Tips For Investing In Real Estate In Malaysia

Many real estate hot spots such as Singapore and Hong Kong are falling out of favor which is benefiting the Malaysian market for property investment.

For the last few years Hong Kong has lured billions in investment from Chinese and Western investors, but tighter regulation and fear of a bubble are leading people to look at Malaysia’s cheaper housing market which promises higher returns. Here’s what you have to know to make a sound investment in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a large and highly educated labor force which is highly mobile. This means that not only is there ample manual labor available but there is also no shortage of management level talent to run large projects.

Malaysia’s overall economy is stable having rebounded from the last crash faster than most of its counterparts. Industrial output and consumer spending have continued on an upward trend for multiple quarters and this makes the real estate market more predictable with less chance of drastic interest rate changes or changes to lending policies. The economy and population is also diverse which means no single industry crash can upset the economy as a whole which makes a real estate play a safer bet in Malaysia as opposed to some neighboring countries.

There are numerous other indicators which make Malaysia attractive for property investors. The country was ranked number 18 for best places for Americans to migrate. The government’s investment and tax policies are quite liberal and allow for 100 percent foreign ownership of investment properties. And it is ranked as the safest country in Southeast Asia which is something to consider as a real estate investor since this is often the number one concern of expat families who are considering buying property in the region.

Malaysia’s economy in general is outpacing most countries in the region which makes it a fertile ground for real estate investment. For more information please contact Selangor Properties who are experts in investing in Malaysia.


Prepare for Home Purchases: 5 Tips for Acquiring Property

The process of purchasing a home can cause a decent amount of excitability and fear at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be so, by making the necessary preparations beforehand, you can make the process a more smoother and relaxing one.


1) Start Saving Early

When it comes to purchasing a townhouse like this, most lenders will require that you make a deposit of at least 5% of the property’s total value. But by making a larger deposit you ultimately avoid the fees associated with an expensive lender’s mortgage. Therefore it’s best that as soon as you start contemplating on the option of purchasing a property, that you start saving in order for you to be able to make a larger deposit.


2) Avoid Possible Future Renovations

Avoid future costs of renovations by making a list of all the features that your ideal property must have beforehand. While you may feel enticed to settle for a cheaper property that has a smaller number of bedrooms or bathrooms than you would like, you must consider that this can ultimately lead to you spending an additional amount of money to renovate your property in order for you to add additional rooms.


Interior design3) Utilize A Mortgage Broker

A mortgage lender is a professional who is trained and experienced in the process of acquiring a property. They can take the hassle out of doing the legwork on your own when it comes to finding the ideal type of condo that you wish to purchase.


4) Local Amenities

One of the most important things you need to do before purchasing a property is to check for the local amenities that are within close proximity of the property. You may find a property that is going for an extremely affordable rate due to the fact that it’s located in the middle of nowhere. Make a list of all the places you like to go in your spare time and determine if based on the where the property is, if it will be cost effective in terms of gas, to go to these destinations on a regular basis.


5) Personally Conduct Investigations

One of the last things you want to do is to purchase a home that may seem perfect, but contains problems which will undoubtedly cost you in the future. Once you have found a property that you want, ensure that you check for the history of any possible infestations such as bed bugs, which are extremely difficult to eradicate completely. Check for other things such as molds and termite infestation as well.


Buying A Condo in Singapore? Here’s Where To Look

Singapore has one of the most diverse populations of any country worldwide. It attracts expats from all over the globe who want to experience the culture and lifestyle of the island. Where you choose to live in Singapore will depend on your budget, your lifestyle, and the type of accommodation you’re searching for. One of the best options for anyone moving to Singapore, is to buy a condo.

If you’re interested in buying a condo in Singapore, you have to familiarize yourself with the various neighborhoods around the city. One of the up and coming regions is the area of Kampong Glam and Bugis, in the southern portion of Singapore. The community is growing rapidly and extending the downtown area further south to the peninsula. It’s also one of the more colorful regions in Singapore. It features a network of pedestrian walkways, shopping, dining, and attractions including theatres, museums, galleries, and green, outdoor spaces.


A prime location to look for a condo in Bugis is near Marina Bay. It’s a perfect location for arts lovers. Museums, an array of stores and boutiques, and sidewalk cafes line the streets. It’s an established arts and historic center and is host to an array of cultural events. The Singapore Art Museum is in the vicinity, along with more than 20 historic sites. Overlooking the Singapore skyline and the bay, is the exclusive DUO Residences, designed to promote sustainability and be environmentally friendly. The amazing complex has been called an innovation in the development of real estate in Singapore .


duo singapore




The premium residences feature services usually only found in luxury hotels. The condos are available as studios, 1-4 bedroom condos, and penthouse suites. DUO has designed facilities so residents live in luxury and comfort. The cutting edge complex features a 49-storey tower of residences, commercial space for offices, and a 5-star hotel and retail gallery. The high-rise condo complex is one of the most exclusive addresses in Singapore.
Unprecedented in condo development in Singapore, DUO offers an environment to live, work, and enjoy shopping and entertainment all in one convenient location. Amenities included in the purchase of DUO luxury condos, are private elevators which go directly to recreational areas for residents, private entrances, and a design that’s optimized for privacy and recreation. DUO is designed with the discriminating buyer, who wants to experience the good life.




Four levels of luxurious amenities exclusively for residents include The Peak on level 31 with several landscaped terraces and gardens, a gym, dining lounges, and many other exclusive amenities. The Upper Deck features floral walks, gardens and a 50-meter pool. The themed gardens, recreational spaces, outdoor event space, landscaped footpaths, and access to the retail shops and restaurants in the Galleria, make DUO a prime location for anyone who wants the very best that living in Singapore has to offer.

Overview of Vipod Suites, Kuala Lumpur

The ViPod KLCC building at 6 Kia Peng Road is the newest condominium project of Malaysian retail estate developer Monoland. Situated between the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and the Bukit Bintang district, its collection of suites offers potential residents a comfortable central point from which to explore many of Kuala Lumpur’s liveliest areas. The two side wings of the tower stand at 41 stories while the middle is three stories shorter. Guests and occupants receive concierge service and reception at the ground level, and conference rooms, offices and a business lounge are also provided to meet professional needs. Information about this development has been kept closely guarded leading up to and including the building’s completion; however, prospective buyers can still learn more on ViPod KLCC.

1—3-bedroom suites are accessed by the three groups of three lobby elevators, and they are currently for sale with the following dimensions:

 1 BR: 635 sq. ft.

 2 BR: 793 sq. ft.

 3 BR: 1,350 sq. ft.



ViPod KLCC building situated between Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang District
ViPod KLCC building situated between Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang District




Vipod Suites Sky Pool
Vipod Suites Sky Pool





Vipod Suites Living Room
Vipod Suites Living Room





These suites are clustered together with other similar units in either groups of three or four depending on the buyer’s preference. Each resident is also allowed a single permanent parking space. Biometric locks provide a powerful layer of security for residents along with cards and CCTV cameras in key locations. Premium floor tiles in the suites use solid timber, travertine, marble and fritted glass. Bathrooms feature rain-style shower heads, whirlpool island bathtubs, and designer toilets. The outer walls in each suite consist of a continuous array of 10-foot-tall panels throughout each suite.


Vipod Residences Layout
Vipod Residences Layout



Since these windows even include the bathrooms, some potential buyers are finding that this design may strain the prospects of a purchase somewhat. As is often the case in a residential high-rise, the ViPod’s clusters are likely to prove more popular and more expensive on higher levels. Major attractions such as the Petronas Towers are not easily seen when on the lower half of the building or even at an unfavorable angle, and what’s worse is that the fully visible windows can allow strangers on lower floors to see what’s happening in a ViPod resident’s bathroom from the neighboring Menara Pinang.

The ViPod also offers some of its occupants exclusive access to a luxurious rooftop space. The Sky Club includes a spa, a gym, a large pool, a bar and a banquet hall with a large table. The Sky Club is inaccessible to the outer public and access is counted as an additional expense that occupants can choose to pay. For those that do purchase a pass to the roof, however, the space has a relaxing design with an impressive view of the KL skyline. Other properties may not have the exclusive leisure accommodations that the other developers offer that are on the same level as the Sky Club.

Interested potential investors can learn more on ViPod KLCC here or check out similar listings.




Virtual Offices Could Be The Answer To Your Small Business

Working outside of the office can have many benefits. When you want to see how well employees get along with telecommuting, a virtual office may be the best choice. These office packages provide you and your employees with everything they need to work productively from anywhere, whether that’s in their home office or on a laptop in a coffee shop. Before you choose to switch to a virtual office, here are the benefits and drawbacks of the service.





The Benefits

There are many benefits for having employees use a virtual office. Some of the benefits are immediate, while others fall on a larger scale. For instance, there is a significant environmental impact for those offices that utilize virtual offices. These companies are putting out less pollution by not having employee commuting to work everyday and are also saving employees travel expenses.

Another benefit of virtual offices is that employees get to spend more time working or focusing on their home life instead of commuting. Often, this leads to having increase productivity for those workers who spend most of their time at home instead of in their car or in the office. This convenience also leads to other perks, including flexible work schedules, a lack of dress code and less interruptions during the workday.


Virtual Office Infographic



The Restrictions

Virtual offices do also have some restrictions that make the choice to switch not right for every business. One of the major hurdles for any business looking into this virtual option is finding the right employees for the job. A person working from home will need to have serious focus and self-discipline to get everything done. Also, it may be hard for some traditional managers to properly supervise their employees from a remote location. In order for the idea of a virtual office to work, accountability is key from both managers and employees. It is simply another layer of suitability managers must look for when they are looking to hire workers who are properly suited for using a virtual office to its advantage.


Office Quotes


Learning More

In most cases, you won’t know whether a virtual office is right for your company until you check out the packages that are available. You can easily check out Servcorp’s virtual office packages to see what best meets your need. All you have to do is click here to see more and you will be on your way to getting all the benefits of your virtual office.

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Qualities Of A Great Feng Shui House

Whether one is thinking about buying a house; selling a house; or simply remodeling/renovating one’s home, a little knowledge of Feng Shui concepts may tip the point in favor of achieving one’s goal.

In Feng Shui, one’s dwelling place is an entity and its parts are intricately connected. Moreover, a house is conducive to balance, peace and energy flow coming together and achieving the positive life forces in life.

Following are certain qualities that make a great Feng Shui house.


Location And Surrounding Areas

A primary factor to look at when considering buying a home is the actual location of the house. This is one thing that is essential in Feng Shui. A careful study of the house needs be done at various times of day during times of diverse activities. Scrutinizing the neighbors is also helpful. Not always foolproof as neighbors come and go, this practice generally gives a good idea of who and what is surrounding the house.

Likewise, railroads, parking areas, school crossings, sloping backyards and sunken front lawns also are telltale. Look for apparent positive energy conductors or possible energy deterrents–what does or does not produce stressful energy forces.


The Front Door Entrance.

How does the entry or front door feel like? Is it peaceful having a clear path of entry or is it blocked by obstructions such as trash cans, tires, bicycles or old broken pots? Good Feng Shui doors feel free and smooth. There is nothing conveying blockage. If anything they should emanate a sense of welcome.

An unattractive pathway sometimes becomes attractive with a bit of uncluttering and landscaping. Likewise, A wide double door may look out of proportion on the front of a small, narrow house.


The Main Entry.

“Welcome” is an invisible but tangible sign that every visitor needs to feel. The mood, ambiance, feel or Chi begins at the main entry or foyer. If it is not there, then a better selected color, door hardware or strategically placed plant may suffice.


Feng Shui Trinity.

Consisting of the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, these three most widely used rooms of any house set the stage for either positive or negative energy flows into the rest of the house. Colors chosen, accessories used and availability of windows and closets are of foremost important in these three sections of a home.


New, Vibrant Feng Shui Energy.

Experienced Feng Shui specialists agree that Feng Shui is free-flowing. It does not box in. Therefore, maintaining a house free of clutter from closets, basements and rooms in general forms part of any Feng Shui-based home. Bright, cheerful lighting and clean smelling fragrances also come into play as does house decor and furniture.

When thinking in turns of living in a house or buying a new one, one must start slow and easy. Do not allow overwhelming advice of so-called Feng Shui specialists to over-ride one’s Chi. Trusting in one’s own senses, judgement and following after peace makes for good Feng Shui. Read the latest #FengShui stories @ StarProperty.


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Bargaining for Your Property

When it’s time to buy or rent a new home, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Before we even get into these tips, it’s important to understand that the real estate business is just like any other business – anything can be negotiated. The last thing you want to do is look at a property for sale and accept the price right away. If you do that, then you will most likely lose out on an opportunity to save thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands of dollars. Walking into a deal and demanding a price of your own would be nice, but it’s not that easy.

When you’re looking at a house for sale, be sure that you do significant research on the surrounding properties prior to meeting with the seller or a real estate agent. Find out the average square footage, acreage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Also find out what features are popular in these homes, such as hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry and kitchen islands. By having this information at your immediate disposal during negotiations, you will have a lot more firepower. For example, if the seller attempts to mention why his home is worth more, you can give an example of a similar home in the area that offers more features and costs less. Don’t be rude about it, though. While they might have their house for sale, they’re not going to want to sell it to someone they don’t like. There is a fine line between pushy and firm negotiations. Always keep the tone friendly. If the seller likes you, they’re more likely to budge on the price. Human emotion should never be underestimated in any type of deal.

This also applies to situations where you’re looking at a house for rent. Think about how much money you can save if your landlord likes you. A great approach here is to invite the landlord for a cup of coffee. If he accepts, you will establish a relationship and have an excellent opportunity to knock the rent down. In cases like these, you usually don’t even have to offer. They will knock the rent down for you. Take the same approach if you’re looking at an apartment for rent.

If you’re looking for a condominium or bungalow and you want to receive a lower price, then it’s recommended that you visit the properties. Once you find a place you like, first mention to the seller that you like it. This indicates to them that there’s potential for a sale. After that, stress a couple of things that really bother you about the property. This will be used to knock the price down. Whether it’s a home, condominium, bungalow or apartment for sale, this tactic is highly effective.

You may find out lastest property listing at Good luck with your rentals and purchases.

Real Ingenious Sdn Bhd Auction Bidding Secrets For New And Experienced Buyers

Experts say that there are several benefits of purchasing properties from auctions, some of these key benefits have to do with the price, not to mention the speed of the sale, and finally, the fact that many of the real estate buys happening at auctions are already established, in terms of renter occupied properties, which translate into fast money.

Rather than buying a vacant property, why not buy one that is already yielding a return over the average market rate, as opposed to buying a new property, that would be just starting out as an investment property.

One great tip for the first time auction shopper, is to make oneself informed about the guide price, and what it actually means. According to experts, the price displayed in a guide is a way to estimate what the property was worth on the date that the price was published, and it should give an idea of where the auction might start at. (info source: real ingenious sdn bhd web)

With that said, in reality, expect for the property to sell above that price listing. For instance, if the lot is very attractive, chances are that the original rate will increase above and beyond the beginning reserve price. So, keeping this in mind can help buyers from running into disappointment later on down the line.

With respect to legal information, buyers should always do diligent research. In order to do this, prospective buyers must pay attention to the details in the legal packet, that accompany the auction guide. Although many properties can be on the up and up, there are many properties up for auction that have several pending legal attachments, liens, or other legal situations pending, definitely things that should be inquired about prior to making any offers.

Overall, buyers must be sure to clarify that the legal packet is in order, because once the gavel comes down, the property is deemed to the buyer, with all legalities of the newly purchased property.

In the auction world, there are several myths surrounded repossessed homes. According to experts, there is currently a long term average of only around 10 percent of property repos that end up in the auction room.

Long time professionals say that many people are led to believe that the repos are not worth the buy, however, there is much debate on the subject, and when it comes down to it, this is something people have to decide on for themselves.

Finally, using specific tips and tactics can keep buyers on track, and this requires sticking to the financial reserve that was originally designed. If funds are limited, standing at the back of the room can work to one’s advantage, since anyone bidding from the back has the chance to see who is bidding, and how they are communicating, whether they are looking to continue increasing their bids, or perhaps if they are shaking their heads no, which would translate to the effect that they do not intend to make any additional bids.

Also, if the auctioneer starts off asking for a specific amount, it’s always a good idea to start a counter offer out at a lower amount, perhaps around 10 percent lower than the asking price for starting bids.

For more info, follow Real Ingenious blogspot or Real Ingenious sdn bhd WordPress for details.

Click Here to Look at the Available Wood Flooring

There is a lot of wood flooring choices that you can select for your house and you should definitely take the time so that you can see the perfect wood flooring available for you. Wood flooring needs to look really good because you would immediately replace wood that’s not very good to look at. Before you buy wood for your floor, you have got to know the type of wood that you will select. You can’t just go for ordinary wood. The wood that you should install on the floor of your house should be smooth and shiny.

Ranging from the popular timber flooring, parquet flooring, solid hardwood flooring by using the Asia wooden such as Burmese Walnut, Indonesia Teak, Golden Wood and Keranji. Whereas the North America and Europe wooden including White Oak, Hard Maple, Cheery and Beech. There are aslo having the South American Golden Teak as well as Tasmanian Oak. All of these wooden are having different characteristics, quality as well as variety of maintenance methods. You might consult the wooden flooring company to get the insight for your favourite wooden before install it to your home. Carefully choosing the right wooden floor will bring your a lovely home ambience and great lifestyle concept. 

Grab some trendy wooden flooring ideas for your room:

Wooden Floor Tile


Italiana Style Wooden Flooring


Colored Wooden Flooring


Diagonal Stripe Painted Wooden Flooring


Eco-Friendly End Grain Driftwood Flooring


Writing Property Ads

Selling a property is both tedious yet vital, whether it is a bungalow home, apartment or a condominium unit. It is complex in the sense that you have to take loads of time to carefully sell it for the price you want but at the same time you have to hurry up and get the house for sale actually sold, especially if you are paying for your next property or house. Sure including your house on an auction property event will get it sold. Unfortunately, there are downsides to this particular step, including extra charges and hidden fees incurred. Nonetheless, getting your property for sale will entail several procedures and obstacles you will have to overcome in order to sell your house or apartment for rent or sale in as quick and profitable as possible.

One of these obstacles is writing your property advertisement. Writing an effective real estate advertisement can mean all the difference between attracting and repelling clients to the house or property for rent or sale. Being aware of how to appropriately utilize real estate language and write useful and informative descriptions that spark interest is imperative when writing real estate ads. Below are some guidelines to help you set up the appropriate and most effective advertisements for your property for sale.

First, include only positive information when writing your real estate advertisement. For instance, instead of posting “Bank Foreclosure Available”, why not post “Lovely House for Sale”? This can definitely grab the attention of interested buyers right away.

Second, distinguish the best characteristics of the property. Include the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen and, if any, landscaping attributes. Take accurate measurements of the square footage of the house or apartment for rent or sale and any other compelling features and appealing characteristics that you think will drawn in attention from a buyer’s perspective, such as a movie room or a swimming pool.

Direct the advertisement towards prospecting buyers. For example, if the property is near a restaurant, park or school, include this fact to draw the attention of families and buyers who have school-aged family members or for those who are looking for a more centralized home that is near to amenities they may need in the future. Another good example is including the fact that the apartment or house for rent or sale is nearby a hospital, which may attract clients and buyers having elder members with them who need the immediate care and medical attention.

Next, place the value or price of the property in your real estate advertisement. Advertisements having no price or value will usually mislead home buyers into thinking that the property is too costly and that you are not showing the price publicly to still allure potential buyers.

Also, make sure to use all positive words throughout your ads. For example, use Cozy rather than Small, Charming to replace the description of Old. This will make your house or apartment for sale more appealing while not rendering invalid or misleading information in the process. Read more: Things to consider when buying property for profit.

Example of the propery ad: