Can You Tell The Rags From The Riches? 8 Ways to Tell if a Rolex is Fake

Rolex watches are internationally renowned for their beauty, dependability and effectiveness. If you want to purchase a timepiece that will truly stand the test of time, these watches are indeed a terrific option for you. Although watches from Rolex are wonderful, purchasing them can sometimes be a stressful situation. Untrustworthy vendors sometimes sell fake items from luxury watch brands such as Rolex, after all. Thankfully for you, being able to spot a fake can help prevent you from wasting your money and experiencing unnecessary disappointment.

Look For Stampings

Businesses that produce inauthentic watches often don’t make the effort to place brand stampings on their items. If you don’t see a signature Rolex stamping on a watch, then it’s definitely a fake.


Analyse the Dial

The dials on authentic Rolex timepieces are absolutely flawless. If you look at a dial on a watch and notice that it has conspicuous stains, irregular spaces between letters, spelling errors or anything else that looks unprofessional, then you have a fake on your hands and should in no way purchase it.


Think About Its Weight

Authentic watches made by Rolex are somewhat sturdy. This is because they’re made using some of the highest quality materials around. If you’re holding an alleged Rolex watch that just seems suspiciously light and insubstantial, there’s a good chance that it’s a replica that you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on.


Observe the Model and Serial Number Stamping

When you have a true Rolex watch, it will have model and serial numbers that look immaculate, complex with solid and clear lines. When you have a fake one, however, those numbers will probably look a little faded. They’ll often even be composed of small dots. This is the result of poor quality marking.

Pay Attention to the Quartz Dial Movements

If you have an inexpensive fake watch that claims to be made by Rolex, its second hand motions will be conspicuously awkward. Authentic Rolex timepieces, in stark contrast, have fluid and graceful second hand motions. The difference should be very easy to spot for you.

Carefully Observe the Winder

You can tell the difference between fake and authentic Rolex watches by observing their winders, which are located on their sides. Replica watches generally have standard and dull winders that are responsible for the motions of the hour and minute hands. True Rolex timepieces, however, are equipped with highly detail-oriented and intricate winders complete with grooves and engravings that are visually appealing.

Perform a Water Test

There are other ways to tell whether or not a Rolex watch is indeed fake or not. However, they’re sometimes too risky. Authentic Rolex timepieces, for example, are made to be water resistant. Replica Rolex timepieces, on the other hand, are not able to survive water testing. It’s not a good idea to perform a water test on your own in case it turns out that your watch truly is fake, though. If you damage a replica watch, you may not be able to return it to the seller and get your money back.

Go Visit a Watchmaker

If you need a little extra help in determining whether or not a Rolex is fake or not, visit a watchmaker @ CollectorsTime Luxury Watch Brands. This is only possible if you’ve already bought the watch. An experienced watchmaker can take off the back part of the watch and look at its inside movements to determine its status. If you find out that it’s truly a Rolex watch, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you find out that it’s a fake, lesson learned.

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