Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

Your skin is the tell-tale indication of how well you are feeling. Did you have a flare of acne the last time you were stressed? Sadly, it’s not a coincidence. If you and your complexion are in need of a boost, the following tips and tricks should help to give yourself the happiest face possible.


Layering Skin Care

When applying different products, are you confused about when to put on what? We’ve broken it down so can you can be out the door in a flash:


  • Begin with a serum. Gels and liquid treatments such as Garnier products must be applied to your skin when it’s clean and dry.


  • Next up, apply your sunscreen. If you are using a chemical-based product, it needs to be applied before lotion.


  • Time to moisturize. After applying your skin serum and sunscreen, wait a few minutes so it’s completely absorbed.


  • Last up, eye cream. Using your pinky finger, gently tap the product around your eyes


Down Below

When it comes to your lower half, what’s most important? Feeling fresh when it’s that time of the month probably sits at the top of your list. With Laurier pads, you don’t need to worry about leaks.


Fashionista Indeed

After you have pampered yourself from head to foot, choosing the perfect outfit is next. With Malaysia online shopping, the perfect party dress is only a click away. Online shopping is the no longer a thing of the future. With access to virtually every designer online, the hardiest decision will be which one to choose to get your shop on!


Being a woman definitely has its rewards. From gorgeous gowns to fantastic stilettos, the possibilities are endless. The benefits of being able to pamper yourself outweigh any discomfort we go through as a female.


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