5 Amazing Hotels in Port Dickson You Shouldn’t Miss



We get it. You want to take a break, a vacation from your busy life. Malaysia sounds perfect. But you realize that maybe the city life might be too much for you. Here is where we come in with a brilliant location to offer: Port Dickson. It is near enough to the city that you can do a bit of shopping if you are up for a little retail therapy, but also far enough that you can relax on this beautiful seaside travel destination.

The Avillion Port Dickson was modelled to evoke the feel of a Malay fishing village and that homeliness coupled with modern facilities is what keeps guests coming back.

  1. Avillion Village Resort


This is just one of the many beautiful resorts in Port Dickson, or more commonly known as PD to locals, being a famous Malaysian seaside destination. The most noticeable feature that sets Avillion Village Resort apart from other resorts might be that it is built almost entirely on stilts. They also have displays of materials and artifacts that will tell you more about the colorful Malaysian culture.


  1. Lexis Port Dickson


If you are one of those people who are used to a life of luxury, then you cannot go wrong with Lexis PD. In this wonderful beach resort in Port Dickson, you will have a grand view of the clear waters of the Strait of Malacca. All their accommodation rooms have a private dip pool and steam room. This is the perfect place for those who want to relax and escape the busy city life for a while.


  1. Marina Crescent Condominium


For those on a budget, but still wants a taste of the comfort that a resort could offer, Marina Crescent Condominium could be your home away from home. This could be perfect for a wide variety of personalities, be it a small family on a tight budget or a businessman looking for a place to stay. They have a private adult and children swimming pool that you will surely love. Marina Crescent is also just a 5-10-minute walk to the beach of you are feeling a bit social.


  1. Thistle Port Dickson Resort


This place has it all: a spa, a fitness center, a golf course, an outdoor pool, children’s playground, two restaurants with an international menu, a bar complete with a DJ, and lastly, a casual lounge. This is a beautiful place that definitely delivers your money’s worth. On top of all these, the resort is a mere 3-km away from the Cape Rachado Lighthouse and the Blue Lagoon.


  1. Best Western Prima Inland Sea Resort (formerly known as Tiara Beach Resort)


This is one of Port Dickson’s most visited beach resorts and it is easy to see why: all the rooms have beautiful designs, complete with amenities that will make you feel right at home. Their rooms have air-conditioning, mini-fridge, a living room, and a luxurious bathroom. The hotel also boasts of four different cafés and restaurants, a gym, sauna, cinema, and karaoke rooms for everyone to enjoy!


Traveling usually means that you are away from home. But just because you are not in your own humble abode, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful vacation. Remember to book ahead of schedule especially if you are planning to take a trip on a holiday, as these resorts easily attract tourists from all over the world.


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