Best Beach Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Some of these are open to the public while others are on the property of hotels and resorts. Malaysia has many islands on both of its coasts, providing a wide diversity of beaches. When visiting this amazing country, you should make it a point to visit at least a few of these incomparable beach destinations.



Borneo has the distinction of being shared by three nations -Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It’s an especially appealing destination for divers and people who are interested in wildlife. Similajau National Park is a large nature preserve that is full of diverse animals and plants. The park also has two popular beaches, Golden Beach and Turtle Beach. Visitors to Borneo will also want to visit Kota Kinabalu, capital of Malaysia’s state of Sabah. This region has several islands with magnificent beaches. When staying at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu you might want to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which is ideal for swimming and diving.




Langkawi is one of the most popular islands on Malaysia’s west coast. It has a variety of hotels and resorts. It’s also a duty free island, making it an attractive shopping destination. Another benefit of visiting this area is that you can come any time of year. Unlike many other locations, hotels don’t close for monsoon season. In addition to enjoying time on the beach and participating in your favorite water sports, you might enjoy taking a cable car up the island’s tallest mountain.



Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, located off the coast of Perak, is a convenient destination if you are in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for a weekend getaway to the beach. The island has several resorts and a number of beaches, including Coral Beach, Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah. Beaches on this island tend to be quieter than many others in Malaysia. The island also has several picturesque fishing villages that you can visit.




Redang is one of the most beautiful islands on Malaysia’s east coast, renowned for its blue waters and coral reefs. This island is famous for its sea turtles; there is even a beach on the northern side of the island called Turtle Beach. Because of its clear water, Redang is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Diving spots such as Tanjung Tokong are among the most popular in the nation. You can also take boat and ferry rides around the island.



Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman, or Tioman Island, is on the east coast of Malaysia and close to Singapore, part of a protected marine park region. Because of its tropical beauty, this island was the set for the famous `959 movie South Pacific. Two of the most popular beaches on Pulau Tioman are Paya Beach and Panuba Beach. The island has several diving companies and is one of Malaysia’s favorite destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling.



Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are located close to Redang, but offer travelers a quieter and less expensive option. There are two main islands, Kecil and Besar, which translate, respectively to small and big. If you prefer staying in a cozy hut right on the beach rather than a fancy hotel, this is the place to come. Both Kecil and Besar offer many options for diving and snorkeling.


Malaysia has an abundance of islands and beaches. If you visit this unique Southeast Asian country, you should try to visit some of the beaches on both the east and west coasts. Whether you want to dive, relax on the beach or see some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, Malaysia has a great deal to offer.

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