Malaysian Parents, Here Are 5 Tips on Cycling With Your Kids For The First Time

cyclingYou love cycling since forever and now that you have a child, you believe that you will never get the chance to ride a bike again. Maybe you are thinking of moving your bicycle to your storage room, but hold on a second! Why don’t you take your kid with you? If you are a new parent and a cycling enthusiast, read on for 5 tips on taking your child on a cycling session for the first time.3689_1280x800

  1. Use A Good Bike The most important part when it comes to cycling with your child is to make sure of their safety. There are a lot of danger possibilities such as falling or even getting hit by another vehicle. Therefore, taking early precautions is a must. Make sure you have a bike that works properly with necessary items for safety purpose. Nowadays, there are many bike shops where you can purchase the devices required. If you have limited time, you can also visit an online bike shop to look for bike sales and find the items you need.
  2. Choose A Safer Route As this is your first time bringing your kid with you, it is better to start with an easy trip. For example, you can start cycling around your neighborhood area. Try to avoid a difficult route with heavy car traffics as much as possible. Oh, and make sure you don’t cycle too fast or too far away. Always bring a navigation device with you, just in case.01-cycling-adv-kids
  3. Prepare Everything Prior Every parent understands that kids definitely don’t like to wait. Therefore, the solution is to prepare all the necessary essentials earlier. Make sure you pack your bag with repair kits, first aid kits, your kid’s clothes or nappy, and a bottle of water. Don’t forget some snacks because kids get hungry easily. Always make sure that you have some cash with you in case you need to buy something. A mobile phone is necessary for unlikely emergencies, and maybe for some selfies together! Put everything in a lightweight bag so when the time comes, all you have to do is grab the bag.kids2_ss530_12_h
  4. Choose A Suitable Time Malaysia is a tropical country with a high level of humidity. So don’t go out when it’s really hot. For example, maybe you can do your activity early in the morning or after 5 p.m in the evening. Cycling at night is a bit risky unless you take some precautions. Also, refer to the latest weather forecast regularly to avoid rainy or stormy days.kids_bike_accessories_770x440
  5. Be Patient Well, children are unpredictable. One minute they can be the most charming person in the world and the next they throw a tantrum without any warning. It’s like magic you can’t comprehend, really. Just get ready for anything that may occur so that you can avoid feeling depressed. Maybe you can take a rest every 30 minutes or play your kid’s favorite song from your smartphone while cycling. Remember that this can become the most memorable bonding time, so just enjoy the journey together.

Now that you already know these 5 important tips, you are ready to take your child with you! Stop stressing out, introduce cycling to your child, and cherish the precious family bonding moment.

10 Must-Have Bike Tools, Accessories and Gadgets For Avid Cyclists



If you’re a hardcore cyclist or are a cycling enthusiast, there are a few things that you must have to make your ride smoother and better. The bike tools, accessories, and gadgets you need may also depend on your biking habit if you love to ride in Malaysia. But for any avid cyclist, these bike tools and gadgets are must-haves:








  1. Power meter system


The power meter system is pedal-mounted, easy to install and is portable. The gadget works by recording various metrics including kilojoules, power zones, and average power, which all help in keeping track of your journey.








  1. Cycling watch


Cycling watch is one of the essential things every cyclist must have. It helps you by measuring and displaying stats. Plus, it comes with a barometer and GPS.








  1. Wheel-mounted LEDs


A pair of wheel-mounted LED lights is very useful especially if you cycle at night. They could also help you avoid any accident and increase your visibility in the dark.








  1. Handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker


If you’re using GPS, ditch the ear pieces and use a wireless Bluetooth speaker for comfort instead, which is mounted on the handlebar.








  1. Bike turn signal


This is also one of the useful things to have. Whether you’re cycling during the day or night, you no longer have to use one hand to indicate where you’re going with the battery-powered LEDs. The signals can be activated wirelessly using a controller mounted on your handlebar.








  1. Cycling shoes


A well-fitting pair of cycling shoes is essential if you want to stay comfortable for the long ride. Wearing a pair that fits poorly could result in injury or even accident. If you’re looking for quality cycling shoes in Malaysia, there are reputable online and offline stores, which can help you find a pair that suits your taste.








  1. Cycling helmet


You can’t ride a bike without wearing one of these for your own safety. Cycling helmets also come in a variety of design and style. Just make sure you get the right size for your head.








  1. Portable bike pump


You don’t have to wait for anyone to rescue you while on the road if you bring a portable pump with you.








  1. Cycling jersey and padded shorts


You’ll need a few pairs of cycling outfits for recreation and competitions.








  1. Cycling multitool


A small and portable multitool enables you to do some minor adjustments such as tweaking gears and lowering or raising the saddle on your bike, which help in making your ride comfortable and smoother.



Most of these items can easily be purchased online or offline at most bike shops and select sports stores. If you’re planning to join a cycling event, perhaps some of these things might come in handy for your ride, whether you’re cycling in the city or other nearby places.

5 Challenging Bike Trails Within The Klang Valley For Nature Lovers



Cycling in Malaysia offers you a variety of ways to enjoy nature. With different types of bike trails to choose from, from the family-friendly trails to the hardcore trails for the pros, you can easily test your pedal power and see how tough you are on the road. If you are thinking of where to take your mountain bike Malaysia has a lot of trails to offer you. Aside from the city, consider these five bike trails within the Klang Valley which are perfect for nature lovers:








  1. Setia Alam Trails

Shah Alam The Setia Alam Trails is located in the new township of Setia Alam near Shah Alam, and is about 40km away from the city. Every year extreme riders gather for a race in the track that consists of rocky gardens, single tracks, and extreme downhill drops. To ride through these trails, it’s best to have an intermediate level of experience of mountain biking.








  1. Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Kepong Set in the lush forest near the big city, the forest trails take you through little streams, bridges and is basically pretty windy. Because the trails range from the shortest (10km) to the longest (30km), they’re suitable for cyclists of all levels, from newbie to pro.








  1. Kota Damansara Community Forest

Damansara For mountain biking, there are two trails available that make you go through the forest reserve of tighter spots and flat tracks, making your ride pretty fast and straightforward yet challenging.








  1. Taman Bukit Kiara

Kuala Lumpur Located on the outskirts of the big city, Taman Bukit Kiara features a track of 10km long with medium gradient slopes and soft switchbacks. For this trail, you’ll also need an intermediate level.








  1. Broga

Selangor 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, the small township in Semenyih within the Hulu Langat District is considered to be one of the most challenging bike trails in Malaysia due to its altitude. Aside from being the perfect biking spot, the Mount Broga is also great for mountain climbing and hiking. The sunrise is to die for, if you’re willing to wake up at the earliest of dawn. Remember to bring a good supply of water.



Due to the somewhat high intensity of these trails, you’ll need to make sure you’re fully equipped with all the right bike tools, accessories, and gadgets in order to ensure a smooth and comfy ride. You’ll also need to have a good mountain bike for great performance. In addition, you must be in great shape as the trails require more energy and dedication.

Cycling in Malaysia: 5 Things to Remember Before The Ride


It’s never too late to acquire a new skill. Learning how to cycle, for instance, is one of the dreaded activities out there that some people just put their cycling dreams to rest. If you’re one of the “late bloomers” when it comes to cycling, don’t lose hope. You can master cycling given the right preparation and here are some things to remember before you start.speedhub_23

  • Learn the science of bike fitting One thing many bikers wished knew earlier is that it’s important to get the right fit before a ride. It requires having the accurate saddle height, saddle-to-stem distance, and fore and aft saddle position. If you don’t feel like going to a physical store to ask about it, visit an online bicycle shop first to know the nitty-gritty details of bike fitting.

    Attractive man breathing outdoor with the sky in the background
    Attractive man breathing outdoor with the sky in the background
  • Try a new breathing technique Fear might be drawing you back, but once you learned cycling’s benefits, you’ll surely become more interested in it. It’s good for your cardiovascular health because it lets you perspire and breathe deeper. Some people even found cycling a fast way to lose weight. To get the most out of cycling, learn about breathing techniques. One is to push the air out and let it naturally flow back in. This can be helpful especially when you feel worn-out by the hard
  • Study the traffic situations in your area It matters to be extra adamant about road signs since you will eventually share the road with cars and other larger vehicles. Besides, it’s best to study the maps and routes. You’ll find out that random roads can be quite dangerous.gear
  • Prepare your gear It’s a must to wear an appropriate gear for any sports activity. It may sound like a no-brainer but cyclists, especially newbies, should be reminded to wear their helmets. Sadly, thousands of people still ignore this basic rule. Wearing helmet is a law in Malaysia and as the line goes, ignorance of the law excuses no one. You can visit an online bicycle shop if you want to know all the gears available.cyclingclub2
  • Find a cycling club The best way to learn more about cycling is by joining a club. Doing so comes with benefits, as you’ll get tons of practical pieces of advice about where to ride or where to find the best bike shops.

The ultimate rule in learning how to cycle is to get your hands on it, regardless of the inevitable stumbles and mistakes. Cycling can be physically demanding, but the joy it brings can also be rewarding.

Top 10 Useful Gift Items For Bicycle Enthusiasts



Cycling is one of the top outdoor activities that get people all excited, no matter how old they are. If someone you care about is a bike enthusiast, gift him or her these useful items to make their ride more comfortable and better:






  1. Bicycle care kit

Your bike will need a regular care if you want a smoother ride and for your bike to last longer. A bicycle care kit, which normally contains different bottles of oils for bike maintenance, could ensure that your bike works in the right way.







  1. Cyclist watch

A cyclist watch is not the same as any other watch, as it functions differently. With a cyclist watch, you’ll be able to find out about elevation change during your ride and predict the weather.







  1. Cyclist first aid kit

Cycling comes at its own risks, so it’s a smart move if you carry a first aid kit during your ride. The kit is compact and easy to carry around. It contains useful items that could help stop your bleeding, patch up areas of your skin, or ease the pain caused by an accident when cycling.







  1. Bike lock

It never hurts to have an extra set of bike lock. For added protection, get ones with a word combination instead of a key or a series of numbers combination. It’s harder to steal a bike with a word-combination lock.







  1. Cycling bag

If your bike has no basket, you could wear a cycling bag at the front for safety. Some bags are also designed to be attached to the handlebar for extra comfort.








  1. Bike rack

Bike racks would keep your bike safe and make your garage appear tidier. These days, they even come in unique designs and various eye-popping colours. For more variety of designs and colours, shop for gorgeous bike racks online, as brick-and-mortar stores usually carry the standard stainless steel racks only.







  1. Smartphone bike mount

With a smartphone bike mount, you can easily navigate your ride using your smartphone without having to stop somewhere.







  1. Magnetic bike light

Detachable bike light truly comes in handy, especially during night time.







  1. Bike pump

A bike pump is a must-have for all cyclists. Get the portable one so you can use it in case your tires flatten during your ride.







  1. Cycling clothing

As a cyclist, you should be comfortable during cycling sessions to be able to reach your destination safely.



These spin-worthy items can be purchased at most specialty bike shops and sports stores. You can also buy them online for greater deals. Not only is cycling great for working out, it’s also a fun thing to do during your leisure time, whether with your loved ones or by your self.