5 Things You Absolutely Must Pack On Your Malaysian Cycling Trip



Attempting to cycle in Malaysia is rather different from cycling in countries with temperate weather. Here, the tropical weather can really be stressful and cause much more dehydration. Additionally, you’ll also be exposed to sunburn from the intense rays.


In order to be fully prepared to ensure your safety and health, there are some things that can really help and you should always packs them along:

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

A big bottle of water

Always, always, pack a large bottle of water with you, and is possible, fill your water into an easy to drink sports water bottle or canteen that you can open and close with just one hand. The reason for this is so that you can drink while you ride.  Cross country bikers have been known to consume up to 3 Litres of water a day.


Sunblock Lotion

The amount of SPF in your sunscreen doesn’t really matter, according to experts. Just make sure that you lather some onto the exposed parts of your body, Not only will you be protected from sunburns, you’ll prevent your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.


puyl_2A Bicycle Pump

Bicycle pumps don’t have to big and cumbersome. Just pack along a compact pump that is small enough to fit in your saddle bag or panniers. One great place to start hunting for a bicycle pump is at Topeak. Toepeak pumps are a great option as there are plenty of sizes and styles to fit different needs.


Personal Safety Gear

To be honest, this isn’t really a single thing, but the whole set of essential safety equipment for cyclists. This includes a good cycling helmet, gloves, kneeguards, eyewear and reflective vests. Never compromise on these personal gear as they could be your lifesavers in the event of an accident.


Bicycle Lights

Be sure to install rear reflectors and a rear light, in addition to the usual front ones. These are essential even if you’re riding in broad daylight, as they help draw the attention of drivers to your presence. It also helps if your rear light is blinking. Lights will also help keep you safe by alerting other motorists during heavy rain and thunderstorms.


Whether you’re on a cross-country ride, or just out with your cycling buddies for a morning or afternoon trip, you can always count on good preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cycle.


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