Everything You Should Know About The Top 6 Contaminants That Pollute Drinking Water


Although the majority of sources of drinking water in Malaysia are fairly safe, there’s no guarantee that you won’t come across one that’s contaminated with harmful pollutants. Whether the water is delivered to your home or you bought it from a nearby shop, there’s always the possibility that it may have been contaminated. That said, it’s important that you are aware of the things that pollute drinking water. Here’s a quick overview of the most common drinking water contaminants as put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency:1

  1. Microorganisms – These are usually bacteria and some forms of viruses that can be found in human and animal wastes which might have found their way into the water system. When ingested into your body, these microorganisms can cause gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.2 2. Disinfectants – What’s ironic about these contaminants is that they usually come from the products that are used to disinfect water. Take for instance the chemical chlorine which is effective in killing bacteria in water. Chlorine helps in removing the bacteria but ingesting too much chlorine is not good for your health.3 3. Disinfection byproducts – The most common forms of disinfection byproducts are bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids, and total trihalomethanes. These byproducts can harm the liver, kidney, and central nervous system.4
  2. 4. Inorganic chemicals – Chemicals of this nature usually come from plants, factories, and refineries. Because of their inorganic attributes, they can cause a lot of harm when they accumulate inside the human body. They can increase blood pressure, damage the skin, cause bone diseases, and damage the kidney. 5 5. Organic chemicals – These compose the majority of water contaminants because they can come from anywhere. Sources of organic chemicals include sewage, herbicide, industrial plants, and agricultural runoffs. 66. Radionuclides – Most of these radionuclides come from natural deposits. When certain minerals decay, they often emit forms of radiation that then seep into a water source. Trace amounts of radiation can increase the risk of acquiring cancer.

In conclusion, it’s advisable that you stay vigilant with regards to the water that you drink. Furthermore, you should follow safety measures to ensure that you don’t endanger yourself or your loved ones. For instance, it would be a good idea to start using an alkaline water filter. This is a device that performs two functions. One it removes contaminants in the water. And two, it creates powerful antioxidants that ionize the water. It’s not that difficult to find an alkaline water filter in Malaysia. These devices are usually available in medical or health supply stores.

The Alkaline Water Machine – What It Is and Its Benefits

Image result for Alkaline Water MachineYou have probably heard of an alkaline water machine, but you may not know what it does or what its benefits are. Alkaline water machines change regular tap or bottled water to a higher pH value. Alkaline water contains a hydrogen ion through a process known as electrolysis. Alkaline water has a pH value of 8 to 9 while the pH value of bottled water is 7.

  1. How It Works


Alkaline water machines are conveniently attached to water faucets. These machines are made up of two important parts; the carbon filter, which will take the impurities and pollutants out of tap water and make it alkaline and the electrolysis filter. So the machine will produce water in two streams: alkaline water, which is used for consumption and oxidized or electrolysed water, which is used for cleaning purposes.


  1. Benefits of Alkaline Water


For optimum health, it is important that the body be mostly alkaline. There are many health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water; here are some of them:


  • Helps Keep You Hydrated

80 percent of the human body is made up of water, and staying hydrated is vital to one’s health.

  • Supplies Vitamins and Minerals

It contains mineral supplements, such as calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for healthy bones.

  • Supplies Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the little soldiers in the body that destroy the free radicals, which play a huge role in the development of cancerous cells. Antioxidants also slow the aging process, increase health and make you look more young and vibrant.

  • Boosts Immunity

It neutralizes the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach, which is brought about by poor diet, extreme stress or pollutants.

  • Reduces Acid Reflux

Alkaline water with a pH value of 8.8 or higher deactivates pepsin in your body. This enzyme is the main cause of acid reflux. You can make water more alkaline by squeezing some juice from a fresh, organic lemon or lime into your glass of water before drinking.

  • Helps Treat High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes

While there is not enough research to list alkaline water as a dependable treatment option for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, research suggests that those with these conditions may benefit from drinking alkaline water.

Where To Buy

Alkaline water machines are quite inexpensive and can be found in local electronic stores. You can also purchase alkaline water machines here.

Eat, Drink, Breathe: Your Guide to a Healthier Home for Your Family

Your home is your family’s refuge after a long day at work and school.  It must be free from toxins and other harmful elements that may adversely affect your children’s health and well-being.  As a homemaker, you sweep, scrub, wipe, and dust every nook and cranny to rid your home of dirt where germs and bacteria may breed.  But are you truly cleaning hard enough?


How do you battle the elements that you cannot see like the presence of bacteria in the water that you drink and the air that you breathe?

Image result for drinking water

Here are some tips on how you can fight free radicals that may be contaminating your home.


  1. Have your house tested for Radon.


Radon is a radioactive gas that gives off harmful rays that can be potentially dangerous to your family.  It may be odorless and colorless but recent studies show that it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  Fortunately, a lot of Radon test kits are now commercially available.  Make sure you are not breathing this lethal gas and have your home tested as soon as possible.


  1. Filter and purify your tap water.


Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not always a safer choice.  While water sold commercially may have gone through a filtration process, the end product has been proven to still be contaminated with plastic additives present in the bottle where it is stored.  You can eliminate this by getting your own water purifier and by storing your drinking water in sterilized containers.


  1. Have your air conditioners and filters cleaned regularly.


Did you know that indoor air can be 70% more polluted than the air in your yard or the street where you live?  This may be the case in your own home if you fail to have your air conditioning and filtration units cleaned regularly.  An air filter traps dust, bacteria, and other air contaminants and prevents these from further circulating inside your home.  If it remains clogged up with dirt, it may cause poor air circulation.


You don’t need to wait until the effects of these invisible contaminants start to become evident in your family’s health.  Take the next step to make sure your home remains to be the safest place for your family.  Invest on quality home cleaning appliances that will take care of the things not visible to the naked eye.