4 Cycling Routes in Kuala Lumpur to Try This Weekend

Malaysia has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the world. 93% of homeowners own a car. Kuala Lumpur was built to be car friendly and this has resulted in a lack of bike lanes. Although there have been initiatives to develop bike lanes, there has not been any large infrastructure to support them.

However, not all is lost, as Kuala Lumpur has a lot of parks and recreational areas where cyclists can bring their bikes and ride around. Whether you are cycling for leisure or for your health, there are a lot of route choices in terms of challenge or pacing.


Perdana Botanical Gardens.

Also called the Lake Gardens, it has a land area of more than 90 hectares. Built around an artificial lake, cycling along the paths is relatively cool due to the foliage and the breeze from the lake.



Kepong Metropolitan Park.

The place is ideal for those who are still learning how to bike as well as for those who have difficulty riding a bike. There is an area around the fountain where beginners can learn how to bike. It also has a 3 km cycling path around the lake.kepong-metropolitan-park


Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.

This location is hilly but road cycling won’t be much of a challenge. If you want more of a challenge, there are also mountain bike paths in FRIM.



Kuala Lumpur Bike Lanes.

This is a recent development which was initiated by a single private individual. The city of KL recently opened a 5.5 km bike path. The path runs from Mid Valley to Datakan Merdeka and uses dedicated lanes, shared routes with pedestrians. There are also segments where the route shares the road with road vehicles. Plans are afoot to add 4 more bike lanes throughout the city.



With the increase in interest in cycling, shops have also been increasing. In planning your routes, be sure to prepare yourself – there are many online stores where you can shop for cycling jerseys, and accessories to complete the trip. When you are in KL, check out the bike routes for a different and interesting view of the city.

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