4 Secrets to Keeping Your Carpets Looking Clean and Attractive For a Long Time

Carpets are one of the defining features inside of homes today. They can tie the decor of a room together. Carpets can complete colour schemes and make any room feel warmer. They also help to absorb sound and make walking around the home more comfortable. Unfortunately, carpets are also made of fibrous materials that need some care. You should know about a few secrets that will keep your carpets looking clean and attractive for a long time.


Blot Away Spills Immediately

Spills are going to happen in your home. They do not mean that your carpet is ruined. You want to start blotting away spills immediately after they happen. Try to keep a kit in an accessible location with all the cleaning supplies you will need. Always blot spills and never scrub them. Do not press down too hard since you might force the spilled substance into the carpet fibres. If you act fast, then you can stop nearly any spill from causing a stain on your carpet.

No Shoes or Bare Feet

Two things that can slowly damage, degrade and dull your carpet are shoes and bare feet. Shoes can bring in dirt from the outside. The sole will grind that dirt into the carpet so that it becomes very hard to get out. Bare feet are bad because of the oils that are on your skin. Those oils can actually slowly stain and break down your carpet over time. The carpet could turn a pale colour and appear flat. You want to wear indoor slippers or socks to protect your carpet.

Do a Deep Cleaning Regularly 

You do not want to rely solely on your home vacuum to keep the carpet clean. You need to do a deep cleaning on a regular basis in order to get out all of the dirt and particles that are captured between the carpet fibres. The easiest way to do this is to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine. These machines will deep clean you carpet. They can often remove stains and odours. It is usually best to do a deep cleaning once every three months or more frequently if the house is very busy.

Lay Down Rugs and Mats 

If you want to protect your carpets and keep them looking good for as long as possible, then lay down rugs and mats in busy areas throughout the home. You want to put some rugs in places like hallways, on carpeted stairs and in front of doors. Put them wherever there is heavy traffic. You also want to put rugs underneath of some furniture on carpets such as tables. This will help to stop the feet of the table from damaging the carpet. Rugs can also capture spills from tables long before they reach the underlying carpet.

You need to be very careful with your carpet. If you make a mistake, then you could end up with a permanent stain or visible damage. You want to take every precaution possible to protect the fibres. You can use these secrets to maintain a clean and attractive carpet for years or decades to come.

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