5 Tips To Live By To Survive Working In The Bustling Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, like many international big cities,  is a bustling yet exciting place. The bright lights and seemingly endless activities may excite some people who come to live here for the first time. However, Kuala Lumpur can also be a challenging place to live in, mainly because of the large population.

This is why it’s important to follow certain principles to ensure that you live a safe and fulfilling life in this big city, as well as to avoid untoward incidences. Here’s how you can do it:


1.Get Street Smart

Being street smart doesn’t literally mean knowing the streets of KL, but rather having the wisdom to know how to manage the various difficulties and dangers in an urban environment. This means knowing who to trust and how to protect yourself from any risky situations. There are literally tons of cases where KL-ites get scammed of their money, or lured into illegal activities. So being street smart means you have to shed your naivete and embrace maturity in making decisions.


2.Make Friends

The best way to survive working in Kuala Lumpur is to have an emotional and mental  support system. This is even more important if KL isn’t you hometown and you have no family members around. Good friends are an effective way to deal with stress and other challenges, as well as to seek alternative advice on certain issues.


  1. Control Your Spending

The big city of KL is a shopping haven, and you’ll find everything from luxury brands to bootleg items on sale. However strong the temptation is for you to buy everything you want,financial experts always advise prudence. This means that you have to plan your budget and to live within your means. It also involves avoiding debts and saving for retirement and emergencies.

To planning your route, you must ready to improvise and listen to people?s recommendations. Try not to treat the route of your trip as a high score, you don?t get points for how many different locations you visit.

  1. Plan Your Trips

KL is notorious for its traffic congestion, which is why many people choose to take public transport to get around. There are plenty of public transport option in KL, including taxis, ride sharing, buses and trains.  The train system is relatively easy to understand, and getting a map of it will be very helpful for you to plan your journeys ahead, as well as learn the operation times. For example, you can check the KTM schedule ahead of time online.


  1. Get Out of the City Occasionally

Often times, the hectic pace of living and working in KL can really get to you. Therefore, occasional breaks out of the city are necessary to rest and rejuvenate. Take holidays in quieter destinations, where time isn’t always nipping at your heels, and where you can move at a slower pace.

Kuala Lumpur is an awesome place to work and live in, with so many experiences to try out each and every day. Approach life here with confidence, and you’ll definitely  find the city life uplifting and fulfilling. Take note of these practical tips to be ready for whatever challenge KL throws at you.

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