Best Advice for Business/Law Crossovers for Students Looking to Get Ahead


If you are taking business courses with an eye towards the law, then you are definitely looking at the money. You are also looking at a great deal of competition. Although there may not be many people who are taking a business twinning programme that is interspersed with law, you can bet that the people who are will be highly motivated. Every class that you take is especially important – there is no room for slacking even during an elective course. Here are some tips to navigate your way through business school with an eye to the law.



Focus your efforts on a particular firm that can give you your start. 

Most business lawyers are looking to affiliate themselves with a particular firm, and you should be no different. When law firms come sniffing around a college campus, they are looking for young people who know exactly what they want.


Do your research into the firms that interest you. If those firms are visiting campus, make it a point to meet the recruiters and become friendly with them. Angle for an internship. If your preferred law firm after school is not coming to your campus, then it may be time for you to lobby the appropriate parties in order to make that happen for yourself. If you are the driving force behind bringing a law firm to campus, you can bet that you will have special benefits waiting for you if your efforts are successful. Ingenuity, resolve and dedicated focus will give you great rewards in business law.


Look for professors who are in your field.

When it comes to law, and especially business law, you want to be taught by people who are actively practicing. These are the people who will be able to lecture you using real case studies that no one else will have access to. These are also the people who will be able to directly refer you to firms for internships.


Make sure that you consider the name of the professor just as thoughtfully as you do the name of the course. The office hours that you will be guaranteed are a very important part of how you will become successful as a new graduate after you complete your schooling.


Make sure that your elective course gives you another leg to stand on.

Perhaps you are looking to build an international clientele. Your elective should be a language in the part of the world that you see as a market that can actually afford your fee. If you are interested in a particular industry, then you should take a course to familiarize yourself with it. For instance, entertainment business lawyers might benefit from an elective course that is focused directly on copyright law or real estate zoning law. This expertise will give you inside game as to what your clients will expect of you. You will not have to learn anything on the fly; you will have been prepared for situations from school.

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