Bio Fibre Hair Transplants provide lasting solution to your hair loss

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Are you losing your hair at a faster speed than you gained it? Are you looking to keep your mojo by keeping your hairline? Then we have a lasting solution for you, biofibre hair transplant. The clinically-conducted process helps you regain your confidence and avoid having to cover your hair with weaves (for women) and having hats, if you are a man. To enable you have a better understanding of how you can get a lasting solution to your hair loss, this article will begin by telling you briefly how the process is done, the benefits of it, repeat implants, and finally talk about the aftermath of the process.

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1. How the process is done:

The bio fibre hair implant process involves a minor surgical operation (light dermatologic surgery) that makes use of artificial hair. This hair is chosen based on its compatibility with human body. The area suffering from the hair loss, medically known as alopecia, is planted with the artificial hair. Once the hair is implanted, it makes patients suffering from balding regain their macho nature and confidence, restoring the natural feeling that one had before the balding kicked in.

2. Benefits:

The benefits of bio fibre implantation are many. First, it is instant, with on-the-spot natural results. Secondly, it is simple and painless, as it is performed by experts. Thirdly, the implants can be detached treatments or mixed with other methods. In addition, hair thickening takes a natural and progressive route. Lastly, the process is ideal for both men and women.

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3. Repeat implants:

After the first implant, one is supposed to come back for repeat implants after a few years. These are meant to keep the hair density uniform and maintain the aesthetic nature of the implantation. This maintenance routine is usually done with small quantities implanted at regular intervals.

4. The aftermath of the process:

After undergoing the process, one is free to continue with his or her usual hustle and bustle of life, as the process has no side effects. However, one is put under antibiotics for at least one week. Besides, the client needs to take care of the hair for a period of one month to give the implanted hair time to progress well and attain full adhesion. Once this process is done, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, consume a balanced diet with a considerable amount of protein, which makes a good composition of our hair.

In conclusion, maintaining the natural look of our hair is a commitment that everyone has. Our hair is christened our crowning glory. It adds poise to our persona, making us not only confident, but also giving us the ability to maintain our status in the community that we live in, serve and operate from. So if you are looking for a lasting solution to your hair loss, look no more, bio fibre hair transplants got you covered.

Food for thought:

Did you know that hair implants in Malaysia is a thriving business such that there around 46 hair transplant clinics in the country?


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