Air Filters Breathe New Life Into Healthy Living


Human beings are societal creatures; we spend most of our lives with other people. Our families play a crucial role in our development socially. Homes play even a bigger role putting up for us. How we live in our homes, the air we breathe, the food we eat, go a long way in our overall wellness. Air purifier’s work to jettison pollutants from the air we breathe and are especially helpful for people with allergies, asthma and lung correlated maladies.





  • Air purifier’s work to ensure the air around is clean by doing away with particles bigger than 0.3 microns from the air.
  • Purifiers also work to deodorize the air using suction, streamer and suction technology to alleviate prejudicial odors
  • Air purifiers work to ensure the air we breathe stays as clean as possible



Modern air filter are equipped with HEPA (high efficiency particular arresting) that help optimize the cleaning process. HEPA filters vary in compliance, such as HEPA filters in Malaysia all have different specifications. HEPA filters can vindicate the air of dust, smoke, pollen and a diversity of other occurring pollutants. HEPA-compliant air purifiers are estimated to clear out 99.97% of impurities from the air



Keeping air conditioning equipment as sterile as possible is another way of keeping the air we take in as garden-fresh as possible. Regular maintenance should be done to ensure they remain dirt-free. Regular vacuuming is also a good air cleaning implementation that’s very easy and straight forward to implement. Vacuuming also helps clear the air of dust mites



Ventilation is a sure way to keep a constant supply of renewed air flowing in. Smoke from cooking can pollute the air we take in at home. Proper ventilation ensures there is a constant supply of air coming in and out of the home
Pesticides are one of the most communal pollutants to our homes. There are proven alternatives to the use of pesticides that are more aero-friendly and reduce pollution. Pesticides can prove to be very detrimental for people with breathing related conditions.

New paint can change the overall outlook of a home. But paint can be a very bad pollutant to the air especially after a fresh coat of paint has been applied. Low volatile organic compound paint are safer as they give off less pollution in the air when compared to regular paint.

Carpets and beddings should be kept clean and aired out often as they give refuge to a lot of pollutants that can be very toxic to the air.

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