5 Practical Tips On Maintaining And Taking Care Of Your Luxury Watches

luxury-watchesPurchasing an expensive, luxury watch is a massive investment which is why you should also focus on its upkeep. Luxury watches are usually manufactured using sturdy and durable materials but this doesn’t mean that they are immune to scratches and other forms of damage. Whether you have a Rolex Cellini, an Audemars Piguet, or a Patek Philippe, it would be wise to pay more attention on how you use and store it. To help ensure that your luxury brands watches will last a lifetime, you should follow these tips on taking care of them:cleaning-a-rubber-strap-on-a-watch

  1. Use a soft dry cloth or a toothbrush when cleaning the watch.

A dry cloth should be able to wipe away the dirt or grime that got stuck in the watch’s body or strap. If it is thick and can’t be wiped away, you should consider using the bristles of a toothbrush. Never use thinners, vinegar and other strong liquids in cleaning the watch.Helix-Cuffs-Bracelet-1

  1. Never wear metallic bracelets and bangles along with your watch.

Steel bracelets are among the most common reasons why watches get scratched. A single scratch on the glass surface of the watch can completely ruin the timepiece’s aesthetics.061e11ddd4ebc0a7d3fbee294b5c37ed

  1. Always store your watch in a cool, dry place.

The room shouldn’t be exposed to the elements like direct sunlight. When the insides of the watch gets heated, some of the parts may stop working properly. It’s advisable that you don’t discard the watch’s original box so that you can always store the watch in it.sarpl_explore_watchrepair

  1. Get the help of a professional in either cleaning or fixing the watch.

A timepiece expert knows how the parts of the watch work so they are able to fix whatever problem it has without compromising the other parts of the watch.applewatchcrush

  1. Always keep the watch away from magnets.

Luxury watches have parts that might get skewed if they are exposed to the pull of strong magnets. And don’t place your watch on electronic devices that have magnets inside.

Always keep in mind that watches have very delicate parts that might break down and cease working when they’re subjected to unnecessary bumps. The age of the timepiece can also be a factor. The older the watch is, the more care it needs from you. Taking care of your watch all boils down to wearing it correctly, storing it in a place where it won’t be exposed to the elements, and having it checked regularly by a watch expert. If you do all these, your watch will last for a very long time.

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