5 Easy Ways For Men To Control Their Body Odour


The production of apocrine sweat is influenced by testosterone. Because men have higher testosterone levels, they tend to have stronger body odour compared to women. In addition, a substance known as ‘noneal’ is produced by middle-aged men, which adds to the production of stinky body odours. For those who live in tropical country, there’s a higher chance of body odour as bacteria easily grows in this climate. If you or anyone around you is bothered by the stinky smell emitted from your body, it’s time to do something. These are five easy ways for you to control your body odour: dsc03486

  1. Wear clothes made of natural fabrics Compared to man-made fabrics (i.e. nylon), natural fibres like linen and cotton fight odour effectively. Natural fibres also enable better air circulation and feel cooler and breezy to the touch.healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake
  2. Change your diet and consume magnesium and zinc Avoid foods with high sulphur compounds such as onions and garlic as they can cause strong body odour. Also, the compounds permeate through the pores not long after you eat them. Additionally, if your body is lacking in minerals such as magnesium and zinc, it could lead to stinky body odour. To make it easier, supplement your diet with multivitamins daily.women_mens_fashion_white-shirt
  3. Wear looser outfits You tend to sweat more with tight clothing, so give your body some room to breathe. Tight clothing also makes it easier for bacteria that grow in your body to mix with your sweat, causing body odour. Not only that, tight clothing traps sweat easily. Start wearing loose clothing now.alg-man-shaving-chest-jpg
  4. Shave off your body hair To easily and effectively control perspiration which causes body odour, it’s best that you get rid of excess body hair. Body hair, especially those under your arms and your private areas, tend to trap sweat, not to mention a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Shave it all off and keep it clean and neat looking. Remember to use the right shaving products or creams to prevent redness and irritation.maxresdefault
  5. Use men’s deodorant on a daily basis In addition to using anti-perspirants when you’re out jogging, running or doing something that requires you to get active and move around a lot, use a men’s deodorant on a daily basis. Since anti-perspirants only control sweat and don’t completely get rid of your body odour, you’ll need a deodorant to do that. The best deodorant for men should be able to combat odour without irritating your skin. Try deodorants that are aluminium-free (aluminium is linked to serious health issues like cancer). For those with sensitive skin, look for the ones that are unscented. Unscented deodorants usually don’t contain ingredients or fragrances that can cause the skin to irritate. To reduce odour-causing bacteria, try to find deodorants that contain scientifically developed ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree extract and microzeolites.

Aside from all of the fast fixes mentioned, you should also live a clean lifestyle. Don’t wear the same clothes for too long without washing them, and take showers at least twice a day. If you’re sporty and physically active, don’t forget to use a dry spray anti-perspirant product. If the deadly stench is still around after you’ve done everything in your power to get rid of it, go see a doctor.

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