5 Essential Things You Should Know About Pursuing A Pharmacy Degree In Malaysia

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If you are planning to take a pharmacy course for your higher education, then you are in luck because the majority of the universities and colleges in Malaysia offer the course. However, before you make your final decision, you need to consider certain things to make sure that you are picking the right course. As you know, pharmacy is deeply embedded into the health care industry so you will be spending the next 4 to 6 years studying medication and drugs.

Here are some of the most important things you should know about getting a pharmacy degree in Malaysia:


  1. There are four main fields of pharmacy in Malaysia. These are as follows: academic pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and industrial pharmacy. Academic pharmacy refers to the conducting of research and analysing the data that will eventually be taught in medical schools. This is the path you can take if you want to work as an educator in the industry. Community pharmacy covers the distribution of drugs in retail stores such as Watsons. Industrial pharmacy refers to the production of drugs in private pharmaceutical companies. And last but not the least, hospital pharmacy covers the dispensing of medication in hospitals and other medical institutions.


  1. Chemistry is a subject that you should do well in. Chemistry is critical in your study of pharmacy because the majority of your time will be spent on studying and analysing the components of various drugs and medications. In the same way that students interested in a Statistics course should be good in mathematics, students interested in a Pharmacy course should be good in chemistry. That’s how important chemistry is in your pursuit of a Pharmacy degree.


  1. It can take 6 long years before you get fully registered as a pharmacist. Always keep in mind that graduating is not the end of the journey. You still have to spend at least one year of training then another year of compulsory service. All of these should be recognized by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia.


  1. You need to be aware of the key skills you need to successfully finish the course. These skills include a strong science foundation, the ability to memorize and retain tons of information, attention to detail, and strong communication skills. If you think you have all of these skills, then Pharmacy is the right path for you.


  1. You may need other forms of training from external institutions. You can’t just rely on the university where you study or the hospital where you train. You should also be open to attending seminars, conferences, and other events that can expand your knowledge about the industry. The certificates and connections that you build during these events will come in handy when you finally finish your course.


The bottom line here is that choosing to study pharmacy in Malaysia is a great option because of the availability of universities that offer the course. And of course, if you want a career in the health industry without having to be directly involved in the affairs of the sick, then pharmacy is the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, as was mentioned earlier, your career prospects are quite intensive since you can apply your knowledge and expertise to a wide array of industries, not just in the health industry.

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