5 Practical Tips On How To Protect Your Wooden Furniture From Damage



Furniture made from wooden materials can easily rot and decay if they’re not well taken care of. There are two main reasons why wooden furniture gets damaged. One, they are constantly exposed to elements like heat, moisture, and high levels of humidity. Two, they’re not treated with protective products like oil, wax, or lacquer to prevent water, moisture, and mold from seeping through the wood. If you want your furniture to last longer, here are some practical tips on how to protect them from damage.








  1. Keep your wooden furniture away from home appliances that emit heat or moisture, such as radiators, heating units, vents, ovens, and refrigerators

Heat and moisture are notorious for weakening wood and hastening their decay. Sometimes, you don’t even notice the damage until it’s already too late. For additional protection, you should put rugs or cloths over furniture that have risks of being exposed to heat and moisture.








  1. Repair nicks and scratches before these get worse

In a lot of cases, a decay starts from nicks and scratches because these are where the inner wood are exposed to the elements. Nicks can also attract organisms like termites and ants. Repairing the scratches often involves applying wood paste or glue, then varnishing the surface to make it even.








  1. Never push the furniture too close to the walls

In rooms wherein humidity is high, moisture can develop in the tight spaces between wooden furniture and the wall. The moisture will then seep into the wood and trigger the decay process. If there’s enough space between the wall and furniture, air can easily circulate, thus preventing the formation of moisture.









  1. Apply oil, wax, or lacquer on the surfaces of the furniture, especially those that are used almost daily like dining tables

This is very important if you have old or antique tables. There’s usually no problem with new furniture because majority of wood dining table selections these days have already been applied with protective covers. However, you should reapply oil, wax, or lacquer on them every year or so.










  1. Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight

Constant exposure to sunlight is one of the main reasons for wood decay. Not only will sunlight alter the color of the wood, the heat it produces also seeps into the wood causing all sorts of problems.



Protecting wooden furniture from damage is really not that hard. All you need is an understanding of the factors that lead to wood decay. Preserving the wood means making sure that it’s not exposed to harmful elements like water, rain, direct sunlight, heat from home appliances, and moisture. And of course, you also need to take the extra measure of applying either wax, oil, or lacquer on the furniture for added protection.

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