5 Reasons Why Server Colocation Might Be A Good Option For Your Business Website

Setting up your own IT department can be very costly. The infrastructure alone will require an immense amount of investment. This is not to mention the fact that you need to hire IT professionals to run and manage the servers. The payroll for these technicians can cause a significant dent in your coffers. In a nutshell, setting up your own IT department is simply an option you don’t have if you are running a small business website. This is why it’s highly recommended that you consider entering into a colocation deal. You will have access to all the equipment, space, and bandwidth you need at a fraction of the cost.


Main Reasons Why Colocation Is A Good Idea 

1) It will save you a lot of money and resources. As we mentioned earlier, running your own server infrastructure is very expensive. If you choose colocation, you will cut the cost down for up to 80%. It will also reduce your management costs because you don’t have to hire professionals to manage the servers. Almost everything will be handled by the host company.

security2) Your data will be more secure. Colocation providers will house your servers in protected data centers. They usually utilize security measures such as bio-metric scanners, codded access, closed-circuit cameras, alarm systems, and built-in software programs designed to prevent possible attacks by hackers.

3) You can easily scale your service up or down. If you are looking for server colocation in Malaysia, ensure that the provider allows you to scale up or scale down your services in short notice. This is especially true if you are running a business whose profitability is seasonal.

4) Your servers will be more stable. This means that your business website will always be afloat even if there’s a huge spike in traffic. In the event that it goes down, the colocation provider has the necessary manpower to bring your website back at the soonest possible time.

5) Recovery of lost data will be quicker and more efficient. There’s always the risk that some of your business data get lost or corrupted. But you don’t have to worry because colocation providers have security and backup measures set up to retrieve your lost data.


In conclusion, colocation is a very viable alternative for your business website if you want high-quality servers without going through the hassle of setting up your own IT department. Colocation is cheap and it comes with a lot of benefits, some of which were discussed above.

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