5 Effective Home Remedy Treatments To Remove Moles On Skin

Moles, also known as Naevi in the medical mainstream, are small (non-cancerous) skin lesion or cut that may occur anywhere in the human body. Some are brown, others are black in colour and may appear either alone or in a small cluster–also their texture feels different from person to person. Moles occur when melanocytes (a different class of skin cells responsible for our distinct skin colour pigment) grow in small clusters than usual, rather than being evenly spread throughout the skin. On the other hand, many people choose to remove moles on skin merely for aesthetic purposes in order to boost their confidence more, every time they are around people. Luckily, a great variety of moles can be removed from skin effectively through surgical treatments, skin creams and home remedy treatments. If you’re low on cash but wish to further enhance your beauty, here is a list of some effective home remedy mole removal treatments that will help get rid of the moles that might be blocking your self-confidence and flawless beauty altogether.



#1 Aloe Vera

Many people prefer Aloe Vera mole treatment more than any other treatment because it is completely painless, and the fact that it’s both a natural sunscreen and contains topical anti-bacterial property–which makes it a top remedy for many!

Use this procedure every time you choose to use Aloe Vera to treat moles:

–           Wash the hurt skin area with lukewarm water and make sure you pat it dry

–           Pick an aloe leaf and peel off its skin

–           Squeeze the organic aloe cream from the leaf and smear it directly on each mole

–           Protect the skin area with medical tapes and adhesive bandage and leave it for about 3 hours

Following this procedure about 2-3 times a day should get rid of all the moles within a month. And if you can’t find aloe leaves anywhere, you can always purchase a bottle of organic aloe from any local health food store around your area.


#2 Baking soda and Caster oil

There’s a lot of subjective evidence that posits that both castor oil and baking soda are highly effective remedy treatments for moles. Castor oil in particular usually has discutient (the potential to disperse or eradicate pathological growth) properties, which play a big part in reducing unpleasant scars on skin.

Follow this easy-to-follow procedure every time you’re using this treatment:

–           Take about a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it together with about 3-4 drops of castor oil

–           Make sure you mix properly to produce a gummy feel or texture

–           Apply the treatment on each mole before going to bed

–           Cover the area using medical tapes and adhesive bandages

–           Remove the cover and wash the hurt area after you wake up

–           Follow this procedure every day and within a month, you should see a dramatic change.


#3 Ground Flaxseeds, Flaxseed oil and Honey

Flaxseed is especially an effective treatment against raised moles on skin. It slowly cuts off all the moles from the edges of skin, allowing them to come off easily. Honey also has scar removal properties and is full of anti-bacterial properties, which protects the hurt area from secondary infections.

Follow this easy-to-follow procedure every time you’re using this treatment:

–           First wash the hurt area with lukewarm water and make sure you rub it dry

–           Combine about a teaspoon of ground flaxseed powder and flaxseed oil, together with honey to create a smooth gummy-like paste

–           Apply treatment on each mole and cover the hurt area with medical tapes and adhesive bandages

–           Leave the area about an hour, after which you should wipe the area with a clean cloth and lukewarm water

Doing this treatment about 3 times a day may eliminate all the moles in just a few weeks.


#4 Garlic

Garlic has vital enzymes that help break down some of the abnormal cell combination that appear on skin in the form of a mole. For you to use this treatment effectively, first cut a piece of garlic tube, and then place the cut part directly on the mole. Make sure you hold the garlic tube in place using adhesive bandage and medical tapes and let it stay overnight. For fast results, apply this garlic treatment every night before you go to bed and eventually, all the underlying conspicuous moles on skin will be long-gone within a few weeks.


slippery banana skin on a white background

#5 Banana Peels

And finally, there is a lot of subjective evidence that suggests that banana peels could be powerful treatment for moles. To get started with this treatment, simply cut a piece of banana peel and lay its gummy-like part on each mole. Hold the pieces together with adhesive bandages and leave it for at least an hour. Doing this every day will more likely eliminate all the moles within a few weeks.

Above are some effective home remedies you can use every time you choose to remove all moles underlying conspicuously on skin. All these treatments are highly packed with vital anti-bacterial properties and other skin-healing properties that will ensure all the moles on your skin are eliminated in just a few weeks. They are also easy-to-use and perfectly safe home remedies. Make sure you follow direction of use carefully on how these treatments are applied on the moles every day, and within a few weeks your radiant beauty will be good as new! However, if these treatments do not help, arrange an appointment with a dermatologist around your area to seek further treatment.

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