Be Certain You Are Buying a Genuine Rolex Watch

There has always been a fake Rolex watch market working throughout the watch industry, and today’s forgeries are more difficult for the watchful buyer to realize. Most are manufactured in China but recent research shows that production is rapidly spreading into all of Asia, including Malaysia. This heightens the need for the buyer to use due care.

If You Don’t Know Rolex, Know Your Dealer

Most lay persons have not studied jewelry and fine watch making to the extent that they are experts in determining real from fake, especially competing against con artists who have devoted their time and skill to cheating you with a fake. P.T. Barnum, American carnival entrepreneur, was famously quoted saying that a fool is born every minute and ten cons to take him. While buying a fake Rolex does certainly not categorize you as a fool,the numbers of con artists eager to fool you have definitely multiplied.

Buy only from jewelers and watch dealers who have an impeccable and widely respected reputation. Their watches will have a certification and guarantee of being genuine Rolex watches. If you are concerned about a watch you already own, take it to a jeweler or watch dealer with that same unquestionable reputation for authenticity for examination. Never purchase high end jewelry or timepieces from Craig’s List, EBay and other such sellers. It is asking for trouble and disappointment.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

Yellow Caution Lights, Red Stop Lights in Rolex Buying

The fake Rolex market is quite varied. Some actually have managed to retrieve a genuine Rolex case that they have filled with cheap fake works. The commonly looked for case virtues are there, so the buyer is fooled.

Check Case Appearance:

• The Rolex face is perfect, with no imperfection in spacing and the lettering high quality on the dial. The trademark crown at the 12 o’clock mark should be examined carefully.
• At the 6 o’clock point, the magnifying crystal over the date should be convex, not flat, clear and magnify the bold date well.
• Serial Number engraving is so finely printed it will catch the light delightfully.
• Rolex does not make watches with clear backs to show the mechanics inside. Many fakes do, as they have falsely marked the viewed mechanics inside to trick buyers.

Check Mechanics:

Every mechanism inside a Rolex has the Rolex name clearly and beautifully engraved.

Check Weight:

The Rolex has a definitely hefty weight factor due to its genuinely designed high end materials. Fakes usually feel lightweight and can be weighed to demonstrate the difference.

Pre-Owned Rolex Price Saving

It is extremely important to buy from a well-known dealer directly when buying pre-owned Rolexes. “Buy the seller, then the watch”, always. Any repairs should have been at an authorized Rolex watch repair service with only Rolex factory parts. There should also be a lifetime authenticity warranty in addition to standard guarantees. Buying pre-owned can represent a great savings for an awesomely great watch. Vintage Rolex timepieces are frequently snatched up by collectors.

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