traveling”. There are some who travel so much for business, that their travel plans involve staying home and ordering in.

It’s residents like these who order up some Tuhau and have it delivered. This happens a lot in Sabah, believe it or not. Some just want to enjoy a quiet sunset in their own backyard. Indulge in some yummy Tubau in Sabah late at night. If you spent 90% of your time traveling, you would consider this to be your travel plans too.

There are others who consider this to be going out to eat. Some consider taking in a nice restaurant in Kota Kinabalu their travel plans.

Mt. Kinabalu

Still, others like to make a nice weekend of it. They like to go to a nice camping ground site. Some like to take a nice long road trip up near Kota Kinabalu. If you are planning something similar, you might want to pay attention to the tips down below.

It doesn’t matter what travel plans you make, you always have to be prepared. You have to be prepared for everything from the smallest issue to the biggest emergency. Allow us to take you on a journey on how to be prepared during your travel plans this weekend.

1)Take the pressure off right from the start. Don’t worry about trying to make everything perfect. Some have to have everything planned out to the last second. Sometimes the best times happen when you are not expecting it. Don’t expect perfection on your trip, because it’s not going to happen. Learn to go with the flow. Have a a plan, but don’t be too planned out. Allow yourself to enjoy the simple moments. Once they are gone, they are gone.

2)Pack some light meals and snacks. Don’t plan to eat out all the time. Sometimes a nice turkey sandwich and chips does the trick nicely. It also saves on money. Depending on what you pack, make sure the cooler allows for hot and cold. This way nothing gets spoiled along the way.


3)It’s good to have a “collective goal” in mind for your trip. You need balance here. Make sure that everyone going on the trip wants the same thing. Say there are five people going. Be sure to have at least one thing from each person’s list as part of the end goal. This way no one will feel left out.


Always take a look at where you go and who can give you the best deals. This goes for any kind of road trip really. Just because a deal looks good on the surface, that doesn’t mean it truly is a good deal. Do some comparison shopping online before investing the money. Once you place an offer down, sometimes it’s hard to get that money back.


Food And Travel Advice For Malaysia


You need to make sure that you have had all the good food when you come to Malaysia, and you will be able to get traditional food in Sabah or find the best restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. You are going to be able to use your travels to see all the best spots in the country, and you need to make sure that you have taken steps to get the right food in every region. Doing your research online is going to help you to pick places to go, and you are going to be able to get the best food in every place.
It is like everyone has a website today, and you are going to be able to get the information you need when you start looking. You will find websites for places that are very obscure, and you are going to be able to find these places almost instantly. It is going to be a very fun thing for you because it is going to guide your trip, and you will be able to go to places that other people could not find because they would not have looked in these places.
There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they are going to find the best food, and that means that you also have to be willing to stop in sleepy places where it is clear that the food is going to be good. You will be able to get the results that you want, and you will find nice people who make some of the best food in the country where you stop. These are all lovely people who make great food, and you are going to learn their takes on these dishes.
You also need to remember that you are going to need to try different versions of the same dishes. You can try a different recipe in every city, and you will learn how people are making that as compared to the way that they make it in another city. It is like you are trying all the family recipes, and you are going to get to know the people of Malaysia in a way that you would not know it otherwise.

The best thing that you can do for your trip is to see if you will be able to enjoy all that the country has to offer you. The country is a great place to try all the food that you could ever want, and you need to see if you are going to be able to have fun when you pick odd places to eat. You are going to meet the best people, and you are going to feel like you have done yourself a favour because you are actually eating all the best food in one place. You will instantly get the food you want, and you can even plan around your food while you make your route so that you are always sated on your trip.


Delicious Kota Kinabalu


Kota Kinabalu is continuously growing as a city. More restaurants are popping up, you can look up online or through your travel agent for the newest restaurants. However the best way to find a great restaurant for what you are craving is to ask the locals. It is a coastal city with rainforest and beaches with waterfronts. There is plenty for visitors to do while in Kota Kinabalu with all the natural attractions. There is scuba and snorkelling, wildlife reserves, markets, tours and a railway just to name a few. When the sun starts to set there is one favourite thing to do for visitors which is the waterfront and boardwalk. The boardwalk is loaded with many eateries, café’s and pubs. The delectable smells waffling in the air will make you choice of where and what to eat quite hard, because it’s all so good.


There is a melting pot of culture. Spanning from Malay, Japanese, Western to Cantonese. Of course being a coastal city there is lots of restaurants with seafood style eats, however there are western styled restaurants to enjoy as well. Such as El Centro, The B Side, The Glass Bar and Grill, The Chub’s Grill, Upperstar Grill and Bar, just to name a few. Finding a western restaurant in Kota Kinabalu isn’t as hard as one may think.

One of the higher rated restaurants is El Centro. This cosy restaurants and bar features a varied menu. An internationally inspired food on the menu and they add a twist by adding a bit of the local flavours. Some of the melting pot of flavours would be Chinese, Malays, Bruneis, Javanese, Filipino, Western and European. There is also Kota Kinabalu local food available at high end restaurants. There are many specialties offered. One highly mentioned delicacy is the grilled string ray. SEDCO Square is a popular eating spot, for both locals and visitors. SEDCO Square has a huge variety of freshly caught seafood. Most of the higher end seafood restaurants sit along the coastline, which gives you a nice view while you enjoy your meal.


KK Waterfront along the beach is the hot spot to grab a drink. There are large popular night club type bars but there is also the smaller bars for a more relaxing intimate time. The large night club type bars usually have a live band playing and even host karaoke nights. Another popular drinking spot for both locals and visitors would be coffee shops.

So whether you are looking for something new to try such as the local seafood delicacies or you want a chicken parmesans sandwich with fries, Kota Kinabalu will have something for your tummy to enjoy. Most restaurants are highly rated and highly reviewed. What most people say they like the most about the restaurants, cafes, and bars is the waterfront view from which they sit. So when you are in Kota Kinabalu, stop by and enjoy some of the mouth watering food just waiting for you.


4 Best Countries to Travel to For Great Halal Food

Halal tourism finally seems to be coming to age. Halal tourism has taken off with hotels under Halal tourism offering halal food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as separate swimming pools and leisure activities for both men and women. Some resorts offer private beaches that are exclusively for women and family beaches where women are able to wear appropriate Islamic swimming attire and spend quality time with their families. Many countries now happily promote halal vacations making holidays a memorable experience.


Malaysia is a vibrant, bustling city that will delight travelers of all ages. In addition to the breathtaking island resorts and scenic tropical landscapes, the combination of halal food in Malaysia and exquisite hospitality has afforded this vacation spot number one rank as halal-friendly destinations. Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the most exquisite five-star hotels you will ever find.

combination of halal food in Malaysia


Halal tourism has also made its way into Egypt. Tourists can enjoy separate female recreational activities and hotel rooms as well as dry hotels and family-oriented activities. During Ramadan, Muslim travelers can request specific facilities during Suhoor.


Turkey is a beautiful nation that is located between Asia and Europe. Although it is an Islamic country, liberalism is practiced. Considered a melting pot, Turkey offers many historical and archaeological sites. Seaside resorts and availability of halal cuisine has placed Turkey at number four in the Top 10 Halal Destinations in the world.


Morocco is located in the most northwestern tip of African. Known for its snow-capped mountains and captivating beaches, it is a county that will mesmerize you. In mystical Marrakesh, you will experience shopping like never before in the expansive outdoor market. In exotic Casablanca, there seems to be a story waiting to be told down every street you walk. Halal tourists will delight in Morocco with its welcoming hospitality.

Whether you want to be adventurous and go wherever the wind takes you, or have the assistance of a Muslim travel agency to help you plan your next vacation, rest assured that finding locales that cater to halal cuisine is easier than you think.