The Many Types Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

If exceptional cleaning is essential to your business or organization’s operations or functioning, you may be familiar with industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems. This technologically advanced cleaning process is characterized by its use of ultrasound to create high-frequency agitation of liquids for precision cleaning and sanitation. Ultrasound waves create an effect called cavitation, creating fine bubbles that move with force on the substrate to be cleaned. These bubbles are able to penetrate recesses, cracks and defects in materials for thorough removal of debris and contaminants.

This type of cleaning system works effectively with metals, plastics, ceramics and glass, as well as other materials. The ultrasound energy delivered at a frequency of 20-40 kHz is able to cleave and lift even the finest or most embedded debris from a variety of objects of varying size, making it an excellent choice for fine cleaning in a variety of industries.

custom-made industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems by Invenpro
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Your choice of ultrasonic cleanser will determine the quality and efficacy of your cleaning. If you are operating a healthcare facility, manufacturing or electronics business or automotive or aerospace facility, choosing the right type of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems will certainly impact your business’ efficiency and profit. A key decision in sourcing your optimal ultrasound cleaning system is the type of medium you choose. Here are three key types you need to be aware of:

  • Solvents
    Caustic or solvent-based cleaning media are often used in industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems due to their added ability to penetrate hydrophobic compounds and dissolve even the heaviest soiling. Solvents may be used singly or in combination to dissolve soil on the object to be cleaned as well as using the power of ultrasound to lift and remove dirt. Media such as hydrocarbon solvents, ketones and alcohol carry a number of risks and safety concerns, in particular flammability which makes handling hazardous.
  • Enzymes
    Enzymatic cleaning is also an adjunct to many ultrasound-based cleaning systems. Enzymes in solutions act to break down soil and loosen hardened dirt. These cleaning preparations can be used in your ultrasound cleaner or even as a pre-soak to weaken the adherence of dirt prior to cleaning.
  • Water
    Due to the potency of the ultrasound generated cavitation bubbles, water or aqueous solutions are more than adequate to achieve an effective clean. With detergent added, water has exceptional wetting and surfactant activity to maximize cavitation for optimal cleansing and can be readily adjusted or warmed according to your requirement. Aqueous cleaning solutions are more likely to environmentally friendly and readily disposed compared to the other cleaning solutions. Water-based industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems are an excellent choice for high-quality cleaning where objects are not heavily soiled or greased.

Finding the right cleaning solution is essential in industries where attention to detail and quality are imperative. An industrial ultrasonic cleaning solution is a prudent investment, especially where the cost of replacement or repaired parts can be high.

Invenpro is a leading manufacturer of customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed to deliver high quality and cost-effective cleaning consistently. We can direct you to the optimum cleaning systems for your needs. To find out more about the custom-made industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems by Invenpro, contact the team today.