3 Ways To Catch Up With Your Loved Ones From Afar



Signing up for a job from afar may be a bit difficult. Not that the job isn’t lucrative at all but if it would mean that you have to leave your family and friends behind, it is just right for you to think about it over and over again. Distance could be a major concern that might eventually break tight relationships, so you better consider this before moving out. But if going places is a dream you cannot let go of, then signing the contract that will take you there will be a lot easier. All you need to do is compromise and commit to do these simple tasks to keep in touch with them.


Schedule a Weekly Video Call  


Thanks to technology, distance is no longer an issue to be updated with your loved ones’ daily life. With applications in store for you, making international calls these days are no longer as expensive as it was decades ago. So take advantage with these applications to keep your loved ones within reach. Video calls will make your conversations more personal, as if you are not seas apart. Rather than calling them at an unexpected time, setting a scheduled weekly conference video calls is more beneficial for every one. Aside from having something to look forward to, you will get to talk to them at the most convenient time.VBK-FACEBOOK__WHAT_2223914f


Social Network Messaging  


If you and your friends are always on the go and are in places with differrent time zones, setting a schedule for a weekly catch up may not work. So here come social networking sites messaging systems to the rescue. Whether your buddies or love interests are online or busy or unavailable, simply leave them a message whenever you want to. This may not be as personal as the video call but instant messaging now have emoticons that will help you express yourself without getting misinterpreted. Patience may also be required as you may have to wait for them to reply.


Send Post Notes Regularly  


Sending snail mails and postcards may be a little cheesy now that emails and social networking platforms have become popular, but they are still acceptable in this new era. It may be time consuming and a bit of a hassle for you, but for a family member who doesn’t have access to the web, you are doing a noble task. In fact, others find it sweet and touching.


Working away from home can be challenging but if you are willing to put forth an effort to make things work out, being away is not a problem at all. So whether you would be relocated to fill a job vacancy in Miri or you recently got  new assignment in Kuching, that’s alright. Just have a constant communication with your dear ones. You can always look for another job but new sets of friends and families in a far away land are quite hard to find.

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