5 Simple Skin Care Tips That Really Work



Your skin can tell more about you, your lifestyle, and even your current emotional state more than you give it credit for.  If you want your skin to say good things about you, you need to take real good care of it.  Try these proven tips and tricks to help keep your skin healthy and glowing all the time.


  1. Get enough rest.

Getting an 8-hour sleep to keep your body and mind in top shape is as true for you now as it was when you were 7 years old.  If you are rested, you will look rested.  You will never have to worry about dark circles under your eyes and your face will always look supple and dewy.


  1. Load up on citrus.

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C help your body get rid of toxins that could be harmful to your organs.  When organs are healthy, the skin glows and clears up.  No chemicals needed to keep wrinkles at bay!


  1. Quit smoking.

The cigarette you smoke contains chemicals that clog your veins and prevent blood from supplying oxygen into your skin.  This is why smokers’ skin look dull and lifeless.  Do yourself a favor and quit smoking.


  1. Clean your face gently and follow a skin care regimen.

Make sure to rid your skin of all types of make-up before going to bed.  Use gentle cleansers that won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.  When choosing a skin care line, go for products that were sourced from nature such as H2O Malaysia.  Stay away from brands that contain too much chemicals or have very strong scents.


  1. Give yourself a break.

Unplug your laptop.  Switch off your phone.  Go out and have fun or take yourself out on a date.  Every part of your body, including your skin, need to go on vacation every now and then.  So go ahead and book that trip, go out on a shopping spree, or simply stay at home with your favorite book.  You deserve it.


Caring for your skin does not need to be a complicated mix of different washes, liquids, and creams.  Reviving your skin’s vitality actually starts with an attitude of keeping it clean and protected through a healthier, more responsible lifestyle.  If you want your skin to speak well of you, give it the proper care and attention it truly deserves.




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