4 Top Reasons For Using Google Apps For Work To Speed up Work Progress


You’re probably already familiar with a variety of Google’s online services, Gmail, Google Drive, AdWords and so on. So, why choose Google Apps for work? When you opt to work with a range of cloud-based apps, your work life becomes more efficient due to the quick turnaround experienced in digging through tasks.

Here are 4 top reasons you should use Google Apps for work to speed up your progress.

  1.  Professional Email Addresses

Many startups and small businesses use their own email addresses as their work emails. Having a specific email address that directly links to your company creates a sense of trust among clients. It further improves and strengthens the reputation of the company’s brand.

  1. Sufficient Storage Space for Files and Emails

Ordinary mail servers offer less than 1 GB of storage space for files and emails. This is quite low for a business that works with a reasonable amount of staff and deals with multiple clients every day. Google Apps provides you 10 GB of storage space, which saves you from all the stress of deleting old mail all the time. You also minimize the risk of losing or deleting sensitive data that you may otherwise need at some later date.

  1. A Seamless Search of Emails

With regular emails, it can be hard and overwhelming to find something that you stored years ago. However, this is not the case with Google Apps. G Suite gives you a fast and robust search facility you can imagine, which makes it easy to trace any old mail in real-time! Furthermore, the service is also backed with an enhanced spam filter. This significantly reduces the level of spam mail one has to dig through every day to find a particular email.

  1. Easy Mobile Access

Many times, most business owners are either somewhere on the road or in meetings. If you’re hoping to find a clever way to manage your business everywhere you go, Google Apps allows you to do so seamlessly. You can send and receive emails. You can schedule a calendar appointment from virtually anywhere using any device—laptop, phone, iPad and so on. Every single thing you choose to do will seem like you’re executing those tasks from your personal office!


Google Apps, now G Suite, makes it easier for you to access an array of apps through one platform to make your online tasks easy to manage. G Suite by far makes it much exciting to share files, sync users, manage your AdWords and much more. In fact, above are some other top fascinating ways how G Suite can speed up your overall performance and efficiency.

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