4 Best Countries to Travel to For Great Halal Food

Halal tourism finally seems to be coming to age. Halal tourism has taken off with hotels under Halal tourism offering halal food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as separate swimming pools and leisure activities for both men and women. Some resorts offer private beaches that are exclusively for women and family beaches where women are able to wear appropriate Islamic swimming attire and spend quality time with their families. Many countries now happily promote halal vacations making holidays a memorable experience.


Malaysia is a vibrant, bustling city that will delight travelers of all ages. In addition to the breathtaking island resorts and scenic tropical landscapes, the combination of halal food in Malaysia and exquisite hospitality has afforded this vacation spot number one rank as halal-friendly destinations. Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the most exquisite five-star hotels you will ever find.

combination of halal food in Malaysia


Halal tourism has also made its way into Egypt. Tourists can enjoy separate female recreational activities and hotel rooms as well as dry hotels and family-oriented activities. During Ramadan, Muslim travelers can request specific facilities during Suhoor.


Turkey is a beautiful nation that is located between Asia and Europe. Although it is an Islamic country, liberalism is practiced. Considered a melting pot, Turkey offers many historical and archaeological sites. Seaside resorts and availability of halal cuisine has placed Turkey at number four in the Top 10 Halal Destinations in the world.


Morocco is located in the most northwestern tip of African. Known for its snow-capped mountains and captivating beaches, it is a county that will mesmerize you. In mystical Marrakesh, you will experience shopping like never before in the expansive outdoor market. In exotic Casablanca, there seems to be a story waiting to be told down every street you walk. Halal tourists will delight in Morocco with its welcoming hospitality.

Whether you want to be adventurous and go wherever the wind takes you, or have the assistance of a Muslim travel agency to help you plan your next vacation, rest assured that finding locales that cater to halal cuisine is easier than you think.

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