5 Simple Yoga Poses to Improve Flexibility

Fitness is fast becoming a popular trend in Malaysia and Yoga is one of the workouts sought after by Malaysians. However, a lot of interested people are wondering if they can do yoga even if they are not flexible. Yoga is built towards making you more flexible, balanced and in control of your breath. Flexibility is not a prerequisite but a quality built over time. It’s completely normal that you cannot contort your body for many of the poses at the beginning. Here are five easy yoga poses to do at home to build flexibility before signing up to your first Yoga class.


  1. Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose may be a resting pose, but it’s an important one that stretches your hips and relaxes your lower back. To perform the child’s pose, with your feet together, spread your knees wide on a mat and let your hips sink. At the same time, stretch out your arms as far as comfortable.

Child’s Pose


  1. Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is a standing pose that helps you build confidence and flexibility in your arms and legs. Stand on one leg and place the other on your shin or thighs creating a triangle in between your two legs. Raise your arms and put the palms together in a breathing stretch.

Tree Pose


  1. Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose looks deceptively simple but when done right, benefits your body balance. The Mountain Pose is easy, stand tall with your toes touching and spine up straight. Rest your arms on your sides and close your eyes in concentration.

Mountain Pose


  1. Chair Pose

The Chair Pose builds strength and flexibility for your legs for more complex poses. The chair pose requires you to stand with your feet together. Bend your knees as if you’re sitting down on a chair and stretch your arms up.

Chair Pose


  1. Bound Angle Pose

The Bound Angle Pose stretches your inner thighs and groin area for maximum flexibility. Seated on a mat, put the soles of your feet together and sit your spine up straight. Grab your big toes and pull your feet closer to your hips for more stretch.

Bound Angle Pose


Practice these five easy yoga poses daily. Once you’ve mastered these and have become more flexible, sign up for that yoga class and build your strength, balance, and flexibility.

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