5 Reasons Why Pre-U Is A Good Option If You’re Still Deciding on Your Career Path

adult-englishFor those who’d recently concluded their SPM examination, it can be tough to decide what to do after school. With so many options to choose from, how can you tell which option will benefit you the most? If you’d rather jump straight into burying your heads into books again instead of working or taking a year off, enrolling in a pre-university programme or pre-U might be a good option. Here’s why:


  1. The chance to enter top universities of the world

Most pre-university in Malaysia is a gateway to some of the best universities. If your dream is to study at top institutions such as Oxford University or Cambridge University, you’ll have a brighter chance of getting in if you’re armed with the right qualification and do well in your pre-U programme.


  1. More time to decide your career path

Instead of wasting your time away deciding what you should do once school is over, enrolling in a pre-U programme gives you the chance to use your free time productively, and allows for more time to decide your career path. The subjects you choose to take in your programme could better help with your decisions.


  1. Brush up your social and communication skills

If you’ve always thought your social and communication skills are pretty rusty, now is the chance to brush up on them. A pre-U programme offers an ideal environment where you get to mingle with people from all walks of life, learn about their culture, and communicate with them.


  1. The flexibility to study Arts and Science

Unless you’ve decided to undertake a pre-Med strictly, you have the freedom and the flexibility to study both Arts and Science subjects, allowing you more room to decide which path to go at the end of the programme. You can easily pursue your studies in the areas such as information technology, art and design, engineering, as well as entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, or accounting.


  1. Holistic learning experience

In addition to a diverse environment, many pre-U programmes offer a comprehensive learning experience that includes the chance to be part of a club or association and have a strong support system. Being involved in an organization or association makes you a productive member of society as you help with fundraising or volunteering for a good cause in the name of charity. An active support system ensures you’ll always stay focused on your studies, and at times even helps you to decide the path to take.


Taking up pre-university in Malaysia will give you a few advantages that other types of programmes may not have. Depending on your goals, the programme will help you gain admission to the university and degree programme of your choice if you excel in your pre-U programme.

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