Ice Make Water Filter: 5 Reasons to Start Making Your Ice at Home

You probably purify your drinking water but have you ever thought about the quality of water that goes into your store-bought ice? If you buy ice at your local store, then you have no control regarding the production process.

However, making your ice at home means that you can have control over the entire process. Having an ice maker water filter can help you make ice in the comfort of your home. There are numerous advantages of making your ice at home such as better tasting ice, less cloudy ice, no contaminants in ice, making ice on demand and saving on time and costs.

ice home

Benefits of making your ice at home

The ice tastes better

Most stores use regular tap water to manufacture their ice. Tap water has dangerous levels of chlorine, other chemicals and unpleasant odors that make the ice taste horrible.  Unlike using pat water, filtered water produces that is free of chemicals and unpleasant odors.

The ice has no contaminants

Store-bought ice contains a lot of pollutants because the seller has to keep on scooping it up for various customers. Some sellers do not maintain good hygiene practices. For instance, some sellers use scoops to serve the ice, which they don’t clean as often as they should.

Others use their bare hands to serve you ice, which might have all manner of pathogens. Unclean scoops and bare hands can introduce a host of dangerous bacteria and viruses, which might have detrimental effects on your health.

You can have ice on demand

Sometimes, friends and visitors can pop in unannounced. It can be very frustrating if your visitors happen to show up on a hot summer day, and you don’t have ice to make some cold drinks. Such situations make the ability to make ice at home convenient for you and your visitors.

With an ice maker water filter, you can make ice on demand without worrying about the ice running out. You can make as little or much ice as you want, and your visitors will always have a refreshing drink at your house.

Helps you save on time costs

If you happen to love throwing parties, making your ice at home can be cost effective. Cumulatively, ice can also cost a pretty penny, which might not be evident if you buy it in periodic batches.

Going to the store to buy ice can also be time-consuming especially if happen to be holding a large party and your ice keeps running out. Why not make your ice at home and spend valuable time with your guests as opposed to making trips to the store every time the ice runs out?

Better looking ice

Are you wondering why your ice-bought ice looks cloudy? That’s a sign of impure water. Making ice at home means that you can filter your water beforehand, making your ice crystal clear.

Buying an ice maker water filter can be beneficial to your household. You can start making ice on demand, which can save you time and money. Also, your ice will not have contaminants, will taste and look better. Ensure that you purchase your machine from a reputable seller. A reputable seller is likely to have warranties, and you will be sure that you’re buying a genuine product.

No.1 anti-Aging Serum In Malaysia: Unlock Clearer Skin

It’s not a secret that having the right skin care regimen for day and night can help you achieve healthy skin. These steps, with the right products, can be one of the best ways to combat or slow down signs of aging.

However, with so many products advertised, how can you really find the right products for your skin type? Well, the answer is not just one, but it’s a step-by-step process. Specifically, there are a lot of things to consider in order to find the no.1 anti-aging serum in Malaysia that best suits your skin.

Here are some of the questions that can help you find the products to unlock a healthier and brighter skin:

What is your primary skin concern?

Image result for o.1 anti-Aging Serum In Malaysia: Unlock Clearer SkinThe most important part of your skincare journey is to identify what are the skin issues you think you have and match it with the findings of your dermatologist. Yes, you read that right, it’s important to consult with the experts, in this case, a dermatologist, to help you identify your problems.

Being able to undergo clinically proven tests and assessments allows you and your dermatologist to find the best solution. Though there are a lot of over-the-counter skin care products for wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and other similar issues, it’s still best to talk to the experts.


How to find the products that resolve my concerns?

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Once you know your issue and which is often a result of or contributed by aging, the next step is to find the products that best suit your needs. You can opt to get a complete anti-aging serum such as the Double Serum by Clarins which provides oxygenation, hydration, regeneration, and skin protection. It’s a total serum that uses 20 powerful extracts to aid minimize the effects of skin aging and restore your skin’s youthful glow.

You can also opt to use different products that target specific aging and skin concerns, too. There are products that focus on adding volume to your skin. Other skin products and serums also focus on minimizing spots.

You can also opt to choose a product that focuses on minimizing visible wrinkles. There are also anti-aging serums that help lift the features of your face and adds contour.


Where to purchase these products?

Image result for purchase picture

There are a lot of stores, both online and offline, that offers different brands of skin serum. However, it is essential always to buy products from trusted and reliable brands and stores. Some of the options you have can include:

  • Dermatologist Products

Your dermatologist may have his or her own product created for various skin issues and skin types.

  • Reliable Brands

There are a lot of brands for skincare products in the market. However, not all are reliable and natural. Therefore, choose a brand that best suits your skin, such as natural products from Clarins and other brands, for a more youthful and natural glow.

Are you ready to get your skincare routine to the next level? Consult with the experts now and choose the best products for your skin!


Puffy eyes can put a damper on things especially if you have an important meeting first thing in the morning. Your eyes’ condition is the first thing that someone notices when they look at you. If you want your overall appearance to look great, you must get rid of puffy eyes.

There is no one reason for puffy eyes because reasons are many and varied. Before buying an eye cream to reduce puffiness, it’s important to understand the underlying cause to rule out a severe disease.



Pollen, dust mites debris and other allergens floating in the air can cause your eyes to swell. The reason why your eyes become puffy after exposure to allergens is that the skin around your eyes is very and delicate sensitive.

Inhalation of the allergens through your nose can also cause puffiness. The allergens activate sinuses behind the eyes, causing watery and itchy eyes. Allergens can be hard to avoid especially pollen that is common during spring.

Staying indoors might be hard while using over the counter prescriptions might lead a dependence. If you suffer from puffy eyes due to an allergic reaction, it’s advisable to see your doctor to guide you on the best way forward.


Lack of adequate sleep can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes. Ensure that you sleep for about 7 to 9 hours each night, to avoid the condition.

Sometimes, lack of enough sleep is inevitable, especially if you’re chasing a deadline or you have a sick child. Regardless of what the reason for your puffy eyes is, you need to get rid of your swollen eyes quickly especially if you have to look presentable the following morning.

Fortunately, there exist eyecare products that can help you manage your condition. A quality product that you can try is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. The cream has a powerful restorative concentrate that restores and tones your eyes in a short time.

Infused with botanical extracts and essential oils is ideal for your eyes’ delicate skin and does the following ;

● Reduces dark circles under your eyes

● Reduces eye puffiness

● Gets rid of lines and wrinkles under around the eyes

Please note that the cream does not contain any of the following harmful ingredients;

● Silicones

● Mineral oils

● Parabens

● Fragrances


Graves disease or thyroid eye disorder can cause your eyes to appear swollen. Thyroid stimulating immunoglobins abnormally stimulate the thyroid, causing the infection.

If your puffy eyes are accompanied by any other the following, it’s time to see a doctor;

● Weight loss

● Heat intolerance

● Trembling hands

● Problems sleeping

● Muscle weakness

● Irritability

● Irregular and fast heartbeat

● Nervousness and anxiety

If you’re pregnant and experiencing symptoms of Graves’ disease, it’s paramount to get treatment immediately to protect yourself and your unborn child. Your doctor will conduct an assessment and give you proper treatment.

If you’re sure that your swollen eyes are due to lack of sleep, by all means, try using an eye cream to reduce puffiness, to get you ready for the following day. However, visit your doctor immediately if you suddenly develop puffy eyes out of the blue, as that might be an indicator of severe disease.

PJ 4-Star Hotel: Pamper Yourself This Weekend

Sitting right next to Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya is a bustling city that features a theme park and several malls that will keep your family entertained. Being surrounded by Sungai Buloh, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya means top tourist attractions in Malaysia is just a ride away from Petaling Jaya.


If you want to stay at an elegant hotel accommodation in the area this weekend, there is no shortage of starred hotels to choose from. If you are looking for a PJ 4-star hotel, here are our top seven recommendations:

  1. Sunway Pyramid Hotel – located right next to the Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park, this four star hotel is great for families and couples. If you like shopping, you won’t have to travel far as it’s only a stone’s throw away from Empire Shopping Gallery and other boutique shops. If you want to be pampered, they have Mandara Spa, an in-house spa treatment center that has ten treatment rooms and outdoor treatment zones.


  1. Sunway Clio Hotel – located at the center of Sunway City, this hotel is only a ten-minute walk to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. It has a connecting entrance to the Sunway Pyramid Mall, and is only a ride away from the Empire Shopping Gallery and the Paradigm Mall, making this four-star hotel a great hotel for avid shoppers.


  1. Qliq Damansara Hotel – situated at the heart of the Golden Triangle of PJ, this hotel is a great choice for those who want to be in the middle of the city action, but still want a touch of nature. It is just a few steps away from The Curve, which houses 1 Utama, the fourth largest shopping mall in the world. If you are into art, you can visit the Damansara Performing Arts Center. If you are bringing kids along, they would surely enjoy Kidzania Kuala Lumpur. If you want to stay in, you’ll enjoy their saltwater pool and their in-house spa.


  1. Somerset Demansara Uptown – if you are staying in Malaysia for several days and want a serviced apartment-style accommodation, Somerset Uptown is the place for you. With complete household amenities, you would feel like you’re staying in your own home, plus with added services. This hotel is linked to the Starling shopping mall, making it easy for you to shop for souvenirs. They have a children’s playroom, a pool and a gym. They also offer babysitting services.


  1. Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya – if you want your hotel to be easily accessible to everything in Petaling Jaya, this hotel is the right one for you. Armada Hotel is at the center of Petaling Jaya, a mere walking distance from Asia Jaya LRT Station, with bus and taxi stations nearby. Armada has two restaurants: one features international cuisine and another that features Japanese food. The hotel does not hold back on its entertainment options, with The Merchant Live and The Merchant.


  1. Daily Suites Atria – if you are looking for a hotel that feels like a home that offers your creature comforts, then Daily Suites is the one for you. With only 63 hotel rooms available, you can be sure that this four-star boutique hotel will make sure all your needs are met. With ten restaurants and coffee shops, you will not run out of food options to choose from. The hotel also includes an indoor pool, a full-service spa and a sauna.


  1. New World Petaling Jaya Hotel – located in the Kelana Jaya district, this luxury hotel is right next to the Paradigm Mall. You can enjoy the beauty of the city scape while dining in their rooftop restaurant or having a few laps in the infinity pool. There are three restaurants to choose from, which offer Malaysian and international cuisine.

A weekend staycation in one of these PJ 4-star hotels will guarantee that you’ll be refreshed by the time you need to get back to your busy life. You might even stay for more than a weekend once you realize how homey and relaxing it is to visit Petaling Jaya.

Top 5 Benefits of a Personal Gym Trainer.

Image result for Top 5 Benefits of a Personal Gym Trainer.A personal gym trainer is a certified person who has the knowledge, abilities, and skills to design or instruct safe and effective exercise programmes and to deliver one-on-one training. Depending on your fitness goals, personal training is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to realize the goal. A personal trainer (PT) is professionally educated in all aspects of fitness to help guide people of all age, fitness, and economic levels to help them make lifestyle changes they couldn’t achieve on their own. One of the main benefits of the trainer is to push you harder than you usually push yourself. Also, when working with a PT, you will have an obligation to someone when you work out. Since most people don’t like to let others down, it’s a motivation for them to get to the gym to avoid disappointing the PT. Therefore, if you are interested in joining the gym today, consider choosing the right personal trainer who will help you get the push that you need to achieve your desired fitness goals.


1. Faster and Better Results

Image result for Top 5 Benefits of a Personal Gym Trainer.

Working out on your own can slow down the urgency to achieve your goals. If you want to stop wasting time, have a personal trainer who will guide you through your fitness routine and ensure you spend time on the proper kind of exercises. Supposing you have limited time to workout, your trainer will design you a specific program that will help you get maximum results in the minimum time.


2. Proper Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Related image

A professional personal gym trainer will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. People have varied goals but the most common being muscle gain and weight loss. It can be hard to get the right balance for the two, but with a personal trainers aid, you can manage. He/she will find the proper exercise for you and help you set realistic goals, determine self-strategies and give you the encouragement you need.


3. Motivation.

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Most people are known to work hard in the presence of others. Having a personal trainer by your side is enough motivation which is hard to maintain when exercising on your own. It gives you encouragement, energy and the push you need to jumpstart your routine. Also, you get motivated when a trainer celebrates your progress and consistency, and this is something that feeds a part of our brains which craves for praises. Proper technique will also be a real boost when you feel demotivated.


4. Individual Attention

Image result for Top 5 Benefits of a Personal Gym Trainer.

Everyone is usually different when it comes to fitness. Your goals, experience, body mechanics, fitness level, dislikes, and likes may guide your trainer in creating a specific workout plan that suits your needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all exercise routine that you would find in a magazine or book. He/she can make accommodations to your program if you have a bad back or knees, an injury, or aversion to something like water. You are therefore more likely to maintain habit and see the results with a program that fits.


5. A Lifetime Exercise Habit

Image result for A Lifetime Exercise Habit gym

A personal gym trainer can help establish a lifetime exercise habit. You will be able to find ways to ensure healthy living and exercise are priorities in your life.  A personal gym instructor will help you to overcome the obstacles that may prevent you from exercising now or in future. Also, he/she will help you to set many small and achievable goals.


Having a personal gym trainer will help troubleshoot your problem, whether it’s something in your diet, training and exercise program. The best personal trainer will give you the push that you need to attain your specific fitness goals, whether it’s losing extra fat, building extra muscles or improving endurance in preparation for a marathon. If you work with one of our gym trainers at Celebrity Fitness, Malaysia you will find the drive to accomplish your goals.

6 Coolest Nightlife Hotspots In Melaka For Night Owls

Visiting Melaka soon? For night owls and booze lovers, the small, historical state in peninsular Malaysia offers plenty of amazing places for you to let loose and enjoy the night. Check out these six coolest nightlife hotspots in Melaka that you should go for your upcoming trip:


  1. Bistro Year 1673

Image result for Bistro Year 1673

Considered to be among the most beautiful bistros in Melaka, Bistro Year 1673 features old world charms of the colonial and Chinese artistry and is located in an old heritage building that has been around for the past 344 years.  Serving multi-cuisines on the menu, you get to savour local and international cuisines on an affordable price tag. With antique furnishing and an open-air courtyard, the bistro has the perfect ambiance to enjoy live band or cultural performances at night.

Address: No. 18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Opening Hours: 12PM – 12AM
Phone: 06-288 1673


  1. Reggae On The River

Image result for reggae on the river malacca

What could be better than listening to the best reggae music and chilling with your friends than enjoying both by the river? The drinks here are reasonably priced, and you’re spoilt with options. From modern reggae to the classics, you get to experience a Jamaican atmosphere here. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see beautiful boats during the Melaka River Festival, or cultural performances like the fire show.

Address: No. 88, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Opening Hours: 5.30PM – 1AM
Phone: 012-218 7532


  1. Eleven Restaurant & Bistro

Image result for Eleven Restaurant & Bistro malaccaFor foodies, this restaurant and bistro is the place to savour a fusion of Malaccan and Portugese cuisines. Serving mainly seafood, some of their must-tries include the Portuguese Special Curry Dable Chicken, Deep Fried Squid, Grilled King Prawn, Portuguese Sambal Crab, and Portuguese Haisan Baked Fish. There’s a live DJ to keep you entertain all night. Their booze selections are quite good as well.

Address: No. 11, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Malacca Town, Melaka, 75200 Malacca
Opening Hours: 11AM–3AM
Phone: 06-282 0011


  1. The Library

Image result for The Library melakaIf you prefer a place that is a little more upscale, head to The Library in Jalan Merdeka. Offering a large selection of premium liquor, locally and imported brewed beers, as well as mouthwatering cuisines, the place is even more alive at night.

Address: No. 926 & 927, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka
Opening Hours: Evening until late
Phone: +606 282 3232


  1. Portugese Square

Image result for Portuguese SquareImmerse yourself in the Portugese culture at this vast square located in a Portugese village where descendants of Portugese and Malay intermarriages can be found. The square has plenty of pubs, food stalls and restaurants to choose.

Address: Jalan d’Albuquerque, Off Jalan Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka
Opening Hours: 5PM–12AM
Phone: +606 283 6538


  1. Geographer cafe

Image result for Geographer cafeAnother beautiful hotspot housed in a colonial building with old world charms, the award-winning cafe features a traditional, pre-war set-up that makes for a great photo-op or just chilling. Offering drinks that are reasonably priced and local cuisines that would suit anyone’s pallate, the corner lot pub is even more vibrant and lively at night; with music blaring through the speakers and the beautiful Chinese lanterns being light up. You can also enjoy the night at their open-air courtyard.

Address: No. 83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Opening Hours: 10AM–1AM
Phone: 06-281 6813


If you’re a night owl who loves to be seen at the coolest nightlife hotspots, you should stay at a nearby yet good quality Melaka hotel where you can conveniently go to the hotspots mentioned without having to make a long trip to and from your hotel. Come the end of year, these hotspots are even more alive and vibrant!

5 Must-Try Cheap Eats in Penang

Penang is a foodie traveler’s dream. Penang’s cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese and Malay, which makes for spicy and hearty dishes. For anyone who loves Asian cuisine, every nook and cranny will guide you to a fabulous feast and for those who don’t, Penang will change your mind. Penang is even better for budget travelers because the food is affordable and great tasting. Check out our guide of the 5 Must-Try Cheap Eats in Penang. Book your hotel in Penang and start trying them out.

Dim Sum at De Tai Tong Cafe

Dim sum is traditionally served as breakfast dishes; however, Tai Tong serves their delicious morsels until late in the evening. The dim sum comes in trolleys where you can select everything from har gow (shrimp dumplings), lor mai gai (glutinous rice filled with meat and mushrooms) and many more.


Location: 45 Lebuh Cintra

Curry Mee at Sisters

Sisters is a local favorite and serves literally mouth-watering noodle soup. Sister’s curry mee is prepared over a charcoal stove, where the flavours of the soup strengthen. When served, the noodles are topped with squid, pork and their secret ingredient, chili paste.


Location: Jln Paya Terubong

Seafood at Weld Quay Restaurant

The price of fresh seafood in Penang can be quite steep if you don’t know where to look, but at Weld Quay Restaurant, you take your pick from a selection of live crab, fresh prawns among other seafood and have it cooked any way you like. A meal here goes for only $30 a head.

Location: 21 Pengkalan Weld

Nasi Lemak Ali

Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malaysian dish comprised of coconut-fragranced rice, meat and sides of vegetables, peanuts and chili paste. Nasi Lemak Ali allows you to customize your own version of Nasi Lemak with authentic ingredients. A meal here runs below RM6.00.


Location: Lebuh Pantai

Thai Boat Noodles at Mr. Nak Restaurant

There’s a trend of eating Thai Boat Noodles and the ones at Mr. Nak Restaurant are popular with locals and foreigners. You can customize your bowl of chewy noodles with fish balls, meat and crispy chicken skin that elevates the dish with a burst of texture. A meal here runs for RM 5.00.

Location: One-Stop Midland Park Center


For a foodie traveler on a budget, Penang is the ideal vacation spot to get your taste buds energized. With a variety of cuisine choices at low prices, it’s not impossible to complete your foodie checklist. Be sure to stop by our 5 recommendations and book a budget hotel in Penang today.