5 Ways to Recapture Your World of Warcraft Glory Days


With the next expansion slated for a release at the end of Summer, many lapsed World of Warcraft players feel the game pulling them back in. If you are one of those former players, you may have picked up a WoW time card and reactivated your account, only to find that you don’t really know what you should be doing to have fun with the game. Now that you are back you may want to recapture the unique fun that you had experienced your first time around, or you might just be looking for some ways to pass the time until the release of the Legion expansion pack. Here are five ways you can accomplish either of those goals.
Checkout some New Add-Ons 

One of the strongest features of the WoW game that has withstood the test of time has been the customizable user interface. The moddable API created infinite possibilities for potential add-ons, with the add-ons ranging from functional in-game tools to fun little time wasters to do alone or with your friends. Take a look at some of the add-ons currently available, whether they be old classics or new additions to the library.
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Get Back into the Player Versus Player Game 

Though you may have been gone for an extended period of time, WoW’s Player Versus Player community is still alive and well. You can play through the Battlegrounds you remember from your time in WoW, as well as some new ones that will give you a new lease on Player Versus Player.
Replay the Outdated Content 
There are few better ways to wax nostalgic on WoW than a run through of the old raids and dungeons, as most players had spent countless hours playing them the first time around. You can relive the fun of a good boss battle, or the frustrations of a group member going full “Leroy Jenkins” on your run through Upper Blackrock Spire.
Join a New Raiding Guild 

If you are looking for a way to have fun while getting yourself back up to speed, join up with a new raiding guild prior to the release of the Legion expansion. There are still a number of full time raiding guilds that are active, as raiding continues to remain an important piece of the WoW game.
Level-Up an Alt Character 

While you may have burned yourself out on levelling the first time around, that was content that you played through ages ago. If you have just reactivated your account with a WoW time card, levelling an alt can be a great way to get yourself back into the WoW groove. This would also be a safe way to get your feet wet again, as the process of raiding could burn a veteran player out well before the expansion pack has been released. Regardless of your motivation for levelling an alt character, the World of Warcraft is still there waiting for you to pick up your sword or daggers and rejoin the adventure.

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